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Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas

Tiny Stitches The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas Vivien Thomas s greatest dream was to attend college to study medicine But after the stock market crashed in Vivien lost all his savings Then he heard about a job opening at the Vanderbilt Unive

  • Title: Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas
  • Author: Gwendolyn Hooks Colin Bootman
  • ISBN: 9781620141564
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vivien Thomas s greatest dream was to attend college to study medicine But after the stock market crashed in 1929, Vivien lost all his savings Then he heard about a job opening at the Vanderbilt University medical school under the supervision of Dr Alfred Blalock Vivien knew that the all white school would never admit him as a student, but he hoped working there meantVivien Thomas s greatest dream was to attend college to study medicine But after the stock market crashed in 1929, Vivien lost all his savings Then he heard about a job opening at the Vanderbilt University medical school under the supervision of Dr Alfred Blalock Vivien knew that the all white school would never admit him as a student, but he hoped working there meant he was getting closer to his dream.As Dr Blalock s research assistant, Vivien learned surgical techniques In 1943, Vivien was asked to help Dr Helen Taussig find a cure for children with a specific heart defect After months of experimenting, Vivien developed a procedure that was used for the first successful open heart surgery on a child Afterward, Dr Blalock and Dr Taussig announced their innovative new surgical technique, the Blalock Taussig shunt Vivien s name did not appear in the report.Overcoming racism and resistance from his colleagues, Vivien ushered in a new era of medicine children s heart surgery Tiny Stitches is the compelling story of this incredible pioneer in medicine.

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    1 thought on “Tiny Stitches: The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas

    1. Tiny Stitches is an excellent picture book for older readers about this fascinating life-saving pioneer in heart surgery.When Vivien Thomas was a young boy, his dream was to enter the medical field. As a teen, Vivien helped his father, a master carpenter in Nashville, Tennessee, who taught him the value of patient measuring, cutting and fitting together pieces of wood, skills that would definitely be valuable to Vivien later on.Vivien saved his money for medical school, but by the time he was re [...]

    2. Excellent presentation. Needed. Book highlights a pioneer overlooked because of his skin color. Shines a light on MC's selflessness and character as well as his achievements. Gives a positive role model for reacting against oppression. Ends on a positive note, the acclaim and recognition he finally received. Illustrations are attractive, but often static.

    3. Excellent picture book biography about Vivien Thomas, an African American surgical technician whose achievement in developing a life-saving surgical procedure went unacknowledged for a quarter of a century because of his race. Compelling and inspiring.

    4. Vivien Thomas dreamed of becoming a doctor from a young age, but most schools in Tennessee were segregated and moreover cost a great deal of money. But he wanted to be as close to the practice of medicine as he could. At a job interview for a research assistant at the Vanderbilt Medical School, he convinced Dr. Alfred Blalock to hire him. Thomas was so good that before long, he was doing his own experiments. He also learned surgical techniques, and “Dr. Blalock was impressed by Vivien’s tiny [...]

    5. I'm so glad Gwendolyn Hooks wrote this book. We should all celebrate the pioneering work of Vivien Thomas.

    6. Tiny Stitches tells the story of medial pioneer Vivien Thomas, an African American who overcame discrimination in the 1940's to develop a life-saving surgical procedure. Hooks takes readers from his early days working in his father's carpentry shop, through the Great Depression and on to Vanderbilt University, where he applies his carpentry skills to surgery while working with Dr. Alfred Blalock. Vivien loves his job, until he learns that he is classified as a janitor, not a research technician [...]

    7. As a "blue baby" myself who has had a Blalock shunt, I was very excited to see a new book about Vivien Thomas. I am so grateful that he had the opportunities that he did and the friendship he had with Alfred Blalock. Thomas has become sort of a hero for me because, without him, I might not have had the opportunities that I've had. (Prognosis for babies with Tetralogy of Fallot without corrective surgery is 21 years old at best.)This story gives a very real look at the life of a black man in the [...]

    8. This was recommended to me by a librarian after I told her I was proclaiming 2017 as the year of nonfiction picture books. I was intrigued when she had mentioned being impressed by this even though I had no idea what she was referring to with the term "blue babies."It was amazing how much Vivien Thomas persevered- and not just because of racism. It's still unbelievable how mistreated people were (are) treated because of the color of their skin. I'm just glad that he got recognized for his incred [...]

    9. A very informative, endearing, and even suspenseful account of Vivien Thomas' life and work, written in clear, eloquent prose by Gwendolyn Hooks and enhanced by the beautiful watercolor art of Colin Bootman. Truly a must-have for school and home libraries!

    10. A lovely picture book biography about Vivien Thomas, a man determined to become a doctor, even when it was difficult to do so. He pioneered open heart surgeries on infants and yet remained unrecognized until the 1970s.

    11. What a great book with so much information on a subject/person I'd never heard of. It really shows the racial barriers that have been overcome in our society. Every school child should read this book! Loved it!

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this talented and humble man who deserved to have his story told. The beautiful illustrations enhance the wonderful storytelling. Well done!

    13. Fascinating figure who could have done so much more if people hadn't been so hung up on his race

    14. Sometimes the injustice in this world takes my breath away. This is an important biography and must-purchase addition to school, public, classroom and STEM libraries.

    15. Fiction Twin:Gerber, A. (2017). Braced. New York, NY: Arthur A. Levine Books, an imprint of Inc. Tiny Stitches is a picture book, but because of the topic and vocabulary used, it is very appropriate for 4th - 6th grade students. In order to understand everything in the book, students need to have a basic understanding of anatomy and how the heart specifically works. To tie into the science and medical theme, I chose Braced, by Alison Gerber. Braced is a novel, so it will have to be taught eithe [...]

    16. This illuminating juvenile biography tells us two stories; the fascinating battle to cure “blue baby” syndrome, an often fatal defect in four valves of the heart, (Don’t worry, Hooks provides an understandable explanation in the back of the book!), and the story of how Vivien Thomas both ascended above and was oppressed by the Jim Crow South and his mentor, Alfred Blalock. Hooks balances both stories with calm and clear explanations, even when the story makes your blood boil. Thomas, an Af [...]

    17. Beautiful watercolor illustrations aid telling the life story of Vivien Thomas, son of a carpenter, who always had dreams of becoming a doctor. With fewer opportunities available to him because of racial divides and the effects of The Great Depression, it was an uphill battle for Thomas to obtain his dreams. Fortunately, he found a job as a researcher (originally as a janitor) under Dr. Blalock at Vanderbilt University. He learned how to experiment and perform surgical techniques under Dr. Blalo [...]

    18. With easy-to-understand narrative text and beautiful watercolor illustrations, this picture book biography tells the story of Vivien Thomas, a surgical research technician who helped develop techniques and equipment to perform open-heart surgeries on babies. Thomas was unable to attend medical school because the Great Depression put it out of reach financially. As a laboratory technician to a prominent surgeon, Thomas overcame racism and resentment from colleagues to become one of the pioneers o [...]

    19. FairnessHumilityThis is an inspirational biography of a black man who's real life-saving contributions were not acknowledged in the 1940-1960's because of the prejudice of the system. As a research technician, Vivien was the one to stand behind Dr. B. and talk him through the infant's open heart surgery. The procedure was featured in life magazine with no mention of Vivien. Johns Hopkins Hospital finally did recognize some of his work in 1976.

    20. Great Picture Books for Older students. This presents a wonderful window into the life of Vivien Theodore Thomas (1910-1985). A man who invented the surgical procedure for "blue" babies with heart defects. Sadly it also shows how this man was discriminated against because he was black and was denied the credit for his work until 1971. This will make a great read aloud for students 4-6. The illustrations are awesome in this book. Recommend

    21. The book starts mid-story, with Thomas preparing for the first Blalock-Thomas-Taussig shunt. It then jumps back to his childhood and moves forward from there.The illustrations mainly use faded tones, making them look older.A few pages have a lot of text, and the book uses some medical vocab that is defined in the glossary but not the main text.There are end notes about Vivien Thomas and tetralogy of fallot, as well as an extensive list of sources and a glossary.

    22. Interesting non-fiction biography about Vivien Thomas, an African-American medical pioneer who discovered a heart surgery procedure to save the lives of blue blood babies.This book is quite long text-wise and the complexity of the story makes me think it is best suited for elementary students and older. Kids enjoyed it and voted to give it 5 stars.

    23. Fantastic picture book for Vivien Thomas, who pioneered the operation to save "blue babies"--children who possessed a heart defect. This defect prevented blood from being properly oxygenated before going to the rest of the body. Thomas' work for Dr. Alfred Blalock, Dr. Helen Taussig, and Johns Hopkins has saved many children's lives.

    24. NF PB about Vivien Thomas, who developed the procedures and tiny needles -which led to open-heart surgery on children. Sadly, due to discrimination and segregation, it took more than 26 years for Vivien to be recognized for his work.

    25. A moving picture book biography of Vivien Thomas. A man who worked diligently to change medicine without ever going to medical school. he helped pioneer heart surgery techniques for babies. elementary.

    26. This picture book was very informational. It describes the story of Vivien Thomas, an African American man with dreams of studying medicine and becoming a doctor. Although Vivien was met with several struggles on his journey he was able to make a significant impact on the world of medicine.

    27. Vivien Thomas didn't have the opportunity to attend med school, yet he became very skilled at surgical procedures, even developing new pioneering techniques. The book is straightforward about obstacles that Thomas faced due to his race. Watercolor illustrations are perfect for the narrative.

    28. The story of the person who created the procedure to save blue babies, the person who was uncredited for years because he was a research associate, not a surgeon, and because he was black.It's a truly inspiring tale.

    29. I've read other books about Vivien Thomas, who is responsible for developing a safe process for heart surgery on infants. Maybe it's the realistic artwork, but this reading made the unfairness of the racism he had to deal with more pronounced. I am appalled that Dr Blalock and Dr Taussig took credit for his pioneering research and innovative medical procedure. I am left with all kinds of questions. Did those two doctors ever say anything about what they did to Thomas? How did Thomas. finally get [...]

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