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Dancing with the Tiger

Dancing with the Tiger When year old Anna Ramsey learns that a meth addicted looter has dug up what might be the funerary mask of Montezuma she books the next flight to Oaxaca Determined to redeem her father a discredi

  • Title: Dancing with the Tiger
  • Author: Lili Wright
  • ISBN: 9780399175176
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When 30 year old Anna Ramsey learns that a meth addicted looter has dug up what might be the funerary mask of Montezuma, she books the next flight to Oaxaca Determined to redeem her father, a discredited art collector, and to one up her unfaithful fianc , a museum curator, Anna hurls herself headlong into Mexico s underground art world But others are chasing the treasureWhen 30 year old Anna Ramsey learns that a meth addicted looter has dug up what might be the funerary mask of Montezuma, she books the next flight to Oaxaca Determined to redeem her father, a discredited art collector, and to one up her unfaithful fianc , a museum curator, Anna hurls herself headlong into Mexico s underground art world But others are chasing the treasure as well the shape shifting drug lord no one can really describe the enigmatic American expat, who keeps his art collection locked in a chapel the former museum director who traffics stolen works, and his housekeeper deeply religious, a gay woman in a culture of machismo, dependent on a patron she loathes the painter Salvador on his motorcycle, complex, sensual but with secrets of his own Anna soon realizes that everyone is masked some literally, others metaphorically Indeed, Dancing with the Tiger is a splendid reminder that throughout human history, cultures have revered masks whether in the theater or in war, for religious purposes, or to conceal identity, masks are as universal as our desire to transform ourselves, to change Anna, without an ounce of self pity despite traumatic losses, stands out as a heroine for our times as, traveling alone, she finds the courage to show her true face.

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      441 Lili Wright
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    1 thought on “Dancing with the Tiger

    1. I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The cover on this book is gorgeous!I will not rate the book as I didn't finish it. My reasons are noted below:I know that this is a debut novel but there were just too many incorrect facts in this book that prevented me from finishing it. The mask of Montezuma could not have been found in Oaxaca as Montezuma was the reigning leader in the Aztec empire where Mexico City is now located. I have many relatives in the [...]

    2. angelerin/2016/08I won a free copy of Dancing With The Tiger By: Lili Wright in a giveaway, so thank you to and Putnam Books! When I first saw the summary for Dancing With The Tiger I was immediately intrigued by the Mexico setting and the colorful cover. I haven't read very many books set in Mexico. I am so glad that the setting was done well in this one. The writing throughout is so vivid and beautiful. I really enjoyed the writing style in general. #VividWritingThe characters are also well [...]

    3. Shuffling quietly through the cool halls of any great museum, patrons have little sense of the moral quagmire that lies behind such collections. And who can blame them? Everything about the way invaluable artifacts are displayed — so immaculate in their glass cases — isolates these objects from the violence of acquisition.But that dirty backstory is the heart of Lili Wright’s whirling debut novel, “Dancing With the Tiger.” A journalist and a professor at DePauw University, Wright captu [...]

    4. Eh. I really liked the story idea but something fell flat in the execution. Too many characters to be invested, too many plot lines to keep my interest. I just wanted this to be over.

    5. Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 4.5 STARSI will admit that I was initially drawn in by this cover! I love(d) the colors, the imagery and then I read the description and I NEEDED this book in my life. First, I love Mexico; I always have since visiting as a baby and then again in middle school, high school and college -- I've been to Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Baja, Quintana Roo including Tulum, Cancun and various other places along the border and the coasts. Second, I loved h [...]

    6. DNF @ 30%This is a multi-narrative tale about a bunch of different people seeking out a newly rediscovered mask of Montezuma. Try as I might, I just could not get into this story. For a month I found myself picking it up only to abandon it again after 5 pages or so. It just didn't grasp my attention and ultimately I've decided to put it aside. Sometimes certain stories just aren't for me.

    7. I absolutely loved the book cover. The plot itself is interesting and at times even a page turner. However I did encounter parts of the novel that slowed it down tremendously. I also found myself questioning the use of so many Mexican dichos (sayings). I understand the need to make the book feel culturally relevant but in the end it made the novel unauthentic.

    8. I learned about this book when I saw it on one of those lists of "books you should read this summer." I found the premise, involving looting of Aztec artifacts from Mexico and the dangerous and obsessive competition among collectors of those artifacts, to be intriguing, and I added it to my reading queue. Well, I didn't get around to reading it in the summer, but it turns out it is just as interesting in the autumn.The book was a bit difficult to get into at first because the writer uses the dev [...]

    9. Lili Wright’s Dancing with the Tiger is long on setting and atmosphere. Set in Mexico, the novel uses the country’s mean streets, its belief in mysticism, and the ease with which so many of the country’s archeological treasures are smuggled across its borders, to create a thriller in which American mask collectors, a Mexican drug lord, and those wanting to keep Mexico’s treasures out of the hands of private collectors or foreign museums, battle for what might just turn out to be Montezum [...]

    10. An addicted character named “Looter” finds an Aztec funeral mask and knows it’s very valuable. He, however, has no interest in its cultural or artistic value but instead sees it as a cash cow for his insatiable addiction. That mask is believed to be the funeral mask of Moctezuma II or Montezuma as he is more popularly known. Anna, a fact checker, is highly qualified as an art collector, having begun to learn this field at the knees of her father, a failed art collector. Both are humiliated [...]

    11. A cross between Eat, Pray, Love and Indiana Jones with a little Maltese Falcon to guide the way. But without affection for Oaxaca (where the book's action leads): “The taxi wove through the ugly outskirts of the city, past cement factories, tire shops, empty lots of scrap metal, Small fires burned in forlorn fields and barbecue pits. It seemed incredible the mecca for Mexican folk art lay inside this clot of debris. Oaxaca.” The dash after Montezuma's priceless mask is run by a mix of art co [...]

    12. This could have been a beautiful novel. The setting (Mexico) is gorgeously used, the characters are well-developed and meaningful, and the plot is intriguing. It just really dragged, and could have (should have?) easily been 150 pages shorter.

    13. Ugh! Hard to put down but also very frustrating to read. The main character was too dumb and unlikable, plot twists were predictable, and there were a lot of superfluous paragraphs, chapters, even. Could have been much shorter.

    14. This book is a very mixed bag. Still not sure if the genre was primarily mystery, murder, magical realism or love story. The imagery of the Mexican landscape and cityscapes is vivid, and the author obviously has an understanding of the characters and religious mythology of the area. But the many points of view of the narrators is confusing, the main voice being that of Anna Ramsey, daughter of an American collector of Mexican masks. She travels to Mexico when trying to restore the reputation of [...]

    15. This was one of the best fiction books I've read in a long time! I finished the 450 page book in about 3 days. I havent devoured a fiction book like that in a long time. I felt I was transported to Mexico while reading it. Great descriptive writing that (felt) authentic and historically accurate. I can't attest personally to whether or not that's true, but the authors credentials lend her credibility.Made the book longer than a lot of people would have liked, but it works for me. Loved the chara [...]

    16. This book centers on the collection and sale of archeological artifacts specifically of Mexican origin.Ancient masks are the focal point and the holy grail of these is Montezuma's funerary mask. The main character (Anne) goes to Mexico to try to find these masks for her elderly father in the states. We meet a wide array of characters including a looter, an underworld lord and other shady people. This is a cut throat world and there is violence and murder. A crucial issue worth thinking about is [...]

    17. Overall, kept me interested and wanting to read more, while Wright heightened the attention appropriately and revealed only what she had to to keep the story going. In that sense, this is amazing writing. Anna annoyed the heck out of me, and maybe she was supposed to, but I ended the book feeling like I still didn't understand who this woman was, what she wanted, or why she did what she did. If the point at the end was that she finally took off her mask, I didn't get that feeling from her action [...]

    18. This 453-page noir farce set in contemporary Oaxaca, Mexico, its theme being the joys ( or evils, depending on your ethics!) of the black market in antiquities--specifically, masks--is an interesting read. The writer has a stylistic flair for funny, dark scenes that highlight themes of sex, death and religion. The narrator is omniscient; serves up her own brand of magical realism; as such, the idea seems to be to show and to tell without asking any great investment on the part of the reader. So [...]

    19. Giveaway - This was a very fun book to read. Like a combination of Jennifer Egan and Carl Hiaasen. The narrative is told from multiple perspectives; each chapter is told from a different character perspective. Some of the character's internal monologues lack distinctive voices, but that can be forgiven for the flow of the plot. You can definitely tell this was written by someone with a background in newspapers and/or reporting. Lili Wright will hopefully continue to be an active writer, as this [...]

    20. Dancing with the Tiger is a very fast paced read that kept my attention from the beginning to the end. Lili Wright uses many points of view and primarily short chapters to keep the plot moving thru many twists and turns to an ultimately good conclusion, perhaps not the one you thought was coming. It's not trying for deep thought or deep meditations on the human condition, but primarily to keep moving along and entertain and it does that well enough to have received an Edgar Award nomination for [...]

    21. This book is great if you are looking for an adventurous read. Set in Mexico, a tweaked out looter, a drug lord, and American Art collectors are all searching for the Montezuma Death Mask worth millions of dollars. They all have their hands on it at various times, but is it the real thing or a fake? Are they willing to kill or die for it? A fun, but dark story told from various viewpoints, this book will be hard to put down.

    22. 2,5/5 : la plus jolie couverture du monde m'a séduite, mais j'ai été un peu déçue. Une histoire avec beaucoup de potentiel finit par être légèrement gâchée par des péripéties un peu trop prévisibles ou mélodramatiques, des coïncidences à la pelle et des dialogues qui se veulent futés mais qui contiennent bien des clichés. "Do not lose yourself." (Dit le guide sexy à la touriste.) "I've been waiting to be found." Oh boy!

    23. Interesting story. Stopped in the middle because could not find enough humanity in it. Plus the plot was becoming too complicated with too many voices and too much darkness. I suggest the authors like her read and study the "Cancer Ward" to understand how one can go int the deepest darkest places in one's soul and come out with a little bit of humanity! :)

    24. While I appreciated the background of the struggles and adventures involved in finding or procuring historical artefacts for museums, I didn't find this particular story compelling and I didn't relate to the characters, especially when one character was just called, "The Looter".

    25. We LOVED Dancing with the Tiger - so much so that we conducted an exclusive interview with author Lili Wright! Check out the full article here: booktrib/2017/07/thriller

    26. I met Lilli Wright at a book signing and loved the ideas behind it. after finishing the book I have to say it is really good! The plot evolves at an engaging rate and the pov shifted often enough to keep me turning the page. I highly recommend it!

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