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Dying for a Donut

Dying for a Donut To Laurel McKay there s nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon munching on caramel apples and cinnamon donuts It s a good thing her daughter Jenna has landed a seasonal job at Apple Tree Fa

  • Title: Dying for a Donut
  • Author: Cindy Sample
  • ISBN: 9781518633744
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • To Laurel McKay, there s nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon munching on caramel apples and cinnamon donuts It s a good thing her daughter Jenna has landed a seasonal job at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery Then Laurel stumbles over the bakery owner coated in powdered sugar Axel Thorson was a well respected member of the community Who wanted to sweeten him up WTo Laurel McKay, there s nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon munching on caramel apples and cinnamon donuts It s a good thing her daughter Jenna has landed a seasonal job at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery Then Laurel stumbles over the bakery owner coated in powdered sugar Axel Thorson was a well respected member of the community Who wanted to sweeten him up When the police arrest the heartthrob grandson of the bakery manager, Jenna decides to help him by solving the case herself, a move that lands her in jail With Laurel s detective honey in another state, and her octogenarian grandmother threatening to chase down the culprit, what s a soccer mom with a sweet tooth to do but go undercover Detecting among donuts should be a piece of cake, but not if Laurel discovers first hand that sugar can kill you.

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      144 Cindy Sample
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    1 thought on “Dying for a Donut

    1. On her fifth book, the author, Cindy Sample has produced a truly wonderful offering. Her writing is focused, crisp and pointed. Her storyline is top notch. This is a true mystery - and her writing has that fact well centered. The main character is still the same - Laurel McKay spends most of her time in this book trying to solve a brutal murder while balancing her life as a working mom - - Laurel has some terrific (laugh-out-loud) one-liners throughout the book which fits her character well. The [...]

    2. A rather hectic cozy this time. Laurel McKay has her hands full. Her daughter has a part time job and is studying for SATs, while her son wants to be a detective. Her boyfriend is off in Reno for some kind of undercover sting operation.Some jerk gets murdered, and Laurel's daughter's crush is the primary suspect. Laurel starts poking around, and her grandmother wants to start a detective agency with her. An old flame of her boyfriend is the lead detective in the case, and she doesn't appreciate [...]

    3. “Dying for a Donut” is the fifth book in the Laurel McKay mystery series by Cindy Sample. It is nominated for a Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery.This isn’t a surprise as all of the books in this series except the first have also been nominated for this award. This is a fantastic series if you like funny cozy mysteries.In “Dying for a Donut” Laurel’s daughter, Jenna, is working at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery. When Laurel comes to pick Jenna up, she stumbles over the body of the ba [...]

    4. Cindy Sample has written a very entertaining series of books, entitled, Dying for a D (fill in the blanks); I have all of them and, eagerly, look forward to each new one. It feels like old home week to visit Laurel McKay and her family again! Same with revisiting Cindy's addictive writing style. Humorous and cute without going overboard like some I read. And Cindy's books are, pretty much, clean (a few innuendos now & then is all).

    5. Loved this book, very fun and easy to read. Every time I thought it might be predictable something different happened instead. I met the author at a North State Writers meeting, she's very personable and easy to speak to. I started her series with this one especially because it was set in Apple Hill which I love to visit.

    6. Loved ItCleverly written and full of surprises, Dying for a Donut would not let me put it down. Can't wait for the next book in Laurel McKay's crazy life.

    7. Wonderful bookI loved this book. I would recommend anyone to read this book. It deserves 5 stars or more. Great book.

    8. Upbeat cozy in which Laurel McKay, a California bank's marketing department employee, is raising two kids and trying to make ends meet. Her boyfriend is a detective with the local county sheriff's office who gets called for an undercover job in Reno. Her ex has a a new girlfriend. Her grandmother is extremely reminiscent of Stephanie Plum's grandmother. Laurel's daughter, Jenna, seems very attracted to Tony, an hispanic boy working with her at an apple orchard. He gets accused of theft and is fi [...]

    9. Still enjoying this cozy series. This one was a tad more convoluted, but still realistic with a lot of funny stuff in between.

    10. DYING FOR A DONUT is the perfect autumn treat! Cindy’s descriptions of Apple Tree Farm and the delectable goodies produced there will have your mouth watering and make you want to go for a visit. The mystery pulled me in while the zinger of a plot twist had me reluctant to put the book down! Her dialogue is full of snappy quips that had me laughing out loud several times. I loved Gran…e is a hoot and the perfect compliment to Laurel. I felt like the characters were very likeable and easy to [...]

    11. 4.5 StarsSexual Content: NoneLanguage (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: MinimalCan I start of by saying Laurel (and Gran) is quite a hoot? Laurel's (most of the time) relaxed and amusing narrative makes you feel a part of the story and more than comfortable in trailing along wherever the investigation takes her. In this case, an investigation that seems circuitous. As far as Detective Reynolds (lip curl) is concerned they have the right culprit, but Laurel has some doubts, and if s [...]

    12. "Dying for a Donut" by Cindy Sample is the fifth book in her Laurel McKay mystery series and, like the first four, it's a fantastic read! Rather than giving a synopsis of the book (you can read that in the book's description), I'd like to point out a few of the reasons you won't want to miss this one. First, the main character's personality and sense of humor will have you cheering her on and laughing out loud. Second, the plot is so well crafted that I challenge you to figure out who the murder [...]

    13. Once again Laurel McKay stumbles across a murder victim! I am not sure El Dorado County has had as many murders as she has found in this series, but I sure do enjoy reading hers. Once again, Ms. Sample was able to trick me into picking the wrong villian in this campy cozy. My only critique was why Laurel was knocking on apple growers doors instead of calling ahead of time and why she wasn't hitting up the several other types of businesses in the area. But, that would have made sleuthing harder a [...]

    14. A great little cozy mystery - what I would call a traditional-type cozy, very entertaining. There are lots of "red herring" suspects to choose from - who killed Axel in the barn at Apple Tree Farm? The author has a great sense of humor - some of the one liners were just hilarious and I laughed out loud several times! It was nice to read about a protagonist that is a bit "mature", Laurel is a very likeable and down-to-earth character - and she actually didn't have to rely on a law enforcement con [...]

    15. Another fun murder mystery investigation with Laurel McKay, this time set in a local favorite, Apple Hill. As always, I enjoy reading stories set in places that I am familiar with, especially this one as we spent last Sunday in Apple Hill at various orchards, buying pies, apples and other produce, smelling donuts, and eating fudge and caramel apples. Actually, mine was caramel, chocolate, and nuts. And I will be there this weekend to run a race. For me, Cindy Sample's books are always a fun, eas [...]

    16. The smell of fall is in the airramel apples, cinnamon donuts, and hot apple cider! The main character, Laurel, is very likable. Her Granny is hilarious and has the idea of starting the Two Gals Detective Agency. There are scrumptious autumn recipes at the end. Don't miss this sugar coated mystery. I received this book for free through First Reads.

    17. BrillAnother fab book. I just love this series what with the humour and the bit of sizzle. I hope there will be more in this series, as I can't wait to see what happens next. Highly recommend this series its certainly not boring or repetitive, it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the end. Xxxxx

    18. Another hilarious Laurel adventure where she finds a murder victim and gets entangled in solving the mystery. I've enjoyed each of the Dying for series by Cindy Sample and am looking for the next in the series.

    19. "Dying for a Donut is a riveting story with snappy dialog, a stellar plot, entertaining characters, and a first-rate mystery. It doesn't get any better than that! Cindy Sample writes a wonderful murder mystery!"- Heather Haven, IPPY Award-Winning Author

    20. Fun book. Multi generations that may or may not be amateur sleuths. Lot of donut eating and wineries. Then there's a murder and another. The murderer I did not expect.

    21. fun story, zero sex,interesting characters with tons of twists - very good mystery to solvelonger review to come

    22. Love Laurel!I love the quick pace, quick wit, and crazy misadventures of Laurel and the women in her family. Looking forward to the next adventure in Laurel and Tom's lives.

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