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Heavenly Pleasures

Heavenly Pleasures Baker Corinna Chapman is happy with her life Jason the former addict she rescued from her alleyway is shaping into a good apprentice And her beautiful Israeli lover Daniel though away for the last

  • Title: Heavenly Pleasures
  • Author: Kerry Greenwood
  • ISBN: 9781590584262
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Baker Corinna Chapman is happy with her life Jason, the former addict she rescued from her alleyway is shaping into a good apprentice And her beautiful Israeli lover, Daniel, though away for the last couple of weeks, is as enchanting as ever.Corinna has no intention of doing any investigative work At least until she bites into what should have been a lovely violBaker Corinna Chapman is happy with her life Jason, the former addict she rescued from her alleyway is shaping into a good apprentice And her beautiful Israeli lover, Daniel, though away for the last couple of weeks, is as enchanting as ever.Corinna has no intention of doing any investigative work At least until she bites into what should have been a lovely violet cream gourmet chocolate and instead finds a chili filled catastrophe Corinna doesnt want to see Juliet and Vivienne Lefebvres chocolate shop, Heavenly Pleasures, shut down And quite frankly, it is just a crime to ruin those gorgeous chocolate confections Is this tampering part of an elaborate and horrible joke, or is it a warning that worse may yet happen In the meantime, Daniel has returned bruised and battered from an encounter with a so called messiah Is the messiah somehow involved in this chocolate crime And just who is the mysterious man who has moved into the upper apartment Heavenly Pleasures is the second installment in Kerry Greenwoods Corinna Chapman series.

    • ☆ Heavenly Pleasures || ☆ PDF Read by Ç Kerry Greenwood
      304 Kerry Greenwood
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    1 thought on “Heavenly Pleasures

    1. When baker and owner of Earthly Delights, Corinna Chapman bit into the delectable chocolate from Heavenly Pleasures, her delight was immediately quashed at the terrible taste. It was filled with chili sauce! And it seemed Corinna’s chocolate wasn’t the only one – Juliette Lefebvre, owner of Heavenly Pleasures had just realised someone was spiking her designer chocolates. But why? Corinna’s new beau and private investigator Daniel was on the case…There was also trouble at Corinna’s re [...]

    2. Heavenly Pleasures by Kerry Greenwood is the second book in the Corinna Chapman Mystery series. Heavenly Pleasures is the name of a specialty chocolate shop owned by two sisters and is being sabotaged by someone tampering with the chocolates, Corinna, baker and owner of bread shop Earthly Delights, and her friend Daniel are asked to investigate.I loved this book. It was fun to catch up with all the various odd and quirky characters, and with all the other goings on, the mystery played only a sma [...]

    3. Aw!! I wasn't a huge fan of the voice (/writing style) here, as it got tiresome after a little while. But it had some darn cute moments! Loved the SUPER fat-pos character and storyline, loved all the random queers showing up all over the place, loved the silly cozy plotline and sleuthing. I picked this up because my partner and I had totally gotten a kick out of the the Miss Fisher Mysteries on Netflix, so Kerry Greenwood was on my radar and on the shelves at my library. Not sure if I'll read th [...]

    4. A reluctant detective, baker Corinna once again finds herself in the middle of a mystery.Jason her apprentice seems also to be worth his weight in gold and I'd love a batch of those muffins. Also wouldn't mind getting my mitts on a chap like Daniel the love interest, well a girl can dream.This book has two mysteries, two new people have moved into apartments in Corinna's building, but whilst one seems a great addition the other isn't such a good prospect.The other case involves sabotage of the c [...]

    5. An enjoyable mystery that takes place in Australia. I love how the characters in Corinna's apartment building interact and support one another. Highly recommended! Read the first also, Earthly Delights!

    6. Another enjoyable read from Kerry Greenwood.Set in a slightly fictional Melbourne, this was an easy, relaxing and enjoyable read - nothing to nasty happened -but an enjoyable read none the less. The characters are great - I'm loving Jason the apprentice and the other residents of the block. Above all though I want to start making my own bread, if only I had the time.Looking forward to reading Devil's Food the next book in the series.

    7. Corinna is a baker and owns a shop called Earthly Delights. Where he lives in Flinders Lane, Melbourne is an area that has a wonderful assortment of people and buinesses. One such business is a chocolate shop called Heavenly Pleasures (my type of shop).The chocolate shop is being sabotaged by someone who is doctoring the chocolates with chilli!.Corinna enlists Daniel, her lover to help solve the mystery.Lots of cat antics through the story, as the tenants in the building where Corinna works and [...]

    8. This is the 2nd in the Chapman series. Very exciting and dramatic it is too. There are new occupants of Corrina's apartment block, mysterious happenings, and then things wind right up to the roof top ending.Greenwood is fun, and clever and witty. She pokes fun at, or makes the reader think about a lot of stuff we take for granted but shouldn't. All done in an easy pleasant way with her dry Aussie style.A good cheering read for blue days.

    9. Australian author Kerry Greenwood brings us a new series featuring Corinna Chapman, bread baker extraordinaire. This new heroine is poles apart from Greenwood's most well known, Phryne Fisher but just as likable. Corinne solves a couple of mysteries and manages a hectic life including an orphan and new boyfriend. This is a tasty new culinary series. Can't wait to try the Chocolate Orgasm muffins with the liquid chocolate center.

    10. Corinna Chapman is a fabulous heroine and this is a truly delicious series. It is the epitome of cosy mystery - funny, lovely, with plenty of delicious food and the most glorious size XXL main character. I love how Kerry Greenwood writes and I thoroughly enjoy this series. It is like being cuddled up in a furry blanket with a plate of fresh muffins in front of you and a cat purring in your lap.

    11. Another enjoyable addition to the series. I love the side characters Greenwood has created. In many ways her characterisations remind me of Charlaine Harris even though the genres are completely different!

    12. For a cozy mystery, this has a lot of excitement: food tampering, bomb threats, armed intruders, missing persons. The narrator has changed Meroe's voice to a deeper, more Slavic sort of sound. Otherwise, this is a good story, nicely narrated.

    13. Lots of fun. Less romantic tension between the protagonist and her lover, but since they became an item in the last novel, that was understandable.

    14. Excellent series if you are feeling like no food is tasty enough. I long to eat all sorts of things, and to take baths too, just from proximity to this book. This time, the mysteries involve the local chocolate shop (named in the title) plus a new tenant as the glorious Insula. Some odd typos got me annoyed, and some leaps in plot felt like an editor might have been on vacation, but overall I liked this second installment, not least because of the Dorothy Sayers references.

    15. Corinna and Daniel work to find out who keeps tampering with the chocolates made by the Heavenly Pleasures shop and there is also a mysterious man now living in Insula. Bombs, blackmail, star crossed lovers, a rescue, an uncle, adorable kittens and bread fill this book with action, mystery, and a bit of romance. Listening to the Aussie narrator is wonderful!

    16. I identify so much with Corinna! She's large and in charge, and I love that. She's also vulnerable, and loving, and funny, and no one's doormat. The way she just happens to fall into mysteries makes her even better. The cats are always a lovely addition, and I love their exploits as well. This is a really good series!

    17. I have read all the Corinna books and thoroughly enjoyed them. This time, however, I listened to an audio book and was really disappointed with the reader. Her reading nearly turned me off the book altogether. But I persevered as I knew it was not the writing, just the reading.

    18. Read this book for the third time as I love Kerry Greenwood's style. It's a comfort read after a harrowing experience. Her characters are well drawn, her cats are delightful and recipes are provided! Three strands of plot are interwoven beautifully.

    19. Fun read but has some dry moments not as bad as some other novels I've read. Enjoying the quirky characters.

    20. A light hearted read about some odd goings on amongst a group of small businesses in the middle of a bustling city.A little predictable but till entertaining.

    21. Excellent storyteller!Greenwood tells a great story, interesting characters, story engages quickly. I had been sad with the end of Miss Fisher series, but this is a very engaging series in its own right.

    22. Heavenly Pleasures is the second book of the Corinna Chapman mystery series by Kerry Greenwood, set in modern-day Melbourne Australia. If you haven’t yet read the first book, “Earthly Delights”, by all means read it first.Corinna owns the “Earthly Delights” bakery in the Insula building, where all apartments are named and decorated in classic Roman style, and residents and shop-owners have the luxury of living above their shops. Corinna shed her former high-powered accountant career an [...]

    23. AUDIOBOOKAnother great easy listening novel for my drive to work. I really enjoy Kerry Greenwood’s style of writing and the narrator for this series is enjoyable to listen to 👌🏻

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