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The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor

The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor Can people truly change Two things keep Holly Campbell grounded her precocious son and preserving her forty year old family diner in the face of expansion and change She doesn t need a blast from the

  • Title: The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor
  • Author: Anna J. Stewart
  • ISBN: 9780373051151
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can people truly change Two things keep Holly Campbell grounded her precocious son and preserving her forty year old family diner in the face of expansion and change She doesn t need a blast from the past like Luke Saxon, who s back in Butterfly Harbor after than a decade away The hard luck kid who nearly destroyed her family, leaving her to pick up the pieces, isCan people truly change Two things keep Holly Campbell grounded her precocious son and preserving her forty year old family diner in the face of expansion and change She doesn t need a blast from the past like Luke Saxon, who s back in Butterfly Harbor after than a decade away The hard luck kid who nearly destroyed her family, leaving her to pick up the pieces, is taking over as sheriff She can t trust him, even if Luke s ideas for the town s upcoming anniversary seem to show he s trying to give back to their community Has Butterfly Harbor found its unlikely savior And has the widowed single mother finally found a man she can believe in, rely on and love

    • Ñ The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor || ✓ PDF Read by è Anna J. Stewart
      341 Anna J. Stewart
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    1. Note: I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review.Holly lives in Butterfly Harbor - at least what's left of it. However, she's struggling to accept the change that is sure to come now that there's a new mayor. A mayor she voted against. A mayor that is bringing in a new sheriff to replace her father. Luke has bad memories of Butterfly Harbor, yet he's coming back at the request of one man - the man he's replacing as sheriff. The man he owes everything. The only man who ever believed in [...]

    2. 3.5 stars, rounding upHarlequin Heartwarming! I love this line of books. I'm always excited to be a part of reading and reviewing titles from this line because I know exactly what I'm in for. These books are sweet and clean and well, Heartwarming. :) Luke had a rough childhood. He made a big mistake and paid a heavy price but someone believed in him and gave him a second chance. Luke used that second chance and made something productive and good happen. Life is hard though and Luke returns to Bu [...]

    3. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. There is so much to love about this story. Ms. Stewart has a way of delving deep into a person’s heart and soul. I won’t go into detail but let me say this: Holly Campbell is carrying around a big ol’ bag of grudges and it is weighing her down. She has the most precocious little guy – her eight year old son Simon – who is just a riot. Reminds me of someone near and dear so I had some very big laugh out loud moments. Luke [...]

    4. The Bad Boy of Butterfly harbor is a really unique story. I love Butterfly too so the title really catch my attention quickly.Luke Saxon was the bad boy of the city. When he became the next sheriff, Holly and her son were absolutely livid. Holly still held a grudge for a long time for the accident in the past. Not to mention, she was reeling because Luke turned out to be a better man. It was much easier to hate him if he was still bad.Luke was a strong guy having a rough past. I couldn't imagine [...]

    5. The opening of this book really grabbed me. I loved the restaurant and the children. I also liked that our heroine's father had a role. I'm looking forward to hearing Paige's story.

    6. Let's start with what I didn't like about this book. Hmmm. Well, that was quick. lol. The cover hooked me, but I confess the title scared me a little. Since I'd not read anything by Anna J. Stewart before, I worried that this book might contain graphic scenes. But it's a Heartwarming, so I decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did. Heartwarming is definitely an apt description. Luke bumped Holly's father out of his job as sheriff, and Holly blamed him for her family's breakup. They had more than [...]

    7. The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor, despite its seemingly oxymoron-ish name, is a very sweet romance about redemption and second chances. I really enjoyed Holly and Luke's story. Luke, the former town bad boy, is returning to the place he never thought he'd see again--this time as its interim sheriff. He's not planning on staying long--he'll swoop in, finish up the previous sheriff's term, maybe accomplish some good in a town that's in desperate need of it, and then he's out of there.Holly is less [...]

    8. I've always been a sucker for a bad boy who comes back to a town from his youth and tries to makes up for past mistakes! This is such a book. But I have to say I really felt a strong connection to the hero, Luke. I've read several of these types of stories before and liked the main characters but Luke has to be among my all-time favorites! He just seemed real and fallible and I loved how the author didn't make him too macho in the beginning or too sappy at the end! I loved his humility and his d [...]

    9. Butterfly Harbor has seen better days. The town needs a lot of work restoring the properties since many of the houses and businesses are empty. Helping to rebuild the town is one of the things the new sheriff wants to do. Luke had a rough childhood in Butterfly Harbor and made a mistake as a teen. But having one man believe in him helped him make something of himself. When he came back as the new sheriff he expected to have a hard time with the people in the small town accepting him. But Holly s [...]

    10. When the trend is to blur the line between romance and erotica, stories as Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor bring a sweet, clean air.The main themes of this story are: to make peace with yourself and second chances: to offer and accept them. Both themes are to be found independent, but also entwined; together they create a generous scene in which the characters, main or secondary, have their specific role as to exemplify different paths and the results of their different choices.But here it is not on [...]

    11. What is it about a bad boy? We all know they're wrong for us, but we just can't resist the challenge. But in this case, Holly doesn't want to just resist Luke, she wants to run the new sheriff out of town. Between dealing with her precocious, possibly felonious son and running her diner in the dying little town of Butterfly Harbor, Holly's got enough on her plate. She doesn't need a living, breathingd very sexyminder of the past.Luke comes back to town a better man than when he left it, thanks t [...]

    12. A beautiful story about people in a small failing community, fighting back to build up the town again, and the human destinies of the small town.I love Jake, the former sheriff of the town and Holly's dad. Him, Luke, Matt, they all had that ability to see more than just the act, to look deeper than the circumstances, and trust the person inside, trying to do what is right.Both Matt and Luke didn't have it easy growing up, but they had made something special out of their lives, something to be ad [...]

    13. “Two things keep Holly Campbell grounded: her precocious son and preserving her forty-year-old family diner in the face of expansion and change. She doesn't need a blast from the past like Luke Saxon, who's back in Butterfly Harbor after more than a decade away. The hard-luck kid who nearly destroyed her family, leaving her to pick up the pieces, is taking over as sheriff. She can't trust him, even if Luke's ideas for the town's upcoming anniversary seem to show he's trying to give back to the [...]

    14. Can people really change? Holly isn't sure she wants to give Luke a chance to find out.Butterfly Harbor is a small town that needs to make changes to survive. Holly ' s father has been town Sheriff for years and is now being replaced by Luke. Holly and Luke have a history that almost tore her family apart, but Holly doesn't know the entire story. The town isn't sure what to make of the bad - boy Luke returning after years away. The characters are rich and it's the type of town you'd want to be a [...]

    15. This is the second book that I have read by this author and she has quickly become one of my favorites. I loved this book and following the story of Luke and Holly. Luke is coming back to town after a terrible accident that happened there. Holly has to come to terms with Luke being back, and all of the bad memories it is bringing back to the surface. All of the characters in this book are great. The story kept my interest and actually towards the end I was literally on the edge of my seat. I cou [...]

    16. I loved this book.The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor is the latest book by Anna J. Stewart and is a very fast and enjoyable read. Holly Campbell, single mother and owner of the Butterfly Diner is unpleasantly (!) shocked to find out that Luke Saxon is back in town, after more than a decade away. Luke is taking over Holly's father's job as Sheriff. Luke is planning to only be in Butterfly Harbor for 1 year -- hoping to help get the town rebuilt. Petty crimes have been happening and now it's up to Lu [...]

    17. Holly is livid when she finds out the man who changed her families life in a get negative way is coming back as town sheriff. There is a chance he's grown up and changed but that's hard to believe. Then there's her son who's very good with getting into a bit of mischief. Whenever there is someone in need of help he's sure to stick his nose in, he refuses to let the new sheriff cause his mother grief.I really enjoyed this sweet story. I loved how mischievous the son was, he had good intentioned i [...]

    18. The first in a series about Butterfly Harbor, the story of Holly Campbell, owner of the diner, and her precocious son, Simon, pulls at one's heartstrings from the first page. Who couldn't love a kid whose computer skills including hacking into the Sheriff's office and ruining their newest coffeemaker as well as the record-keeping and email files?The new sheriff, Luke Saxon, recently replacing Holly's aging father, however, is not new to Butterfly Harbor. He was the original bad boy who left and [...]

    19. Author Anna J. Stewart’s latest Harlequin Heartwarming novel, The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor, is a beautiful and inspiring story about learning from current and past mistakes, forgiveness, change, and love and friendship not only between adults, but children as well. Set with a backdrop in the small town of Butterfly Harbor, this story has characters that readers will easily relate to and will fall in love with from the beginning. I would recommend this story to readers that have previously e [...]

    20. A truly heartwarming contemporary romance about second chances and redemption. I highly recommend and absolutely loved this story -- one of those you can't put down till you finish but don't want it to end either. Anna J. Stewart certainly knows how to weave a story to suck you right in. Loved meeting and getting to know the characters and their stories and/or getting hints of what is to come in future books in the series. This is the first book in a series centered in Butterfly Harbor and the s [...]

    21. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Holly Campbell runs a diner in Butterfly Harbor. She has a son who is really good with computers which gets him into trouble. The new mayor has brought in Luke Saxon to take over for Holly's father as Sheriff of Butterfly Harbor. Luke used to live in Butterfly Harbor when he was young. He had gotten into trouble and Holly's dad helped steer him onto a better path. Holly holds a grudge against Luke for something he did in the past.Th [...]

    22. I absolutely adored this book. Luke Saxon is my new book boyfriend. I cried happy tears, sad tears and sobbing tears for this man. I'm tearing up just writing this review. One of the underlying themes of this book is about addiction and how it affects the people who love the addict. It reflects how promises are continually broken until there is no trust left and how one can go own to gain peace once the addict is no longer in their lives.The drug in this story is alcohol. I have loved alcoholics [...]

    23. A touching story about redeeming yourself after a past you are not proud of.Luke Saxon is back in Butterfly Harbor after more than a decade away. He's taking over as Sheriff for a partial term.Holly Campbell is NOT happy when she sees Luke is back in town. She holds a lot of resentment towards him for something he did as a teenager and does not believe he could have changed.Luke understands Holly's anger, and doesn't blame her one bit. But that doesn't stop him from liking her and wishing she'd [...]

    24. I really liked The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor and look forward to future books in the series. This book kicks off the series set in a fictional town on the California coast that has fallen on hard times. Luke has been hired as the interim sheriff and he comes with loads of baggage since he was the bad boy son of the town drunk while growing up. The deposed sheriff, Jake helped Luke straighten up his act when he was a teenager in big trouble, because he saw a lot of potential that Luke went on t [...]

    25. Wow!! This is a book once you start you will not be able to put down. Full of small town, forgiveness, trust worthy and letting go of past mistakes.Luke has returned home to Butterfly Harbor, to take over the sheriff's position of Holly's father who is stepping down. Holly has never been able to forgive him from a terrible night years ago. Holly is a single mom, raising Simon, who is a handful, to the say the least. Luke has his hands full from the very beginning, and to prove his worthiness of [...]

    26. The last time that Luke Saxon was in Butterfly Harbor, he was a troubled teen. Twelve years later he returns to town to take over as Sheriff. Holly isn't thrilled to have the man that nearly destroyed her family back in town, especially since he is taking over her dad's job as Sheriff. There are many misunderstandings and secrets from long ago that Holly and Luke must work through. I loved Luke as the hero and he was great with Holly's son, Simon. This is a great new series by Anna J. Stewart an [...]

    27. I really enjoy the books in the Harlequin Heartwarming collection. I don't think I haven't enjoyed a book yet that I've read in it. The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor is about Holly, a widowed mother of a rambunctious little boy (whose very good with computers), and Luke, former bad boy of the town who has recently come back to take over the sheriff position. Sparks soon fly between the two and watching them interact was a lot of fun. Recommended to anyone who enjoys clean contemporary romance.I re [...]

    28. The Bad Boy of Butterfly Harbor is a redemption novel. Bad Boy Luke Saxon comes back home to make up for mistakes of his past. Holly was one who's life was change by one of his mistakes. I loved reading about the redemption, but I thought particularly well written was the forgiveness of self and others. I enjoyed all the lead characters. They were strong and had depth. I loved Holly's son Simon. Oh my, would that child give me nightmares.This is good novel, worth reading. It wasn't quite in the [...]

    29. I received a copy of this book for an Honest review.I loved this book. Butterfly Harbor is a community that cares about the people. Holly Campbell runs a dinner and has a son that keeps her busy.Luke Saxon is coming back to town after 10 years away. Holly blames him for her father losing his job as Sheriff but is he the one to blame.She doesn't want to trust him but he might be the help Butterfly Harbor needs to bring it back. Some mystery and romance.I think this book is a great read. I honestl [...]

    30. Anna is such a great storyteller. This book had me laughing and crying. It is a touching story of redemption and love. It is set in a small town with lots of lovable characters that I hope to see more of in future books. The storytelling is so great the story just flies by. I never put it down once I picked it up. If you like lots of romance, small towns, cute kids, and a little mystery, then this is the book for you. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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