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The Queen's Soprano

The Queen s Soprano Seventeen year old Angelica Voglia has the voice of an angel But in seventeenth century Rome the pope has forbidden women to sing in public To make matters worse her controlling mother is determined

  • Title: The Queen's Soprano
  • Author: Carol Dines
  • ISBN: 9780152054779
  • Page: 340
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Seventeen year old Angelica Voglia has the voice of an angel But in seventeenth century Rome, the pope has forbidden women to sing in public To make matters worse, her controlling mother is determined to marry her off to a wealthy nobleman, even though Angelica is in love with a poor French artist Angelica s only hope to sing before an audience and escape a forced marriSeventeen year old Angelica Voglia has the voice of an angel But in seventeenth century Rome, the pope has forbidden women to sing in public To make matters worse, her controlling mother is determined to marry her off to a wealthy nobleman, even though Angelica is in love with a poor French artist Angelica s only hope to sing before an audience and escape a forced marriage is to flee to Queen Christina s court, where she will become the queen s soprano But she soon discovers that the palace walls are not completely secure and her freedom will require even greater sacrifice than she imagined.

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      340 Carol Dines
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    1 thought on “The Queen's Soprano

    1. This was a frustrating read. While it had the bare bones of a great story, it struck me as hampered by traditional 'YA rules' (especially page count) & the author's unwillingness to push the envelope enough to make it truly gripping. The pacing was uneven; some chapters were well-written & vivid, but others glossed over way too much material in an effort to keep things tidy. The second half, especially, read as if it was more about the narrator's (and the author's) adoration of Queen Chr [...]

    2. Ok, I am just a sucker for happy endings, and I am not quite sure this was a happy ending. It could be argued it was, and I do believe in part it was what was supposed to happen and that it was right in a sense, but my heart is just so broken for Angelica. She went through so much trial, so much worrying about her future and security, so much fear, betrayal and scorn. I mean this truly was written very well, and I was incredibly sucked into the story. I couldn't stop reading, I felt so much emot [...]

    3. Reviewed by coollibrarianchick for TeensReadTooIt was the cover of the book that first got my attention. The girl on the cover of THE QUEEN'S SOPRANO was wearing a beautiful gown fit for royalty. Little did I know at the time that this book was a fictionalized account of Angelica Voglia, who became Queen Christina's soprano during the time of Pope Innocent XI. All Angelica wants to do is sing, but the pope has forbidden women to sing in public. Angelica has a voice that was able to bring people [...]

    4. This is the story of Angelica Voglia, a singer in Queen Christina's court during seventeenth century Rome. Pope Innocent XI has banned women from singing in public, claiming that they are selling themselves like courtesans. The only way Angelica can sing is to join Queen Christina's court, the only court that hasn't been overthrown by the Pope. Oh, and there's a FrenchmanI dunno, this wasn't a bad book. I actually enjoyed it. It's ending is very realistic, and so in that way, it was disappointin [...]

    5. Singing has been Angelica’s hobby ever since she was a child. She was the girl with the miracle voice. A lot of from all over Europe come to her sing. Now that she is in the age of marriage, her mother intends to use her talents to get her married up in status. But Angelica does not want to use marriage as a way to become famous. She wants to use her voice to reach the courts of Rome. But will the Pope and his strict laws allow her to even go a step further with her talent? Will he stop creati [...]

    6. Well, I can say that I am glad it broke the trend of "ignore facts, just have a marriage in the end". I still think it was a happy ending because now Angelica is free to do as she wishes. I do think some things could have been given more attention, such as eight months in like 5 chapters? And none of it really described anything, just was her and Theodan I guess it is kinda me because I like the historical details, and really any book I read I like to have lots of world building. Even though it [...]

    7. I first picked up this book at the library. The cover and what it was about GRABBED me. I love how its shows that we don't need a man to be happy. I love it!!

    8. Dines, Carol The Queen’s Soprano, 336 p. Harcourt – Angelica lives in Rome during the time of Pope Inocente IX, who is determined to bring the entire city under papal rule, while keeping a firm grip on the lives of the women, too. Angelica’s beautiful voice attracts negative attention and in order to escape the pope’s influence and her domineering mother, she takes a position as soprano to the only remaining queen of one of Rome’s last free quarters. Angelica is not ready for court lif [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this book. I had never read a book based on this era. I really enjoyed the main character. Although it was slow paced at the beginning of the story I enjoyed it very much. I've decided to rate this book a 4.5.

    10. For all that there is very little information on Angelica Voglia outside of what Queen Christina wrote, Dines has done a great job of fleshing out and embellishing her life into something believable. Never did something make me stop and go, “No, come on, that would not have happened”. Everything was realistic and Dines has obviously done her research well, despite the fact that there are very few accounts of common life in 1600s Italy. I think what I liked the best out of this story was the [...]

    11. In The Queen's Soprano by Carol Dines we follow seventeen-year-old Angelica Voglia, a devoted singer during times when women are not allowed to sign in public. Angelica is a very talented girl that loves to sing and her mother, knowing the gift her daughter has, allows gentlemen to sit outside the house and listen to Angelica and her sister Bianca sing. One evening, when Cardinal de Cabrera misses his duties to stay listening to Angelica, the Pope forbids all women to perform outside of a conven [...]

    12. Angelica Volgia has a voice like no other. When she sings, she can make people burst with love, or weep with despair. But she lives in Rome in the 1680's, and the pope has outlawed any woman from performing (in any theatrical or musical sense) in public. So every morning Angelica sings behind the shutters of her room, and people gather in the street to listen to her "practice."With the help of the maid, she learns that a young French sculptor has fallen in love with her, and they exchange notes [...]

    13. This book is set in 17th century Rome during the reign of pope Innocent XI. He was apparently super pious and hungry to take over the entire city from the different nobles and representatives of the different countries rulers that each ruled their own “Quarters”. He outlawed women singing in public for he thought that equaled a woman prostituting herself. And so, that brings us to Angelica Voglia (this is a fictionalized story of a real woman) who is a Glazier’s daughter and who has a wond [...]

    14. Dines, Carol. 2006. The Queen's Soprano. (Released as paperback in 2007).Set in seventeenth century Rome during the rule of Pope Innocent XI, The Queen's Soprano is the story of Angelica Voglia, a young woman, a talented woman, who ultimately ended up taking refuge in Queen Christina's court when it became too dangerous for her to remain with her own family. At the time, women were forbidden by the Pope to sing in public. For a woman to take the stage--no matter how talented--would be the undoin [...]

    15. 3.5 star rating. Over all the book was very good it got me out of a reading slump. I had to keep reading to find out what happened. I love that the author took great pains in being historically correct in telling Angelica's story. Angelica really lived and really faced the difficulties mentioned in the book. The characters were fun and interesting to read. Some of the officials and suitors were hard to differentiate at times. There were a few moments where I had to go back a paragraph or page to [...]

    16. An interesting book about the right of a common woman to appear and sing in public during the 17th century in Catholic Italy. Ruled by Pope Innocent XI who felt that singing (unless done in a convent and for the greater glory of God) detracted from a woman's natural "abilities" (I'm assuming this means childbearing and child rearing?), and who passed stringent laws against the same. The main character is a young woman (Angelica), recently coming of age, who lives to sing as often as possible. Wi [...]

    17. I never quite understood the moral of the story I was waiting for a definite ending to the story or for a climax, but I never figured out what it was. Throughout the book, there is a sense of hope for Angelica, the queen's soprano, and it leads readers to believe that she will find happiness in more than one area of her life. She faces obstacles beyond her singing career, but the end of book felt unresolved regarding these obstacles. Or if they were resolved, they were unhappy or hopeless resolu [...]

    18. The Queen's Soprano is a story of a girl with a perfect soprano voice. Sadly enough, she lives in 1688, Rome, where the new pope has banned women from performing in public. This girl's name is Angelica, and the book mostly tells you of her thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the crude world she lives in. There is love, betrayal, fear, friendship, violence, scandal As soon as I picked it up, I wanted to finish it. There was next to no plot, but there was something about the characters and sett [...]

    19. The Queen's Soprano by Carol Dines is about a girl named Angelica who's has an angles voice. Her mother has suitors lined up and has schemes to set Angelica up ot the richest man, though he may be bad. When Lucia, a new maid moves in, her lives changes for ever. Her feeling's become more open and she feels more free. She sings freely and that is where she meets her true love, Theodon. When life for Angelica becomes unsafe sh emoves to the nuns convent, and then to the Queen's Palace. Will she ev [...]

    20. Although I always like some good historical fiction, this was a little short on history and high on fiction for my taste. I thought it sad to see how even in a city that centers around the the Church (Rome), they still divided rigidly into classes treated those of the lower status with contempt. The story is all about Angelica's rise to fame despite the Pope's strict laws forbidding women to sing in public. Although the book ending somewhat unresolved, I liked it. I also really liked the author' [...]

    21. Though this book had a terribly sad ending, you still feel as if the heroine wasn't ruined by all she went to. You follow her through an important part of her life, making you understand the main character even more until she's like a best friend. This book will make you love the good guys and love to hate the bad guys. The author, Carol Dines, also did a wonderful job of keeping the story historically correct [mostly], even when the history books are unclear on what exactly happened; Dines make [...]

    22. Very nice book about the former Rome, its people and the Vatican. It is very exciting and absolutely not boring. The cover and the title "Youth Novel" not at all match the written word itself. In my opinion, this novel is indeed not really difficult to understand, but the novel is written more for adults than it might seem from the outside. So the cover is unsuitable. But then it has no influence on the final book itself, except you´re so superficial and respects the store that you only look on [...]

    23. It was really good when it got going. The mood was up and down which is what I would expect, but Angelica was somebody I would also like to slap. I understand that at that point in time, especially in Rome, that religion and marriage were strict. But I think that Angelica made a big mistake about ignoring Theodon. She really over reacted, and thankfully she realised it, but it was to late when she did. She had already ruined her chance of happiness. Her mother made her life a living he'll. But w [...]

    24. One of my all-time favorites! The story was so exciting that it really compelled me to turn from page-to-page. I was totally hooked up until the very end of this novel. Every chapter has a different thrill and drama that made me more excited and in love with it. Since I love singing like the main character of the story, I got absolutely inspired on how she pursued her singing after all the obstacles that came her way. Plus, the author's notes on the latter part added an unexpected twist and an e [...]

    25. Okay, so this was a book I completely judged by it's cover, and in this case, it worked. I really liked this book. My reason for four stars and not five is that while there is no swearing, there is some crude language. Also, since this book is based on a true story, it doesn't have a "happy" ending, but a satisfying one, I think. The bottom line is I couldn't put this book down. This was one of those books where I put off everything like kids, dinner, cleaning, sleep, Dancing with the Stars (GAS [...]

    26. My only complaint, there were many times I despised Angelica for her shallowness and cruelty. But the other characters in it, especially the Queen, Lucia and Theodon truly are amazing and each has their own story and personality that sticks with you. A warning though, yes this story is full of love and happiness and the typical court type drama but, the ending is bittersweet in my opinion and there are many painful moments.All in all, it was a wonderful read, I picked it up, and could not put it [...]

    27. This novel is based on the true story of a 17-year old Christina Voglia who lived in Rome in the 17th century. She has a beautiful soprano voice, but Pope Innocent XI has banned women from singing in public. Christina’s mother desires to marry Christina off with rich suitors in order to rise to a higher social status. However, this conflicts with Christina’s own happiness and her desires to sing and choose who she marries. There are some mature scenes in the book that are not suitable for yo [...]

    28. The beautiful interweaving of a young girl's family angst, romantic dreams, and musical ambitions is deftly handled in this gripping novel. The author imagines the life of Angelica Voglia in such a vivid and touching way, I felt completely drawn into her world.The believable characters, engaging dialogue, and rich historical details make this delightful story a real treat for the senses. Angelica's determination to rise above her circumstances and follow her heart should be an inspiration for al [...]

    29. I grabbed this book off the library shelf, probably drawn to thePhilippa Gregory-like cover. I'm a big fan of historical fiction, and I really enjoyed the stories of those close to the monarchs in Gregory's novels. The Queen's Soprano tells a similar story, again with real characters, again in the court of a queen (this time in 17th-century Rome), but in a very different voice. That said, I really enjoyed it. It was an easier read than Gregory's books, and far less bloody, but no less enjoyable. [...]

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