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Dream Girls: Nicole (Dream Girls, #3)

Dream Girls Nicole Dream Girls Nicole Garrett a self proclaimed nerd has had her future planned out for years Taking chances has never appealed to her on any level but growing up means adapting to change and accepting that life

  • Title: Dream Girls: Nicole (Dream Girls, #3)
  • Author: Carrie Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 157
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  • Nicole Garrett, a self proclaimed nerd, has had her future planned out for years Taking chances has never appealed to her on any level, but growing up means adapting to change and accepting that life moves on no matter what With her best friends, Piper and Stephanie both starting families of their own, Nicole finds herself concentrating harder on her plan to become a docNicole Garrett, a self proclaimed nerd, has had her future planned out for years Taking chances has never appealed to her on any level, but growing up means adapting to change and accepting that life moves on no matter what With her best friends, Piper and Stephanie both starting families of their own, Nicole finds herself concentrating harder on her plan to become a doctor, leaving little time for anything else other than working at the local pub to help cover her living expenses There is nothing worth to her than making something of herself unless you count Corey Tate Corey Tate isn t a self proclaimed anything He doesn t care enough But ask anyone who has ever been around him and they ll tell you he s a bad boy recluse, who has a somewhat short fuse He works hard and plays harder Even though he has no clue what is involved in having an authentic relationship with a woman, Nicole Garrett has him curious enough to consider trying Having zero experience in relationships proves to be a challenge for him, both mentally and emotionally Timing is everything, right How much time has to pass before the moment is lost Two years of knowing glances, private talks, and a connection that surprises them both, come to a head when Corey draws a line in the sand Can these two very different people find their way to a love that can last forever, or will their own flaws ruin what could have been If Corey and Nicole could get out of their own heads, they might just find out the difference between falling in love and being in love.

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      157 Carrie Thomas
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    1 thought on “Dream Girls: Nicole (Dream Girls, #3)

    1. Finally a book that uses my name!!!! Carrie Thomas gets 2 stars alone for that! I'll start off by saying that I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to enjoy this book, not having read the others before it. I can now absolutely say that it can be read as a stand alone. This book was so freakin' sweet, it gave me a toothache! Corey had me within the first few pages alone. If you like drama, much like I do, this is for you. I loved it. A lot of their arguments were petty, dumb, unnecessary, but fo [...]

    2. Corey is the quintessential man’s man, rough around the edges, can be a jerk 75% of the time….I seriously wanted to kick his ass….he’s lucky he’s a fictitious character. He’s deliciously handsome and knows what he wants, or should I say WHO he wants but his inner demons are keeping him from truly grabbing hold of what he truly deserves. Thankfully with the help of some liquid courage he seals the deal under the moonlight with the one person he’s desired .let me just say this, not o [...]

    3. my favorite of the dream girl series! nicole's story made me cry, laugh, cry some more, and fully love her character even more than I already did! I finished this book in a matter of hours the day it released, I'm waiting on my hard copy to add to my bookshelf now! carrie has such an amazing talent and her writing just sucks you in! so glad to know her!

    4. My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars Ok this book was bad ass.  By far my favorite in the Dream Girls series.  I loved Nicole from the very beginning.  Every girlfriend has that one.  The one that makes sure you don’t drive drunk or go home with the wrong guy.  The one that seems to have it all figured out.  Well until she met Corey Tate.  He remains an enigma to her.Just when she thinks he is interested he pulls away.  Until one night he finally makes the leap and kisses her and not the little [...]

    5. "Just be careful. I don't trust him. Seems like he's an order of French fries short of a happy meal."What a pleasant surprise! I really liked this one, it was a nice take on first love, second chances, broken hearts and also the power of love. So Nicole and Corey were introduced in the first two books, I didn’t read the first one so I had no idea, the thing is I was really intrigued with Nicole when she was mentioned in Stephanie's book so I bought Nicole's book. It was worth it. If I think ab [...]

    6. I found this book that was recommended by NetGalley and and didn't realize there were three standalone series of three different couples. I loved Piper, Moye, Stephanie, Cole, Nicole and Corey! The girls are from Missouri and decided to move away on their own to Texas to finish out their Junior and Senior year of college. Each couple has their own book and unique story to get our heart pumping! Try this series now!

    7. *Kindly received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*Another unpopular opinion from me. I really did not like this book. Maybe it was because I started it in the middle rather than from the first book. The characters did not appeal to me. The story did not stick with me either. I mostly just skipped chapters all together itself. Well that's it.

    8. OHHH my Goodness! So intense. I had no nails or no skin left by the time I finished this book. I have followed this series and loves every book, but dang.This was my favorite by far. Recommend to all of your friends about this series! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    9. This was pretty good. This is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. It is typical that you find individuals that haven’t really connected with someone (unlike their peers) and they are just sticking to what they know. I thought this was a sweet story. Nicole is on track with the life she wants and refuses to change herself in any way that she does not choose. She is strong. Corey is almost immediately likable. He is also a jerk at times. He had to change into the person he wanted t [...]

    10. I’ve done the unthinkable and read this series back to front but I have to say that I don’t actually think my mistake detracted from the story at all, so it is safe to say that this really can be read as a standalone.This was a great read and Nicole is a really, really great female character. She is far from straight forward but don’t let that put you off, it is to her benefit that she is who she is, I loved her quirks and her unique outlook on life, it gave her character credence and her [...]

    11. Thank you to NetGalley and CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform for approving me to read and review this book. This is actually book 3 in a series, but I decided to not let this put me off.Nicole really is such a nerd, but she's fantastic. She's strong willed and very determined. She is in medical school training to become a pediatric doctor. I think she is absolutely fantastic.Corey works in construction and is a short fused bad boy, the complete opposite of Nicole and yet after 2 years [...]

    12. More a 3 1/2 stars.I received an ARC from Netgalley for review. I didn’t realise this was the third book of the series, but it did read like a standalone which was a plus.It follows Nicole Garett, a self-proclaimed nerd, whose future is planned out to the last second. She has had a crush on Corey Tate, and after a New Years party, he proclaims his love for her. The two of them hit it off, but Corey’s jealousy and Nicole’s doubting Corey’s loyalty leads to a very interesting story. I enjo [...]

    13. *Provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest review*I was so excited after reading the first two books in this series to finally read Nicole and Corey's story. I was not far into this book before I realized it was not as good as the other two. I was really disappointed. It skips so much time in places and is not so clear about what is happening sometimes. I don't know how to explain it, but it didn't have the feel the others have. It felt like it was written by someone else. I wanted so much to [...]

    14. Nicole story is a great read, I knew her story would be more complicated. With Nicole and Corey they are always paired together due to their close friends. Corey has loved Nicole for years but he thinks he's not good enough for her. Nicole loves Corey but has no experience with relationships, she has looked after her dad and brothers after her mom died, and now she trying to become the doctor she has always wanted to be. I loved how her story started developing while I was reading Piper and Step [...]

    15. OMG!!! Do you know that I cried like eight times in this book. It was straight up a roller coaster for me. The thing I loved most about reading Nicole is how Corey changed so much. His transition in the story was such a blessing for me as a reader. It took him just the right time to get his shit together and start listing to what Nic had to say. I read pretty much a book a day and I can honestly say that this is one of my top 3. Other reviews say it can be read as a standalone but I completely d [...]

    16. Carrie took her time with this story. She allowed me to really get to know them. The story was so relatable. What I loved the most was that each one of these books had there own plot. Even though I was familiar with the history of Nicole and Corey I could not have assumed anything about their love story. It was unique to who they were. The story didn't leave me hanging. I loved that she answered my questions about their family and the other Dream Girls as well.

    17. I loved this book and it's very strong heroine. If it wasn't for her difficult actions our delicious Alpha wouldn't have become the gorgeous man that he did. I have not read the other books in the series and didn't feel it was necessary but I am definitely going to go and put them on my wish list now.

    18. OMG OMG OMG OMG I am so sad this series is over. Met Carrie a signing and I am now her biggest fan! She finished the Dream Girl Series with a freaking BANG! I loved it. if there were a 10 star, she would have gotten it. Cannot wait till Travesty coming Oct. 4.I really don't think I can!

    19. Apparently, I missed the other two books in this series, book one and two, about Piper and Steph. Somehow, I think that's a good thing, because Nicole's story was the right one for me. I didn't fall in love with this book, but it was a pretty sweet read with a good plot. At first, I was a bit disappointed by the speed of it. The relationship between Nicole and Corey went on way too fast for my taste. No flirting, no talking about the past. Did I miss that because I didn't read the previous books [...]

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