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The Beauty Queen

The Beauty Queen Beauty queen Jeannie Colter is a born again politician who wants to crush homosexuals William Laird is her devoted father who has kept a secret from his fanatical daughter

  • Title: The Beauty Queen
  • Author: Patricia Nell Warren
  • ISBN: 9780964109988
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beauty queen Jeannie Colter is a born again politician who wants to crush homosexuals William Laird is her devoted father who has kept a secret from his fanatical daughter.

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      134 Patricia Nell Warren
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    1 thought on “The Beauty Queen

    1. Reread this book recently, and although LGBTQ rights have come a HUGE way, it is an interesting look at the political atmosphere as it used to be. Set in the late 1970's in NYC, it poses the following questions: what if a former beauty queen was a conservative Christian with big political aspirations ( a la Anita Bryant) and hugely influential? What the father who bankrolled her was a closeted gay man? What if you could be fired from the police force for being gay - or called upon to suppress "t [...]

    2. Don't let the cover fool you: this is a powerful book. I thought this would be a light-hearted read. It's not, but that didn't make me enjoy it less. It's a sad, honest account of what it was like to live not so long ago in the 70s when homosexuality could cost you your job and your standing in society. As a 25 year old Western homosexual, who came out in 2005 and has never had to fear for my basic rights like employment or housing, this was a moving read. Of course you know about how badly gay [...]

    3. Another college "classic," we gossiped about its roman-a-clef possibilities endlessly. Clearly, clearly, this was about Anita Bryant, only who was that other family member? And WAS there, or had there been a conspiracy like the one described? It seems to me now that we weren't really giving Warren credit for having an imagination not really flattering. Sure the title character is LIKE Bryant, and so, after all, are many people. The central question of the book intrigues me still today: If we wer [...]

    4. The Beauty Queen is a twist on Anita Bryant's rampage against the gay community in the mid 1970's. Patricia Nell Warren is the author of the gay classic, Front Runner. It's interesting to me how well she writes about gay men, and The Beauty Queen is no exception. In this book one of the main characters in a lesbian which made the book all the more interesting for me.I would not say Warren is a great writer, certainly not as good as Radclyffe or Sarah Waters, but her stories are interesting, and [...]

    5. Easy, engaging read that sheds light into the 1970s and early 1980s of gay New York City. Favorite passages:"Then the two women stood hugging each other, a lesbian hug, breasts between breasts, groins grinding softly, as they rocked warmly back and forth.""'Love is so rare any more," he thought. "When two people manage to find it, it doesn't make sense that they have to pretend they are only friends.'""A number of gay men sought to deny all ties, and traveled from love to love, hoping to find so [...]

    6. Another controversial novel written by Miss Warren, about a an Anita Bryant type, ex-beauty queen who for her political forum, decides to fight for morality and against same sex love. She soon finds that it isn't the battle of the retaliating gay population she has to worry about, but exposure of information she has to deal with ,of a personal nature within her own life. Swallowing her pride will ruin her career, not swallowing it, will take away something more precious. Well written at a time w [...]

    7. When Mary Ellen was about to Well I can't really spoil the ending but my heart started to race just like if were Mary Ellen and I were about to (spoiler) That had never happened to me before, or maybe it had, but I happened again with this amazing novel and I would recommended it a 100%. I am so detached from religion that I can't possibly identify myself with the dilemmas presented to Bill's character but I know what a burden religion can be when you are gay. Amazing book.

    8. A mildly complicated tale of a crazy homophobic political woman and the lives her absurd hatred touches. I would have found it more engaging if Colter herself was in the closet, and not her father. The homicidal motivations near the end were difficult to sympathise with, given the flatline emotions of many of the characters.I would definitely recommend Warren's other works over this one.

    9. Only one of Patricias books that I feel could be dated or viewed as a time period book.This book came out during the Anita Bryant debaucle.I think that many a gay man who read this book wish that this were based on truth and that this had all happened to Anita.I enjoyed the book and think that it stands very well on its own.

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