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Find Me In Heather Ridge Virginia myth has it the lucky recipients of the two FIND ME candy hearts distributed each year are soul mates Too afraid of seeing her one time trusted friend good hearted Lyse Ha

  • Title: Find Me
  • Author: Cait Jarrod
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Heather Ridge, Virginia, myth has it the lucky recipients of the two FIND ME candy hearts distributed each year are soul mates Too afraid of seeing her one time trusted friend, good hearted Lyse Haynes refuses to go to her high school class reunion But when she receives a second invitation containing the elusive candy heart, she takes an overdue vacation to pursue theIn Heather Ridge, Virginia, myth has it the lucky recipients of the two FIND ME candy hearts distributed each year are soul mates Too afraid of seeing her one time trusted friend, good hearted Lyse Haynes refuses to go to her high school class reunion But when she receives a second invitation containing the elusive candy heart, she takes an overdue vacation to pursue the dream of finally finding her soul mate Ice cream creator Cooper Schmidt plans to take his product nationwide His marketing team proposes the perfect destination for his next store Unfortunately, it belongs to the father of the woman he s harbored feelings for since high school He uses her belief in myths and mails her the candy heart to entice her to Heather Ridge, in hopes she will convince her father to sell There s just one problem After ten years, his old feelings tumble forward, stronger than ever, and Lyse has a decision to make discover who has the candy heart companion or follow her heart.

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      106 Cait Jarrod
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    1. Lyse Haynes has always been superstitious. When she was younger she was told a story of how every year there are only two candy hearts printed at Valentine's that have the words FIND ME on them. The pair that finds the hearts are destined to be soul mates but they have to meet up with each other in Heather Ridge, Virginia.When Lyse receives an invitation to her high school reunion she really doesn't want to attend until she finds that a box of candy hearts has been sent to everyone. Opening her [...]

    2. Years ago growing up Lyse was best friends with Cooper until one day changed everything and caused them to drift apart , it was also the day that would change Lyse's idea of romance and soulmates . As Rill who owned the local general store, told Lyse a legend where every year the Candy Hearts company made two Find Me Hearts and that whoever recieved them each year , if they found one another - it meant that they were soulmates. That year Lyse and Cooper both recieved one , but when Lyse was aske [...]

    3. Lyse Haynes and Cooper Schmidt were best friends and buddies in high school and always had each other’s backs. Not the most popular male in school, Cooper goes off to become a successful ice cream creator, but he has always had Lyse in the back of his mind and in his heart.When their school reunion rolls around, Cooper lures Lyse by sending her a candy heart that must be matched with participants attending. In Heather Ridge, Virginia, myth has it the lucky recipients of the two “Find Me” c [...]

    4. This a sweet romance. Lyse and Cooper have been best friends growing up and went their separate ways near the end of high school. Lyse moved away and worked for her father and Cooper stayed in town and created an ice cream empire. There is a legend that if you find a candy heart that says Find Me you are to find your true love that also received the same heart. Lyse received the heart and went to her high school reunion to try to find the person that had the matching heart. Cooper and Lyse had b [...]

    5. Lyse and Cooper were childhood buddies, but ten years later Cooper is still hoping that with the help of a local legend, Lyse will return for their reunion and want to rekindle more than just a friendship. With the home of finding the matching FIND ME candy heart to hers, Lyse heads back to Heather Ridge skeptical. Cooper’s plan doesn’t go as smoothly as he hoped, but the two find an undeniable attraction and maybe a future.This was a fun, sweet read that had me pulling for Cooper from the s [...]

    6. This is a sweet story about a rekindled high school romance. The hero is successful, but vulnerable, which is endearing. The heroine is also successful in her field, but isn't totally fulfilled, which a lot of people can identify with. A fun romance with a cute superstition at its center makes this story a wonderful read.

    7. Can a successful businessman win back his high school sweet-heart by using candy hearts? FIND ME is poignant story of rekindled love. A must read for a romantic.

    8. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthOkay so I absolutely adored this book. I for one love all things myth and lore and always wonder, where did they come from? After all something had to start somewhere for it to become known. Now if there's any truth behind said myth that's a whole different matter altogether. So you have two best friends, two elusive FIND ME candy hearts, and a myth surrounding said hearts. Throw in unanswered questions from their past, a high school reunion and a what if and [...]

    9. Cait Jarrod does it again by creating characters that are so dimensional and complex even though it is just a novella. Coop and Lyse became best friends during childhood till their senior year of high school. You can instantly feel their connections during their youth and the feeling that they are truly meant to be. Coop is your typical nerd who loves science and knowledge. Lyse is a true romantic and believes in superstition and legends. After hearing a story that would stick with her through t [...]

    10. Beautiful story with an HEA that would definitely make your heart beat faster as you turn every page!Coop has always been a constant in Lyse's life, until a dreadful Valentine's. He's always seen Lyse as more than a friend, but his need to make something of himself and provide a better life for his family was always present in his life. As the High School Valentine's dance approached, Lyse gets asked out by one of the popular kids from the right side of tracks, giving Coop the chance to bail, cu [...]

    11. This is a sweet story with a dash of sexy, giving two people a second chance at the love they threw away before ever realizing what they had together.Lyse and Coop were best friends growing up in West Virginia. They may not have had a lot of money, but they had each other all through high school until that fateful Valentines dance when she went with another boy because he promised to buy her dinner first. Coop said go, so she did, and they never spoke again. Now their ten year reunion forces the [...]

    12. This is a sweet story with a hero I really enjoyed. As children, Lyse Haines and Cooper Schmidt—the cute girl and the nerdy boy— were best friends. By the time they reached high school, Coop’s feelings for Lyse had deepened and changed, though she still thought of him as just a friend. She never saw how she hurt him by dating another. Wanting to give her the things he couldn’t, he dropped their relationship to focus on making it big in the world of ice cream. Now it’s time for a Valent [...]

    13. Superstition is a strange master. It often makes perfectly sane people a bit weird. Determined to avoid her high school reunion because of past feelings, Lyse Haynes changes her mind when she receives what she believes to be a “mythical” candy heart. Said to bring together soul mates, she has a change of heart in hopes of finding true love.For businessman Cooper Schmidt, it’s a way to get Lyse to help him coerce her father to sell his store. What Cooper doesn’t plan on are his feelings g [...]

    14. FIND ME was such a fun story to read. It had a unique but relatable storyline with the Valentine's Day heart candies at the center of it all. Lyse is superstitious to a fault. Coop is determined to be successful in business to feel worthy of Lyse's affections. They both go a little too far to get what they want but eventually realize they are meant to be with each other. (Enter hot steamy sex scene!) It has a very sweet ending. Cait consistently brings just the right mix of suspense, romance and [...]

    15. This is a cutesy romance story where two best friends miss their first chance at love and have to wait 10 years for a second chance.Cooper Schmidt was in love with his best friend Lyse Haynes, but he was the nerdy-dorky guy and never made a move. When Cooper finally had a chance he pushes her to accept a date with another guy. But come their high school reunion the nerdy guy has become Mr. Gorgeous and he's going to finally get the girl he's always secretly loved.Along with the cute candy hearts [...]

    16. This is a great sweet story of love! Lyse and Cooper grew up as best friends the high school. He decided he needed to better himself since his family was poor so he started ignoring her so he could concentrate on his future just for Lyse. Lyse misses Cooper so much thru the years and still mad at him for ignoring her! One day she received a package of candy hearts and invites to her class reunion she didn't want to go til she found one candy with the word FIND ME now there are only 2 FIND ME for [...]

    17. An adorable quick read about finding true love & the power of friendship. I love the way the author uses the candy hearts that are such a symbol of Valentine's Day to tell the story. I think my only complaint about the book is that its too short. would love to read more about Lyse & Cooper. This book is part of the Candy Hearts series by a handful of authors but can be read as a stand alone. ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    18. Find Me by Cait Jarrod is such sweet story of finding true love. This is another wonderful book by Cait, I am never disappointed reading one of her books. Lyse and Cooper were childhood friends now as adults will they be able to find true love. This is such a cute story you will not want to miss it. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    19. Find Me by Cait Jarrod was a very cute and quick read. Lyse Haynes never understood why Cooper Schmidt disappeared from her life when they were seventeen. Not only did he push her to go to the Valentine’s dance with another boy, but then he wasn’t there for her when the date went horribly wrong.Fast forward ten years to their high school reunion, which takes is to take place at the Valentine’s dance. Lyse has always been superstitious and believes in the myth of the candy hearts, so when s [...]

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