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Lady in Red

Lady in Red Bullied and battered as a child Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident Brandy Alexander a sexy high class call girl With a select number of rich and successful

  • Title: Lady in Red
  • Author: Mel Teshco
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Bullied and battered as a child, Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident, Brandy Alexander, a sexy, high class call girl With a select number of rich and successful clients and a jaw dropping income, Kate feels like she s living her dream being desired and bedded by some of Australia s most powerful and influential men But she has one rBullied and battered as a child, Kate Matthews grows up and transforms herself into beautiful and confident, Brandy Alexander, a sexy, high class call girl With a select number of rich and successful clients and a jaw dropping income, Kate feels like she s living her dream being desired and bedded by some of Australia s most powerful and influential men But she has one rule Don t fall in love Except the time she spends with her favorite client Blaine Waymann, the she fears he might be the one man who could topple the perfect world she s built Billionaire philanthropist Blaine Waymann is determined to break Kate s rule He wants exclusive rights to Brandy and Kate, in bed and out, and is willing to risk everything to win her body and her trust But when Kate starts opening her heart to Blaine, she faces an agonizing decision Run like she always does, or stay with the man she not only lusts after, but loves The VIP Desire Agency series Book 1 Lady in Red Book 2 High Class

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      289 Mel Teshco
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    1 thought on “Lady in Red

    1. So this is Pretty Woman in red and it's a lovely sweet read but.I hate that there's just about always a but (more on this later)Kate Matthews had an awful childhood she was bullied at school and had issues at home (these reveal themselves throughout book so no spoilers from me) she has only bad memories and those memories alone make her insecurities return.She's reinvented herself as Brandy the high class call girl, she's beautiful, fit and polished, she has a select number of clients, she's boo [...]

    2. 2.5 stars ARC kindly provided byTule Publishingvia Netgalley in exchange of an honest review. Minor spoilers!!!This is the story of Kate and Blaine, a call girl and a billionaire. The story started nicely with Kate and Blaine having a "work" appointment. The sex scenes were quite nice, I need to confess. The issue for me with this book was the set up of the story. Blaine is in-love with Kate but they never had an actual date. They met through her job which is to be his fantasy and he firstly saw [...]

    3. In Lady in Red by Mel Teschco, the characters pulled me in to a believable plot. I felt like I got to know Kate, and I really felt for her. How she has moved forward in her life is different, but it's what works for her. Or so she tells herself, but does it really? She finally feels valued and desirable in life, but is the temporary nature of it enough? Secretly she craves more, but is afraid to let herself hope or trust. Mel Teshco writes Kate's character well, and I felt like she was well defi [...]

    4. Kate has become a call girl who goes by Brandy and one of her clients, Blaine is rich, dark and good looking has fallen in love with her, she has plenty of feelings for him to, but thinks her life and her work need to stay as they are. The story follows some twists and turns as Blaine works at convincing Kate they could make a life as a couple. As you might guess its a hot and steamy read, but its not a cliff hanger. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    5. Short and sweetFairly interesting story of Escort Kate aka Brandy and Billionaire Blaine who wants her for her. He sees beneath the beautiful exterior to the beautiful soul she is hiding beneath. Kate’s background is one of fear and bullying and the story tells how she parlays it into the confident escort who has become financially independent because of it. Again the ending is abrupt and left me the reader wondering and with lots of questions hence the 3 Stars. The bonus book too is short and [...]

    6. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.A quick read with just enough heat, but otherwise a bit lackluster.

    7. Loved this read. The characters are amazing, great story and very steamy. I loved Brandy/Kate and the emotional journey this story takes her on. I was hooked from beginning to end.

    8. Katy had a terrible childhood being bullied at home and at school. After school Katy did a total over hall on herself and now is a high dollar call girl who goes by Brandy. Brandy earns tons of money being a call girl and on the up side she really likes sex. Brandy is very selective with her clients. Blaine is crazy about Brandy and wants her for himself. Brandy is supper insecure so knowing how Blaine feels about her she feels that over time he will tire of her and she does not want the heartbr [...]

    9. Super steamyKate Matthews, also known as Brandy Alexander when she was working, had a past she would rather forget. She was once an insecure girl, now she was highly desired by men. As a high class call girl for VIP Escort Agency, she now had total control of every aspect of her life. That is until she started having feelings for one of her clients. Blaine Leo Waymann, billionaire businessman, philanthropist and Australia’s most eligible bachelor, had first seen Brandy on the arm of another ma [...]

    10. "Lady in Red" by Mel Teshco is the story of Kate Matthews and Blaine Waymann. Kate was battered and bullied growing up. She transforms herself into a high class escort, "call girl", known as "Brandy Alexander". The most important rule Kate has to follow is "don't fall in love with a client."Blaine is a billionaire who is one of Kate's favorite clients. He wants exclusive rights to her, "Brandy". Kate doesn't want to be put in a position to where she is dependent on one person. She wants to maint [...]

    11. Kate Matthews is a high priced escort known as Brandy Alexander. She's using her profession to validate that she's worthy of love. Her childhood trauma made her the person that she is today. Blaine Waymann is a billionaire philanthropist and one of her lovers. He wants Kate to be his bride. Do they have a chance at happiness? Both Kate and Blaine have emotional baggage that has influenced who they are. It was interesting to see their interaction. When it's just the two of them they have a powerf [...]

    12. Wow, what a book by Mel Teshco! Lady in Red is a hot, spicy read about a high-priced call girl Kate AKA "Brandy" who has childhood issues that hinders her to trust in people. Kate is very content with her life as a call girl and making top money pleasuring men. Blaine is a billionaire who has wanted Kate since he first saw her. Blaine wants to make Kate his own. This book is about Kate and Blaine's journey to reach a HEA and has it all, hot sex, romance, the exploration of the life of a call gir [...]

    13. I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is a little different than what I normally read, but once I started it, I found it impossible to not finish it.Kate is a professional paid escort who goes by the name of Brandy. She has had a tough life in the past. She has made a career out of being a professional escort and feels secure in the job. As an escort they are not allowed to fall in love with their clients. However, one particular businessman thinks he is going to cha [...]

    14. Lady in Red by Mel Teshco is a fast pace entertaining read. This book held my attention from page one to the end. This is my first book by Mel Teshco and it will not be my last. The story has everything I look for in a great book, billionaires, sweetness, hot sex, falling in love and great likable characters. Kate or call girl name Brandy is beautiful confident woman not looking for love and Billionaire Blaine oh myper hot and everything going for him. What woman would not want more from him. Ca [...]

    15. This is a well-written, engaging story with an original plotline, one of the first in Tule's new Eros line. Kate/Brandy is a high class call girl who has finally found success and confidence after a traumatic childhood. Blaine is one of her regular clients who has fallen in love with her and wants a permanent relationship, which makes Kate want to run. Mel Teshco does a great job of including plenty of steamy sex scenes without them being gratuitous or clinical/tasteless as is sometimes the case [...]

    16. A hot sexy read that has a fantastic story at the core. Kate Matthews had a horrible childhood. She survived though and transformed herself into a confident independent woman. She is a high class call girl and has serviced many powerful men over the years. Her one rule is not to fall in love! Her customer, Blaine Waymann is determined to get her to break that rule. Getting her to stay in one place and give them a chance may be more than this man can handle. What is he willing to risk??I recommen [...]

    17. The Lady in Red deals with a shocking plot. Why do women sell their body? Do they all have different reasons? Interestingly Kate does it for the control and the feeling of being desirable.Is she able to give up that power for something that might be betterThe first part of the story was a little hard for me, but when Mel got to the reasons why Blaine and Kate were alike and how they could better each other together I enjoyed the story.Received an ARC for an honest and fair review.

    18. Whether we want to admit it or not the past always helps mold us into who we are going to be. In this novella Ms. Teshco proves this with both her hero and her heroine. She does a great job, in a short number of pages, in letting her readers really get in involved with these characters. The story is sexy, yes and not for the faint of heart, but it’s about more than the sex. It’s about healing and not second guessing. Very well written and heart string pulling this a short sexy novella well w [...]

    19. This novella was engaging from the first page! Throughout the book, we piece together Kate’s, or Brandy’s, past. This was a great, steamy read. However, I felt like we jumped right in the middle of her arrangement with Blaine. It follows a Pretty Women theme, but at the same time, it’s not all that realistic. But, that is why I enjoyed the book because it was a different plot. Another great addition to the Eros line!

    20. Her past was a sad tale of bullies, heartache and abandonment and she became a symbol to men of what their fantasy woman would be. Brandy (Kate) was a high price call girl with excellent clients. One day she would retire with enough to live out her life very comfortably.Blaine was one of her clients but from the start was determined to be the only one in her life. He knows that cool as Brandy could be, she felt deeper feelings for him, too. Convincing her would take all he could give.

    21. I enjoyed this Pretty Woman inspired short read that kept me entertained until the end. Kate or as her clients call her Brandy, is in a job that she loves and has control over. Her client Blaine is fun and she enjoys her time with him, maybe a little too much. There is some hot sex, romance, and more sex in this book that will surely leave your panties damp.I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    22. A great sexy read for Valentine's Day. Kate, now known as Brandy, has lived a life where she was bullied and battered and now has transformed into an elite high paid call girl. She has serviced Blaine, many times. He now wants to take it to the next level, as a couple. Brandy has a lot of trust issues but Blaine will not give in easily.Great character development, I really felt for Brandy. A real page turner that I could not put down. I highly recommend this book.

    23. Teshco's Lady in Red is sexy, steamy read that I couldn't put down. I was intrigued with the Pretty Woman-esque theme, the call girl and billionaire match. I found that I was rooting for both Kate and Blaine. We get to know Kate and see how she develops.Lady in Red is my first read by Mel Teshco but definitely not my last.

    24. This was a good story. Very hot, but yet with a lot of emotions as well. Brandy was a great character with a lot of depth. Blaine was a bit irritating at times, but in an overly-sweet kind of way. He was so sure of his feelings for her that he refused to take no for an answer. This book was just the right combination of hot and sweet.

    25. This is the perfect short story to read before Valentine's Day. There are some steamy scenes that will keep you turning the pages. Kate and bLaine have an arrangement that seems to work for them until one of them hopes for more. This is my second book to read by Mel Teshco and I will definitely be checking out more of her

    26. This was my first book by the author. It really was not all that believable to me. It was along the lines of Pretty Woman. Everyone in the story was so supportive of her "career" as a prostitute. At the very least Blaine's mother should have had a problem with it. It just wasn't my kind of story. Not to mention that Blaine was so obsessed with her it just seemed to much.

    27. This was a great little erotic read. Very Pretty Woman-esque, the characters were very well developed and interesting. It kept me engaged throughout. Hopefully the other VIP girls fare as well as Kate.

    28. Short and sexy, this one is perfect if you like your romance a little on the steamy side. Blaine and Kate, aka Brandy, are both believable characters and while,the story stretches the bounds of probability it is a nice twist on the Pretty Woman theme.

    29. Read/review for a honest opinion for Tule Publishing and authorA spicy fast-paced romance story. Lady in Red by Mel Teshco had just the right amount of spice in it. A very enjoyable storyline that pulled me right in. I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

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