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Be Cool

Be Cool BE COOL offers a second entertaining installment in the career of Chili Palmer originally a Miami loan shark but now a big shot in Hollywood Chili gets interested in the music business acting for a gi

  • Title: Be Cool
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: 9780141020488
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
  • BE COOL offers a second entertaining installment in the career of Chili Palmer originally a Miami loan shark but now a big shot in Hollywood Chili gets interested in the music business acting for a girl singer with a lot of soul Trouble is, everything that happens to Chili strikes him as being material for another great movie

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    1. Published in 1999, Be Cool is the sequel to Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty Whether it was good vibes or his fans or the money, or all three, Leonard felt compelled to continue the misadventures of Miami Beach loan shark turned film producer Ernest "Chili" Palmer in Los Angeles. The reader is quickly brought up to speed that Chili's movie Get Leo was not only produced but was a hit. As the story goes, the studio moved forward with a sequel, the producer balked, the studio let him come up with a stor [...]

    2. Mr. Chili Palmer says it himself in this one, his own sequel: “A sequel has to be better’n the original or it’s not gonna work.” And I don’t know that it’s better than Shorty, but it’s sure about as much fun.In fact, the only thing denting this one is that in between the two, I watched the movie Get Shorty. Travolta is a love-him-or-hate-him kind of actor, I think, and I lean towards the latter. He was so not the Chili in my mind and I wish I didn't have to work so hard in this one [...]

    3. Elmore Leonard pisses me off because he writes so well that, in my nimble mind, the task of writing a novel seems to be a no-brainer. I DO know better. Leonard is so much fun to read because he's so easy to read. That's not to say his writing is simple, far from it. He just does it so well, with a perfect flow to dialogue and exposition. Be Cool is the continued adventures of Chili Palmer and the usual cast of miscreants. Have fun.

    4. 5 out of 5 For a fun breezy read from the master of the Crime Fiction genre Mr. Elmore Leonard (RIP)Chili ‘look at me’ Palmer, the ex-wise guy (okay so he was ‘loosely connected’) ex-loan shark from Brooklyn by way of Miami Beach, is in Los Angeles now where he has re-invented himself as a movie producer whose in dire need of material for a new film project. And he gets one; at a lunch meeting with a shady record producer which opens the book with a bang.Intrigued by this music business [...]

    5. I think I like this more because of the reader (Campbell Scott) than the story. When I stop listening and go about my day, I try to think about the plot and what is going on in the tale. It just isn't that great. I get back in the car, turn it on and am immediately sucked in. Scott's voice is just so lovely. It's deep and a bit throaty. He doesn't "do" voices, but somehow you always know when a woman is talking. To me, that's the real mark of a great reader.It's a bit unfair to Leonard that I've [...]

    6. Jesus, if I'm ever able to write dialogue this well I can die a happy man. This is a fun read, full of interesting characters and very funny scenes. There's Shylocks, gay Samoans, rappers, music execs and a healthy dose of gangsters. The characters develop in unexpected yet logical ways. And the interactions between characters is crisp and authentic.The story concept - if that's what you'd call it - is damn clever, too. The main character, Chili Palmer is putting together what's to be his third [...]

    7. The return of the charming thug Chili Palmer does what too many sequels do by capturing some of the spirit of the original but not much else. Although this is a pleasant enough jaunt with Chili using his magic on the music industry this time, the story is too much of a retread. What was once surprising and innovative is now too familiar. My expectations were perhaps too high, but this is just a merely adequate thriller with paint-by-numbers background characters.

    8. Why I Stopped Reading on p. 50: Apparently Leonard is hit and miss for me. I love the character Raylan Givens (the TV show Justified being how I discovered this author in the first place), and I've enjoyed a couple others of his, when I'm in the mood for an over-the-top caper of violence and tension and cool dialogue. But none of the characters here, least of all Chili himself, make me want to keep reading. And though Leonard's craft is always good, my TBR shelf is too crowded to press onward wi [...]

    9. Be Cool (1991) is the second in Elmore Leonard’s Chili Palmer series. Ernest (Chili”) Palmer was introduced in Get Shorty as a mob-connected Miami loan shark chasing down a deadbeat in LA. The deadbeat, Harry Zimm, is a producer of B movies and Chili joins with him to produce a movie called Get Leo. The movie is a success and the profits pay off the producer’s loan and give Chili an asset boost. But a sequel named Get Lost tanks at the box office.Chili comes out of it with cash and a reput [...]

    10. Elmore Leonard's Be Cool was the long-awaited sequel to Get Shorty, but as eager as I was to read it, after I was finished, I was not only disappointed but I realized why it was a terrible idea in the first place. In my review of GS, I described Chili Palmer as a neanderthal at a fencing match. In BC, he's the same neanderthal, except he's learned to fence just in time to go bowling. At the time the book starts, Chili is part of the Hollywood machine; his mobby directness is gone in favor of Hol [...]

    11. At the Four Seasonsah LA not NY, you know I been back a week already. So I'm looking and who comes in but Chili Palmer. Yeah, the man himself. We go back to the old days and he comes over and we catch up. Gives me a Cohiba panatela and we don't light up account of the rules everywhere. And I ask him it bother him the reviews and stuff they say about Be Cool. How they say it don't "measure up" to Get Shorty and "formulaic." And he says, what, he's supposed to read guys who couldn't get something [...]

    12. I didn't realize when picking this up (another book sale cheapo) that it was the sequel to Get Shorty, which I don't think I've ever read or seen. (I kept being bothered by the idea of Travolta as Chili Palmer, though that must be the role he plays.) Even as I figured it out, though, I decided to read it anyway. It certainly looked like it could stand on its own.And for the most part, it did. Fast plot, fast characters, fast action, fast read.Which is basically the problem. Even though billed as [...]

    13. I liked this book, but I didn't love it as much as other Leonard books. It's set in Hollywood, and although the main character Chili Palmer is out-of-place (having missed both movies, I managed to picture a middle-aged retrosexual and not John Travolta for Chili), the rest of the characters are mostly pretty terrible Hollywood stereotype people. I didn't want to know them better and I didn't care if they succeeded or failed to achieve their superficial desires. Except Eliot: him I loved. Fortuna [...]

    14. I read a lot of reviews saying this book was way worse than Get Shorty and some of Leonard's worst work but I really enjoyed it. In fact, I think I liked it better than Get Shorty. They are both very similar and I don't see how you could like one and not the other because they're different enough to be different books. I'd give this 3.5 stars if I could, I feel like it was a little better than 3 stars because I enjoyed it so much but not enough to give it 4. Don't let bad reviews fool you, just [...]

    15. I had high expectations for Elmore Leonard - perhaps this wasn't the best introduction. Didn't like the non-grammatical voice his characters would pick up and drop over the course of the story. The music industry plot line and character development on Linda Moon was good and kept interest, but the song and rap lyrics? Please.Definitely dates because of the pop culture references, but not too much.By the end of it, I was ready to be done. He's too smooth, his characters telegraph the next twists [...]

    16. I'd put it in 'summer beach read' category. Again Chili P is working on a movie idea and everyone he comes across (and manipulates?) is a potential character or scene. But everything is a scene, no action happens, Chili usually is just describing (talking, talking, talking) to someone what happened. I won't say the ending, but it summed up how I felt about the book - no real story.

    17. Be Cool (Chili Palmer #2) by Elmore Leonard (Delacorte Press 1999) (Fiction - Thriller). This is the sequel to Get Shorty, and it is a movie about sequels. Chili Palmer is a Hollywood rewrite man, but the cards are stacked against him. My rating: 7/10, finished 1/1/2011.

    18. Better than its movie, more racist and still about movies, music part playing a small role.Both had huge Samoans.

    19. An easy, amusing read, but something of a time-waster as there were no lessons to be learned, no personal insight to be shared, nothing memorable. Soooo not my scene.

    20. ‪Elmore Leonard's Be Cool: Chili Palmer is looking for the next big thing, but has to survive a United Nation of gangsters looking for a cut.‬

    21. Sequel to Get Shorty and just not up to the original. Chili Palmer is still himself, but the story and the other characters can't compare.

    22. It's OK, a half-decent follow-up to Get Shorty, but without the same charm, and with a less-interesting conceit. I also watched the movie Be Cool, and it is really bad. Really, really bad. But this is a bit of OK fun for those who enjoyed Get Shorty, like me.

    23. This was a fun story, with some interesting characters and engaging, dialogue. The book gives an interesting perspective into showbiz, but all in all, was nothing too special. I do like to read Leonard, but am pretty sure this isn't one of his better books.

    24. It's a clever story but (and maybe because of the audio book reader) I don't love these hard-boiled books where everyone talks like a wise guy or a palooka.

    25. Every word is perfect - no padding, only razor sharp dialogue and characterisation. Even minor characters bring the story to life.

    26. Upon finishing Get Shorty recently, I planned to read some more examples of Leonard's writing in the near future. My friend Ed recommended one of his westerns, but as things turned out the next title to come my way was this sequel to Shorty. Just as well. I was still thinking about the way characters in that story were preoccupied with turning their lives into a movie, and Be Cool carries that theme still further.The main character is still Chili Palmer, whose rough life prior to arriving in Hol [...]

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