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Serengeti It was supposed to be an easy job find the Dark Star Revolution Starships destroy them and go home But a booby trapped vessel decimates the Meridian Alliance fleet leaving Serengeti a Valkyrie clas

  • Title: Serengeti
  • Author: J.B. Rockwell
  • ISBN: 9781925342956
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Paperback
  • It was supposed to be an easy job find the Dark Star Revolution Starships, destroy them, and go home But a booby trapped vessel decimates the Meridian Alliance fleet, leaving Serengeti a Valkyrie class warship with a sentient AI brain on her own wrecked and abandoned in an empty expanse of space On the edge of total failure, Serengeti thinks only of her crew She herdsIt was supposed to be an easy job find the Dark Star Revolution Starships, destroy them, and go home But a booby trapped vessel decimates the Meridian Alliance fleet, leaving Serengeti a Valkyrie class warship with a sentient AI brain on her own wrecked and abandoned in an empty expanse of space On the edge of total failure, Serengeti thinks only of her crew She herds the survivors into a lifeboat, intending to sling them into space But the escape pod sticks in her belly, locking the cryogenically frozen crew inside Then a scavenger ship arrives to pick Serengeti s bones clean Her engines dead, her guns long silenced, Serengeti and her last two robots must find a way to fight the scavengers off and save the crew trapped inside her.

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      338 J.B. Rockwell
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    1 thought on “Serengeti

    1. This is a different and interesting story. Serengeti is a Valkyrie class Warship with a sentient AI brain. The AI ships are special. Their personality depends on the kind of spaceship they are in. They have complete authority over the captain.Serengeti belongs to the Meridian Alliance fleet and they are at war with the Dark Star Revolution fleet. The two fleets have a battle and Serengeti is badly damaged and is on the edge of total failure. She was unable to evacuate her human cryogenically fro [...]

    2. Sci-Fi is a genre that I don't boldy go into very often (see what I did there?!) Serengeti is a tale about survival. When the crew of a ship badly damaged during a fire fight a put into cryogenic stasis the artificial intelligence assumes control of the ship. Scavengers board the ship in an attempt to strip it but come up against an A.I. that has a deep affection for her crew and will stop at nothing to protect them. A Well-paced, fun read, Serengeti is not hard Sci-Fi, but it is a good book. 4 [...]

    3. Fresh, poignant, unexpected. This is not a shoot ‘em up adventure. It is a story of love, sacrifice, and perseverance. I loved how it threatened my suspension of disbelief and then captured me wholly. Well done; I hope this is only act one.

    4. Now that I've finished listening to Serengeti I've come to two conclusions; one, I don't know how to rate it (although I'll probably work through that in this review), and second, the two major points of the story was, in a way, completely opposite from the other. What I mean is that the story started off one way with high intensity, and yes that in itself helped in forming the way it ended, but the ending was on a completely different atmosphere and storyline.Serengeti starts off where ther [...]

    5. So not my normal genre. But OMG the feels. loved it! Full review to come.So here's the thing. I only read romance. Like, it's the peanut butter to my jelly. BUT Ms. Rockwell (who I affectionately refer to as the other peanut butter to my jelly in life) drew me into this story after I worked with her on a writing contest. To be honest, I was petrified of reading this. Not because I didn't think it was badly written, but because I went into it thinking: Okay. Space ships. Outer space. Stuff I don' [...]

    6. I loved this one! The main character is a battle starship's AI, but while that might make you think of a militant HAL-type computer, Serengeti is anything but. She cares for her crew--human and robot--and will do anything to protect them, even if it means she might die.The story is wonderfully different. At times it's action-packed and suspenseful, other times contemplative, but it's always warm and hopeful--even at the end when I kept having to blink back tears. I really hope there's a sequel!

    7. any author who can make me as invested in 2 robots as this book did deserves all the success and awards that can be heaped upon them

    8. Serengeti was one of those rare novels that you wait for years to encounter. And when you finally do come across one, you`re admitted to an author`s fascinating vision, one that you`ll remember for a long time afterwards. Serengeti is basically about an Interstellar Spaceship, one containing, one being, an Artificial Intelligence. She was created as a vehicle of War - the usual harbringer of technologically advancements. And though Serengeti was an AI, she still had to work with a Captain and Cr [...]

    9. So, I never thought I’d read a story where the whole first third of it was one massive battle, and walk away saying I liked it. I have a short attention span, so protracted scenes tend to make me wander off. However, the action in J.B. Rockwell’s Serengeti was interesting enough that it kept my attention glued to it. I read it while taking a bubble bath, whilst walking through the house, etc. And when things calmed down (and they do calm way down), I happily kept reading it.Serengeti is one [...]

    10. This was supposed to be a cool book. All the right things were there! I liked Serengeti herself, and her relationship with the other ships and her captain. A srsly refreshing take on writing an AI without a hint of creepy or unhinged. I'd have read a trilogy of them just hanging out between battles. But then the lesbians die and the book turns into some weird Robinson Crusoe experience with super annoying, BLUSHING robots! Everyone blushes so much in this book isg. And the ending, while maaaybe [...]

    11. AII am not a computer person, etc but this story brought me to tears! You get attached to the characters! Especially the AI! It has a heart! Loved it. A must read!

    12. This book is not your usual sci-fi outing. For those who were anticipating something hard-core, it will disappoint. For me, the humanity of the main character (an Artificial Intelligence or AI) and her two sidekick robots were the compelling draw.The Meridian Alliance battle fleet is tasked with finding and destroying the ship of the Dark Star Revolution, which have been attacking Alliance members and with whom they have had a decades-long war. The ships constituting the Meridian Alliance fleet [...]

    13. Interesting and unexpected. Initially, I thought it was military SF. But ultimately the story concentrates on the mind-life of a ship's AI as it struggles to survive (along with the cryogenically frozen remaining crew members) in the wake of a battle. The story drags occasionally, but that slowness arises from and reflects the long, long time period over which the story takes place. A really nice book.

    14. A ship and crew become damaged in a huge space battle and then become lost in the retreat, with only the AI and some robots left to preserve the survivors until help arrives. Good story, although a little slow at times.

    15. Summer crying for 2017!Thank you J.B. Rockwell for this first book of the series. The greatest summer crying of my 2017 book list! A fan.

    16. My original Serengeti by J.B. Rockwell audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The premises of this book were so good. During a battle between the Meridian Alliance and the Dark Star Revolution, Serengeti, a war spaceship, suffers important damages which make her to retreat, but with the bad luck that the ship gets lost and the navigation system breaks down. The few survivors go into the cryogenic pod to be ejected and send a stress signal, but the power failure preve [...]

    17. Serengeti by J. B. Rockwell Serengeti, complete with AI brain and human crew, is a Valkyrie class warship with the Meridian Alliance fleet. Their task was to analyze the area surrounding the spot where the Meridian Alliance scout ships disappeared during their mission to search out the Dark Star Revolution fleet. However, they find almost nothing of the scout ships, which is disturbing. Then the Meridian Alliance fleet shows up under the command of the AI Brutus. The arrival of the Dark Star Rev [...]

    18. On the surface a complete departure from JB Rockwell's previous Breakshield fantasies, Serengeti actually continues and develops the themes of persisting and holding onto life and slender hopes that were deep at the heart of Breakshield. This time it is the AI Serengeti herself that struggles to survive over several decades, near-mortally damaged after a massive battle that takes up the first chapters of the book. And it's the ship's repair robots that persist and hold onto hope over those decad [...]

    19. This book was not what I expected but charming and worth the listen. Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book (audiobook version) in exchange for an honest review.Serengeti, by J.B. Rockwell, opens with an epic battle, armada against rebel armada. After the first fifty pages (nearly an hour of the audiobook), I realized the pace was diverging from what I've come to expect with such a scene and genre. Rockwell takes her time in unfurling the relationships between the human crew and AI [...]

    20. Serengeti is the AI that runs/inhabits a Valkyrie class warship. She and the rest of the fleet of the Meridian Alliance are hunting for ships belonging to the Dark Star Revolution. Sadly, the hunt finds them -- but the DSR ships were waiting for them. The ensuing battle doesn't go well for the Alliance -- and Serengeti barely survives, and the crew aboard her is decimated.They escape the scene of the battle, but don't end up where they're supposed to be -- and so Serengeti begins her trek to ret [...]

    21. Featuring an extremely interesting — and very well executed — core concept, and thrilling action scenes, Serengeti by J. B. Rockwell (@Rockwell_JB) is a very satisfying sci-fi read. In fact, it’s more like two great reads, which I’ll elaborate on below.First up, that interesting concept: the story’s protagonist is Serengeti, a sentient Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Serengeti’s “crystal matrix” mind controls a heavily-armed space warship, which shares the AI’s name. There is a [...]

    22. This book is very science fictional, but then again, it’s also more humanistic than most science fiction books. First off, “Serengeti”, is a space ship or rather a warship. She is also the AI that is the ship. We’ve seen this before in the old Star Trek shows were the “computer” is omnipresent, always waiting to answer questions or warn the crew of imminent dangers. Serengeti is that and more. The writer has imbued her with also human concerns and feelings. That right there changes t [...]

    23. This was a nice take on military sci fi where we see things from the point of view of the ship itself the Serengeti. Most of the ships of the Alliance Fleet have advanced sentient A.I. minds and human crew. When Serengeti ends up partially destroyed and adrift in space its a desperate fight to try and keep her power going so that she can save as many of her human crew as she can.It's a nice concept but Serengeti's way of speaking and thinking seemed too humanized. She felt too much like just ano [...]

    24. I enjoyed listening to this book. It is a creative story and the characters are well developed. I did think it is too long by 20 - 25%. The ending is abrupt which is awkward after so much of the novel is stretched out.

    25. Pretty serviceable science fiction, if you ask me. There were definitely some weird typo kind of errors here and there, which just seemedoppy. This isn't a ground-breaking, deep thoughts kind of book? But it was fun. Pretty tightly focused, got in, told its story, and got out. I have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to likeip AI characters. Just love them. I REALLY wish there was more of Serengeti's past memories in there. Things like that last sequence where it shows how she chose her captain [...]

    26. Summary: Space opera with a bit of a difference as the main characters are the AIs rather than the human crews, a story of stupidity (showing AIs make the same rational but in hind site idiotic decisions) and the sacrifice to survive and sustain the human crew. Well written, but ultimately doesn't really go anywhere.Plotline: Well thought out, and to be honest realistic.Premise: Not too much given away, but works wellWriting: Well written, descriptiveEnding: Pretty sad stuff for the main charact [...]

    27. It's a really engrossing story.Without spoiling any of the plot, it's about an AI warship that's compelled to protect her crew and robot inhabitants.Pretty gut wrenching at times, action packed in others, it's pretty awesome. It's also interesting how the AI has a pretty strong maternal instinct despite the AI being artificial. Never piss off a mother, and I think this describes Serengeti pretty well.

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