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Circus Shoes

Circus Shoes Gus the clown is Peter and Santa s only living relative and escape to the circus seems a better idea to them than an orphanage But Gus will keep the children only if they make themselves useful and t

  • Title: Circus Shoes
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild
  • ISBN: 9780141361130
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gus the clown is Peter and Santa s only living relative, and escape to the circus seems a better idea to them than an orphanage But Gus will keep the children only if they make themselves useful and they have to fight hard to really belong to the circus.

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      442 Noel Streatfeild
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    1 thought on “Circus Shoes

    1. This is one of those "hovering on the edge of ugliness" Streatfeild books, where everyone seems to blame these two kids for things entirely out of their control. It's awful.And they have to be the ones to be the adults, to forgive and overlook and make their own places. I want to cry when Santa has to run after Ted to get him to, you know, explain what he means instead of stalking off. The world is an unfair place, I guess. And this book does a very good job showcasing that. PS: This book was pu [...]

    2. The first of the "Shoe books" I ever read, and the only one I had access to growing up. I read it over and over, which tells you how good it is those days there were so many books to read that only a select few were re-reads for me.Peter and the oddly-named Santa (not a normal English girl's name for the time, but then neither was "Noel"), born a year apart but as close as twins, were orphaned as tiny children and raised by their parsimonious aunt to believe themselves a large cut above everyone [...]

    3. I read this as a kid, but I think just one time. (There's a book personality test for you! Does "just one time" mean something to you or do you read virtually all books just one time?)Anyway, I like this as a story of belonging. That's the aspect that stuck with me all the years. (view spoiler)[The uncle ready to send them away because he thinks the kids can't find a place here and everyone speaking up for them! (And it being TRUE. They DO belong.) (hide spoiler)]

    4. An orphaned brother and sister run away from the prospect of being sent to separate orphanages and to their uncle, who works as a clown in a circus. They spend their summer traveling with the circus and hoping that they can win their way into their uncle's good graces and so stay with him once the tenting season is over.Slow moving in places, but still a comfy little read.

    5. Stayed up late last night to finish this book. Loved it! I love the different 'voices' of her characters and the way she presented the circus family. As a lover of animals, I'm always a bit leary of books about animals since I'm sure one or more will die, and I'll be devastated. I loved the way the circus people explained to Peter and Santa that the horses, dogs, elephants, sea lions, lions had 'moods' as do humans, and talk to each other even if we can't understand them etc etc etc.I was kind o [...]

    6. Noel Streatfield had a handle on what made "working" children tick. Her sympathetic portrayal of characters who take to the stage, the circus, the ice-rink, is consistently smart and realistic. Circus Shoes is no exception. Peter and his rather splendidly named sister Santa face an uncertain future following certain events and as a result of this, they quite literally run away to the circus. What's more realistic for me and appealing in this story is Peter. Santa's ultimate fate is somewhat inev [...]

    7. A well-written novel about some kids who are taught to think of themselves as better and smarter than others but are actually quite ignorant and prideful. Due to their silly aunt's death,they go to live with their uncle in the circus and learn the truth about themselves,and as a result,become better kids than they were plus they learn to work hard at learning a talent so that they can stay with their uncle and the circus,which they like.

    8. It was called The Circus is Coming when I read it. I don't get that every book by Noel STreatfeild on Good Reads has been changed to include "shoes" in the title, presumably for the sake of symmetry with the two she wrote called Tennis Shoes and Ballet Shoes - totally dumb and unnecessary!Anyway, Noel Streatfeild was my Enid Blyton (whom everyone else loved but I hated) when I was young - I loved nearly all her books (I do remember one absolute stinker though)

    9. Hooray, another new Noel Streatfeild for me! This one I absolutely loved. Such a charming, quick read. Peter isn't always likeable but he's at least interesting, and often mockable. I'm still wondering what Santa could possibly be short for too! The adventure getting to the circus was so much fun to read about, as was seeing the children fitting in - or otherwise. ;)

    10. This was fun, I can't say that I ever wanted to run off and join the circus but I did enjoy reading about it. Peter and Santa are two orphaned siblings who after the death of their aunt end up faced with living in seperate childrens homes.But instead they manage to track down their circus going uncle and run off to join him and the circus. Thanks to the strange upbringing they had from their aunt, neither of the children are particularly bright, they ask a lot of obvious questions and have a bit [...]

    11. Streatfeild's books are often good to inspire kids to be the best that they can be in their chosen field of interest, and to teach them not to settle for mediocrity - if something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. It's probably worth 4.5 stars. I found it thoroughly satisfying to read. The ending was possibly just a bit too abrupt. And Streatfeild made a mistake too. She seemed to imply that there was a pebble beach at Margate, where it is actually a sandy beach. But apart from that defect [...]

    12. I first heard of Noel Streatfeild when I checked out the movie version of Ballet Shoes from the library. After watching it, I figured I should read the book. After reading it and its sequel Theater Shoes, I stumbled upon Circus Shoes. This isn't Streatfeild's best book, Ballet and Theater Shoes are by far much better, though does deserve credit. Peter and Santa (like most of Streatfeild's main characters) are orphans. Their parents died in a railway accident, and they live with their Aunt Rebecc [...]

    13. 'The Circus is Coming' (also known as 'Circus Shoes') is the story of Peter and Santa, an orphaned brother and sister who live with their rather strict and snobbish aunt. It's set, I suppose, in the middle of the 20th century. When the aunt dies, it looks as though the children may have to be sent to ophanages. So they decide to go and find their uncle Gus, the black sheep of the family. What they hadn't realised is that he's an artiste in a circus.The book is about Peter and Santa learning to p [...]

    14. I have been curious about this author since watching "You've Got Mail". Meg Ryan's character mentions the book Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild. When I ran across this old copy of Circus Shoes I wanted to see why she would list it as a classic children's novel. As it turns out it was typical of books I read as a child. This is the second older book I have read that reads a little bit like a how to book. Without the ease of the internet readers depended on books to get information unlike a reader [...]

    15. Oh, Noel Streatfeild, how I love you. I've been wanting to read this ever since I knew of its existence. Yay for reprints! It's not exactly claimed a place withWhite Boots andBallet Shoes as a favourite Streatfeild book, but it's one of her better ones. I like the unsentimentality of Gus's character. While it was great watching Peter develop, I was a little disappointed with Santa's character progression; I liked her and felt more could have been done with her. I don't think she really changed a [...]

    16. Recently reading Water for Elephants made this book a little bit more fun. It wasn't amazing, and it wasn't terrible. And I never could quite get over the fact that the main female character's name was Santa. What the ???? Some fun details about circus life, and I did like the way the kids grew up over the course of the story. Keeping it, simply because my copy is an older edition with a fabulous dust jacket.

    17. When their Aunt Rebecca who raised them dies, orphans Peter and Santa are to be sent to separate orphanages. But they've never been apart in their lives. Instead Peter suggest they run away and find their uncle Gus. They are very surprised to find that he is an artiste in a circus. Both children have much to learn about life and their place in the world, as they spend six months traveling with the circus.

    18. We enjoyed this. It's an old story (published 1938) and pretty long, but not inaccessible. Essentially, a brother and sister are orphaned and run away to find an uncle who works in a traveling circus. The children start out pretty naive and selfish but learn the value of community, hard work and courage by living alongside the group of circus performers and their families.

    19. I have always loved Noel Streatfeild's books and as a child I got my library to ILL them for me or hunted through second hand book stores to find all of them. She tells the perfect "girls stories". I was always able to find one character in each book that was my favorite. They definitely stand up to re-reads.

    20. I really like this book. I think one of the best bits about it is that Peter and Santa don't take to circus life at first, they've been brought up to think they're better than everyone else. But they're good kids underneath it all, and what they learn is very valuable. By the end, they belong.

    21. Threatened with life in separate orphanages when their aunt dies, two children run away to search for their uncle who works for a circus. There they learn that they can become a part of the hard work and colorful circus life, and perhaps find a lasting home.

    22. I read this book years ago. While it's not my favorite of Streatfeild's books it still has a certain charm. The sibling pair share many similar characteristics to children in her other books & the circus setting has its appeal as well.

    23. All of the romance of the circus stripped away, all of the hard work laid bare. I like how Streatfeild shows how people think, especially when they're thinking unflattering or unkind things. Enjoyable as ever; now I need another one!

    24. Interesting but sad stories about the animals and a sea lion with a bizarre name: Hitler.The book was published in 1939. I understand why this book was so hard to find, most librarians would not approve.

    25. This may actually be one of my least favorite Streatfeilds. The children are ok, but the book is short so no one is particularly well drawn in this story.

    26. This isn't the right edition (the one I got was 1939, I think). Medium condition, smelled strongly of smoke.

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