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Sex Sessions: Uncut

Sex Sessions Uncut Note from the author This is the first book within a series of standalones Full length Intended for audiences due to sexual content and language I m Saxton Maverick famous for the size of my Well

  • Title: Sex Sessions: Uncut
  • Author: Charisse Spiers
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note from the author This is the first book within a series of standalones Full length Intended for audiences 18 due to sexual content and language I m Saxton Maverick, famous for the size of my Well, you can fill in the blank I m good at sex When given the right tool I decided to use it to my advantage I m not cocky, just confident Don t believe me I have a repNote from the author This is the first book within a series of standalones Full length Intended for audiences 18 due to sexual content and language I m Saxton Maverick, famous for the size of my Well, you can fill in the blank I m good at sex When given the right tool I decided to use it to my advantage I m not cocky, just confident Don t believe me I have a reputation and a bank account to prove it I m an icon Those that badmouth me for my career are usually the ones that contribute to my salary the most But I ll keep their secrets I am only in the company of a woman when she s naked and ready to go I don t choose my partner She s chosen for me I have one job Fuck her to the best of my ability and make it natural, memorable, and believable You want a piece I m easily at your disposal The definition of true talent is when you can make a woman come without even touching her There is no room for jealousy or love in my life The day I chose this job I left those possibilities behind For good reason at the time, but that s in the past We fuck, we film, and we forget That is the life of a porn star Then the producers wanted to go a different route, so they started a new project and gave me her One look in her eyes and I can tell she has no experience She looks terrified of what she s about to do, what she s about to become Kambry Rivers they call her I have no idea why she is here, but this is going to be fun I don t even feel guilty Let the sessions begin.

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      331 Charisse Spiers
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    1 thought on “Sex Sessions: Uncut

    1. ****EXCERPT****A knock sounds at the door. "Mr. Maverick, filming begins in fifteen minutes.""I'll be ready," I shout back. I look down at my erect cock, now in full stance from the medication, ready to perform. I toss my mail on the table and get ready for tonight's scene, adjusting my tie. Tonight I'm a fucking billionaire working late at the office and she is a seductress bargaining for what she wants, but more importantly, what she needs. It doesn't matter how different the plot is, because [...]

    2. I'm in love with a porn starYep, you heard meOooh la, la hello Saxton Maverick. Hot as hell. We started out with a bang, literally and then it went right into the story, the meeting and then an offer. Each character was developing slowly over time creating two characters I could understand and damn if I'm not jealous of little miss goody. What it would be like to have this whole ordeal happen to me, I can hardly contain myself! Hot damn! The sex throughout was sizzling. There was funny moments a [...]

    3. This book was amazing, so damn Hot! While I was reading this book my power went out my kindle almost died and I wasn't ready to stop reading for the night so I did what any other person would do, go to the car and read.

    4. WARNING: Dirty, Sexy Porn Star that will have you panties melting and heart beating wildly! Do not read in public unless you want the attention because it will have you panting and fanning yourself…Kambry was finally getting out from under her parent's rule, and was on her way to self-discovery and living life fully. I gotta say, I loved and hated her best friend, Meredith because 1) she helped Kam to spread her wings; 2) she was there for her and 3) she loved Kam no matter what.Saxton loves f [...]

    5. So much more than what the blurb depicts! Loved it! And, "yes" there's tons of sexy times! I mean HOT HOT HOT!!! And, the language??? DIRTY DIRTY DIRTY!!! I found myself laughing out loud so many times! And, there definitely were those "awww" moments that were super sweet! But, that ending where Saxton finally realizes just what his and Kambry's relationship isjust so romantic!!!! Was not disappointed in the least! Such a fun book to read!!Full review to be written soon

    6. 1 what the actual fuck starsThis rating is based on the first 27% of the book. I doubt it could get any better. Hence I'm rating this even though it's been shelved away under DNF.Is this shit even for real? I cannot comprehend from the moment he stalked her, to her letting him have his way with her (all within the same night), to the job offering. I know she's trying to spread her wings and fly, but to allow some weird guy into her house? There's no regard for her own safety in a place unknown t [...]

    7. It's a solid 4.7 for me. This was a hot read that took me longer than a day to finish because things got so heated. *sweats*I'm in love with the storyline because it's so similar to the type of books I look for, and this is possibly the closest I've ever found. Yay! It's my first time reading about a porn star so the insight I got from Saxton Maverick was nice. Seeing his character development along with Kambry's was set at a good pace with the whole lovey-dovey thing going on, and I just overal [...]

    8. Holy smokes is this book hot! I had to wear a panty liner to make sure I didn't leave a wet spot and then I had to change it a couple times! I know that's TMI, but it's the truth. I already want to know when the next book comes out!

    9. I can't wait to open my inbox and see if I have mail from Charissa , she's been kind enough to let me travel her journey, with her, from the start as a beta reader and for that I am most grateful.

    10. 5 Crazy Hot Ass Must Read Stars!!!!!Yup, CDBW has a new rating. 5 Crazy Hot Ass Must Read Stars!!!!! Holy shit, this was one friggin HOTSAD! It should come with a warning label. NOTFER.PUBLICADING! Yeah, kinda found that out the hard way. Charisse, Charisse, Charisse. Damn, girl! This was totally unexpected. I just love when books throw me for a loop like this. I know with the whole premise of the book and the title, I should have expected it but I don't know. It just wasn't how I thought it wou [...]

    11. 4 Solid StarsOK, So I may be in the minority here, I truly liked it a lot!!!! But.I don't know I just still couldn't get myself to fully invest, I know weird right!!!!!I truly enjoyed this book, the writing was fantastic, the sex scenes, HOT and I was very happy with the ending:) I would love to catch up with them at a later date to see how they are doing because I only want the best for them and for their love to keep growing too!!!!!One other thing for me, I found this book just too long:( I a [...]

    12. After being in a book slump I was finding it very hard to get back into my reading list. Nothing was holding my attention, everything was just dull and unexciting. I could not do one more sucky or bad read. I was done.I needed something different to pull me out of my slump.Then I was seduced by Saxton Maverick, his name itself is sexy as hell. When you see the words famous for the size of my, good at sex thenwe fuck, we film, and we forget, that is the life of a porn star.You know I'm going to o [...]

    13. Hot. Hot. Hot. This book was off the charts for me. I've read all of Charisse's books and this one was my favorite. For many reasons. She is such a thorough, descriptive writer she leaves me feeling like I was in the book, living the story alongside the characters. Saxton and Kambry? Kambry is just a sweet, innocent girl that grows and learns throughout the book. I loved her, she was spunky yet loving. Saxton? Oh, holy hell! Boy is yum! The story? FANTASTIC! A must read. What I loved most about [...]

    14. Really enjoyed Sex Sessions: Uncut! It made me me squirm, it made me giggle & blush profusely & it made me roll over & reach for my husband in the wee hours of the morning. The chemistry between the main characters, Saxton & Kambry, was scorching, the dialogue was deliciously dirty & the sex was INTENSE. In the words of Fergie "I'm addicted and I just can't get enough!" I think the story could have been slightly shorter & still have maintained that strong connection betwe [...]

    15. Reviewing for Kinky Girls Book ObsessionsFIVE Uncut STARS - Saxton is the perfect BOOK Boyfriend. YES, he's a pornstar. He was SO VERY honest with Kambry from the beginningeven IF neither of them liked it. Saxton is SUPER romantic, sweet & loveable and I loved him. Saxton and Kambry. They're just great TOGETHER. They struggled at first but found their way & it turned into a super HOT READ!

    16. EXCELLENT! The story of a porn star and a virgin - neither characters I typically care anything about in my romances. The story flow was so unexpected, the characters were so real, their decisions made sense to me - so glad I listened to all of the reviews on this one and went with my gut.More to follow

    17. I absolutely adore Charisse's work. I always have and no doubt always will. With each book, you crave more and more.Now this one is seriously Hot!!!Who doesn't love a book with a gripping storyline, hot sex and a porn star?A steamingly hot 5 stars from me.

    18. I loved this bookA must read .Its different kind of sexy hot Saxton is a beast.So many hot scenes cant choose one a favorite scene. Saxton and Kambry are perfect.

    19. Wow! I think I just found my next book boyfriend and his name is Saxton Maverick. This book is hot and hilarious and will tug at your heart strings. Amazing read!

    20. GET READY FOR CHARISSE SPIERS’ 5-STAR SEX SESSIONS UNCUT…JOB…VIRGIN… JEALOUSYPORN STAR…LOVE…FILM…Kambry Rivers is the preacher’s perfect daughter who lives in Coffee Springs, Alabama who never gets into trouble and always does what her parents tell her to do, until her plans for future after graduation where different than her parents. “I, Kambry Rivers, have never gotten drunk, cursed or had sex, and none by choice.”When her best friend, Meredith, proposes for Kambry to move [...]

    21. This book was an unexpected find for me. I was browsing through recommendations for me when my eye caught this book. I read the blurb, and thoughta porn star.ting. The price was a steal, so I downloaded it and read it. I was not disappointed in the least. In fact I would read it in between my usual weekend duties, even though I really wanted to read it one sitting.Saxton Maverick is that confident uninhibited porn star you hear about, but he is so more than that. The life of a porn star isn't al [...]

    22. Not your typical "porn star" book! Enjoyed readingI love this author so I knew this would not be a bad book But, to say I was a bit standoffish to read about a porn star who taints the sheltered, naive' 18 yr old virgin - I wasn't sureThis book has so much more than that, Saxton Aka ; Sax has made his living as a porn star for years and he is highly paid one, wealthy yet not truly happy He had loved before and had a normal family, went to college and even fell in love His Jr. Year in college it [...]

    23. I really enjoyed this book. Very HOT and very well written. I enjoyed how the relationship between Kambry and Saxton developed throughout the story. You could feel the pull that the two had to one another and the depth of their feelings. I have to say, I read a lot of books and it was refreshing to read a story where the characters really loved one another so fully that they weren't second guessing their feelings the entire story or undecided about giving each other their all. There were times w [...]

    24. I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I give this book a 4.5 stars.Okay, so when I read the blurb, I had this picture in my head of how this story was going to unfold. It was not at all how this story line went, it was way better! I'm thinking okay, Saxton is this cocky pornstar who gets paired up with a first timer and totally owns her. However, as I read this story it was not really like that. Yes Saxton is this experienced sex god who meets this hot naïve virgin. [...]

    25. Oh my goodness!! Definitely loved this book! Each book gets better! Meridith is a complete nut job but so funny! And who could ask for a better bff than her?! I mean seriously she is always there for Kambry and pulls her out of their sleepy little town and shows her how to live! And on Kambry She is so beautiful, but damaged bc of her controlling conservative parents. She hasn't actually lived until she snuck out one night with Mer and ran away to Cali! Then met this super hot and steamy Saxton [...]

    26. *** I was given this book for an honest review! ****Charisse Spiers blew me away with this book. I went in thinking this was going to be one hot,steamy read ( and it was!) , but it was so much more than that. It has everything. I laughed till I spit coffee everywhere. I cried happy tears. I cried sad tears, I fanned myself through many steam scenes. It just has it all! The characters both main and secondary are so well developed. I really felt like I knew them, and that I could relate to them. S [...]

    27. 5 Stars From Sammy's Book Obsession!TITLE~ Sex Sessions: Uncut (Camera Tales Book 1)AUTHOR~ Charisse SpiersGENRE~ Adult-Fiction-Romance-EroticaPUBLISHED~ February 17th 2016PURCHASED/COST~ ARC/Review CopyMY RATING~ 5/5Dialogue Natural/Realistic 5/5 StarsEmotional Impact 5/5 StarsThere were very many different emotional issues going on throughout the book. The relationships between the different characters were great to experience, too. I particularly LOVED the best friend/sisterly relationship be [...]

    28. I will start off with this quote from the book "Maybe that needs to come with a damn warning label: possible combustion upon wetting." Yea this is one hot book. If I am to be honest here I would tell you to grab a spare pair of panties, fresh batteries, and a rather large glass of wine. Its that good. My first thought was this was gonna be a raunchy prono type book, way off. I really enjoyed the romance story. Yea there is like lots of sex, I don't think it negatively impacted the story one bit. [...]

    29. HOLY HOTNESSSaxton & Kambry have arrived!!! Charisse Spiers does it again with this booke completely captured my attention from the first page until the last. Saxton & Kambry were amazing characters and their story was anything but normal, yet it was beautiful, funny & passionate. Saxton was such a shy & sweet alpha male. He was funny, determined, persistent & guarded. He didn't let people in easily and when he met Kambry, she started knocking down his walls one by one. Kambr [...]

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