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Burned Sometimes playing with fire is worth the burn Katie He is a very bad man There is nothing good about him Unless you count the things he does to me between the sheets Those are good very good Everythi

  • Title: Burned
  • Author: Jordan Marie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 419
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes playing with fire is worth the burn Katie He is a very bad man There is nothing good about him Unless you count the things he does to me between the sheets Those are good, very good Everything else about him is bad to the core One drunken night of bone melting sex should have been the end of it especially since I woke up alone Until he shows up at my Sometimes playing with fire is worth the burn Katie He is a very bad man There is nothing good about him Unless you count the things he does to me between the sheets Those are good, very good Everything else about him is bad to the core One drunken night of bone melting sex should have been the end of it especially since I woke up alone Until he shows up at my door complete with handcuffs I hate him for what he s doing Too bad my body can t resist him Torch She has a body that makes men beg I had to have her I didn t realize getting my dick wet inside of her would be a drug one I d crave over and over Katie s past brings me to her door I should walk away I can t My President asked me to do this job and technically, I am I m doing her against the wall, in the shower, on the counter, the table and occasionally even the bed The heat between us is intense and white hot like an open flame I can t walk away, even for my President, the man I swore to follow into hell I warned her I am no one s happily ever after I m too dark I m of a nightmare She chose to play with fire Hell, I did too It s too late, now we ll both be BURNED

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    1 thought on “Burned

    1. I'm disappointed that I have to rate this so low. The chronological ordering of the stories just didn't work for me.The last book ended in this major cliffhanger leaving Beth and Skull relationship pretty much destroyed. I was expecting this to focus on them a bit more and finish off their story, instead it was all about telling her sister Katie's story with Torch. They were fine, but I couldn't focus on their relationship because I was still stressing about Skull! I found myself skimming the st [...]

    2. All I could think about was Skull sleeping with another woman, I don't care if he thought heroine was dead he betrayed her by actually seeming to care for this ow!

    3. 5+HELL YES STARSJust when I thought it couldn't get any better oh yes, it did. Don't get me wrong, Blaze made my ovaries scream but Torch set my body on fire! He's on the hunt for Beth to bring her back to Blaze. If it's true, after 2 years, she may be alive. Along the way the man whore is doing more than just searching for her, he's bedding a beauty he picks up from a bar. When he finds out who the girl is that he spent the night having (hot panty wetting) sex with not only is it quite a surpri [...]

    4. I know, I know three stars WHAT!?! Well let me explain. Torch and katies story could have been just as good as Skull and Beth's had we got our conclusion of the first book out of the way before jumping into new characters love story. I know the story fit with Beth and Katie on the run and all but there could have been more on Skull/Beth in the beginning of this book to apease the readers, I felt like I rushed through Torch/Katie story to find out about Skull/Beth more. The author said she wasn't [...]

    5. I'm actually disappointed, not that I didn't love Katie and Hunter, I did! However Captured is what made me fall in love with Skull and Beth and I was hoping there was going to be more of them and there wasn't. I knew the story was going to focus on Katie and Hunter, but all they did was sit in the car, travel, and have sex.at's it and then we get a tiny glimse of Beth and Skull and bam CLIFF HANGER.Now the third book will be out in April, which focuses on Annie and her two boy toys, but I won't [...]

    6. Ever want to just smack an author over the head and hug her at the same time? Yepe did it again! I thought Captured put me through the emotional wringer and spit me back outbut OMG Katie and Torch will light you on fire and leave you in agonyriously, this one will frustrate the hell out of you while making you beg for more punishmenthehe.It pretty much just consumes youeir relationship is so volatile and yet you just feel deep down in your bones that things just HAVE to work outmehow, some way a [...]

    7. Some spoilers. Unfortunately, I was not fan of this one I really liked the first one and would have loved if the second book was the conclusion to that story instead of starting up on Katie and Torch. I skimmed a lot just to read about Beth and Skull. Personal preference here before the keyboard warriors attack: I didn't like how the H/h met, it was basically a one night stand turned more and by more I just mean lots more sex with some emotion. I actually felt there was a bit too many useless se [...]

    8. While I liked Torch I wanted Skull and Beth.I had very mixed feeling on 'Captured' but I wanted to follow Skull and Beth and find out how their story ended. Now while I knew going in this was a trilogy I didn't really expect Skull and Beth's story to run through all three and I didn't expect another cliffhanger at only 67%.But my real issue was that I couldn't enjoy this book, even though I liked Torch and some of his lines were brilliant I found his story a distraction and I started skimming, I [...]

    9. "Burned" is the story of Katie and Hunter.We know Katie is the initially presumed dead- actually alive- twin sister of Beth with a tragic past and Hunter is Torch, Skulls right hand. I'm gonna review the book before my rant.The story is two years after Craved and Captured.Beth and Katie are on a run with Gabby, when Katie has a one night stand with Torch under disguise.At the same time, Skull comes to know about Beth and Gabby and now his MCs are looking for them.What starts out as a hot one nig [...]

    10. Originally reviewed at Literary Treasure Chest: literarytreasurechest/It's probably confusing that since I gave Captured such a low rating why would I want to read Burned? While I didn't like the story that was Captured that didn't mean that I didn't like the characters, Beth and Skull. It was because of how invested I was in Skull's and Beth's HEA I wanted to, no - needed to, know what happens next, especially after that cliff-hanger.The first few pages gave me such hope for Burned being some [...]

    11. Hordan Hordan Jordan! Woman you did it again. I have a new book husband to pet and call my own hehe You really outdid yourself with this book. I thought I had loved Skull- I still do but Torch swooning all over the place. And Katie gah loved her- one of the only female characters in a book that I could be all hey let's hang out with :) So now for the important part- my review. The sexual chemistry was jumping off the pages and setting them afire with the burn between Hunter and Katydid. You migh [...]

    12. Hot, gritty MC readKat and her sister are on the run from family from the MC, moving constantly dodging danger and one night with torch brings it all to a halt and results in getting caught, what she didn't expect was Torch to also capturing her heart. Told in dual pov's and a continuation in the series. Jordan Marie writes a gritty, excitable read. If you're looking for a hot fast paced read with a domineering alpha male who finally meets his match, a plot filled with danger, angst and a likeab [...]

    13. "My club always came first - until her. Katie is an obsession I can't give up. An addiction I crave. She's a fire deep inside, a beautiful flame that leaves me burned with a heat that I keep wanting over and over. I will find a way to make this work. I don't have a choice because this woman is my future."

    14. I didn't know how I would feel about reading Katie and Torch's book before getting Beth and Skull's conclusion. To my surprise, I really enjoyed all it's craziness and it gave me a little break from the intensity that is Beth and Skull.

    15. I received an ARC of this book, and I received it this morning and all I can say is wow. I couldn't put it down once I started. I loved Hunter aka Torch, he is alpha to the core but he is also sensitive especially to the one woman who has captivated him which no other woman has been able to do, but the only problem with Katie is that she is Beth's sister and he needs her to find her sister. As they spend time together her ducking and dodging family that mean to harm her and him using her to pull [...]

    16. The best in the series! But still a very shitty smut like book about being woman being treated like garbage!! Her sister was more hard ass then the first book but it was the hero that I liked and why I gave it two stars because he did not care if he looked stupid he wanted his girl and he took care of her!!! I loved that unlike the hero in the other two books in this series. I am ssoooo freaking sorry I picked up this mess of a series.

    17. Way too many sex scenes. It was borderline ridiculous. This storyline is superb, the secondary characters are fabulous, the main MC characters are always shitheads in her bookst still fun to read. In short, this book was good, but less would have definitely been more.

    18. Let's just stop a momemt and appreciate this cover. With this cover model its excactly who i picture Torch to be. Now Jordan Marie is a top author for me and one of my favorite go to authors for MC. The Devil's Blaze MC is a gritty and real series. I can totally see it giving SOA a run for ratings. Just saying. Katie is one the run with her sister Beth from 2 groups of people. Torch happens to be one of the men looking for them. They meet by accident in a bar. She recognizes him but he doesn't h [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars. Burned is book 2 in the Devil's Blaze MC series and I have to say (small spoiler alert), I was slightly disappointed not to be getting the conclusion of Beth and Skull's story from book one in this book. I did not mind reading from Katy and Torch's POV, but did think there would still be a resolution from where things were left off in Captured. Since there wasn't, this book seemed a little bit like a filler book and although I enjoyed the very steamy scenes and funny banter between Ka [...]

    20. No Thanks.I wanted to like this book just because when the author stated at the beginning who these characters demanded their story be written I started to feel a certain kinship w/he. At the moment I'm mainly/only a visual Artist daring,painting and using tablets and app.s to create then transfer to canvas but my imagination is going 24/7 and two years ago when I start down the path that turned me to what feels like a hard core reading addict ;) I started come no with ideas and the characters f [...]

    21. 5 STARS!!This is the second book in Jordan Marie's Devil's Blaze MC series, and it picks right up where Captured, the first book in the series, leaves off. This is not a series of standalones, and it is imperative that you read Captured before reading this book. For an even richer experience, I highly recommend reading Craved, Sabre, Annie & Latch's story, as well. That story runs concurrently to the storyline between the end of Captured and the beginning of Burned. It is included in Possess [...]

    22. Hold on to your emotions in this intense, pulse pounding, invigorating, steamy hot book!!This starts with the ending to Captured, the previous book, at the movie theater when Skull is trying to drown out his pain from losing Beth. Little does he know Beth and her sister Katie are across the street and Beth has gone into labor. She asks Katie to please get Skull for her. She tries but when she calls she gets Torch and he thinks she is pulling a prank so he hangs up on her and never tells Skull ab [...]

    23. Great another cliffy, but not with Torch and Katie's story but for Skull and Beth. We already knew Torch was hot, but typical male he does stupid stuff and Katie runs. There's a whole lot of running and chasing. I really want to know how Katie and Beth got away from France. There's no details there. Maybe we'll find out in the next book.

    24. I have to confess, I was really tempted to skip this and go straight for the 3rd book. I was so dying for Skull and Beth. But I'm glad that I resisted temptation. It was a little hard reading those snippets about Beth and Skulls, but they were part of the journey. And I know the journey of Devil's Blaze wouldn't be as amazing if I had read out of order.Another confession, Burned didn't affected me as Captured. Don't get me wrong. It's good. Really good. But there is something special in that fir [...]

    25. Katie and Torch meet by accident at a bar while he is actually looking for her and her sister Beth. Katie recognizes Torch but he has no clue who she is. Against her better judgment she flirts with him and then escapes him the next morning. Torch gets information from Skull and finds Katie at her apartment just leaving. Katie gets kidnapped by Torch and is not real happy with this turn of events. Their books follows Torch trying to keep his loyalty to his Club, but still trying to get to know Ka [...]

    26. I was given an ARC for an honest review. OMG OMG it was so good. I got it this morning and just finished reading it. Jordan Marie has out done herself again. Make sure you read book One first. I am totally gonna have a book hangover. This is a spoiler here are some of my favorite parts in the book.He’s proud it’s me. He wants me. After a lifetime of feeling like I don’t measure up, that settles in my heart , and it fucking blasts away the damage all of the negative has done.So sweet and ad [...]

    27. I was gifted a copy of this book for an honest review.I love Jordan Marie!!! She is one of those authors whose characters feel like they will walk in at any time. Sweet and savory is not something you will find in these pages. What you will find is a raw sexy edge that will leave you panting for more. I am always blew an away by the intensity that I find in her work. Kat never expected to have more than one night with Torch. One insanely hot night by the way. She also did not expect him to shown [...]

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