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Rivers of Fire

Rivers of Fire The second book in an epic fantasy sequence from New York Times bestselling author Patrick CarmanThe Highlands the center of Atherton is sinking Samuel and Isabel are trying to sneak into The House

  • Title: Rivers of Fire
  • Author: Patrick Carman JonathanDavis
  • ISBN: 9780545076234
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Audio CD
  • The second book in an epic fantasy sequence from New York Times bestselling author Patrick CarmanThe Highlands, the center of Atherton, is sinking Samuel and Isabel are trying to sneak into The House of Power to restore water to the world of Atherton and Dr Kincaid, Vincent and Edgar make their way towards the edge of the Highlands, intent on entering the secret undergrThe second book in an epic fantasy sequence from New York Times bestselling author Patrick CarmanThe Highlands, the center of Atherton, is sinking Samuel and Isabel are trying to sneak into The House of Power to restore water to the world of Atherton and Dr Kincaid, Vincent and Edgar make their way towards the edge of the Highlands, intent on entering the secret underground refuge of Mead s Hollow and finding the key to unlocking Dr Harding s brain They must discover the solution to overcoming the threat of the deadly Cleaners, creatures now unleashed on the flattened land, before it s too late But Mead s Hollow holds secrets than any of them had ever imagined.

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    1. I was lucky enough to review the first book in this series for School Library Journal. I loved it.And while I really liked this second book about Atherton, it didn't quite capture me the way that the first book did. We return to the world of Atherton which is in the process of changing. The Highlands are falling and the Flatlands are rising. Horrible creatures called Cleaners are suddenly able to reach the human towns, and our hero and his friends find themselves right in the thick of danger as [...]

    2. PERSONAL RESPONSEAs the sequel to House of Power, I thought Rivers of Fire was even better. There is a constant build up of action: times of extreme turmoil spaced out by short periods of rest. The end was actually a bit surprisingOTOnce Atherton is finished with its decent to flatness, many of the inhabitants think they are, for the most part, safe. It was at this point when s**t hit the fan. Vicious, angry creatures from the Flatlands now have complete free reign of the entirety of Atherton. H [...]

    3. I read “Rivers of Fire” by Patrick Carman. It is the second book in a trilogy about the life of a boy on a new world. I very much enjoyed the book and how it was written. The author used lots of detail and always kept the book interesting. The book starts off with Edgar returning to the grove to warn them all of the dangerous cleaners. He then meets up with Vincent and Dr. Kincaid, who take him down into Mead’s Hollow. The travel to Mead’s Hollow to try and find Dr. Harding, the man who [...]

    4. I read the book “Rivers of Fire.” It was written by Patrick Carman. It is the second book in the series of Atherton books. I thought it was a great book about a planet that was made to save the human race. It starts off with Edgar traveling to the highlands which is now sinking into Atherton. He is accompanied by a scientist named Dr. Kincaid and their bodyguard named Vincent. They are going there to try and save the planet, because everything is changing. Once they are in the highlands they [...]

    5. The first book (Atherton: House of Power) was pretty good. Don't get me wrong, I really don't like Patrick Carman's writing AT ALL but A: HoP kept me interested because it kept the action coming and maybe my heart was full of love or something when I read it so I thought it was okay-plus+. But that just wasn't the case with this book. It's completely put-downable which just makes Carman's stinky writing all the more apparent. Plus he explains EVERYTHING that goes on with the characters internall [...]

    6. I had great hopes for Atherton by Patrick Carman, which is why I could only give it two stars after reading it. The premise is creative, and I especially appreciated that the writer employed several ways of drawing the reader in (e.g font variations, graphics, CD-ROM/Internet material). Unfortunately, the overall storytelling was lacking focus. The point of view jumped from character to character; every thought and action of every character was explored. Although Edgar is likely meant to be the [...]

    7. 2thepointbooksI picked this up immediately after finishing the first book in this trilogy, The House of Power, because I liked that one so much.This one didn't disappoint. It was nice and short, too, which was perfect. I don't know if I could take anymore Cleaners mayhem.It was a great adventure book, with flavors of Jules Verne rippled generously throughout. There are some gruesome deaths and some themes that might disturb little ones, but I can recommend this book to kids older than 8.I will l [...]

    8. I started with The Land of Elyon series. (AWESOME) This was a great series to read before or after The Land of Elyon Series. Lots of adventure and suspense! It was a great continuation! READ ALSO: The Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan is GREAT too.

    9. The book Rivers of Fire by Patrick Carman was a very cool book about a piece of land called Athernon. Athernon is split up into 3 parts; the Highlands, Tabletop, and the Flatlands. In the Highlands are the rich people and they control how much water is given to Tabletop because the Highlands is the highest piece of land in the whole area. Tabletop consists of farmers, some soldiers, and people who raise livestock. These people are mainly poor. The Flatlands have not really been explored but we d [...]

    10. Carman, Patrick Atherton Rivers of Fire, pgs.303 Little Brown and Company. Language~PG, Sexual Content~G; Violence~PG; In this sequel to Atherton: The House of Power, Carman resumes the story where he left off. The Highlands is continuing to sink and the Cleaners are coming ever closer to Tabletop. This book did not grab me as strongly as the first one did. I felt it dragged in places and was confusing in parts. I would recommend it to any who liked the first Atherton, since this book completes [...]

    11. This is a rare well written children's adventure book that adults will actually enjoy reading to kids, I know I did.

    12. Kurzbeschreibung:Die Welt von Atherton ist zusammengebrochen, die drei Ebenen sind zu einer geworden. Auge in Auge stehen sich Menschen und mutierte Kreaturen gegenüber. Ein verbitterter Machtkampf entbrennt. Das Innere von Atherton, wo die schlimmsten Geheimnisse des Planeten gehütet wurden, ist aufgebrochen. Selbst der mutige Edgar sieht sich vor schier unüberwindbare Herausforderungen gestellt. Und der verrückte Wissenschaftler, der Atherton einst kreierte, ist näher, als du denkstZum Au [...]

    13. Rivers of Fire is the second installment of the Atherton Trilogy, and a truly gripping continuation of the events witnessed in the first book. Patrick Carman is an excellent storyteller, and his prowess has never fallen short—least of all now. If you are new to the series, or new to any of Carman's work for that matter, prepare yourself for an epic ride of discovery and adventure.The world of Atherton is on a course of revolutionary happenings: everything is about to change. Readers of Atherto [...]

    14. PERSONAL RESPONSEI liked Rivers of Fire do to it being about adventure and a changing world. I enjoyed how it was also a book about friendship and people who could do certain things would help the one who couldn't and vice versa. I also liked the way that it was from the view of many people who were very differentOTIn the beginning Edgar had gone to the grove and found Dr. Kincaid and Vincent. Samuel and Isabel went into meads hollow after Samuel found the instructions his father left him to fin [...]

    15. Rivers Of FirePersonal ResponseI enjoyed Rivers Of Fire because felt a better connection to the characters in this book then I did in the first one because I learned more about their family and their personalities. The book was just as exciting as the first with lots of different dangerous creatures showing up all over the place. I enjoyed seeing Edgar, Samuel, and Isabel all become best friends.PlotThis book picks up right where the first book left off. Edgar arrives at the village and finds tw [...]

    16. Disappointing because it wasn't as good as I thought it would be, and the first book was loads better.I really liked the Inferno in this book. I like to think of it like the Dark Planet's fiery core, yet at the same time, it's also Atherton's own personal Hell. of course, it was like Hell for the little group to go through the place.Personally, I didn't see why Patrick Carmen would name the book Rivers of Fire. Sure, Isabel, Samuel, Vincent, Sir William, and Dr. Kincaid do sort of go through a r [...]

    17. Reviewed by LaLeesha Haynes for TeensReadTooRIVERS OF FIRE is the sequel to the first book in the ATHERTON series, THE HOUSE OF POWER, by Patrick Carman. The book contains a great synopsis of the first book and a list of main characters that allows a person who has not read the first title to enjoy this second book. Although, I would still suggest reading the first book, because without it, character-driven activities and background can still be confusing at the beginning of the story. During th [...]

    18. The author lays everything out a bit to neatly for my tastes. I often feel as if he believes the reader incapable of inferring anything, so he spells out for you every inner thought of the characters. I don't find this enjoyable. It detracts from the story, and my like for the story, every time an emotional scene is spoiled with the unnecessary "Suddenly so and so realized why he felt this way" and then Carman proceeds to fill you in on the guilt of William or the feelings of the children on fri [...]

    19. Atherton, satellite world created as a refuge from our own polluted Earth (the Dark Planet), originally had three levels separated by steep rocky cliffs. Now, those three levels are collapsing and sinking into one another, and the people from the top two levels are about to meet up with the vicious monsters from the lowest level. The top level is sinking fastest, and is starting to flood, so Edgar, Isabel, Samuel, Dr. Kincaid and Lord Phineus are on the hunt through the interior underground cave [...]

    20. This book is the sequel to The House of Power and picks up immediately where the prior book left off. The three lands that were separated are now one, but they seem to be inverting. The Cleaners are about to reach the villages. The water is cutoff.Edgar is on his way to the House of Power with Dr. Kincaid and Vincent. Samuel and Isabel are already inside.We eventually end up with Edgar, Dr. Kincaid, Vincent, Samuel, Isabel, Lord Phineas, one of Lord Phineas's lieutenants, and a surprise person a [...]

    21. First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR (I know it's tomorrow, but who cares).Now, let's talk about the bookG, I LOVED IT EVEN MORE THAN THE FIRST ONE. It's amazing. Now, I'm not sure why Patrick Carman wrote a third book, if this were the last book, the final would have been perfect. For me, he shouldn't have write the third, but I haven't read it, so I don't know what he developed in that one. Maybe the creation of Edgar and Atherton, who knows. Maybe when I read it, I would love it, and I would thank hi [...]

    22. What I thought of the book Rivers of Fire was that it had several aspects to the antagonist there was the main threat the cleaners mutant creatures from the dark planet and the threat of the inside of Atherton and that the highlands the home of thousands of people is sinking. other thoughts i had about the book was the amount of suspense and strain at some point it looked like there was going to be a character death or even one of the characters are going to get crippled. The creator of the Athe [...]

    23. Second book in the Atherton trilogy, about a made world up above earth in the future after it has been ravaged by pollution, overpopulation, etc. this entry is a little slighter in terms of plot, length, and depth of adventure, but it goes heavily into more of the Atherton back story, slowly unfolding the creation of this world like layers on an onion. Edgar remains the focus, and you'll find out why, but his friends and family play significant roles as Atherton changes once more. All the charac [...]

    24. I read the first book in this series, thought it was terrible, and gave up. However, I found the premise very interesting, so I picked it up and re-read it, then continued on to this book. I put it down about halfway through because I just stopped caring. I find the premise of this series interesting, but I feel like the whole thing is overly "dumbed down." I know it's a young adult book, but I thing even as a young adult I would have found this book condescending. The characters are one dimensi [...]

    25. The second book lets us dive into the bowels of the world of Atherton, which is not through changing, by the way, and more mysteries are unfolded. More creatures are unveiled and there is danger at every turn. I have to hand it to Patrick Carman for his creative inferno loved the little bugs in there.It seemed to me that Edgar took a back seat in this book so that the other characters could be developed. We see a new hero in Horace who unwillingly leads the people to unite against a common and d [...]

    26. This book suffered from a lot of the same downfalls as the first one -- head-hopping, authorial intrusion, too much focus on the perspective of the adult characters. And because it's more plot-driven than character driven, there were a lot of places where I was just plain bored. I remain more interested in the "backstory" to this series than the present story, so this book held my interest best around the middle, where it gave the backstory some attention. The creatures created to populate Ather [...]

    27. As the second book of the trilogy, I thought this story had a distinctly different feel than the previous one. While The House of Power is more about developing the setting, Rivers of Fire takes off straight into the plot, really developing the characters along the way. The themes of the beauty of creation and the power of working together are also much more prominent in this story. I like this series very much and am loving the characters more and more with each book. A creative, fun, and peril [...]

    28. Good build up from the previous book. The children really showed improvement in this book. I did have trouble with a few of the adult characters -- they seemed very stereotypical and one dimensional. Some of them, like Horace, are a little more well-developed, but there are many that are very one note and could have been written better. The plot is a lot tighter this time around; however some of the descriptions are very confusing. I am still not sure how the interior of the planet works -- that [...]

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