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A Fare to Remember

A Fare to Remember Opal Carew gives readers a taste of the forbidden Romance Reviews Today A chance encounter leads to a passion they can t forget in Opal Carew s newest erotic romance Stevie has given up on love and ju

  • Title: A Fare to Remember
  • Author: Opal Carew
  • ISBN: 9781250116680
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Paperback
  • Opal Carew gives readers a taste of the forbidden Romance Reviews Today A chance encounter leads to a passion they can t forget in Opal Carew s newest erotic romance Stevie has given up on love and just wants a simple life driving her taxi But her plans are turned upside down when gorgeous billionaire Reid Jacobs steps into the back of her cab Commanding and myste Opal Carew gives readers a taste of the forbidden Romance Reviews TodayA chance encounter leads to a passion they can t forget in Opal Carew s newest erotic romance Stevie has given up on love and just wants a simple life driving her taxi But her plans are turned upside down when gorgeous billionaire Reid Jacobs steps into the back of her cab Commanding and mysterious, he s a temptation she can t resist and soon their torrid one night stand leads to an intoxicating affair In Reid s strong arms, Stevie finds herself falling harder than she ever imagined But is she ready to trust again And when his business partner falls for Stevie, will it change everything One thing is clear she s about to take the ride of her life Carew brings erotic romance to a whole new level she sets your senses on fire Reader to ReaderA Fare to Remember by Opal Carew is one sexy ride

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    1 thought on “A Fare to Remember

    1. RATING 4.5 STARSA Fare to Remember is by Opal Carew. Buckle your seat belts for this one, ladies. I am warning you ahead of time, this book is burn your face off hot. I’ve read a lot of steamy, sexy romances. But this one, whew, I won’t soon forget.Stefani Trivoli, or Stevie as her friends call her, is having a very bad day. She caught her boyfriend in bed with another woman. So she threw a couple of suitcases in the trunk of the cab she drives for a living and left. Now she is homeless, hur [...]

    2. Oh my gosh. This book was awesome.This is not the first book by Opal Carew I have read and it's definitely not the last. Everything about this book is right on the mark.Who wouldn't fall for a guy that would do anything for a girl? Especially if that guy is all in from the beginning. Plus be willing to bring a friend along for the good times in the bedroom. YUM! Sign me up!This book is not only remarkable in the sack with the MFM (including a bit of MM action and a small flash of bdsm) and the s [...]

    3. Our story begins when cabdriver Stefani "Stevie" Trivoli picks up a customer and Reid Jacobs steps in. Stevie has just had her heart broken by her cheating ex-boyfriend and is instantly attracted to the handsome businessman that has stepped into her cab. She is a fiercely independent woman and after encouraging words from her gay best friend she sleeps with Reid, even though they know nothing about each other.After talking with Reid, and having him invite her to be his escort at a lavish party, [...]

    4. 'A Fare to Remember' by Opal Carew is the story of Reid and Stevie. This was a pretty hot intense story that burned off the pages for me that is why I love Ms. Carew's writing! Stevie has just broken up with her boyfriend of two yearse caught him cheating with one of his waitress. As a cap driver Stevie gets hit on a lot but never takes it anywhere until Reid gets into her cab. He overhears her conversation with her friend telling her to sleep with the next guy that gets into her cabwhich is Rei [...]

    5. A Fare to Remember was a bit of a surprise. I did not know this was a menage story when I started it. I thought the author handling the unlikely pair of a woman cab driver and a billionaire business man, as well as adding in the best friend into the relationship was done very well. The whole story was well put together. Stevie had a few "too stubborn" moments but that is the only negative I have. ARC provided by NetGalley.

    6. ***ARC Provided by the Publisher via NetGalley***3.5 StarsOpal Carew writes erotic fiction. As I recall, her profile says as much.This was erotic. They meet in a cab and pull over for sex in an alley before the first ride is over. If this doesn't work for you, stop reading now. Because, it only gets more erotic from there. Into the story comes bondage, submission and a threesome.And, it works. It is well written, the sex is hot and, well, erotic. I appreciate Opal Carew's writing as she actually [...]

    7. tl; dr: no plot, just badly written porn***The story:I'm no stranger to a racy novel. In fact, some of my favorites have some pretty explicit content. However, I do tend to require some kind of plot with my novels, and this book did not have one. It had just as much plot as I imagine a pornographic film would, meaning it was pretty thinly developed and barely made sense, stringing together the erotic scenes rather than composing a story. The description for this book is 100% inaccurate, especia [...]

    8. A Fare to Remember is not for someone with a weak heart. It’s HOT! There are plenty of sexual encounters and hot scenes. Now, If you expect monogamy, this novel is not for you. You have been warned.Stevie Trivoli is a taxi driver who just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her. Her bags are in her car and she knows she will need a new place to stay. Stevie is a strong woman but this isn't the first time a man has hurt her. Stevie's talking on the phone with her best friend when her next c [...]

    9. A Fare to Remember by Opal Carew is a standalone erotic romance novel that is much more than just a story about a Billionaire who falls for his cab driver.Stevie is having a rough day. She's just broken up with her cheating boyfriend of two years and has moved out with no place to stay. However, the day starts to take a change for the better when gorgeous billionaire, Reid Jacobs, hops into her cab. The attraction and heat between these two characters is off the charts from the start as they get [...]

    10. I have read many of Opal Carew's books and it pains me to say that I only found this book okay. There were way to many things that I didn't agree with to make this a good read for me, actually at one point I thought about giving up but I pushed through because I had hopes that it would get better which it did but didn't at the same time.I have to point out that there was no mention of M/M interaction in the book blurb but there is in the story, I know that this is something that not everyone enj [...]

    11. I think that the blurb for this book gives a false narrative of what to expect of this story. Luckily, I'm pretty open-minded and can deal with some pretty taboo things in my romance novels but I foresee some upset readers who stumble upon this book and get a little surprise from the actual content. The sex scenes were actually pretty frickin hot and I loved reading them but even I couldn't really believe in the love story between Reid and Stevie. The character and story development were just to [...]

    12. I was grateful to receive a free copy of a Fare to Remember in exchange for an honest review. I'll be honest, the title didn't seem that appealing, and I kept saving this book in my "to read" folder. Big mistake. This book was great. The chemistry was good, the characters were all likable, and there were a few pleasant surprises. I would highly recommend this book as long as you are comfortable with mmf and mm scenes.

    13. I've enjoyed previous books by this author, and the concept of this one definitely intrigued me - a female cab driver who meets a sexy billionaire? yes please! As it turns out, I've got mixed feelings about the execution. Yes, some of the sex scenes were super hot, including ones where Reid's best friend Dylan are part of the mix. The story quickly turns from a twosome into a menage, and there are m/m and m/f and mixed scenes here as Dylan and Reid discover that in pleasing Stevie they enjoy ple [...]

    14. NetGalley provided me with an ARC in exchange for my review.I'm honestly pretty surprised at myself for finishing this book. At about one third the way through I'd really had it, but since I agreed to give an honest review, I stuck it out. Toward the ending of the book, at least something happened that didn't have to do with sex, and it improved the story marginally. The tone of the book changed completely, though not all that much for the better. At least I can justify one more star for the rat [...]

    15. Received from NetGalley for a honest review. When you think of erotic romance writers, Opal Carew is right up there with the best. This story is no different. With the play-on words A Fare to Remember takes us to a chance meeting in a cab by Reid & Stevie. And right from the beginning things get hot. Add a best friend A hot sexy ménage and everything you'd expect in an Opal Carew story.

    16. Stevie is a female cabbie who just found her live in in bed with another woman, she grabs a few things, packs them and tosses them in the trunk of her cab. She picks up a passenger Reid who happens to be a billionaire (aren't they all) who strikes up a conversation with her. He's unlike any of her other fares. That's an understatement.Reid and Stevie do the wild thing in an alley in between the stops he needs to make. He throws down the gauntlet sexually with her and she picks it up. A little re [...]

    17. *ARC from the publisher courtesy of Netgalley*Feisty and fiercely independent Stefani (Stevie) is a cab driver who is having the worst night of her life. She walks in to her apartment to find her boyfriend of two years screwing someone else. To make matters worse, the event occurred in the apartment she shared with her now ex, so Stevie is homeless. After talking with her gay bestie, who suggests she sleep with the next man to enter her cab, the next man who enters her cab overhears the conversa [...]

    18. ** Honest review in exchange for ARC received from Netgalley**I am being generous giving this book 2 stars, as there was so much I didn't like about it. In fact I had to force myself not to ditch the book after about 10% as it just was not my kind of erotic romance.Opal Carew is a new author to me and sadly I will not be reading any of her other work.I am comfortable with most of the components you find in this book - Insta-lust / one-night stand / graphic sex / BDSM / MMF action - but the probl [...]

    19. I made the mistake of reading reviews before finishing this book--I had a few pop up when I added it to my GRs Currently Reading. One of the issues I took with some of the reviews is the confusion with labeling in genres, specifically the distinction between Romance and Erotica. I was given this book by Netgalley and it was clearly labelled as Erotica. And that is what the story is, Erotica--where the story is sex driven. There is a love story, but it doesn't arrive to that emotion as easily as [...]

    20. There are so many problems here but first,The good-ish:- The rich/poor trope gets circumvented, releasing some oh-no-this-can't-work tension.- The writing holds its own.The not-so-good:- Cab driver picks up a hot fare, drives to a deserted alley, and has unprotected sex with him. In the entirety of the book there isn't a single mention of condoms, birth control, or health status, even when a third person is brought into the relationship. When a book is set in the modern day real world completely [...]

    21. A FARE TO REMEMBER by Opal Carew was (please don't throw things at me) my first read by this author and I have asked myself several times why I have read nothing of hers before, but let me tell you I am going to adding all her books to my to be read list.The story in this book flowed nicely and was very well written and the amount of hotness pouring of the pages was setting fire to the blankets around me, and the characters in this book were very well written and the chemistry first between Stev [...]

    22. Cabdriver Stefani "Stevie" Trivoli has just had the worst night ever, she lost her boyfriend, place to live, and now she has no clue what do next that is until a sexy billionaire hops into her cab. Stevie is down on her luck, wandering what her next move should be, and then she meets Reid, and when he makes her an offer she can't really refuse she takes it thinking what could more exciting than spending a little time with a sexy billionaire??From the moment Reid Jacobs plants himself into Stevie [...]

    23. Received an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.So I enjoyed this onebut I had some issues. First of all, I don't think we got enough back story on a lot of the characters, especially Reid and Dylan. Not to mention the fact that Jon and Derrick were just kind of thrown in there so Stevie had a support system. Second, and this one is mostly mine and spoilery so skip this sentence, I should have realized that this was going to reference An Affair to RememberI feel like a bonehead for just real [...]

    24. Opal Carew always gives her readers unique situations with steaming, off the charts hot sex scenes. Her latest, A Fare to Remember continues that tradition. After a bad breakup, Stevie has sworn off men. Despite the joking suggestions of her friends who think she should hook up with hew next fare to help get over her boyfriend's betrayal she just wants to be on her own driving her taxi without the drama and stress men bring into the picture. That all changes one evening when Reid enters her taxi [...]

    25. If you're into Fifty Shades then look no further- this book is for youThis is the story of Stevie, a cab driver who caught her boyfriend cheating and finds herself homeless she picks up Reid one evening, the two get to talking although this is what confuses me though- how did she pick up right away that he was a billionaire? He didn't say anything so was he supposed to be someone famous? Anyways, a couple of minutes after, she pulls up into an alley and they have animal sex! yep- that's how i de [...]

    26. Well, damn, damn, hot f&*%ing damn. This was heated from the very first cab ride. There are things contained that you are not warned about. Here it is in all caps MFM, MM, BDSM, and then some. Now, you have been warned. This was a erotically charged read that lead you on the highs and lows of such a read where the two that first meet are virtual strangers that have the hottest sex. Stevie finds that this one night holds so much for her. With the implication of completely changing her life fo [...]

    27. Out of all the Opal Carew books I've readis one unfortunately was my least favorite. I've read them all Six, The Heat, Total Abandon, Insatiable etc and loved them allbut this one was the least plausible for me. There are female cab drivers with epic backstories, but the plot was so far fetched and the sexual situations and places they did it didn't work for me especially throwing in the Reid's male friend Dylan who really has no purpose at all except to be the third person who suddenly wants hi [...]

    28. Why do I keep trying Opal Carew books? Each time I try, I am extremely disappointed. The synopsis on the back cover of the book is so enticing. Yet, when I start reading, I am appalled by the low level writing style. Her books always sound like they were written by a middle schooler. I stopped reading on page 40 of this book--long after the couple who had JUST MET had UNSAFE sex in a back alley way. Gee, we don't know each other, we don't know each other's past sexual histories and if we have an [...]

    29. Hot tamales!!! Calling all erotic romantics this is the book for you.Stevie was keeping it simple driving her cab till one day she picked up a handsome billionaire Reid Jacobs. Reid does all kinds of things to her insides, but she is not sure that she is ready to take that leap again by trusting another man. Reid takes Stevie for the ride of her life and her life will never be the same again.If you are into erotic romantic novels this is the book for you.

    30. Opal Carew always writes a raunchy, no holds barred tale that often touches on borderline taboo topics. But whatever she writes, it’s sure to have an impact and delve into the hottest, inferno of passion that will sizzle and burn from start to finish. Make sure you go in with an open mind, otherwise this story will rip your delicate sensibilities to shreds.

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