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Karl Las Vegas Sidewinders goalie Karl Martennson is of Swedish hockey playing deliciousness who wants something than a different girl every night Kate Lansing is a PR whiz with trust issues who has sp

  • Title: Karl
  • Author: Kat Mizera
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Las Vegas Sidewinders goalie Karl Martennson is 6 4 of Swedish hockey playing deliciousness who wants something than a different girl every night Kate Lansing is a PR whiz with trust issues who has spent her whole life battling her weight Their one night stand has the potential to be , but Karl s crazy ex girlfriend is determined to stop them before they reachLas Vegas Sidewinders goalie Karl Martennson is 6 4 of Swedish hockey playing deliciousness who wants something than a different girl every night Kate Lansing is a PR whiz with trust issues who has spent her whole life battling her weight Their one night stand has the potential to be , but Karl s crazy ex girlfriend is determined to stop them before they reach the goal When Karl has to go home to Sweden for a family emergency, his ex makes her move If Kate can t find a way to trust him, she might find herself permanently benched This book contains sexual situations and strong language not suitable for younger audiences.

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      263 Kat Mizera
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    1 thought on “Karl

    1. Mix a hot goaltender, a sweet self conscious woman and a bat$hit crazy ex and you have a novel with twists and turns you'll never see coming. That is what Kat Mizera has created in Las Vegas Sidewinders: Karl (Book 3 in the series). Karl Martennson, back up goaltender for NHL's Sidewinders, has had a rough year. Not only is he dealing with being a back up and getting sat for the majority of the season he's being taunted by their #1 goalie. The best thing in his life is his new relationship with [...]

    2. Over the top drama that was just perfect!Karl Martennson and Kate Lansing have been dating for months but, surprisingly, their relationship is anything but on solid ground. Right from the start, uncertainty and trust are the huge stumbling blocks they are going to have to face and fight through if they are going to make it…And it was hard to say if they were with so much turmoil and drama swirling between and around them. Did I say drama? Well, if I didn’t let me repeat that – DRAMA!! Diff [...]

    3. I was not sure what to expect going in to this book. Karl and Kate seemed so perfect in Drake and Erin's book. But as in real life nothing is perfect. I was constantly surprised while reading this book. There was a lot of suspense and a lot of crazy. This book would make a great Lifetime movie. If you expected Karl and Kate to have a calm, peaceful, drama-free life you are in for a treat. There is lots of family drama, team drama, crazy ex drama, self-esteem drama, and justdrama. You will never [...]

    4. This is the third in the Sidewinders series focussing on Karl and Kate. We started this story at the end of Drake as Karl is Drake's roommate and Kate is Erin's best friend.Karl is the backup goalie for the Sidewinders and is getting extremely frustrated at this (mainly because of the main goalies taunting) and then he meets Kate. She is amazing and everything he could wish for.Kate however has spent years being put down by her family about her weight as well as snide comments by other people so [...]

    5. Karl and Kate first met in a previous book (Drake). Kate has a very successful public relations firm. Karl is the backup goalie for the Las Vegas Sidewinders, an NHL hockey team. They spent the night together and the next morning he woke up to find her gone. He went to the apartment where she was staying and expressed his displeasure. Kate has no self-confidence and plenty of trust issues; she thought she was leaving him before he could leave her thinking he was only interested in the sex.In Kar [...]

    6. 5 Stars Karl by Kat Mizera is book Three of the Las Vegas Sidewinders Series. You do not have to read book one or two in order to read this book but remember that the couples from the first two book will show up in this one. This book was very well written and was a very quick read. This book is a Hockey sports romance so if you love those types of books you will love this one. Karl Martennson is an NHL Hockey Player and is from Sweden so he is tall and very delicious looking. Karl is sick of al [...]

    7. >Book Review – Las Vegas Sidewinders: Karl>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the third in the Las Vegas Sidewinders series and ends in an HEA. Karl is the Sidewinder back-up goalie. He falls for the friend of his team mates’s wife. Kate is a heavier woman who has been mentally abused over her weight her whole life by her mother. The scenes with her mother are brutal to read. Kate’s low self-esteem causes a lot of issues in her and Karl’s relationship. Karl really put up wi [...]

    8. Karl and Kate’s relationship is full of drama, misunderstandings, and a crazy ex-girlfriend!Kate is a confident, successful publicist who does amazing work fixing the reputations and drama in other people’s lives yet she has trouble fixing her own personal perceptions of herself after being told her whole life she was fat. Karl desperately tries to convince her that she is a beautiful, definitely not over weight, woman who has so much to offer. He finds her hot and doesn’t even look at any [...]

    9. Seeing yourself vs what others seeWow Kat Mizera did it again hitting this story out of the park! There's so many important issues that Kat touched on during this story that it's hard to mention just one. I think one of the most dangerous obstacles we face in life is self-esteemwhether high or low. Either way hinders us from clearly seeing our needs and tends to leave a disastrous path in its wake. So far like the rest of her stories, Kat Mizera, has done an excellent job weaving sensitive topic [...]

    10. Karl and Kate meet without knowing who each other are and who they have in common, Kate is a beautiful women who thinks because she has a fuller figure can't be love but Karl is jut the man to show her she can. I love how Kat Mizera chooses female characters of all varieties as it makes the books so much better as the characters are more real and relate-able. With Kate's Mum constant barrage on her weight and Karl spiteful ex you are left hanging to know if they can weather the storm and get the [...]

    11. We met Karl and Kate in the previous Sidewinder's story (Drake, Book 2). Karl is the back-up goalie and teammate of Drake. Kate is the best friend of Drake's wife Erin. Karl is a Swedish hockey player and Kate is a PR person with self esteem issues mostly stemming from her body image/size. Karl has a psycho for an ex intent on wreaking havoc. Can Karl and Kate survive together?Karl and Kate are a great couple and their story will have you on the edge of your seat.

    12. Karl and Kate have quite a story to tell I read this after reading Dante's Story with the Temptation series. I balled my eyes out toward the end. Karl and Kate go thru something gruesome, but they are together and their story truly kept me on the edge of my seat. I love getting together with the Sidewinders guys and joining in on all the action and fun! This is a must read and you will love it sooooo much!!

    13. OMG!!! Nail biter. so exciting. such an adrenaline rush. I don't know where the author comes up with her stories, but she has a fan in me. Add to it the fantastic romance between Kate and karl and this is an over the top wonderful story.

    14. I really like this series and this author. So far this is my favorite! I love Karl and the way he loves Kate-when she cannot even seem to love herself.

    15. I really enjoyed this book. Karl and Kate were made for each other. Kat Mizera writes an excellent story exploring body shaming, cyber-bullying, and the hurtful effects and damage it can do.

    16. There is absolutely nothing predictable in this story, in fact the whole series has been much more than I ever considered.This is Karl’s story well Karl and Kate really, if I am being honest because there is little to choose between the two of them when it comes to which one I liked best.Karl has been suffering through a year that he would rather forget, sitting on the side-lines as the backup goalie is not how he ever wanted to make a living but it the situation that he finds himself in now a [...]

    17. book 3i have some things to say. first i loved it. i did get a little pissed off at Kate. i got tired of her insecurities. why couldn't she have fought more for Karl. he was under a lot if stress and he was doing everything possible to make her happy with all the craziness going on. i thought she could have been more understanding. but overall i loved it

    18. MAN ALIVE! This was one suspenseful book. Yes, it was definitely full of hot, steamy sex with a BDSM bent to it when it came to Karl and Kate, however, the suspense of Therese walking back into Karl's life, and his twin siblings, his mother's illness, his father's secrets, and his own secrets, on top of trying to take care of Kate, and Emilie, and Bas (his twin siblings), and then his friends that he played hockey with in Sweden and all the mess that one of those people is trying to cause kept m [...]

    19. Karl by Kat Mizera Las Vegas Sidewinder Book 3This is book three in the Las Vegas Sidewinder series and a categorically fabulous read. The story line is very complex with many moving characters that are all intertwined that spans continents. My emotions ran the gamut with joy, sadness, loss, anger, and shock. If I could slap some of the characters I would have. We meet Kate and Karl in book 2 because Erin is Kate’s best friend so I would suggest reading book 2 before reading this book. The sex [...]

    20. At some point over the last 3 years I have become a puck bunny reader. I don't know when it happened but I think I am a fully fledged hockey whore when it comes to a hockey romance. It doesn't matter who the team is or which author wrote the book I can't get enough of the fictional NHL world. I've fallen in love with players from the blades, chinooks, storm, and sockeyes.My latest love was Karl from the Las Vegas sidewinders, this swede had it all Viking good looks and skills on skates and above [...]

    21. I couldn't put this book down! At first it seemed like it was all about Kate's insecurities about her body, but it turned out to be so much more. The end was intense, though I don't want to say more without giving anything away. This has been my favorite Sidewinders book so far and am ready to start the next book in the series.

    22. Love it!I love this story, I have read all three books on this series and love how they talk about real life issues! I love the drama and could stop reading! Can not wait for book number 4!

    23. Stars: 4Karl and Kate's story was perfect for them. There was plenty of adventure & romance. There were a few places I could predict the outcome, but it was very well written. This book kept my attention and I just kept wanting to read! Just take a chance and make your own opinion.

    24. Hockey romance is my favorite. Kat Mizera weaves stories with real life heroes while including drama, insecurities, and romance. Her stories always have the perfect amount of heat with an element of suspenseful drama. The Sidwinders series is one of my favorite hockey romance series!

    25. Great ReadWow. Just finished a reading marathon with Kat Mizera's "Sidewinders". Really looking forward to Book 4. Enjoying the variety of characters that she has in her books.

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