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Wild Cards

Wild Cards Welcome to Charmed in Vegas Come gamble with magic and bet on love in this fun new series presented by USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox Hunky Kai Moana is a paranormal house dete

  • Title: Wild Cards
  • Author: Katalina Leon Michelle Fox
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Welcome to Charmed in Vegas Come gamble with magic and bet on love in this fun new series presented by USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox Hunky Kai Moana is a paranormal house detective, or PHD The son of an Oceanic demi god and a mortal mother, he s also been a bad boy and gotten himself banished from his beloved ocean and sent to Vegas to do penancWelcome to Charmed in Vegas Come gamble with magic and bet on love in this fun new series presented by USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox Hunky Kai Moana is a paranormal house detective, or PHD The son of an Oceanic demi god and a mortal mother, he s also been a bad boy and gotten himself banished from his beloved ocean and sent to Vegas to do penance For months he s had his eye on Adara sensing she s the right woman to pull him into line He d love to mess up her sheets but first he has to make the best of a dangerous situation that gets worse Guests are being murdered, buffets hexed and hearts literally ripped out The crimes scream dark sorcery He and Adara pose as a power couple at an occult arts convention to flush out the killer To everyone s horror, Adara becomes the murder s next target and only Kai can protect her.

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      290 Katalina Leon Michelle Fox
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    1 thought on “Wild Cards

    1. Book 5 of Charmed in Vegas is really wild! Paranormals are dropping and running around the like a tumbling feris wheel!Adara is the daughter of a Fire Demon and a Nymph of Venus, she turns out to be quite a combination, an Empath with a little of both her parents. But she has always tried to remain a shadow of her mother, after all she believes she could never compete with her beauty and being an Empath has never been able to have a normal relationship. She avoids them at all costs, she has a cr [...]

    2. Adara is a curvy croupier and professional empath who’s never fit in to the human world. Being the daughter of a nymph of Venus and a devilish firebrand is complicated enough, but in the land of showgirls, it’s even trickier being shy and always knowing what everyone else is thinking. The poor thing has never even been in love. But thanks to a visit from her fairy godmother, her fate is about to change. Unfortunately, love comes with high stakes. Paranormal house detective Kai Moana is the s [...]

    3. I have just finished this book and I have to say I loved it, there was something so enchanting about the his book.A fire elemental and a water elemental, who would have thought it would work but he'll yeah it works.with lots of Steam!!!I really liked how you didn't just hear about the characters but you also got an insight into their pasts and their families, what makes them who they are.I loved how Adara's charachter developed throughout the book, at the beginning she didn't really take chances [...]

    4. I really enjoyed this edition to the Charmed in Vegas series. Kai and Adara work in a casino. They have special skills that help deal with the paranormals that frequent the establishment. When dead bodies are discovered at the casino it is up to them to solve the crime and stay alive.Adara has always wanted to fall in love but her abilities make relationships difficult. Kai has not had good romantic experiences and it is the reason he is at the casino instead of at his home. These two make a ver [...]

    5. What could possibly go wrong when a fire elemental meets a water elemental? I mean, fire and water should surely mix, right? Kai works at the Poseidon casino as part of the security team monitoring for paranormal crimes. What he doesn’t know is that Adara, the woman he’s been watching is part of the same team. When someone turns up dead, their boss pushes them together to work the case. Adara finds her life lonely as an empath then one day, all signals are gone and she can’t hear anyone’ [...]

    6. In Wildcards Adara and Kai are PHDs, that is Paranormal House Detectives for a casino. When an occult organization has a trade show at their casino and there is a murder under odd circumstances they are tasked with finding the killer. As they use all of their resources in their hunt they also have to dance around their electric attraction to each other.Adara has always compared herself to her mother, a beautiful flirty woman, and finds herself wanting. Then her empathetic ability makes her furth [...]

    7. Being the daughter of a fire demon and a nymph of Venus makes Adara special but when her job requires her to team up with Kai who is the son of a water demi-god and a human that could be trouble because fire and water just don't mix. Now they have to find a killer in the casino before someone else gets killed.I absolutely love this story and the Charmed in Vegas book.

    8. I've been following this series from the beginning and this book did not disappoint! I loved Adara and Kai, they were wonderful together. This book really got into their past histories and the intrigue was great. So, along with a great story, we got some funny parts and some sexy time. Definitely a good addition to this series.I received an ARC for an honest review.

    9. Again the Vegas series brings adventure with that touch of suspense and drama, our main characters are that little bit shy but love to get there jobs done even if it means they have to work together, so finding out there lusting for each other is so much more a bonus. I really enjoyed this story and would definitely recommend them.

    10. Wow Part GodsThis book was a great departure from the usual shifter books I love. This is a super fantastic series. I absolutely love it.

    11. WILD CARDS-CHARMED IN VEGAS BOOK 5-MYSTERY, MURDER & FIERY ROMANCEWhat you'll find in this story; a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters; including a beautiful cat named Earl Grey, fabulous storyline, powerful vivid scene descriptions, fantastic humor, harrowing moments, black magic, action-packed, gripping suspense, horrific danger, life-threatening incidents, heart-throbbing sensual romance, and a delightful melt your heart conclusion leaving you wanting more.Adara an empa [...]

    12. Adara Torris is an Empathic or Soul scanner and a firebrand in the pit near the roulette wheel at the Poseidon Palace Casino and resort where she works she knows something is not right she has had a bad feeling because she has not been able to get a reading on anybody today and she feels that something is up and it isn't good she goes to the lounge and she looks at herself in the mirror and she looks alright except for the red blotch on her throat she thinks from a bug bite other wise she looks [...]

    13. You’ve always been my little wildcard 5 GOLD CHARMSEverything about him called to her soul. Some fires are meant to burn steady. She was in for one hell of a day. What a WATERRIFIC story and perfect addition to this VEGASTACULAR series!! It truly is FINTASTIC! This is one MONUELEMENTAL story that is stuffed full with magic, romance, naughtiness, paranormals of all kinds, humor, family, bad guys, mysteries, secrets, powers and believe it or not, but there is so much more that I DIDN'T mention!! [...]

    14. Wild Cards, Charmed in Vegas is the tale of Adara and Kai and how they stopped some bad magic from ruining the Poseidon's Palace Casino and Resort.Adara is part empath and part fire demon. On this particular day her empathic abilities are on the fritz. This has never happened before and Adara is unsure how to handle it. Usually the only ones she can't read are supernatural beings or demigods.Kai has been banished to Vegas for a transgression committed in his South Pacific home. Being this far fr [...]

    15. Title: WILD CARDS   Series: Charmed in Vegas Destination: Book 5, 165 Pages, Author: Kataline  Leon with Michelle Fox Reviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre:  #PNR #Demigod #FireDemonMy Score:   #5stars  ☆☆☆☆☆■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ Now I know why they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. There's an awful lot going on there in Vegas, things nobody knows about it. Ms. Kataline and Ms. Fox made the story line, leaving nothing out of this mur [...]

    16. Adara is a croupier at Poseidon’s Palace; her job is to appear aloof and inconspicuous, while reading the minds of the patrons. But her career as a professional empath is lonely, affecting her personal life - there were no surprises, no mystery and little trust. Worst of all she has never been in love. Adara’s Dad has an overprotective attitude and this is another reason she is still single and seldom dates. Kai is the mortal son of one of Oceania’s major Gods, but his high-profile misdeme [...]

    17. 'This is Vegas. You're supposed to go a little crazy!'This book by Katalina and Michelle has elementals as the paranormal main characters and boy do fire and water mix well together to create some steam! Adara is the Poseidon's Palace empathic shy croupier while Kai is the hot paranormal security detective for the hotel. After a strange murder and mystical goings on in the hotel, Adara and Kai must work together to solve the case before the human world becomes aware of the magic surrounding Vega [...]

    18. An Enchanting story of Magick and passion!!Adara Torris is a croupier at Poseidon’s Palace in Vegas. Being a gifted empath also made her the casino’s first line of defense as a sentry in the gambling pit. We meet her on a morning where everything in “wonky” and she cannot soulscan anyone. Disturbed she takes a break and while washing her hands steam rises from the basin – her firebrand nature was misbehaving also. She lamenting her heritage, though there was no term for it – her fath [...]

    19. Wild Cards is probably the best of the CiV series thus far. Of course we’ve got some crazy paranormal action going on in Vegas. This time our main characters are two elementals. A water elemental, Kai, who’s been banished to Vegas to work off a bad deed he’s super embarrassed to have done. The woman who intrigues him, Adara, is a fire elemental and an empath who has been unlucky at love because she always knows what her partner’s true thoughts are. Both work security at a casino, and hav [...]

    20. As we dive in to this action adventure thriller, with an all in bet for LOVE, get ready for a WILD ride. Vegas at its best and deadly worst. Katalina Leon spins a web that sticks you to your seat till the last word is read. I absolutely love her way of telling a story! Kia is a water elemental and a demi god, he is sanctioned to vegas for his transgressions a mistake he was sukered in love by a nasty siren. While Kia is sanctioned her is using his time as a Security specialist in the casino. He [...]

    21. oh how i loved these two! kao gets sent to the dessert to work as PHD, paranormal house detective, in a las vegas casino. when there is a murder, he's one of the first called in to look at the situation. what he didn't expect to happen was being paired up with the cute redhead he had his eye on since arriving at the casino. as it turns out, adara, is part elemental, just like himself. only he's water and she is fire. things between them sizzle from the get go but their focus has to stay on the c [...]

    22. I received this book for an honest review. The Charmed in Vegas series books have each dealt with different forms of paranormal and Wild Cards introduced me to some I had not heard of before.Adara has been working for the Poseidon Palace and Casino for a few years. Her gift of empathy allows her to tap into people's minds and has been helpful with catching criminals and preventing trouble from getting started. She also has the traits of a Firebrand elemental.Kai has been banished to work in the [...]

    23. Charmed in Vegas series cotinues with Kai and Adara!Kai Moana is a Kahuna or oceanic demi-god, currently on punishment detail in dry, arid Vegas. When he let his jealousy override his common-sense when dealing with his ex-girlfriends bad behaviour, his elders took a dim view. He is banished from all things oceanic until further notice. Now working as a house Detective at the Posiedon casino, he has been eyeing the lovely Adara from afar.Adara is the daughter of a love nymph and a fire demon - an [...]

    24. Wow! Best word to describe this book. Have fun figuring out the bad guys from the good guys, the normal form the paranormal, human actions from magic.Adara has watched Kai from afar, and likewise although neither was aware if the others interest. They both work security in their own fashion for a special casino in Vegas. Once very unusual murders start happening they are assigned as an undercover couple. Maybe someone should have explained they didn't say under covers. And it might have been bet [...]

    25. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review. Two guests check in, one ends up dead and the other on the run. It is up to PHD's (Private House Detectives) Kai Moana and Adara Torris to solve the crime. Kai is an Oceanic demigod, while Adara is the daughter of a nymph of Venus and a firebrand. Adara has the abilities of an empath and uses it to monitor the clientele to sort of the bad seeds and riff raff. Kai deals with monitoring the supernatural clientele that frequent the Poseidon's Pa [...]

    26. This is the 5th Charmed in Vegas book and in my opinion the best !! Adora is half Venus Nymph and Half Fire Devil, she works as a paranormal house detective for the Poseidon Palace Hotel . Her job is to be unobtrusive and fade into the background while "listening " into what people are thinking. Kai Mamoa is also a PHD for the hotel, sent to Vegas by his "Uncles" ,Hawaiian water Gods, for misuse of his powers. A murder is committed in the hotel on the day Adara's powers seem to go on the fritz a [...]

    27. This review is from: Wild Cards (Charmed in Vegas Book 5) (Kindle Edition)Wild Cards is book 5 in The Charmed in Vegas Series by Katalina Leon. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Wild Cards tells the story of Adara and Kai. Adara is the daughter of a Fire Demon and a Nymph of Venus, she's a sexy croupier and a professional Empath , she stay away from normal relationships but is sweet for a very handsome man working at the Poseidon's Palace Casino with her. Kai Moana is the son o [...]

    28. Wild Cards: Charmed in Vegas, book 5 by Katalina Leon is an Awesome ReadThis is a cool refreshing twist to the PNR audiences. (no pun intended to the main character) And what happens in Vegas does stay in Vegas, lol. You will meet Adara who is a croupier at the roulette tables at Poseidon's Palace. She an empath with some cool fire shooting fingers. Meet Kai Moana, paranormal house detective at the Poseidon's Palace and also a Elemental Ocean guy. He has been sent to Vegas for punishment of his [...]

    29. I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewI have read each story in this new Charmed in Vegas series, and oh boy Katalina Leon did an amazing job of continuing the series!! Her characters are a perfect pair of paranormals to introduce to this world. Adara is an introvert but perfect for her job as an empath she watches the customers near the roulette wheel, doing soul scans for one's that may cheat or cause problems for the casino, oh yeah she is also half firebrandKia is part of the PH [...]

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