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The Man Who Moved a Mountain

The Man Who Moved a Mountain This is the definitive biography of Reverend Bob Childress of the Blue Ridge Mountains Often compared to Mark Twain s tales of the Mississippi the style and the text show with stark clarity the tra

  • Title: The Man Who Moved a Mountain
  • Author: Richard C. Davids
  • ISBN: 9780800612375
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the definitive biography of Reverend Bob Childress of the Blue Ridge Mountains Often compared to Mark Twain s tales of the Mississippi, the style and the text show, with stark clarity, the transforming effects Childress and his ministry had on the rough and wild mountain communities of this section of Virginia.

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      148 Richard C. Davids
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    1 thought on “The Man Who Moved a Mountain

    1. This is the story of my great-grandfather and his sons and daughters (my grandfather included). Of course, for me the meaning of this books is much different than most people might get -- I see the torrents that cut throgh my family and still do, how religion and spirituality has shaped the face of all the people and places I knew as a child.

    2. If you like American History and stories of ordinary people doing extrodinary things with no regard to themselves, this book has both and more. I liked the style of writing and really 2 stories in one, Bob Childress before The Buffalo and after moving to The Buffalo.Growing up with Andy Griffith on the TV I chuckled when I saw familiar places like, Mayberry and Mt. Airy. As a kid we often vacation along the Blue Ridge and many of the locations named brought back found memories. I'm going back ne [...]

    3. This is a great book! It is basically a biography of the life of Bob Childress. Bob's life spanned from 1890 to 1956. He grew up and served in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. Also traveled to the Virginia part of the Blue Ridge. The book is written in a story format and includes Bob's life before he came to know Christ. He grew up as a wild mountain man. The story of the life that the mountain people lived is almost unbelievable. The people lived a very hard life and had very little. [...]

    4. My maternal grandmother has been encouraging me to read this book for several years. I come from generations that have resided in Ararat (The Hollow) and I think originally that is what drew me to this book. I was deeply interested in the local history.This book is so much more than that. I think really it is a love story. It is a story of the love one man has for an entire region. He worked to build churches, schools, bridges, roads and industry. He wanted everyone’s life to be improved. He h [...]

    5. I love local stories and this one is excellent. It tells the story of Bob Childress, a Presbyterian minister who set out to bring the Gospel to the sometimes lawless mountains. This isn't one of those books that encourages the hillbilly myth, it simply deals with all the trials and struggles associated with the uphill climb Childress faced. It's a story of triumph and hope and a real page turner. And that's not always something you get with non-fiction.

    6. I love this book b/c it is all about the region around my in-law's cabin in VA. It just shows you how one person can make a difference.

    7. This was a pretty amazing story of a man who came from nothing, but made something of himself by helping others. It was interesting to read about a time not really so far away and a place relatively close as well--the Virginia mountains about 50-60 years ago. It was entertaining and inspiring to read about how his life impacted those around him. I want to take a day trip to the area he lived in after reading this book.

    8. Actually met the man's grandson and my parents have a cabin in this areaA place I have visited and been thru many times in my life and loved reading this book. Yes, one person can change a country with God's plan being put into action.

    9. This humorous and heart-warming account of Buffalo Mountain in southwest Virginia and a man whose love profoundly impacted the community there makes me want to love people better than I do.

    10. My family all loved this, but I remember thinking it was just okay. I think this is one of those books that appeals more to the region its set in than anyone else. It was a decent biography though.

    11. Joseph Maiolo, a professor of creative writing at the U of MN Duluth was a neighbor who gave me this book in 1977, because I was a Presbyterian minister. Joe became obsessed with re-telling the story of Bob Childress and the mountain. His vision was for a major film, which I later told him would be along the lines of Matewan (1987). Joe wrote a film script, a script produced by Virginia public television, and a play based on the book produced by The Jacksonville Center at Floyd VA in 2002. I wro [...]

    12. This inspirational story is about a man who truly had a calling to serve God and "a people" who would otherwise have been left to their own harmful devices. It is fortunate that I am geographically close enough to make plans to see his beautiful stone churches in person. 3.5 starsstone-churches/Homem

    13. Bob Childress is a poorly educated man with a wife and five children who becomes a preacher in the Presbyterian Church. He is probably the person who Presbyterians look up to. However, I’m not of the Presbyterian faith and found the book boring.

    14. InspirationalI couldn't put this book down. The life of Bob Childress was never dull. He was a gift from God doing God's work until his last breath.

    15. Well written but depressing. Pretty good, but quite depressing story line was good, but unfortunately not my first choice of story. It was read in a book club and most everyone else enjoyed it. It was well written even though I didn't care for it

    16. This is the story of Bob Childress, a mountain man educated late in life, who as a Presbyterian minister transformed an area of the Appalachian mountains. This area of Southwest Virginia is located only 250 miles from our nation's capital but an entirely different world. The area had been home to Robert E. Lee's brother and several other Lee family members as well. George Washington worked to survey the area around where the events of this book took place.The Blue Ridge Mountains and particularl [...]

    17. It took me about a year to read this book. It was difficult to stay engaged with this biography and not just because of the writing style, which is quite plodding. On the one hand, the book counters the negative and lingering stereotypes of the people of the Blue Ridge mountains, namely of Carroll (from which my mom's family hails) and Floyd Counties and the surrounding area. Indeed, the most moving and terrifying part of the book for me was the recounting of an article in a national newspaper d [...]

    18. Wow, what an awesome book. Maybe more of a 4.5 than a 5, but I really loved this one. A fast, easy read, it's a great story of how one man changed forever the backwards, insulated culture of ignorance, idleness, drinking, violence and moonshining in the rural southern Virginia mountains, through sheer force of will, courage, perseverance, charm, good works, personality, humor, positive example, and above all a total faith in God. Everyone should read this book, especially anyone given to dispara [...]

    19. I found this book while visiting an antique store in Mt Airy, NC, and what a find. I read this in about two days, and if I didn't have to work, it would have been shorter. I found this an easy read and full of full of an interesting history I never knew. This covers the hard life in the mountains, and one man's pursuit to share his faith in God and slowly bring about God's change into the hearts of those who need Him. By doing so, changing life for the better for all. I found it very inspiration [...]

    20. This book is about a backwoods preacher, Robert W. Childress. Bob Childress was born in Patrick County, Virginia in 1890. Since we lived in Patrick Co. for 4 years, I loved reading this book! Even if you are not reading it for local history, you will benefit from reading about the life of this dedicated man. He drove thousands of miles a year over perilous mountain roads to serve churches and bring the light of Christ to his people who were trapped a culture founded on alcoholism, violence, hope [...]

    21. This was a lovely, inspiring book about Bob Childress and his evangelism efforts in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My mom has visited the churches he started and had this book on her shelf--I'm really glad I read it. Imagine the cast of "Moonshiners" back in the 1920s and that's the kind of people Childress worked among. Having grown up there and seeing the harmful effects of alcohol and lack of education, he spent his life loving people and helping them know God's love. I was convicted by his zeal a [...]

    22. This book is rather personal foe my whole family. During the area and time the early part of this book was set, my grandfather was growing into a young man.When the Blue Ridge Parkway was built through that area, it split the family farm down the middle. It was sold and the family scattered. My grandfather headed south into North Carolina where he met my grandmother and they started their branch of the family tree.

    23. This is the wonderful biography of a missionary pioneer to Appalachia! When he headed for the hills, in the pre-War on Poverty days, it was a place of isolation, poor hygiene and illiteracy. But through this man's ministry, lives were changed in every aspect by the power of the Gospel. You can still see some of his "stone chapels" along the Blue Ridge Parkway today.

    24. Amazing book. Probably out of print now, but very helpful to anyone who lives in Southwest Virginia and serves as a pastor (wait, that's me!). The stories of his tenacity are legendary and remind you to keep on working to bring people to a better life, even if it means staring down the end of a shotgun at a still.

    25. This is the fascinating story of Bob Childress. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains during a time where the people of the mountains were dominated by severe alcoholism and constant, senseless violence. After coming to Christ, he changes the lives of those people, and generations of their descendants, by fearlessly living out his faith.

    26. Phyllis, Elkton patron, June 2015, 5 stars:Great book written in 1940 and 1950. Real story about Bob Childress and how he changed Carroll and Floyd counties in southwest Virginia. Part of history and people can see how he changed that area from fighting and killing to going to church and helping people.

    27. This is about a Presbyterian minister, Bob Childress, who moved to Buffalo Mountain in Floyd, County, and literally changed the mountain. He started churches, schools, and the folks who lived on the mountain stopped fighting so much.

    28. This is an easy read, chock full of mountain history. Often funny, touching and down right Andy Griffith-like.

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