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I Got Two Dogs

I Got Two Dogs Fanny and Blue may not be the smartest dogs and they may not be the best behaved dogs but they are definitely the most loved dogs John Lithgow s bouncy song in the book and on the accompanying CD is

  • Title: I Got Two Dogs
  • Author: John Lithgow Robert Neubecker
  • ISBN: 9781416958819
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fanny and Blue may not be the smartest dogs, and they may not be the best behaved dogs, but they are definitely the most loved dogs John Lithgow s bouncy song in the book and on the accompanying CD is based on his own family s two dogs And Robert Neubecker s eye popping illustrations capture the joy of all things dog.

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      152 John Lithgow Robert Neubecker
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    1 thought on “I Got Two Dogs

    1. This book gets a mixed review. I wouldn't give the text more than 2 stars, and I can't imagine it would ever have been published if it hadn't been written by a celebrity. (It may be better, though, with music - I didn't listen to the attached CD - since, as a friend of mine once said, "You can say anything if you sing it.") What the text lacks, however, the art happily supplies, telling a story of its own which is much more appealing than Lithgow's lackluster verse. The art would deserves 4 star [...]

    2. This is a funny song with a book that has colorful illustrations of Fanny and Blue in action. Our girls love the song, especially the "ooo ooo ooo ooo" howling/yodeling part. Fun for all ages, and another great book/CD combo from Mr. Lithgow!

    3. Cute story about dogs, nothing exceptional but a good romp for dog-loving kids. A nice read-to book. Would work for a preschool storytime was fun. The song is good for a storytime: has an easy, fun one-line chorus.

    4. I Got Two Dogs is about an owner talking all about his two dogs, Fanny and Blue. He talks about all the adventures they go on and how much he loves them. Though they may not be smart, their owner still loves them with all his heart and how important they are to him.I really liked this book. It was a cute book and I can see it being used in my classroom as a library book as well as a book about differences.

    5. We found this book at a local resale shop for $2. What an amazing $2 spent! I love the illustrations and the rhyming words. Our son has asked for this book to be read over the past week every night. We just recently adopted our second rescue dog, and our son enjoys pointing out the fact we have two dogs also. The drawings are very true of every dog owner and good for a laugh. :)

    6. Perhaps better known to adults for his stage and screen work, actor John Lithgow has an amazing body of work for children. His picture books are some of my (and my children’s) absolute favorites!Topping the list for me is The Remarkable Farkle McBride. The story centers around a young boy who is a musical prodigy. He is able to master instrument after instrument with ease, but throws each one away as he becomes bored with it. Through an unfortunate illness on the part of the orchestra conducto [...]

    7. Another pretty cute rhyming book about two dogs that was, in some places throughout the book, very repetitive. I don't know if it's just Julia and me who this irks or what. I get that kids need repetition - in SOME things. They don't need it in a story book that's less than 10 pages long with one to two sentences on each page. Come on. Had I seen the authors name and noticed it was an actor I'd have left it in the library and I think this taught me to take a better look because while it didn't s [...]

    8. I loved it. It's fun. It's funny. The illustrations are great. It keeps your interest with the catchy rhymes. Then, as if I needed an additional selling point, there is a CD.Oh my goodness, I fell in love with John Lithgow all over again. What a fun and catchy song! Kids can listen to the song and use the book to help them with their sight reading. It's genius.If you need any more selling points:1- The book is about dogs. All kids love dogs.2- The book can be used for a great comparison lesson. [...]

    9. Lithgow, J. & Neubecker, R (2010). I Got Two Dogs Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers.Library of VirginiaPicture Book Project (Tumblebooks)Very relatable book for children about a child and his two dogs that he wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. The bright colors, font style and rhyming sentences will engage young readers. I would use this grades 1-2 to teach children how technology can be another tool for learning to read. As the words are read, they are highlighted, allowin [...]

    10. Lithgow, J. (2008) I Got Two Dogs. New York: Simon & Schuster Books For Young ReadersTumblebooksWhat a fun, fun book and happy experience to listen to John Lithgow narrate his book on Tumblebooks!! His intonation, inflection and charismatic narration is endearing. This book has repetition, predictability, rhyme, large fun font and bold illustrations. It would be ideal for ages infant to 8, but really can be enjoyed by all ages! This text could be used with a beginning reader as a favorite re [...]

    11. A book by John Lithgow. Wow! I was surprised that I liked it.I really enjoyed the content. Lithgow wrote about his dogs and how special they were to him. They might not be special to anyone else, but they were to him and that's all that matters. I loved the messages. The dog doesn't have to look cool or do tricks to be amazing. Lithgow really nailed that on the head.The pictures were great. The rhyming was good without being cheesy. My son enjoyed the book just as much as I did.

    12. I love this story of two dogs (Franny and Blue) that are very loved, however they misbehave and "aren't too smart". My preschool aged niece absolutely loved this book and asked for it to be read to her 1,000 times. . I've also used this in my second grade class. The book comes with an audio recording of the author, John Lithgow singing the book. The rhyming story is catchy and the illustrations are bright and fun. I would recommend this book for younger readers (prek-1).

    13. Genre: Picture BookReading Level: K-4Theme: Animals, petsCurricula Use: Read AloudLiterary elements: Poetry/rhyming textText & Pictures: Cute illustrations, lively and readable text, accompanying CD contains hilarious read aloud by author, John LithgowSummary: "I Got Two Dogs" is a charming and lively book about a child's love for his dogs, who he considers the best in the world. Sing-songy text makes this great as a read aloud book.

    14. This is a lyrical book, literally. Unfortunately the CD of John Lithgow singing was missing from my library copy. But all the while I read it I wanted to sing it, maybe throw in a little barking and howling of my own. However being a grown up with a sleeping spouse in the house, I restrained myself.Next time he's awake maybe I can talk him into doing a melodyzing harmonizing. He'll probably want hog the howls tho.

    15. A silly song ode to dogs.I don't know what happened, I hated this book when I first read it; I thought the text was horrible and the illustrations were lame. Then, I played the CD and the whole relationship changed! John Lithgow is delicously free in his foolishness and listeners can't stop themselves from tapping to the beat. I can't wait to use this book is story time, if for no other reason than to see kids laughing uncontrollably when they hear Lithgow's raspy doggy howl. :)

    16. A rhyming book (can easily be put with rhythm) about two dogs, Fanny and Blue who create mischief, but there isn't anything they do that would make the author trade them. True story of loyalty.I defiantly connected to this book because my dog is still a puppy and gets into everything. He drives me crazy sometimes, but I wouldn't trade him for the world on a gold platter! :)

    17. Cute rhyming piece. I really enjoyed the font. A bit juvenile but as a reader I felt it really added to the story. I also feel that younger reader would be attracted to this large bold print as well. I also think a learner would like the repeating lines in the text. The predictability can help engage them and help them feel successful.

    18. I would generally never get a book by a celebrity author, but found this deeply discounted at a soon to be closed Borders. And this book is the bee's knees! It has a cute rhythm (although I've yet to listen to the accompanying CD) and wonderful drawings. It has kept Grady's attention for several readings for more than a week now.

    19. Fun fun fun book. You end up doing a sing-song reading. My son even got into the mix. It's a very simple story but it really resonates with a 3-year old. He would point out Fanny and Blue and note how silly they were. There is a line about how they go together like a Sock and a Shoe. This made my son laugh every time we read it.

    20. Dang if this song isn't catchy. It's in my head right now and I read this over two months ago (read/listened to the CD). It's a cute story and Lithgow really goes all out when he sings it (of course, what else would you expect from that man?).

    21. It's okay. Not bad, not good. Mediocre. It is an ideal length for young storytime audiences, and decent enough to include once you've exhausted all the superior usual choices for stories about dogs or pets. The illustrations are fairly engaging, which is what saves it.

    22. I know this came with a CD but it was missing out of my library copy so I have a feeling I would like this better if I heard the song too so I will refrain from giving this a star rating at the moment.

    23. I give John Lithgow's "I Got Two Dogs" a five because it is a wonderful, uproarious story-time read (You can read it but will be compelled to sing it!), and the included cd with Lithgow setting the text to music made me smile from ear-to-ear.

    24. The fun of this book is hearing John Lithgow sing the story. Listened to it at an interactive children's station in our library. I only heard it once and could still sing along about Fanny and Blue! So I'd recommend it if you are looking for an audio story time.

    25. Really, what put this book from 3 stars to 4 was Robert Neubecker's illustration of a dog rolling around in the leaves. I don't think I've ever seen an illustration that more accurately portrays doggie bliss. Overall, it's a really cute book.

    26. I think it is a must love dog book. It is best on CD when reading or attempting to sing it does not do it justice. While John Lithgow singing adds humor and fun that kids just love. If you introducing something on dogs or want a fun sing along story for circle time this is a must have.

    27. This is one of my favorite books to read aloud. In my storytime programs. Children love helping me read the repeated phrases and howling along - GREAT for teaching phonological awareness. Read my review on VBPL Recommends: vbplrecommends/20

    28. Cute and lighthearted book - I have two dogs myself so I appreciated the book a bit more for that, I think. I am sure the cd is great as I have listened to other JL cds (his cover of Inchworm on his first cd is terrific) but did not listen to this one.

    29. After watching John Lithgow as a serial killer in Dexter he will never get a bad review from me :). Love you Mr. Lithgow!!Cute rhyming story about someone who has two dogs and how different they are. Good read aloud for small children.

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