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The Slime Dungeon

The Slime Dungeon Death came on swift wings A soul blessed by a goddess falls to the land and enters his new life He clings to a single memory the defining moment of his previous life Now he learns how to succeed i

  • Title: The Slime Dungeon
  • Author: Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Death came on swift wings A soul, blessed by a goddess, falls to the land and enters his new life He clings to a single memory, the defining moment of his previous life Now, he learns how to succeed in his new life, as a new dungeon heart To become the best dungeon he can be, he partners with the one existence all dungeons need his bonded Dungeon Pixie.

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      416 Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue
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      Posted by:Jeffrey "Falcon" Logue
      Published :2019-01-24T20:22:19+00:00

    1 thought on “The Slime Dungeon

    1. Great read!!!This is an unusual twist on the lit RPGs genre. You see a lot of stories from the player perspective, but to see the story from the dungeon's eyes was a great twist. The writing was smooth but the editing still needs a few touch ups. Over all it was an outstanding read and I am desperately waiting for the sequel.

    2. Hook, line, and sinkerOnce I started reading I couldn't stop, I had to find out what was going to happen next. A few grammar issues but nothing that detracted from the story. Definitely would recommend to people who enjoy fantasy style and litrpg. Can't wait for the next book.

    3. Excellent litRPG reversal!!!This is one of the few rear books that you really don't want to put down and when you finish you want more!! I am normally a slow reader and easily lose interest halfway through a book, but this one!!! I have not been able to put down! It is a brilliant role reversal were you take the other side of litRPG world. It has a lot of very original ideas that's not just a rewriting of the same old store of hero fights monsters and wins. I would like to say more but that woul [...]

    4. Simple errors spoil the readingThe novel a would benefit from a diligent proof reading. The author forgets commas, uses 'pack' when he means 'pact', and many other simple grammar and spelling mistakes that ruin the reading experience. The premise is nice and seems like a good first novel, the execution of the plot and story arc is only slightly clumsy. (e.g. Claire's modesty, the Dungeon's lost memories - sorta)The blue 'menus' effect is managed poorly and feels like a kludge. I expect that the [...]

    5. Good This is a wonderful start to a enjoyable series that I am already anxiously awaiting the next book of. Good for fans of litrpgs

    6. This review is a copy of my article posted here:thecaverns/Wordpress/bI had recently done a review on the book “Dungeon Born” by “Dakota Krout”, as a book, I would recommend, found a bit unusual from the norm, and just really enjoyed overall. Gave me some great ideas for an RPG system or how I would alter one of my own to run in the future as well.Having enjoyed it, I decided to try out a similar novel called “The Slime Dungeon” by “Jeffrey “Falcon” Logue.” This one is a two [...]

    7. I am very shocked by this book it is surprisingly good, and I would write a better review about how much I liked this book but I am off to see if I can get the next one yetUpdate: I found the next book have it uploaded to my phone and am now to busy reading it. Well I guess right now I could write a better review Review as follows: It's Good you should read this, if you find and take the time to read reviews you're probably considering reading it, in that case STOP and just READ THE BOOK!!!!! Ho [...]

    8. A fun readOverall, I enjoyed this book. I came for the dungeon building, and that was delivered nicely. My only complaint is that the characters are a bit boring. They feel a bit cliché so I can't say I ever felt particularly surprised. Ultimately, I stayed for the dungeon building, not the plot. That said, well, I came for the building, so 4 starts it is. I'll definitely continue to read the series and would recommend anybody looking for a dungeon/monster builder to give this a shot!

    9. Some human being reborn as a sentient dungeon in an rpg-like world; I hadn't ever heard or read about a plot-device like this and it sounds quite ridiculous at first, but it drew me to this story and made me stick with it until the end. After having read this first book I have to conclude that the premise wasn't as interesting as I had hoped it would be.The rest didn't work out so well either. Out of all characters I found the sidekick quite predictable, the antagonists/villains were neither ori [...]

    10. Great readAlmost a 5 star read but it needs editing. The story is vary entertaining and fallowing the almost child like dungeon as he tries to balance between killing everyone and letting enough live that people are willing to try for more.

    11. I've been looking forward to getting an audio book of Slime Dungeon ever since first listening to Dungeon Born and loving it. Unfortunately, Slime Dungeon is a clear step down in quality.As you'd expect, there are basic similarities between Slime Dungeon and Dungeon Born, the main characters are souls inhabiting gems that form dungeons, they have a guide, and adventurers enter them for treasure, but these are all necessary tropes of the genre.Slime Dungeon is a dungeon of, of course, Slimes. I l [...]

    12. Uuugggh!It's not bad. Mostly.It's in dire need of an editor to redact all of the authors meta gaming from his World Of Warcraft fanfiction.All of the technical stuff needed to be removed and changed to show don't tell.Once we pass that it's an interersting story until (view spoiler)[The dragon appears. I really take "Rape as backstory" as a serious sin. And this is the evil distaff counterpart. The main villain as 0 development as a character except: He likes to rape ALL of the women and then ma [...]

    13. Good StoryThe book has good mechanics and story building. It was interesting to see that the story went outside of the dungeon and explored the land around it. As well as the characters having well thought out personalities and interacted well with the world around them. There were some faults however such as a couple spelling errors that could have easily been fixed and having characters being built up just to be killed off later as well as the ending seeming a little rushed. But who knows this [...]

    14. Don't miss outOK, the cover was a turnoff and I passed over this one for a couple months. The second one came out and tried them. Wow. Great novel. Writing a non human MC is hard. The author made this a wonderful fun ride. Worth the trip. The second book is available as Kindle unlimited.

    15. Great takeMany stories in this genre have been popping up recently, and this one succeeds in bringing a new take on dungeon building. The characters are well made and developing nicely. I look forward to the next installation in the series and would recommend this to anyone.

    16. A unique twist on the classic dungeon crawlerI was a tad bit skeptical but the slime dungeon proved to be cash amazing read. Join doc the dungeon that specializes in slimes and his pixie Claire as theft deal with folk hardy adventurers.

    17. I wanted this series to turn out well as it had promise so I decided to wait until I had finished all three books before giving a review. I read all three novels and listened to the audible counterparts. I will be as spoiler free as I can so it may be vague in parts. Although, honestly I think many of the problems have been covered by other reviewers, with that said I'll be brief.1. These novels lack the most basic rule of writing. Show don't tell. In some of what should have been the most impor [...]

    18. There's 3 dungeon books that I am aware of, Ancient Dreams, Divine Dungeon and Slime Dungeon.There's also 2 slime books that I am aware of, Slime Dungeon and Chronicles of a Royal Pet. For the dungeon books, sophistication wise, Slime Dungeon is at the bottom. It's rather amateurish in the way it's written. But in the same way, it's also very fun and simple. But at the same time, it's fairly focused on the dungeon itself. Ancient Dreams has a whole different plot. The dungeon aspect is just the [...]

    19. Plot. A guy dies and is reincarnated into a dungeon crystal where he has to grow and kill off adventurers.Characters: Doc the dungeon. Dungeon fairy. forgot her name. and a few other less memorable characters. The characters in this story are typically ranked into bad ass chick 1, bad ass chick 2, annoying girl 1. The characters I don't find grow as in personality wise. They stick to a very generic guideline with no surprises. Not surprisingly this feels like any other Japanese fantasy manga. Me [...]

    20. Huh. This was actually a lot better than I expected, and I think I will read the next book. It is a somewhat "classic" dungeon book. As always with these types it has its own quirks, and here they generally work well. There are some language mistakes, as others have mentioned, strangely almost exclusively with wrong words ("bare" instead of "bear" fx). The characters are good, not excellent, but good, and the alternate viewpoints don't take up too much time, but just enough. I also think it is a [...]

    21. I don't know if this is a rip off of Dakota Krout or if he ripped off this, but this just seems like an overall weaker version of his dungeon born series. This book was also badly in need of an editor. There weren't so many typos but there were completely wrong words in places sometimes. I think this was a good book to spend an evening on and it was just good enough for me to buy the second one.Like the Cal-wisp relationship, I think the highlight of this book was Doc-Claire her getting embarras [...]

    22. I feel like I've open the hood of my car and looked under it to see how it works. This is this book, it's less a story and more the inner workings of one. In fact because I read dungeon born first I actually thought this was the same author under a pen name and this was the first (or possibly third!) draft of that book as he worked out all the specifics on paper rather then in his head.The story is a bit clunky but has it's own charm, not a bad first book.

    23. I really wanted to like this, but even after reading the second book I'm stuck with only one word to describe it: bland.Bland characters, bland story, bland world building, bland bland bland.The worst part? I really liked the premises of the story and how many crazy ideas could have been inplemented with this.I hope to see a more developed work down the line from this author.

    24. It is an interesting book with what is becoming a trend. I was a huge fan of the game Dungeon Keeper back in the day and books like this take me back to that time. I enjoy the slime creation and the overall story.

    25. Pretty good dungeon core story. Not as much action in this one as others ive read, but it is FAR less obnoxious and was written better too. Clear setup for a book 2, which I will be interested in reading.

    26. Interesting take on dungeonsThe story slowly picks up so the reader can understand what is happening, this allows for the reader to pick up interest to see how the dungeon changes and grows.

    27. Good Read. A dungeon core story. Takes place mostly in the dungeon and the small town. Interesting story with some twists and turns and the monster of choice being a Slime.

    28. Good pace This book has what I think is a good pace. Not to fast but certainly not slow. Blah blah blah

    29. I believe this was recommended to me on , and my brother gave it to me for Christmas after I put it on my wishlist. It provides an explanation for the ever-present dungeons in fantasy role-playing games, that they're living beings with a symbiotic relationship to the monsters inside, providing resources and challenges to adventurers. One particular dungeon intelligence, called Doc, learns from a dungeon pixie named Claire how dungeons grow and develop. It's a clever concept, but I think at times [...]

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