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Fractured Hope

Fractured Hope Emptiness was my constant companion Grief was all I knew Loneliness was all I felt Life beat me down The punches kept coming I existed Didn t really live Then he came into my life Roman He was like a

  • Title: Fractured Hope
  • Author: Kristy Love
  • ISBN: 9781537792286
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emptiness was my constant companion.Grief was all I knew Loneliness was all I felt.Life beat me down The punches kept coming.I existed Didn t really live Then he came into my life.Roman.He was like a battering ram with a silver tongue.But for the first time in so long, I felt something.I felt everything.Peace.Cared for.Hope.But hope led only to disappointment LossEmptiness was my constant companion.Grief was all I knew Loneliness was all I felt.Life beat me down The punches kept coming.I existed Didn t really live Then he came into my life.Roman.He was like a battering ram with a silver tongue.But for the first time in so long, I felt something.I felt everything.Peace.Cared for.Hope.But hope led only to disappointment Loss.Simple Complicated Life Altering.I lived alone, consumed by everything I no longer possessed.I had nothing to live for.Mia woke something inside me I thought died long ago.There was finally someone to share my life.This was a dream I d relinquished long ago.She stirred emotion that I tried to fight,But I wanted her Needed her I felt I had something to live for.But hope was a liability I couldn t afford.

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    1 thought on “Fractured Hope

    1. I am a softie. A Kleenex-pack toting, avoids Hallmark movies like they are plague, bona fide softie. I cry at pet food commercials (even the bad ones), so I know to avoid any hint of sadness in a movie or book. Especiallya romance involving puppies and/or children. So how in the world did I end up with this book? How? How did I land in this highly emotional – happy and sad and all points in between – incredibly touching book? I guess it was fate… or good luck.“Life was beautiful. It was [...]

    2. Fractured Hope is book four in the Undone Series by Author Kristy Love. It can be read as a standalone, but does have characters that carryover from previous books. It is a friends-to-lovers and second chance romance novel. "I have nothing left. I have this empty house, this empty body, this empty life."Roman was the kind of male hero that we see literally rescue the heroine. But, not because Mia was weak or unable. Instead, she was broken and needed someone to help her pick up the pieces of her [...]

    3. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Mia Abernathy merely exists. Life has thrown so many punches at her lately and the last one is the one that threatens to destroy the one thing she lives for. Roman Haynes is no stranger to loss. The feeling of emptiness is etched deep inside of him. He coasts through life. He wants no connections. Never again. Connecting? Caring? Loving? They all bring pain as happiness always comes to an end. Circumstances cause Roman to be asked keep an eye on [...]

    4. Two broken souls. that's what this story comes down to. Two beautiful people who have had a tough go at life. If you've read the rest of Kristy's stories you know where Mia's head is at and if not I won't spoil anything. As for Roman, I never expected his story. My heart was broken. 2 broken people come together to create one of the fullest and most beautiful stories I've ever read. Just because you're broken doesn't mean something beautiful can't arise from it. Roman and Mia leant just that, wi [...]

    5. A filha de Mia está em coma em uma clínica e sem nenhum sinal de melhora. Isso fez com que ela parasse toda a sua vida mas em meio à depressão e muitos outros dias ruins pela frente, ela conhece Roman, o vizinho turrão da porta ao lado que se torna responsável por dar uma chacoalhada na vida dela com suas palavras diretas e seus convites de jantar.Sem um propósito de vida, Roman deixa tudo para trás e começa uma nova vida na cidade de Mia, onde trabalha como bombeiro paramédico e nas h [...]

    6. 4 StarsReview by Jen SkewesFractured Hope is the fourth book in this series. I really enjoyed this book which is about two people who are completely broken. It is an emotional journey for Mia an Roman. The both of them still grieving, still broken and both trying so hard to move on. It is a tour about loss, love, friendship and leaning to live again.Mia is someone who has lost so much in the last year of her life. She is tying so hard to hold on to hope that maybe things will get better. That ma [...]

    7. So, I think I'm emotionally ready to tell you guys about Fractured Hope. I will do my best to avoid spoilers, but I'm going to assume everyone has read Kristy's first 3 books. When I started this one, I realized that I forgot that at the end of Unfolding Desires, we were left with the cliffhanger of Mia and Gia's fates. I actually yelled at Kristy because I forgot and I wasn't emotionally prepared to deal with the story of a mom and a little girl in the hospital. Not when I have my own little gi [...]

    8. Sweet and SadWith Fractured Hope, Kristy Love gives her readers all kinds of stuff to think about when it comes to life and death. She takes on a serious topic, yet does a great job at balancing other emotions around it, so we aren't totally drowning in sorrow the entire time."Roman and I were two broken souls, traveling through the abyss trying to stay afloat." ~ MiaPretty much sums up the book. Mia and Roman found each other at the perfect time in their lives, however the world wasn't cooperat [...]

    9. ** ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW ** A must read for any lover of Romance. This emotional read will rip your heart out, fracture your soul and put it right back together. Kristy Love wrote such an eloquent powerful story of love, loss, hope and redemption. It will make you weep, smile and rejoice. Mia and Roman are perfect for each as they each provide to the other what is missing in their own lives, souls and hearts. They put back the fractured pieces and together they will fin [...]

    10. Kristy Love has outdone herself with this novel. I haven't felt so many different emotions while reading a book in a while. I went from happy, to heartbroken, to sad and then I was left with a sense of hope and healing for these two.Mia is a heroine who is going through one of the most heartbreaking circumstances ever. I literally could feel her pain and sadness while reading. Roman is a strong man but he is also battling some major issues himself. These two individuals were both desperate for a [...]

    11. I've followed Kristy Love since Fragile Fall, and one of the things I love about her is that she's definitely not afraid to make you feeleven if she shatters your heart when she does. Fractured Hope is my favorite work of hers so far. The way Mia and Roman fill in the broken pieces in each other is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. From unexpected passion comes hope, and its wonderful to watch unfold. It's a flawlessly written tale of love and second chances. Plus Roman is hot with a [...]

    12. Holy tear jerker reading this book! I knew going into this book that I was in for a ride of my life reading based upon the other books in this series, but this one tops the icing on the cake. As I have stated in the other books, these do not have to be read in order. It is a standalone, but you will be going back to read the others to get the other stories. Trust me. In this book, we read the story of Mia and the daily struggle she has learning how to continue living after the events that transp [...]

    13. I have been a fan since Kristy Love published Fragile Fall. I knew she was going to be an author I liked then. I have read all of her books and this book by far is my absolute favorite. After book three, I wondered what was going to happen to Gia/Mia. When Kristy told me book 4 was out, I definitely didn't hesitate in reading and started immediately and finished within a day. In Fractured Hope, you will laugh and cry. I felt every emotion I could possibly feel while reading this book. I was read [...]

    14. i869otobucket/albums/abFractured Hope by Kristy Love was an emotional 5 star read.Wow, where to start with this one. I don’t think I have cried so much with a book. I experienced so many different levels of emotion I am exhausted. Mia, what to say about this poor lost woman. The things that she has endured. Your heart gets ripped out right from the beginning. Roman is Mia’s neighbor and is slightly irritated with her lawn not being mowed or the sidewalk being shoveled. He meets her brother D [...]

    15. Kristy Love writes about survivors, the human spirit and extraordinary love. Her latest book, Fractured Hope is a beautifully tragic love story. This is Mia & Roman's journey Two people who are beyond scarred and fractured. Their individual stories are shocking. Can two people so damaged ever find happiness, especially with each other??Mia's story annihilated me. To say it's tragic is putting it mildly. This girl has been with the devil and has seen hell. Her story will make you think how mu [...]

    16. Kristy Love does it once again and hits it out of the park with relateable characters, a fantastic storyline and so much emotion! Fractured Hope is by far my favorite of Kristy's books. She packs so much emotion into this book that I could feel my heart break when Mia's did and feel it being so full of joy at times as well. I don't easily cry when reading books and Kristy made me cry twice while reading Fractured Hope if that tells you anything.If you have been reading this series from the begin [...]

    17. Fractured Hope is book four in the Undone Series by Author Kristy Love. Although this is book four, it can easily be read as a standalone ( I did), but you do have characters and storylines that carryover from the previous books. I was completely intrigued by this book when I read first read the synopsis. I am a HUGE sucker from second chance romances and if you throw in a best friends to lover’s trope in there two, you can bet I’m gonna fall in love. So, it’s no surprise when I tell you t [...]

    18. Tissues at the ready - this is a total ugly cry read.I cannot imagine having to go through such devastating loss as these characters have experienced. Mia and Roman have experienced such tragic loss of those closest to them. Mia continues to survive in a living hell as her daughter is alive but comatose and no signs of recovery since the accident that took her unborn baby as well. Yep, tragic and tear jerking.It is a highly emotional and charged read as they both try to come to terms with the lo [...]

    19. There was so much sadness in this book. I felt Mia could not catch a break. My heart hurt for her and all that she endured. Grief is such a difficult thing to surviveShe was broken. Roman was kind of an ass at first but he got better. There were a lot of things he did that I didn't like but he also did a lot of things I did. My heart did hurt for them. Stories about losing love ones and moving on are wonderful to read about if done in a way that the new love never feels second best. I like to th [...]

    20. This book was well written. It took me on one emotional, gut wrenching ride. A good book, but a little too on the sad side for me. I pretty much had tears in my eyes through out this whole book, I recommend having tissues handy when reading this one, The title Fractured Hope fits this book perfectly. I believe the epilogue is the reward for us readers after going on one emotional ride and seeing what these characters have to go through. My heart goes out to Mia. What she has go through just brea [...]

    21. Cover- 5Storyline- 5Steamy- 4Angst- 5Overall-4.75This book was wayyy better then goodIt had me saying what the f*ck, why?!? a million timesIt will make you cry, & it will probably make you angry a few times.Something I absolutely LOVE about this author's work, is she's not afraid to make you feel.You literally feel like you're a part of these stories, you feel joy when they do, sad when they do, angry when they do.It's an absolutely amazing journey through their lives and I loved being a par [...]

    22. Mia is going through such a devastating situation. I felt her emotions like they were my own. Roman enters her life and he is everything she needs. Not romance wise at first, but attitude wise. He is there to help Mia stand up for her feelings. He is a little of a jerk but Mia recognizes she needs some that in her life. I wish it was all roses and Mia gets her miracles, but life isn’t always like that. I cried and was devastated along with her. Mia did the right thing for herself. Even if it w [...]

    23. ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review - Naomi / Scandalous Book Blog***WOWis book packed a paunch! Emotional and raw from the very beginning. I was hooked from start to finish. Mia and Romans story is one I was happy to get lost in. 2 broken souls but when they come together it is breathtaking.Their back stories are hard and a little unexpected but to get to where the are it just shows that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.Everyone has a choice and their choices were what made the [...]

    24. This book Wow. I mean it gutted me from the start. It was tragically beautiful! The emotion behind the story and the emotion I felt as a reader was so intense; I can only imagine how Kristy Love felt writing this amazing story. It was ugly. It was sad. It was happy. And it was real. This book was such a real life thing. From the very beginning to the very end, it was nothing, but real. It didn't try to make life picture perfect or unbelievable. It showed something that people go through all the [...]

    25. Heart wrenching story about a woman Mia dealing with spousal abuse, caring for her ill daughter Gia, when her brother asks her neighbor Roman to watch over her, he's reluctant but once he see's her he can help but feel drawn to her, she needs him but can he put his demons aside and let her into his broken life? Can each one be the missing piece the other is looking for to feel complete?This was my first book by author Kristy Love and she tore at my heart with this book, real tears runny nose fee [...]

    26. 4 Stars!"Life was beautiful. It was also messy, sad, and lonely at times. But for every bad moment, there were a dozen that were amazing, and made it all worth living."I knew I was in for an emotional read, but man, Kristy Love gutted me on this one! All I can say is be prepared to ugly cry. I got to the point where I had to stop and take a breather because I couldn't stop crying. I think I have cried during every single story from this series! Lol. There's not much I can say about this story ot [...]

    27. 4* read.Book 4 in the series and the first 3 books do need to be read before this one.This was a complete emotional rollercoaster of a story about two broken souls. Fractured heart is the perfect title for this book, I don't want to give to much away but Mia and Roman's story will break your heart into tiny little pieces yet you can't help but fall in love with them both together and separately. Another great addition to the series, can't wait for more from this author.

    28. Fractured Hope is such an emotional, heartbreaking story. It gutted me. It grabbed ahold of me from beginning to end. I had so many emotions with this story, sadness, heartbreak, love. The characters were so well written, I found myself connecting with them. I loved how we get to see all the secondary characters from previous books as well. Kristy Love has written an amazing story that will leave you thinking about for days to come.

    29. Oh-my-goooodness be prepared to ugly cry! This book you break you than put you back together. Mia is the most beautiful and strongest characters I have read in a long time. This book will pull you in and your heart will break with her. Roman is her hero even though he needs saving himself. Together they find saving in each other. Beautifully written

    30. omg this story is emotional and beautiful. Roman and Mia are two souls that are lost in the dark but with each other they are slowly finding light. Mia has suffered more than any person should and Roman's past isn't pretty either but two who aren't looking for love found that and more in each other. a great story with amazing characters I couldn’t put it down.

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