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When It Holds You

When It Holds You Virtual That s where she was supposed to stay only in my online gaming life I never intended to meet up with her in person And I certainly hadn t counted on her being who she is Cliff Walsh has dozens

  • Title: When It Holds You
  • Author: Nicki Elson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Virtual That s where she was supposed to stay only in my online gaming life I never intended to meet up with her in person And I certainly hadn t counted on her being who she is.Cliff Walsh has dozens of hot, smart, and willing paramours in his video games Who needs to look further The twenty eight year old attorney is done getting his heart smashed by real life womenVirtual That s where she was supposed to stay only in my online gaming life I never intended to meet up with her in person And I certainly hadn t counted on her being who she is.Cliff Walsh has dozens of hot, smart, and willing paramours in his video games Who needs to look further The twenty eight year old attorney is done getting his heart smashed by real life women who fit his perfect mate checklist From now on, he vows to keep his romances digital only until a certain redheaded gamer twists all his preconceptions and touches a place in his heart he didn t know existed.I always thought I knew what love would look like, but sometimes you don t recognize it until the moment when it holds you CliffThis is a stand alone novel in The It Series family.

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    1 thought on “When It Holds You

    1. Nicki Elson has become my MUST read new contemporary romance author!WHEN IT HOLDS YOU, just like her previous book When It Hooks You, has characters that are fully fleshed out and true to life in both dialogue and plot. I can relate to these characters on an emotional level that has me up and down and turning the pages as fast as I can waiting to see how Ms. Elson works out the HEA.Cliff Walsh is back as the main rather than the secondary character in this story. After the emotional roller coast [...]

    2. Cliff Can Hold Me AnytimeAttorney Cliff Walsh is cute, funny, and smart. He's also tired of women yanking his chain. Chain-Yankers such as tantalizing Trish (the heroine of When It Hooks You) lure him in but end up with other men. Cliff has no choice but to turn to the voluptuous virtual women found in video games.One such woman, PlanetClaire, intrigues him. In the computer world, she has fiery red hair and alluring curves. Cliff and Claire partner together on screen to battle villains and solve [...]

    3. The author provided a copy of the ePub in exchange for an honest review.When It Holds You is the third instalment in The It Series by Nicki Elson. The author shares Cliff and JoAnne’s journey. They were introduced to the reader in the previous instalments. The reader will understand their private fears, hopes and dreams. This perfectly paired couple must overcome brilliantly written obstacles. Nicki Elson gives the reader strong characters with distinct voices and personalities. She exposes th [...]

    4. This is the third installment of the It Series. I have not read the first and second books. I usually read the previous books in a series so I would at least know what to expect. For this one, I skipped it because I have overdone myself and had received a lot of free books that I need to review. Good thing this is a stand alone. I will probably just go back to those two books when I have the time.When It Hooks You is the story of Ciff Walsh. He is a lawyer by profession and an avid online gamer [...]

    5. I thought this was a good read. I've read the second book in this series, When It Hooks You and I loved it. I liked the story of Trish and Adam Helms. Now it's Clifford Walsh's turn and I thought I'd be blown away by Cliff's story. He's that perennial mail BFF who couldn't get the girl. I thought he was too hang up on his feelings for Trish even though it was evident that Trish already found the one for her. This time, Trish was kind of insensitive of Cliff's feelings for her, which I totally ge [...]

    6. I really enjoyed reading Cliff's story! He has been pining after Trish for so long, he doesn't give anyone else a chance. His HEA has been right in front of him for years, lol. I'm not going to give any spoilers, but I will say, you may be surprised at who she is! One-click this book today and be ready to laugh, cry, and cheer!

    7. I'd love to write pages about Nicki Elson's WHEN IT HOLDS YOU. But then, that would spoil your thrill of reading this super sexy and spicy romance novel.Years ago I quit reading romance novels. They were all the same - boring. I moved on to reading erotic - those ended up being more boring. If there are no life-like characters with depth navigating an intense plot, what's the point. Yes, I'm tough on authors. I have high expectations. In 2011, Nicki became my writing mentor. Since reading her no [...]

    8. If you like reading about people and the many different ways that relationships are built, this is a good book for you. I very much enjoyed this story being told from the perspective of the young man main character, who realizes after years of wanting that one special person in his life, all his attractions to members of the opposite sex have left him feeling like a failure and that he might benefit from trying a different approach to dating. It also taught me more than I previously knew about t [...]

    9. I just LOVE Cliff so much. Even though he wasn't the main character in When It Hooks You, he was still my favorite. Then I got to this book, When It Holds You, and was overjoyed to learn it was all about Cliff.He is just the perfect character. He is humorous, sexy, he draws sympathy, and he is just so loveable! This was definitely my favorite book of the series (I suggest reading all three though).

    10. Cliff finally gets a girl!!After reading When It Hooks you and learning who Cliff was, I definitely wanted more of his character. I liked JoJo in that book, and I sensed some of her self esteem issues without even reading that much of her. I relate to her so much. Love this story!

    11. This is the third installment in the It series and I have to admit that I have not read the previous two but was able to pick this one up and follow right along. Nicki Elson does a great job with making this one a stand alone as well as fitting it into the series. I thought that the characters were well developed and that the story flowed really well. There were a dew times that I thought the story sort of lagged, but it picked right back up with some great parts afterwards.Cliff is an attorney [...]

    12. A story tell from the guy's POV. And this guy is what I call a “Teddy bear", or at least he's just the perfect friend. He reminds me of so many friends of mine. Actually I felt like I was reading about two of them. They're crazy about video games and anime, and they also get in love with the wrong girl. Just like Cliff with Trish. So of course I get attached to this guy. I just wanted to hold him sometimes and hit him others. The same as my friends. I felt him real, His insecurities and fears, [...]

    13. I fell in love with Cliff and his heroine, both as individuals and as a couple. The two of them started out as strangers in an online video game. When it was revealed who she was I was surprised, but couldn't have been happier. They were good for each other. This was well written. The characters were just so very real and felt things I’m sure most of us have felt. They were insecure and felt they couldn’t compete with the popular, pretty people. They had negative, unhealthy ways to cope with [...]

    14. Okay read. Kept me wanting to read, but wasn't really very invested in the story or characters. I didn't care for any of them much. They all seemed out for themselves and very manipulative to me. I felt Trish truly used Cliff as her ego-boost and led him on constantly. I didn't like Jo in the real world, but liked her online gaming persona. Cliff was meh. He was supposedly an awesome lawyer, but seemed more wimp than nerd. Like someone's whipping boy (Trish's). He allowed her to treat him poorly [...]

    15. I received a free ARC and am voluntarily writing an honest review. Although I did not read the first book I was able to read this one with no problem. Cliff has been in love with Trish forever but is firmly in the friend zone. He decides to turn to his video games to distract himself and he meets PlanetClaire. As they partner to complete quests in the virtual world, they develop a friendship. They decide to meet in the real world to see if their virtual chemistry carries over. When they meet at [...]

    16. I enjoy every book by this author, but this is officially my favorite! Engagingly developed and beautifully written. Amusing and convincing male POV and a surprising--yet ultimately satisfying--twist. I adored Cliffy, can't believe that I ended up adoring his love interest, too, and I loved how naturally and honestly their relationship grew. As always, Elson makes this stuff so real. I always believe in her characters, and their flaws are feathered in so subtly and wisely that the reader can onl [...]

    17. 4*We met Adam trish & cliff in when it hooks you. Adam & trish had a rocky start to their relationship but are trying to make it work. Cliff still has feelings for trish but he's keeping his distance. Their friends are secretly voting for cliff as Adam still seems to be letting her down but things are getting harder for cliff how long can he keep his feelings hidden will trish ever return them? Trish is best friends with jojo who cliff has a history with unfortunately he doesn't remember [...]

    18. This was a fun read with a different type of story-line. Cliff is an attorney who is also a gaming enthusiast. After some recent emotional fall out with his best friend, Trish, he decides to limit his relationships to the gaming world. As he develops one particular gaming relationship, what could happen when they decide to a live “anonymous” hook-up? Awkward, in a word. Then Cliff rethinks their relationship and now the question is, do these gamers have a future?I was provided a copy of this [...]

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