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The Decorated Page: Journals, ScrapbooksAlbums Made Simply Beautiful

The Decorated Page Journals ScrapbooksAlbums Made Simply Beautiful Diehn opens up a new dimension the artist s vision of visual memories Consider this a superscript above all other entries Booklist Encourages those who hesitate to start in on the pristine pages of a

  • Title: The Decorated Page: Journals, ScrapbooksAlbums Made Simply Beautiful
  • Author: Gwen Diehn
  • ISBN: 9781579905125
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Paperback
  • Diehn opens up a new dimension the artist s vision of visual memories Consider this a superscript above all other entries Booklist Encourages those who hesitate to start in on the pristine pages of a nicely bound blank book Lively and interesting illustrations make this a good selection for public library collections Library Journal.

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      117 Gwen Diehn
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    1 thought on “The Decorated Page: Journals, ScrapbooksAlbums Made Simply Beautiful

    1. 3.5 stars rounded up. I didn't think this was quite as good as her later book, The Decorated Journal: Creating Beautifully Expressive Journal Pages, but I still liked it enough to order a copy through Thrift Books. I felt that this book really showed the scrapbooking roots of art journaling and, in fact, at the time (2002), the term "art journaling" doesn't seem to have been in use, based on Diehn's discussion about what such illustrated journals should be called.

    2. The Aesthetic Page: I came to THE DECORATED PAGE as a text-centric journal-keeper who rarely added anything else, and that would be nothing much more than gluing in a comic strip, artifact or article relative to the content of an entry. I was leery of a book with this title: what mattered was the text, so why decorate extraneously for decoration sake? Then I read what Gwen Diehn had to say (and show) and I immediately went out and bought a small inexpensive watercolor set, water color pencils an [...]

    3. At anytime, I have 3 journals going. My goal is to chronicle not only events for future reference but create a beautiful and accurate history of what my life is like as I see it through my eyes and experiences. This is a good but pricey resource I would recommend, but only if you have a coupon or can get it used. I can say it's defiitely improved my journals.

    4. I have been keeping a journal since I was a teenager. In addition to writing in my journal, I enjoy reading books about journaling techniques as well as published diaries and journals. I was delighted to find The Decorated Page: Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful by Gwen Diehn on the library shelves. Diehn, an art teacher, encourages readers to go beyond the written aspects of journaling to explore visual elements. Diehn starts the book by giving readers a guide to choosing [...]

    5. I love journals. I do a lot of this kind of journaling with my kids (and when I was growing up) for homeschool and family vacations. We fill them with drawings, observations, photos, leaves & flowers we've even glued in dirt!This book has lots of ideas for enhancing the aesthetics of your journals. It suggests art techniques and supplies for home and the road, and has layout ideas as well. I love looking at the sample pages from artists' real journals.

    6. In The Decorated Page — an inspiring and amply illustrated forerunner to her most recent work, The Decorated Journal — author and artist Gwen Diehn effortlessly motivates the flowing of creative juices with regards visual journaling (complementing descriptive text with visual art), beautifying and personalizing journals, scrapbooks, and albums as a form of artistic expression.Diehn’s The Decorated Page, attests that she is not only adroit at binding and embellishing beautiful books, also f [...]

    7. I've kept journals since I was a little girl (I can go back and read my first impressions on getting glasses, back when I was eight), and recently I've started making and selling notebooks. The Decorated Page has some great ideas for enhancing the notebooks I sell, and outlines many art techniques that fit well inside the pages of a book. I'd recommend it to other journal enthusiasts, or to aspiring writers and artists looking for ways to get unstuck and conquer those blank white expanses of emp [...]

    8. Beautiful book. Inspiring to look at. However, it is daunting for those of us who are short on time and money, yet we would like to express ourselves in a visually creative manner.

    9. The subtitle reads Journals, Scrapbooks & Albums Made Simply Beautiful. Okay. I get it that these are personal art journals and they aren't meant for other audiences. (At least I think so?) That said, I did not see one single "beautiful" layout. There are some good renderings, but almost every page looks like it was slapped together with no thought as to the design even with the layout guides, which I found fascinating. There are so much better layouts that would fit the mandala or grid or d [...]

    10. I unearthed this book amongst a few boxes I had never unpacked from our last move (I know, I know, over three years is a long time not to unpack, but such has been our lives since then). I was convicted by an early hypothesis of the author/artist: that most people have several empty journals lying about, in which they have been too blocked to enter the marvels originally imagined when it was purchased or made by hand. How many do I have? Too many to list here, but I immediately went to my booksh [...]

    11. An old (now) but still very good primer on journals and journaling. Gwen Diehn includes all the basics you'll need to know to start keeping your own journal: there's plenty of information on the materials needed, including what will make your work archival; tips on modifying a book and cover to suit your needs, as well as on preparing backgrounds; then suggestions on design and layout. Diehn also takes the reader step by step through 10 sample pages tackling different issues with varied techniqu [...]

    12. I was inspired to branch out in my journaling. I am not new to the habit, in fact, I have 3-4 journals going on differing subjects all at the same time. Art, Nature or Travel journal I've heard of; Altered books, Blank books, and the like I was familiar with. I guess what caught my eye and made me check the book out, was the variety, diversity with-in one book to cover so many design styles. Variety is my thing, I love variety! Maybe I'm finally at a point in my life to embrace it more; help it [...]

    13. I love the ideas that are in this book. I read it again because travel journaling is one of my goals for this year. I found it very inspiring and well thought out. There are multiple real life example of every thing that she writes about. There are also a large number of step by step instructions that even those who are new to art journaling can follow. The photos and text is also inspiring enough that I think even those who are experienced would enjoy this book. The list of materials at the beg [...]

    14. I'm not sure, with a process as personal as journaling, how to make a book about it. This book was a little bit of instructions on technique, but the author, like me, didn't want to instruct too much-- most of them were more like permissions than instructions. You have permission to do things this way. You have permission to sketch, whether or not you think it's any good. A few of the reminders-- the impact of certain layouts from a graphic design perspective, etc-- were interesting. Overall mos [...]

    15. I liked this book a lot! The pictures drew me in, making me wish I had a fraction of the various journalists' talents. Did the book inspire me? Yes! But this is so far removed from my text-only journaling attempts that I'm suffering from a combination of "I don't know where to start" and "I'm going to ruin it if I try it." Even if you never try these ideas and techniques, looking at the book is a joy in itself.

    16. This is a note to myself about highlight of the book.Supply list p 27-29Techniques:Removing pages p 35Preparing pages p 54-68Layouts p 69-88 (full, bleeds, borders, grids, mandalas, columns, diagonals, organic shapes, cutouts & add-ons)*** Occam's razor ***Writing journal:Work smallStarting collection of thoughtsMake listDescribeWitnessListenCollecting and pleasure 10 sample pages at the end of the book

    17. This is a book that will probably inspire people who are new to illustrated journaling, but there wasn't anything particularly new for me here. THe thing I did like about it is that the author advocates plain and simple art supplies. So many journaling and scrapbooking "how-to" books seem to depend upon a lot of expensive and hard to find materials. This one doesn't.

    18. LOVE this book - it's a great resource volume, perfect for inspirations, and seems geared so as not to be too overwhelming for the beginner yet still meaty enough for the advanced journaller. And it's a gorgeous book to hold - well designed and full of eye candy. I'll be adding this one to my library.

    19. As an inveterate diarist and journaller with a collection of books on the topic, thus is is my favourite art journalling book. The techniques and ideas are suitable for the inexperienced artist and don't require exotic equipment or material. The book itself is beautifully produced with plenty of inspiring examples for the beginning and advanced art journaller alike.

    20. Reading this book has inspired me to keep my journals in a whole new way by posting photos, drawing sketches and such, not just by writing everything down as usual. This certainly makes my fond memories come to life. Absolutely love it.

    21. I loved this book. It inspired me to make more of my journal and do all the arty things I always wanted but was affraid to start. If you like book art, journalling, altered art and being creative then this is an excellent book to inspire.

    22. Another keeper on my scrapbooking shelf. This one covers a wide range of media and gives plenty of inspiration as well as advice. A bit tricky to find but worth it. For the complete review, please go here:epinions/content_15047

    23. I liked it, but not a lot. It had a few very good ideas in there but most of it looked boring to me and there weren't as many pictures as I expected.

    24. If you like bookart, such as altred-books, art journals, even scrapbooks, then you'll love this beautiful book. It's got some how-to as well as a little bookart history as well.

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