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Brocke Every ray of light needs darkness to make it shine Cora Frey has been working for the Galactic Union for far too long to be rattled by anything As a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya she

  • Title: Brocke
  • Author: Vi Voxley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Every ray of light needs darkness to make it shine Cora Frey has been working for the Galactic Union for far too long to be rattled by anything As a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya, she stands between the violent alien rance and the Union itself, chasing down those who wish either side arm But when a string of violent murders sweeps the Corgan community,Every ray of light needs darkness to make it shine Cora Frey has been working for the Galactic Union for far too long to be rattled by anything As a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya, she stands between the violent alien rance and the Union itself, chasing down those who wish either side arm But when a string of violent murders sweeps the Corgan community, even Cora may have finally seen too much And it only gets complicated from there, when one passion filled night with the most terrifying man in the realm leaves Cora with a surprise she wasn t quite prepared for Brocke is the well kept secret of Corgan society As the executioner and guard of the Chieftain s private prison, he is what Corgan parents use to scare their kids into behaving, the Guardian He is the darkness that comes before the light and no nightmare has ever gotten past him Until now But his paths cross with Cora, and the Corgan warlord finds himself considering whether there isn t something to be said about the lighter things in life And when news of Cora s pregnancy reaches not only Brocke but the evil they re meant to vanquish, all bets are off Together, they must chase down a crazed convict and untangle a web of lies and murders that have kept both Corgans and humans on edge for far too long With Cora s and his unborn child s life is put in danger, only the heartless warlord can be the one to save them both Yet if he discovers that he is willing to lose everything he has held dear in the name of this feisty, curvy woman, can he really hold on to what he thought he was Will Cora make Brocke become than a nightmare Will Brocke win Cora s heart And above all, will they both survive to see the birth of their child Find out Brocke Alien Warlord s Conquest is the fourth book in a series of scifi romance novels, following Corgan warriors and the human women that love them The book contains plenty of love, hardcore warrior lords, lust, a surprise pregnancy and epic battles, so if that s what you love, you ve found the right read These books can and should be read as standalones, there are no cliffhangers and each book contains a guaranteed HEA

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    1 thought on “Brocke

    1. The action adventure and the investigation of this book is good but the romance needs much more time. I like this world so I enjoyed the book but if you have never read the series I don't think you would like it as much.

    2. If I didn't love this universe I would've stopped reading this book .This book was written in haste. There are a lot of conflicting statements from the beginning of the book to the middle of the book to the end of the book. With in the conflicting statements there is no depth of characters. The relationship between Brock and Cora is completely on a physical level. There needs to be more depth to make the relationship a lasting one for romance genre. Style of writing for this book was so far from [...]

    3. This book had a seriously high creepiness factor. There was a LOT of sick stuff going on. Unfortunately our hero is part of that with his role as a psychological torturing super prison guard. I never warmed up to this guy. I just couldn't get past cutting off someone's hand for talking. Add to this a whack job villain who is slaughtering people in the name of racial purity (and doing it in some gruesome ways), and I didn't find this book very romantic. Oh maybe the romance was supposed to be the [...]

    4. Wow, what a ride!Outstanding. It's 30 years after the first book and Brocke is Nadar's son. He's the Enforcer, the Guardian, the Executioner, the fiercest of them all. He's dark, unforgiving the stuff of nightmares. Yummy!I liked Cora too she was the light to his darkness. I truly enjoyed their story. I really wish it was longer and a little more emphasis on the romance. I've liked all the other books of this series but this one, this one I loooved.

    5. I enjoy this universe, but this was my least favorite book in the series. The action and adventure was great I love the crime scene investigation. I actually liked both leads I just didn't feel the connection as sharply as the impervious ones. It seemed rushed it needed more time to develop the relationship between them. if I had not read any of the previous stories and enjoyed them for the fun romp they are I would not continue on with this series.

    6. Tamed by the little warrior.Can a man who has dedicated his life to his world's most notorious prison team up with a woman trained as an investigator to rid this new alliance of the evil villain who would kill people for their organs to enhance their own bodies. An evil priest who has been in his prison for his crimes? I love the world building and the love that grew between them. Well written and kept me up late to finish it. Recommend it.

    7. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. In this book we Cory Frey and Brocke. Brocke is the son of Nadar Brenger and Mara James. He is one of the first hybrid children on Gaiya. He is also the Guardian which is one of two Corgan's to run the secret prison. Brocke has let one of their more heinous prisoners Condor escape from the prison so that he can deal with him once and for all. The problem is Condor has followers that are helping him to continue what got him thrown in jail to be [...]

    8. *I received this ARC from the author in exchange for a honest review*BROCKE(Alien Warlord's Conquest #4) by Vi VoxleyCora Frey works for the Galactic Union as a Terran investigator on the Corgan world Gaiya. When a string of violent murders sweeps the Corgan community, Cora knows she has now has seen too much and needs to find the illusive evildoer. But it only becomes more complicated when she meets the most terrifying male in the realm, Brocke, and he leaves her with a surprise she wasn't quit [...]

    9. “Brocke” is the latest installment in Vi Voxley’s Alien Warlord’s Conquest series. Taking place thirty years after the Galactic Union sent the Flora to Gaiya for settlement, the Corgans have been experiencing/showing behaviors similar to human racial tensions. So much so that one man in particular (Condor) has made a point of causing considerable havoc, with the help of his fantatics, to the tune of murder and mutilation of those who aren’t of pure Corgan descent. Guardian Brocke, the [...]

    10. This fourth book in the series is a standalone that takes place decades after the Gorgans joined the Galactic Union. It features Brocke , the son of Gorgan Chieftain Nadar Brenger and Terran space pilot Mara from book one. Brocke is known by many names, however, including the Guardian of Gomor Prison and the Nightmare from Gomor. He is his father's executioner, the ghost, a lone wolf comfortable with the solitude of Gomor. And he sees a solution to a PR problem they have with one of their prison [...]

    11. This is an amazing book and just as good as the others written so far in this series. If you have not had a chance to read any Vi Voxley books you are missing a wonderful read. Brocke is a extremely handsome warlord with a fearsome reputation. He father is Corgan and his mother is a Terran. He has the job of Guardian to very secret facility beneath Gaiya called Gomor, which many people are not aware of, including the Galactic Union. It houses political prisoners and others deemed to notorious to [...]

    12. Absolutely superb, I opened the book and it grabbed me and wouldn't let go! Brocke is a Guardian Warlord a half-breed and son of Chieftain Nadar and Mara. Guardian by choice of the prison Gomor where the worst of the worst are kept. When the prisoner Priest Condor is allowed to escape, Brocke knows it is the only way to eliminate him and not allow him to be a martyr. Cora is a Terran investigator following a case into the deaths of half-breeds where she stumbles on the name Gomor that no one is [...]

    13. This book is another great romance in the Alien Warlord's Conquest series. Brocke is the son of Corgan Chieftain, Nadar Brenger, and his Terran mate, Mara James (see book one of the series,) which is kind of cool. It's been thirty years since the events of Nadar: Alien Warlord's Conquest. Brocke's romantic partner in this book is Galactic Union police offer, Lt. Cora Frey, who's combination of beauty and brains wakes him up to all the things missing in his life that he wasn't even aware of. They [...]

    14. I obtained this ARC from the author in return for an honest review. Lt. Cora Fey had been working for Galactic Union she she arrived on the Corgan planet of Gaiya. She was battled harden and refused to be rattled by anything until the day she find a dead half Corgan that made her stomach hurl at its treatment. Someone was taking out half breeds at an alarming rate and she was charged to find out who.Brocke Brenger was a half breed, son to the chieftain, the executioner, guard of the prison and t [...]

    15. Lieutenant Cora Grey is an investigator for the Galactic union on Gaiya. There has been some killings of the Corgon / humans children. 30 years have passed since his mom ( mara james) and his father (Nadar) had him ( Brocke) and there is a group of Corgon's that don't want those children to live. Brocke is fully now and he is a powerful warrior they call the Guardian. They are both on the same mission to find the killers. Now that his path has crossed cora's they shall have a path together. He j [...]

    16. I have enjoyed the other books in the series. It was interesting to read this book set so far in the future from the earlier books. You get to meet the son of the first couple and Brocke is just as captivating as his father. When he meets Cora during an investigation of murders of half-bloods, the sparks fly. They have great chemistry just like this parents and it is not long before they can't resist the attraction.It is a great read with an interesting storyline and characters that are easy to [...]

    17. Loved this book, just as I loved each and every one of Vi Voxley books! The sizzling hot romance between Brocke and Cora begins right on page one and just keeps getting better. No need to wonder when or if they will ever get together, THEY DO. As usual, Vi Voxley gives us a thrilling adventure that kept me glued to my kindle. The story is complex and at the end I knew I just read a fantastic complete adventure. It's practically a swash-buckler like the adventures I used to see at the movies as a [...]

    18. So Brooke number fourThis is the fourth book of the series and I have enjoyed each and every one. This one jumps ahead to the story of the son of the hero of book one. This story is different from the others as it deals with a part of the Corgan society that is shrouded in secrecy. As the book progresses, the secrets and the darkness begin to unravel. This leads to betrayal and death.The storyline was varied enough to keep my attention, if you don't mind believing in some cases where the physica [...]

    19. Vi does it again. This is the 4th book in the Brion World Series spin-off about Corgans and the new Galactic Union Corgan world Gaia. What makes this book in the series exciting is that it deals with the next generation of Corgan’s, that is the Corgan-Terran(earth) children, specifically the child if the first book’s couple with a Terran investigator. If you are addicted, like I am to adventure, controversy, hot erotic sex, suspense and a totally different world then this book is for you. Pl [...]

    20. A mystery of who and why is in the midst of being solved. As the clues gather all hope of solvingit are deterred somehow. Mentioning something has her dragged and thrown into a room confused and angry. Then he walks in. Which emotion to pick first.This little Terran has hopped into a mess she needs to stay clear of. Intimidation doesn't seem to be a tactic he wants to use in full force, but she has information he needs. Maybe with her help he can achieve his ultimate goal and heal his home.I am [...]

    21. I enjoyed Brocke, it was so much fun seeing the next generation popping up in this series and oh what a Corgan he is. When Brocke meets Cora while hunting an escape sparks fly. Out of all the series this has become my second favourite, Soros is still top dog in my books. As usual Vi blends a combination of action, evil fanatical nut jobs, passion and love seamlessly. I never want to put her books down, even at the very end. I look forward to seeing many more books from Vi Voxley and hope other e [...]

    22. This is the forth book in the series. Brocke is the half-breed son of Nadar Brenger the Chieftain and Mara James a Terran. He is also the Guardian of Gomor the secret Grogon prison. When an imprisoned priest escapes from Gomor he gives chase. He joins Galactic Union Militant police officer Cora to solve half breed murders and to find Condor the priest. This story has intrigue, betrayal, fanatics and fights. It held my interest from beginning to end. It s well worth reading at 5 stars.I was given [...]

    23. Although this book is the fourth in the series it takes place 30 years after Soros - book three. I liked the time frame and the story line very much. I thought bringing the Half-breeds into the story was a great idea. The characters were well formed and the action was well written. If the editing had been a touch better it would have been a five star for me. Still, very much worth the read from this newer author.

    24. Brooke: Alien Warlord's Conquest by VI VOXLEYABSOLUTELY STELLAR Reading by VI VOXLEY. As the next addition to this series it was SOOOO ABSOLUTELY ABSORBING READING. The main characters are going to get you involved in the story right away from beginning to end, it's a wonderful suspense filled rollercoaster ride with plenty of action packed moments and sizzling hot scenes. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND YOU PICK UP AND ADD TO YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIBRARY FOR REPEATED ENJOYABLE READING!!

    25. Great storyBrocke is the half Terrain/Corban son of Chieftain Nadar Brenger and Lieutenant Mara James. He is reputed to be the most powerful warlord, and his father's executioner. Lieutenant Cora Frey is a Union office and crime scene investigator working a string of murders of half Terrain/Corgans. Brocke needs Cora's help hunting down the man he knows is responsible. A fast paced, and steamy story. Loved Brocke and Cora! Hope his sister gets a story.

    26. Each one gets better!Cora is a Terrain investigator on the planet Gayia. Brocke is head guard of the Corgans prison Homer. He is also Nadar Brenger's son. They met during the investigation of a serial killer. Brocke knows the killer---- he used to be one of his prisoners. This is a fast paced story that keeps your interest til the end.

    27. Another great read from Vi VoxleyThis is one of the authors I know never disappoints with her books. Loved Brocke and Cora's story from beginning to end. The Corgans are as exciting as the Brions. While Brocke takes us thirty years from where we left the Corgans, the good guys still conquer all in the end and love is ever enduring. Loved the book.

    28. Both the main characters were TSTL. Once they (*SPOILERS FOLLOW*) walked into the trap, knowing it was a trap without backup they could have easily gotten, I was done with the stupidity. This is also an insta-love book, an oops-baby book, and has errors like "taunt" instead of "taut."Make of that what you will.

    29. This story was full of shockingly action and suspense, with betrayal and wast full life. Do to a syco-path who is very bis to half-breeds. I Don what else to say. But I warn you. Don't start it just before bed, because you won't be sleeping until the middle of the morning. Because you can put it down. I was given this story for a honest review.

    30. I am really enjoying Vi Voxley and her alien warlords. The imagination on this woman is fantastic! I really liked reading that Brocke is Nadar's son, so nice throwback to book one. But knowing that he's got a sister, I'm curios to know about Corgan women now. What are they like? Are they just as awesome as the men?

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