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Antony This is an alternate cover edition for B Y FZ I Antony Marcello didn t break the rules Not the ones that mattered anyway In the world of La Cosa Nostra justice was served with a single word and a

  • Title: Antony
  • Author: Bethany-Kris
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B00Y77FZ9I Antony Marcello didn t break the rules Not the ones that mattered, anyway In the world of La Cosa Nostra, justice was served with a single word and a bullet, not a courthouse and a judge When he was told to jump, there was only one appropriate response How high, Boss Some rules are worth bending La famiglia has been AThis is an alternate cover edition for B00Y77FZ9I Antony Marcello didn t break the rules Not the ones that mattered, anyway In the world of La Cosa Nostra, justice was served with a single word and a bullet, not a courthouse and a judge When he was told to jump, there was only one appropriate response How high, Boss Some rules are worth bending La famiglia has been Antony s goal for longer than he cares to remember Getting his button is everything alongside family, honor, God, and loyalty Meeting Cecelia Catrolli puts what he thought he knew upside down as the mafia, friendship, secrets and love carry him through life Nothing is ever easy Some rules are worth the killing When Cosa Nostra, the one thing he has always known and trusted, takes away his best friend, leaving Antony to pick up the pieces, he ll have to decide if the rules are finally worth breaking He didn t start out as the boss, he began as just Antony Sometimes, you have to learn how to be filthy A Filthy Marcellos Prequel

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    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ✓ Antony : by Bethany-Kris ✓
      275 Bethany-Kris
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    1. *4.5 this thing of mine Nutella jars*This thing of OURS exactly, no matter what we do or how we are brought up, the one thing that stays infinite is what we see is mostly what we believe, And that's what Anthony and Cecelia's love story made me feelAt the age of 25 Anthony Marcello was way beyond his years brought and bred into Cosa Nostra Anthony had one goal in his life, earn his pin and be part of the la famiglia. He never wanted this life but that doesn't mean he didn't work to earn his titl [...]

    2. 4.5 FILTHY MARCELLO STARSThis was an amazing beginning/end to this series!!! Thank you Bethany Kris for giving us Antony's story. I read Filthy Marcellos: Lucian, Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni and Filthy Marcellos: Dante first and then this one. I think reading this book first or last works however, for me, finishing with this book was really sweet because it had me reliving some fantastic and tender moments from each of the Principes' stories. This is Antony Marcello's story and how he comes into [...]

    3. Family first, Antony. God second.If you haven’t the other 3 books in this series I would recommend you read them in published date order because I honestly think I enjoyed this book way more than I would have had I just read this series in numerical order.So after reading about all three of the Marcello Brothers, I was really intrigued when I found out about their father’s book. He’s basically the original Filthy Marcello, the man who started it all. It all makes sense now, how the Marcell [...]

    4. Anthony is a Filthy Marcellos Prequel. When I saw this Mafia saga available as a box set, I couldn't resist diving into the Filthy Marcellos and I'm so glad I did. Anthony builds the family dynamic and sets the scene perfectly for what promises to be a series full of intense moments, brutal goings on and relationships over flowing with passion and love. Lucian is next and I can't wait to see how this young man develops. "Sometimes, you have to learn how to be filthy."The complete FILTHY MARCELLO [...]

    5. *4 STARS*I really enjoyed reading the stories about the Marcello brothers, so I was very excited when I heard that papa Marcello was getting his book!To be honest at the beginning the book was good nothing special and then after a few chapters, we got to meet Cecelia . From that moment the book became great! ( for me anyway ;) )The book is not very long but we learn a few important things. We find out what happened to Lucien's biological parents, how Gio got his name and more details about Dante [...]

    6. Great start to what looks like a fabulous series.Having read some great reviews for 'Lucian' I couldn't wait to start, I knew it was book 1 of 4 and the series was on KU so I was good to go but then I noticed this book. For a second I considered skipping it altogether and starting with 'Lucian' but I'm so glad I didn't.This is a fabulous book. Antony is hard working and for him the la famiglia comes before all else, he does whatever is asked of him whenever it's asked his life is la famiglia unt [...]

    7. Read the Marcello that started it all. Sometimes you have to learn how to be filthy. US: amazon/dp/B00Y77FZ9IiTunes: itunesle/us/book/id99Kobo: kobo/ca/en/ebook/filtBarnes & Noble: barnesandnoble/w/filth"The killing years were coming " ***"I'm going to marry that girl, Paulie. Watch me."

    8. Good grief! If this is just a prelude of what I have to come with the rest of the series sign me the hell up. This was bloody brilliant, one of those books you read whilst on the cross trainer and almost kill yourself doing it hanging on to the kindle with one hand and trying to balance with the other. Yep, one of those! I couldn't put this down and inhaled it in one sitting. Antony and Cecelia's story spans years and was done to perfection, giving a solid background into the Marcello world, and [...]

    9. **** 4.5 The First Filthy Marcello STARS****What is most important in your life, Marcello?La famiglia.Esta es la precuela de los hermanos Marcello y viene siendo la historia de nada más ni menos que del gran Patriarca y Boss de la Familia Marcello Antony.En los libros de sus hijos lo hemos visto como el Gran Boss, inteligente, implacable y sobre todo honorable, pero ¿Cómo llegó a ser el temido Antony Marcello? Pues aquí nos cuentan su historia desde antes de ser un Made Man, como luchó par [...]

    10. *4 Antony Marcello stars*Aaaaw! THIS WAS JUST THE PERFECT SET UP FOR THE FILTHY MARCELLOS TRILOGYit was a pleasurable read with my fellow Mafluts – Irish, Shanny and Suz(we're like those birds of a feather that stick together and I guess these birds got bonded over mafia books – it's our THING, our COSA NOSTRA, and we are la famiglia too)We got to see the very beginning, how papa bear Marcello become to be the man, the Boss as we first saw him in the book 1 of the trilogy (Filthy Marcellos: [...]

    11. **Filthy Marcellos the Complete Collection provided in exchange for an honest review.**5 "He'd remember that forever, then."StarsI'm reading the complete collection of the Marcellos mafia stories. As such, I plan to review the series in full once I finish. Starting off with Antony's story was awesome. The writing here, in the 3rd person point of view, is so crisp yet detailed fully engaging the reader. Antony's journey hooks you from page one preparing you for the full onslaught of the Marcello [...]

    12. (Enthusiast clapping) I cried, I smiled, I got hot in all the right places It was great. Reading the events that made Antony a great man and father was awesome. Finding out the whole story behind John and Kate was heartbreaking. Going through the early stages of Cecilia and his marriage was so sweet. Seeing their loyalty and love for each other and reading about the hardships they faced. Of course this made me want to reread the whole series again.

    13. 4 This-thing-of-Ours starsIm in love LOVE with ALL of the MarcellosALL OF THEM!!!!Is it wrong I want to be a part of their family??Like a junkieI need more of themright now!!

    14. 5 What's love without a little tragedy StarsFirst off, let me say thank you to Ms. Kris. Your opinion in reading this one before starting Lucian's story was spot on. Holy heck I'm so glad I did read this one. (Now I see why Sasha says you're the Queen. Lol.) It gives you an insight of what the Marcello family is all about in their beliefs in la famiglia starting off with Tony. He is the one that started the path in which they all walk upon. Importantly what's to come out of the series. We meet T [...]

    15. Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Prequel!!This book is told entirely from Antony's perspective and it freaking worked!! I was literally surprised with how much I loved this. I had recently hit a slump of not quite stellar mafia romance material, but this book right here took me right outta there. A good mafia book is hard to find, but look no further because this book is definitely a winner.I loved how loyal and devoted Antony was to his family and his famiglia. The love h [...]

    16. The mafia part of this book is amazing, really. One of the best. The romance Not that there was anything wrong with it. It's just that the mafia part outshined the romance part of the story. The parts are not united. I can't explain properly.My other problem is with the author's writing style. It's not memorable to me. I've read Deathless & Divided the 2nd time around not even a month ago and I can't even remember what was about.It's such a shame that I'm not obsessed with her books, bc she [...]

    17. Another great book in this series. Highly recommend this series if you after a hot mafia romance with strong and smart characters.HEA (view spoiler)[Yes. However this is the prequel the Marcello's parent story (hide spoiler)]Cheating/OW/OM (view spoiler)[ No completely safe. The hero is crazy about the heroine the moment he sees her. He doesn't believe in infidelity and doesn't even want to hear about other people in the mafia cheating on their spouses. Hero was not a manwhore either(hide spoile [...]

    18. this is quite literally what perfection reads likethis is the culmination and the cherry on top to the already decadent series. all the holes have been filled, more details provided and perfection made. this is most definitely my favorite :)

    19. The Italian MafiaThe Cosa Nostrawhen spoken about there are so many possibilities.ath, love, family, rules to live and die by, murder, and coverup. Mobster, their life and their families are so very fascinating.This is the story of Antony Marcello- a Made Man and his rise in the Familia. It's about his character and who he is and what he stands for. He has given his life for the family but it doesn't mean it will take his values. We meet the love of his life Cecelia. The love, the true love they [...]

    20. Yay it's KUOMG this was an awesome filthy ride. Antony came close to surpassing my love for Anton in BK Russian Gun Series.Antony was a delicious H. All alpha male who straight up loved his family which included his friends. He did what he had to do to for him & his family to survive & made no apologies for it. He doesn't want or seek redemption from the Mob which he believes in.The writing flowed well & showed snapshots of Anton's life up until the beginning of Lucian his sons book. [...]

    21. This my second book by this author.I decided not to read the books in the order they were published. I read Antony's story first because he is the father of Lucian, Giovanni and Dante. Then I will read Dante's story next because he becomes the next Dom taking over from Antony then I will read the other two.What I like about this author's Mafia stories is all the women know exactly what they are marrying into. All her leading men treat their leading ladies with respect and care about their feelin [...]

    22. This is my guilty pleasure reading type of book! Mafia smut HA!! I hope to love this just as much as others I have read and this little novella was a great start.

    23. So after the awesomeness of Lucian, I had to go read the prequel about Antony, like, yesterday. And it's also pretty great, no lie. I struggled with the rating on this one, but ended up dropping it a star because I felt like my favorite parts were the ones that had Johnathan or Lucian. Which probably only like 30% of the book. As much as Antony claims to love Cecilia in this book, I definitely felt like Lucian sees Jordyn as more of a partner in book 1 than Anthony does Cecilia here. I suppose t [...]

    24. 4.5 the original filthy Marcello starsWhen I first read Lucian, it was hard not to be intimidated by the Marcello's father, and head of La Cosa NostraAntony Marcello. Yet behind his tough and dangerous exterior, lay a family man and I was more than interested to see how that would pan out in reading Antony's own story. This novella (more like a short novel in length), set us back decades before the events of Lucian to literally see how it all began for Antony. We see him go from being initiated [...]

    25. 4 Addictive Stars Amazing storyline , smooth flow , addictive writing style felt like it was inspired from Corrado Morreti , yet it was completely different. I am glad it didn't felt like bio pic , and that even though romance was not THE track of the story , it was neither side lined. Cecelia , she is the role model of wife , lover , mother name a tag and she wins an award for all the categories. Antony was Antony , honourable , protective , dominating , caring , I mean , none of his sons co [...]

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