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Along Came Love

Along Came Love When a silly impulsive decision lands free spirited India Shaw behind bars in San Francisco she has no choice but to call the only person she knows in the unfamiliar city the very man she abandoned

  • Title: Along Came Love
  • Author: Tracey Livesay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a silly, impulsive decision lands free spirited India Shaw behind bars in San Francisco, she has no choice but to call the only person she knows in the unfamiliar city the very man she abandoned after a steamy two day fling The fact that she s pregnant with his child is something she d rather not divulge Tech executive Michael Black never thought he d hear from theWhen a silly, impulsive decision lands free spirited India Shaw behind bars in San Francisco, she has no choice but to call the only person she knows in the unfamiliar city the very man she abandoned after a steamy two day fling The fact that she s pregnant with his child is something she d rather not divulge Tech executive Michael Black never thought he d hear from the quirky beauty after she left his bed four months ago, much less be called upon to post bail He s got his hands full with a corporate merger that could make or break his career, but his honorable nature and an overwhelming need to see her again means he can t just leave her in jail And when India reveals the truth about her pregnancy, Mike insists she stay with him until the baby is born.India doesn t want to depend on him for anything, but their constant proximity stirs up feelings she can t ignore She s never desired a family before and she knows a future with Mike isn t possible but then along came love to shake up all her plans.

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    1 thought on “Along Came Love

    1. Mike and India meet at a wedding, have a 2-night stand, after which India disappears. FF 3 months and she's back, but with a little nugget of info that upends Mike's worldYou'll enjoy reading this, but only if you've never read the story of the one-night stand turn nine-month consequence.

    2. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to rate this. Somewhere between 3 and 4 stars but edging closer to 4 than 3, though.This book takes the surprise baby trope (which normally I am not a friend of) and surrounds it with some interesting elements that makes it more than a trope.Indi and Mike hook up for a weekend of sexy-sex times after the wedding of their respective best friends. But Indi is a product of the foster system. She was never adopted and as such has a LOT of baggage when it come [...]

    3. Free spirit India meets slightly uptight billionaire Mike and they both let their hair down by mutually deciding (after many shots of tequila) to have a weekend fling after the wedding of their best friends. According to the flashbacks, the weekend was unforgettable (and we find out later) in more ways than one! Though they both feel a strong connection, India's afraid of her feelings so she sneaks away like a thief in the night and Mike wakes up wanting to take the fling to the next level, only [...]

    4. He moved closer to her. "I'll always take care of you." "I don't need you to." "I know. But taking care of you isn't a way to control you, and it doesn't mean I don't think you're capable of taking care of yourself. It just means I care about you and I want you to be safe." He paused. "Because I love you."As seen in the above passage, Along Came Love had the potential to be a sweet romance novel, but there was one unnecessary element included in the details of this book that irritated me. And, f [...]

    5. I don't like WASPs as characters, so there's that. The end was rushed. India accepted a lot of white privilege without question. I like Sully. Also, the book is well-written with sound grammar.

    6. Along Came Love is the second book in the Shades of Love series. I enjoyed the first book, Love on my Mind, so I was hoping that I would like this one. In the end, I was sadly underwhelmed by the book. We met India and Mike in the first book. India is Chelsea's foster sister and Mike is Adam's best friend and business partner.While I did like the ending, I had a few issues with the story. First, the whole arrest and burglary charge thing could have been easily cleared up with a phone call to the [...]

    7. Sadly, Along Came Love wasn't up to my expectations. In fact, I ended up skimming a bit at the last 30% of the book. You don't know how sad I am this happened but it did. Mainly because the hero cheated on his girlfriend throughout 70% of the book. Yeah, he has a girlfriend while he is with the MC and I would have been okay if he had broken that off before he started anything with the heroine, like before kissing her. It was clear he didn't feel anything for the girlfriend, but it was just rude [...]

    8. This is the second book in this series. Yet, it can be read as a stand alone novel. I loved India aka Indi's spunk. OMG, Mike is such a sweetheart. The way that he cared for Indi had my heart melting. Yet, this book was not all about romance. There were laughs to be found as well. For example, when Indi and Mike were at the OBGYN. The doctor tells Indi to lie back and relax and Indi responds with "That is what he said." Then there was the time when Indi and Mike were book shopping on the topic o [...]

    9. Eh. I'm normally a sucker for surprise pregnancies but Indi made it impossible to enjoy the story. I know why she has issues and it was tackled with a big dose of real life realism, but sometimes that's not what i want in my "billionaire knocks up his best friend's wife's sister at the wedding" story. Indi has issues that stems from being abandoned by her mother when she was 4 and spending the next 12 years in the foster care system. I get it. I found her solution to her pregnancy issue conflict [...]

    10. Along Came Love had a nice premise with characters I actually liked. The writing and the way the story developed left a lot be desired though. India, Mike, and Morgan all had very interesting backgrounds and issues I could relate to, but they weren't explored enough and the writing lacked depth. I never felt satisfied with the way our MC's handled the situation they find themselves in. Instead of feeling like I was reading a story where two people were slowly coming together as a couple and fami [...]

    11. This book is full of dialogue that rehashes, over-explains and is clunky. An example being Indi's ObGyn telling Indi that she had just given a urine sample. the reader doesn't know this fact but Indi sure as hell would have remembered weeing into a sample cup 5 minutes earlier. Another reviewer mentioned this and I agree. Indi is arrested for breaking into her sister's house and the DA goes ahead with the charges because the sister un-contactable at a resort in Fiji. I've been to Fiji and it's a [...]

    12. I liked this opposites attract opps I am preggers romance. I loved the frank look at white privilege and "color blindness" from several perspectives in the book. I liked that the hero and the heroine saw life and the choice before them with this baby very differently. The surrounding cast was great though the hero's father jerkhood crossed lines. The hero and the heroine really loved each other and that made the book a good read. I like that they were imperfect and had flaws but some of those fl [...]

    13. Okay, so where do I start with this book? Honestly, there are so many things I loved about the story. First, there's the female lead India. She's quirky, adventurous and charming while simultaneously damaged and skilled in keeping people at a distance. These traits themselves are loveable. Everyone feels a sense of endearment toward the quirky odd ball sidekick, right?However, I loved India because the traits described above are not often seen in black characters. It was so refreshing to read ab [...]

    14. Review iloveromanticfiction/2017Main characters: India Shaw, free spirit who’s landed in some big trouble. Michael Black, a mutual friend and the one to bail her out.Why you should read it: I think Tracey is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. I read Love On My Mind and adored it, and to have more books in the series to delve into is even better! I liked India for her free spirit and felt bad for her when it became clear why she was so reluctant to stick in one place for too long, never [...]

    15. This was a fun read! I love the "opposites attract" trope, with an added "secret/accidental baby." I kind of fell in love with Indi, who was such a free spirited woman. She rounded out Mike well and their happily every ever was so satisfying. I have a soft spot for the makings of families, and this didn't disappoint!

    16. I read this book without having read the first book in the series. Now I want to go back and read it. Mike is a wealthy entrepreneur who is dating a girl that makes sense on paper, with a similar wealthy background and plans to propose to her, even though they admit they're not a love match. A few months back Skylar had briefly broken up with Mike and he had a sex filled weekend with the sister of his best friend's bride, after meeting her at the wedding. Indi, the sister, left before Mike woke [...]

    17. MehI wanted to really get into the book. India finds herself preggers after a one weekend stand with a billionaire. Michael likes the go with the flow free spirit. She wants to give up the child and he can't understand. This book had promise, but it didn't give me enough to connect with the characters. India is too flighty, Michael too wishy washy. The author does not go into detail about the baby. We don't see milestones that should be here. And the reason to give up the baby is shallow. Wish I [...]

    18. This is a follow up to the previous book but can be read as a stand alone. Most of the book takes place over a week period but has flashbacks to the weekend they spent together. It was a good follow up but everything happens so quick theres not much character development.

    19. After the election I couldn't concentrate on anything, and this was the only book I could get through. It was fun and light, just what I needed.

    20. DNFed around the 40% mark.I skimmed the rest.I can't even remember the last time I DNFed a book. It's been years. But I'm just simply not in the mood for idiocy after idiocy.

    21. A few minor issues prevented this one from reaching the level of the first book but still a great read for me. Review coming soon.

    22. >>>>>>> My synopsis (actual review follows): <<<<<<India Shaw is not the type of person who settles down or stays in one place. Nor is she the type to attach herself to anyone or anywhere. Some might call her a free spirit, but truly she's just flighty--afraid that if she commits to someone or something she'll be disappointed. She graduated with honors from the school of hard knocks and she's still in a perpetual state of the fight or flight. She, of course [...]

    23. I wanted more from this book. The author clearly has some thoughts/feelings on adoption/teen homelessness and that's great, but it felt like those topics dominated the book. I also had trouble with the voices of the book - the narration kind of went from India to Mike but at certain points (usually a flashback) I had no idea who was speaking. There were other italicized bits without quotes so I was left to wonder if these were just thoughts are comments said out loud with emphasis. It got tiring [...]

    24. Alone, pregnant, and in jail. India has one solid, smart choice to make. Call Michael. Her wedding weekend fling. Michael Black never thought he’d see India again after her early morning departure during the blissful weekend. Mike puts his life back on track to grow the business and marry his girlfriend. All to make the right decisions and move forward. He was not expecting India to step in a put his proposal on hold. He never expected for her tell him she's pregnant. He really didn't expect t [...]

    25. Great read!This is the first book I've read by this author. It's a wonderful book. It's so good that I bought the first book in the middle of reading this. India and Mike met and had an instant connection. A connection they acted on for two days. Due to India's past, she left while Mike was asleep, fearing rejection. As a result, she became pregnant. India and Mike are totally different type of people. India is black and Mike is white. India grew up in the foster care system. Mike grew up with a [...]

    26. I so wanted to adore this book. The problem for me was how hard it is to write the unplanned pregnancy trope. I got sooooooo irritated reading the pet name Nugget. That alone made me drop a star. It was just way too annoying. I get having a cutesy nickname, but do we really need to hear it so many times? I did a quick search on my kindle, and it was written 98 times. No joke. I actually counted the search results. Heroine was annoying as well. Wishy washy and unable to put her heart into her cho [...]

    27. 3.5 STARSAlong Came Love was really good, especially the romance aspect. I liked the pacing of the story, and the storyline. I was put off by the cheating part, however. (view spoiler)[Even though Mike and India didn't have sex while he was in a relationship, I still don't think it was fair to Skylar, even if they viewed their relationship purely as a merging of a business partnership. (hide spoiler)] Mike should've ended things a lot earlier. It's the reason I didn't give it a full 5-star. Trac [...]

    28. Loved it. Started reading it immediately after I finished Love On My Mind and 4 hours later, I was done. Mike and India seemed like an unlikely couple, but I loved them together. Just what the other needed. I must admit that I was confused by the course of action India decided on for the Nugget situation. I could understand her fear, but her solution struck me as really odd. I didn't need to worry though, cause Mike wasn't having it. Pleasantly surprised that neither the baby revelation or the S [...]

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