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Roman Nights And Other Stories

Roman Nights And Other Stories fiction tr John Shepley

  • Title: Roman Nights And Other Stories
  • Author: Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • ISBN: 9780704302051
  • Page: 451
  • Format: None
  • fiction, tr John Shepley

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      451 Pier Paolo Pasolini
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      Posted by:Pier Paolo Pasolini
      Published :2019-01-11T00:27:35+00:00

    1 thought on “Roman Nights And Other Stories

    1. my my, not just an awesome director, you had some writing chops too. Teorema! amazing.well I hated Salo. ugh! but you directed the fuck out of that, I was really impressed by all those elegant tracking shots and the elegant mise-en-scène, all that elegance amidst the humiliation and torture, nice contrast, I really did appreciate all of that, at least for the first 45 minutes I saw before I fled the theater in total disgust, repelled and angry and swearing to never watch another film by you, go [...]

    2. Pasolini's Rome is a hidden one of grimy plazas and neon nightlives -- hustlers, urchins, backstreet deals taking place along suspect industrial canals. The streets are his world, to the point where interior scenes seem almost out of place amongst the other settings. These stories, extracted from a massive compendium of prose works, were probably never intended for individual consumption as stories -- they're notes, sketches, portraits of the people and places that permeate Pasolini's rich unive [...]

    3. Pasolini's Roman Nights is the perfect example against those who believe that fiction is written according to some "rules" they have been taught is a class or a workshop. The stories are written in a way that defies any kind of rule or even structure. “Night on the Tram,” whose style could be compared to the notes jotted down by a hurried journalist, seems entirely shapeless: it starts with a narration about a young boy’s life, but after the first paragraph the narrator begins to describe [...]

    4. ROMAN NIGHTS and Other Stories. (1965). Pier Paolo Pasolini. *.Try as I might, I could make but little sense out of the five short stories presented in this collection. I’ve seen one of Pasolini’s films, and that should have given me a clue as to what to expect. The writing is diffuse, with thoughts trending in every direction; almost as if the act of writing was part of a drug experience. The stories are permeated with excesses of real and implied sadism and acts of homosexual nature. The a [...]

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