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Ruby the Red Fairy

Ruby the Red Fairy The seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is h

  • Title: Ruby the Red Fairy
  • Author: Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
  • ISBN: 9780439738613
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • The seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters arThe seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters are in big trouble If they don t return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be gray forever Rachel and Kirsty discover Ruby the Red Fairy in the pot at the end of the rainbow Can they help find the rest of her Rainbow sisters before it s too late

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      196 Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
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    1 thought on “Ruby the Red Fairy

    1. Mara *loves* these books. They annoyed me so much I vented my spleen in an amazon review. Basically, here are the things I don't like about the books.1) The dialog, characters and plot are truly insipid. Here is a sample: "I'm Kirsty" said Kirsty. "I'm Rachael" said Rachael. Some of the plots make absolutely no sense.2) The heroines (which I can't even keep straight) don't have any particularly admirable characteristics. There is little evidence of ANY of the following: bravery, thoughtfulness, [...]

    2. I dont know what crack she sprinkles on the pages of these, but my 6 year old son started one out of curiosity, and now happily spends an hour or so silently reading them to himself next to me while I read a "daddy-book". They may be a pile of crap, but at his age any silent reading is important. Plus someone in the shop told me they were for girls. So they can get fucked. Rainbows and fairies are for boys too. I just picked up the pack of 57 books for 20 quid and that will keep him going for we [...]

    3. This series is full of shit and endless lines of poo. I can't believe I used to read these- they are utter talentless and dull.Ten words each page, and each books are about ten dollars each. There is no magic- the fairies are fake and its not magical enough- its like making fairies into a commercial way, trying to make them mixed in the human world, drinking tea and so. The fairies need to f*** off from the human world, and fly up in their bulky trees in the deserted country, or at least hide in [...]

    4. This is the stupidest series I have ever read. My daughter is five, and she was given the set by an eight-year-old friend. I was forced to read the whole series within a week. There is absolutely no portrayal of how Rachel and Kirsty get to know each other--they just meet on the ferry and are instantly friends. I guess it's easy for them, since neither has any personality or even any distinguishing characteristics. The language is so dull, dull, dull that I found myself livening it up with some [...]

    5. (Mommy's review from 9/21/10)This is a perfect book (and I'm going to assume series) for little girls. My daughter is just turned 5 years old and this is our third or fourth chapter book. Most of the story she listens to while I'm reading but the text is simple enough that a child learning to read can help out with the story. Julia is able to pick out the words she knows and indentify with others that she's still learning. I'd go ahead and check this out for yourself instead of going by any revi [...]

    6. First of all, the rating is not objective. This book just brings back so many memories that I couldn't help giving it five stars. And it was on sale. Stop judging me.So ladies and gentlemen, "Ruby the Red Fairy" was the very first book I've ever read on my own. What a little champ was I. I remember a six-year-old me, who could just barely read, being overly excited over reading her very first book. It's tiny. Only about 60 pages. But still. It's an achievement for a kid to finish their first boo [...]

    7. This book is only the first in the "Rainbow Magic" series, and it is pretty much just an introduction, setting up the characters and the story. Two girls, Rachel and Kirsty, meet on the ferry on their way to Rainspell Island, where they will be vacationing with their parents for a week. On the first day, they find Ruby the Red Fairy, and they get pulled into a fairy hunt that spans the rest of the series. Ruby has 6 sisters who also need to be found, and presumably, Rachel and Kirsty will find o [...]

    8. This series has been a huge hit with my six-year-old cousin. She and her parents read every night and have read far into the double digits. Every time I see her she updates me on her new ‘fairies’ – she was very excited to tell my sister (Bethany) and I when she got Rebecca the Rock and Roll Fairy and Bethany the Ballet Fairy in the same set. She’s a very imaginative child and so her play has quickly come to centre on stories involving these characters and I finally had to read the books [...]

    9. A number of years ago, I was in a bookstore perusing the chapter book section to see what was popular at that time. When a young girl presented a book from this series to her mother, the mom refused to buy it and told her daughter she had read "enough fairy books" and had to select something else. The child was disappointed and I thought the mother was being too strict, possibly even preventing her daughter from developing a lifelong love of reading. Now that I've read four books from this serie [...]

    10. Having been forced to read about a hundred of these books (the same plot, characters, goodies and baddies but just different fairies each time), I must say that these booksa re drivel of the worst type. My 6 year old loves them as did my 10 year old when she was 5 or 6. What is the attraction? Is it the familiarity of the characters? Is it the fact that at bed time they can just lie there sleepily and not work too hard for the story becasue there is absolutely no plot once one has ready the firs [...]

    11. Whilst these books don't wow they are important in encouraging young readers to read. Pleasure is vital to the early experience of reading for children. Believe me when girls hear descriptions of wings and magic dust, rainbows and fairy fashion their imagination kicks into overdrive. They are great chapter books for those children reading for themselves. So, yes they are repetitive and there are so many in the series - the important thing is the joy of reading and to not abandon reading to your [...]

    12. My six-year-old and I have read the entire color fairy series. She adores them, so maybe I should give them more than two stars. They're incredibly similar to each other. Even my daughter asked, "Mom! Why do they say that in EVERY book?!?" about Jack Frost's motives. They're pretty mediocre -- and so far very non-multicultural.

    13. I read this whole book series when I was in the fourth grade and I really liked them but many of my friends made fun of me for reading them which was just rude. Rachel and Kirsty arrive at RainSpell Island for their summer vacation and soon meet and become best friends. One ordinary day on the island Kirsty and Rachel find a pot that they think is full of gold and find Ruby the red fairy who has been swept away by Jack Frost and her sisters are somewhere else on the island. This book was really [...]

    14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these books. I mean, what an educational series! My youngest, Emma, who is 6, loves them. She finds the books very #relatable. Not exactly sure whyThe books, however seem very similar. I mean, Ruby the Red fairy? Amber the Orange fairy? Honestly society, could you do any better? Besides that, I definitely love Stacy the Soccer fairy! She is such an inspiration to my daughter. I have many mixed feelings about these books, but if you're looking for a fun, well written novel, I def [...]

    15. This is where it all began. Before the music fairies, the fun day fairies, the dance fairies, and so many others, the Rainbow Fairies had to be found and carefully returned to Fairyland. I wasn't as impressed with this book as the others I have read from later sets in this series, because it's too peaceful and there isn't as much plot as I'm used to. No battle. No confrontations. Just "You found me. Let me fill you in on the fact that you have to find my 6 sisters in the next 6 days.". Furthermo [...]

    16. I think these books all turn out to be the same story in the end, and I can only read so many series and then need a nice break from them, but my daughter LOVES the books, so I am fine reading them to her. They are magical, fun, and something a little girl would imagine doing. So no harm done. The first series seems original and fun, but after that it is the same thing over and over. I do like that there are so many fairy names with the books and I found one with my daughter's name and mine.

    17. My mom brought me these books from the library because she knew I liked fairy books. My favorite thing about this book is how Kristy and Rachel had a wonderful imagination. They went to look for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but they found Ruby the red fairy in the pot instead. I also liked how they got to see the past from the magic tree and pond. It was fun to see them go to fairy land and meet the King and Queen. They also saw Jack Frost

    18. 1. Ruby the Red Fairy2. 7/11=40min,7/14=30min3. rainbow,map,pot,fairy,gasped,magic,enjoy4. I like this passage"I always believed in fairies." I hope there are many fairies in this world because when I'm worried about something, I would like to help them.5. This book was very cute book and it was easy to read this book. They did many things in order to search for one fairy. After I read the book, I felt that I wanted to use a magic.

    19. Okay so I didn't really read this one. My 7-year-old read it to me. These series are pretty simple, but good for those just beyond beginning readers who are ready to tackle not-so-complicated chapter books. There is mild suspense and magical fairies any little girl's idea of a literary feast, right? So far we've read 5 of them.

    20. Rainbow magic is a great series for little girls, ages 5-8, I'm about 11 now, and I read these books ALOT when I was little! Ruby starts off the series. So people, please stop rating 1 star just because you are too big and think it's so boring, like legit, that isn't cool

    21. I can see why lots of girls in particular like this series. Not sure if I would use it in a guided reading group but could recommend as an independent reading book for girls.

    22. it was great! it felt good to read the first book of the rainbow fairies seriespecially since this is the first book in a series of 200 books!!!

    23. This is an enjoyable read for younger readers who are just graduating to chapter books and are looking for a gentle fantasy story.

    24. This book was about fairies, and goblins. I think Book worm books should get some more of these books.

    25. One star? Forgive me, dear friends. It would appear my finger slipped on the screen. That or the stars should here be measured 1=infinity, in which case 1 star is all this truly life-affirming book really needs.Never before has an author, in this case Nobel Prize winner Saint Daisy Meadows, so vividly conveyed the beauty and terror of Fairyland. Horrific goblins are juxtaposed with fairies innocent enough to move the unsuspecting reader to tears, and the sounds and colours and smells and feeling [...]

    26. When Rachel and Kirsty meet on the ferry ride to Rainspell Island under a glorious rainbow, they can tell at once that they will be best friends. However, they little guess that they will soon be caught up in the biggest adventure of their lives. When they follow that rainbow to its end they find a pot, but instead of gold it contains a real fairy who tells them all about her six missing sisters. Only by tracking down all the rainbow fairies can they restore color and joy to Fairyland. A bland a [...]

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