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Chokehold This book is part of a series about a single couple which needs to be read in order The ugliest truths blossom into the prettiest lies A year into the relationship with Domenico Seth still wants him

  • Title: Chokehold
  • Author: K.A. Merikan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is part of a series about a single couple, which needs to be read in order The ugliest truths blossom into the prettiest lies A year into the relationship with Domenico, Seth still wants him as desperately as ever Nothing is better than being intoxicated with lust for his deadly man and feeling his steady hands all over No matter the misunderstandingThis book is part of a series about a single couple, which needs to be read in order The ugliest truths blossom into the prettiest lies A year into the relationship with Domenico, Seth still wants him as desperately as ever Nothing is better than being intoxicated with lust for his deadly man and feeling his steady hands all over No matter the misunderstandings, the fights The crash The burn Crossing the Mexican border has been a goal for Seth and Domenico for a few months, but the trip couldn t have ended in of a disaster While Domenico is stuck at home, for Seth each passing day becomes difficult Desperate to keep his family afloat, he accepts a job offer from Los Sepultureros The Gravediggers When Domenico s need for control starts eroding their trust, Seth is sure their love can conquer all But when Domenico rips open the wound left after the violence at the beginning of their relationship, it gushes blood all over their cozy lies and this time, there may be no way to seal it POSSIBLE SPOILERS Themes mafia, cartel, assassin, organized crime, trust issues, religion, love Genre Dark, twisted romance crime thriller Erotic content Explicit scenes Length 110,000 words WARNING Adult content If you are easily offended, this book is not for you Guns n Boys is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.

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      127 K.A. Merikan
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    1. 5 Stars!Dom.Seth.Mark.Loved it.I think this is my favourite book in the series so far,I can't get enough of Dom and Seth.This one sees Dom,Seth and Mark finally crossing the border into Mexico but as usual things don't go smoothly.Dom finds himself in a situation he hates.t being in complete control.As a result Seth finds himself having to step up.As they both battle to do what they think is right there are lies and secrets which causes a huge divide between them.It's no secret that I find Dom's [...]

    2. ALL THE STARS! ALL OF THEM! And some MORE!This is my favorite book in this series. NO SAFETY NET! I am LOVING this SERIES SO much. And this book was absolutely AMAZING! *dreamy eyes*SethDomEach time I finish a book in Guns n' Boys series I am in complete awe. But it's so hard to explain in words ALL my feelings. And God I have SO many things to share!English is not my native language and it's been only a year since I started reading MM stories, and less than a year since I got the courage to wri [...]

    3. decided to play a trick on us, and instead of the usual 24-48h to publish, they only took 3h!Enjoy! :)Feel free to use any images from the media pack for this book! :)kamerikan/chokehold-mpamazon/dp/B01KYR0V70Pinterest: uk.pinterest/KAMerikan/gu

    4. ~~BR with my girls, Ele and Renée!~~4.5 Stars"I wake up every day, and I breathe for you."Oh, Dom & Seth, it has been too long and I have missed you, so. Dom & Seth are undoubtedly my favorite pair of anti-heroes and they did not disappoint at all, in Guns n' Boys: Chokehold. ThoughGuns n' Boys: Swamp Blood still holds the title of "my favorite Merikan novel', Chokehold was and is definitely worthy of the series.You might recall, if you've read the previous books in the Guns n' Boys ser [...]

    5. 5 stars for Dom and SethDomenico and Seth can do no wrong. Dom can just sit his sexy ass at home and just stare at a housefly and I'm entertained. Seth can pout all day about his own inadequacy and I just want to hug him. Of course, when it comes to them, things won't stay peaceful for long. Anyway, something is seriously wrong for how much I like to read about them whether they are doing extremely mundane things or extremely dangerous things.In Chokehold, Dom and Seth together with their new ch [...]

    6. It's back! The love story that has crawled under my skin is back, and the baddest of bad boys are hotter that ever. Yes, that't right! It's Dom"I’m honest. I wake up every day, and I breathe for you,”[]“And without you my life is losing all of its color. I’m stuck in a black and white perfume commercial,” and Seth"If this was what they needed to do, Seth would help however was necessary. He could be a sweet man who liked cooking, but for Domenico, he’d kill, rob, and set fire to the [...]

    7. ~4.5 stars!~Seth and Dom are one of my favorite mm couples of all times. They are complete anti-heroes and completely dysfunctional (it's Merikan, after all), but I love them something fierce. "When you know you couldn't live without him, that's love."This was a great addition to the series. Dom and Seth continue their journey to South America, this time passing from US soil into Mexico. Nothing is ever easy, is it? Betrayed by a person they were forced to trust to get them quietly into Mexico, [...]

    8. 4.5 for this installment- these guys are my crack ! Poor Dom really copped it again in this book really must he endure so much ? Seth became a little more dominant and took over the leadership while Dom recovered. Of course this was messy, emotional and violent as expected but Dom always manages to find a solution- even in the midst of a hurricane

    9. Seth watched him in that way Domenico so desperately craved. As if Dom was the center of his universe and Seth wanted to get close enough to form a constellation with him.My beautiful, crazy boys are back in Chokehold and I couldn't be happier. I think this is my favorite book so far. Hey, I'm a sucker for romance and this installment brought my boys closer to each other.Dom and Seth with their new "kid" Mark are trying to cross the border to Mexico in their journey to South America. Things go w [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars!In Chokehold, , book five of the Guns n’ Boys series, Domenico Acerbi and Seth Villani are on the move, with Mark in tow, trying to cross the Mexican border underground and without incident. Completely cut off from their resources, Domenico relies on limited funds and a handful of trustworthy contacts until their supposedly safe passage is compromised.“We will build a bright future. Disperse all the shadows.”For Domenico and Seth, their path hasn’t been straightforward and duri [...]

    11. If by some cruel twist of fate you haven't even started this series, don't go another day without experiencing for yourself what all the hoopla is about!I am just going to call it- this is the best of the five books of the series, and that's saying a lot![image error]Just when you though things were pretty difficult for Dom & Seth, an accident turns everything topsy turvy and established roles get shredded, much to the dismay of the MC's. A new reality triggers desperation and helplessness b [...]

    12. Dear Kat and Agnes Merikan You are both well-educated ladies of sophistication and great imagination. You are in the business of weaving the written word into spells of lust and wonderment so I thought it only appropriate to write to you this missive in hopes of conveying my feelings in the most eloquent way possible… Fuck you. Seriously, how very dare you?! I am used to the two of you playing your cruel games on my libido but not on my emotions. And yet, here I am, writing this letter as a me [...]

    13. 4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars here on GR because still no 1/2 stars here on GR.Sometimes love just ain't enoughI'm sure that a lot of readers enjoy listening to some music while they read I know I do and sometimes the music just happens. That's what occurred for me this time around. 'Chokehold' is the 5th book in K.A. Merikan's Boys 'n Guns series and I have to admit this one started off a little slow for me. I'm not sure why but when I first started reading this book I was worried because I j [...]

    14. Dom, Seth and Mark are back and it's time to cross the border into Mexico. Too bad things don't go as smoothly as planned. Do they ever?Dom still needs to be in control of everything. Here we see that he feels his control slipping due to circumstances beyond his control and he lashes out. In actions and in words.Seth just wants to feel useful. That he's not just waiting around for Dom to figure everything out. He can help right? Make some decisions and get them through some tough times. This is [...]

    15. Wonderful new book in this series! I loved reading about Dom and Seth again. It was great to meet a new character, Miguel, who is hot and gay and maybe he will have a romance in a future story. I'm glad that Mark is still part of the family and I'm actually looking forward to Dana being back for the next book, too. Dom and Seth's family seems to keep growing. I can't wait for the next book in this series!

    16. I've said it before and I'll say it again.I just love Dom and Seth!One of the best parts about couples in K.A. Merikan books is the grittiness. They are real and raw. They love big, but they also fight big. They say things that hurt each other, but would also die for each other.Thus is the continuing tale of Dom and Seth. Dom is a ruthless killer that is 100%, head of heels, in love with Seth. Meet Seth, a big teddy bear that loves to cook and is equally in love with Dom. Their relationship has [...]

    17. *** K.A. Merikan at their finest, once again ! *** Dom, Seth, and Mark are on the run, heading for Mexico. Trouble finds them nearly right away as Dom gets injured and Seth must figure out how best to support them. Dom hates not being in control and is unable to help. He's mad at his own injury. We got reminded how things have come to this journey. They officially make Mark their son, and are molding him into a man. He's a great addition to the family.There is reminiscing of how they came to be [...]

    18. 4.5 starsChokehold was another awesome addition to this series. As usual the passion and love between Dom and Seth is one of my favorites. I found in this story that while Dom and Seth are deeply and obsessively in love with each other past hurts and insecurities were dealt with and I found that they were finally able to move on and I loved every moment of it. The addition of Mark to their family is great and I look forward to the man he will grow to be. I loved the ending with Dana and it looks [...]

    19. I needed this book to happen, and I didn't even really know i needed it to. So much has happened between book 1 and this book, that you almost forget how they startedThis book was like a confession, absolving them of their sins. They needed to deal with the past and let it go to start over again it *should* have been."The two of them belonged together like sin and confession'- The ugliest truths blossom into the pretties lies-That says it all. Ugly truths, the lies to cover it up. Lies to protec [...]

    20. It is hard to believe that Seth and Dom have been together for only one year – with everything that they have been through it certainly feels longer! The action has been pretty much nonstop, with only the occasional break for licking their wounds or healing some serious injuries. Now that they have reached the Mexican border, their loyal new “apprentice” Mark in tow, sandy beaches, colorful cocktails, and peaceful retirement seem well within reach. Don’t relax too soon – this wouldn’ [...]

    21. Steel and Fire meeting together in a blaze of lust and love I am a Dom and Seth addict. Welcome to their world.My favourite writing duo delivered again today – another 5* winner.All the facets in this diamond of a couple, were exposed, things that have been swept under the table, by both Seth and Dom, come crashing to the surface and it wasn't taking any prisoners!Yes, we were given what we would normally expect – blood spilling violence, vendetta’s, old scores still to be settled, very si [...]

    22. ARC Generously Provided by AuthorsAll I can do is smile as I replay Seth and Dom's journey. This series was my first experience with m/m, but it was the right choice. I wanted to see growth in these characters without drastic changes in who they are. K.A. Merikan didn't disappoint. Dom remains a diabolical force to be reckoned with. He is vain, arrogant, over protective, affectionate, and loving. Seth remains indecisive, sporadic, lovable, spontaneous, and vibrant. They are the same, but have ma [...]

    23. On hold until book #6 comes out and jumps into my waiting arms. I don't want to finish this one beforehand. Come on book #6 (and all the other books to follow). Side note - This series needs to go on forever, you hear me?!? Forever <3!! Dom & Seth = <333333!!*****Update: Suspended @ 9%. I've made the decision to wait for book #6 to come out before continuing with this one. I like knowing there's going to be another book waiting for me as opposed to being done and just waiting :-P!! If [...]

    24. I'm a huge Dom and Seth fan, I've loved all the books so far and was really excited about this one coming out. It was just as much fun, they are crazy in love with each other and the sex is some of the hottest I've ever read. I didn't think the story was as exciting as some of the previous ones but it was still difficult to put down because of Dom and Seth's really close relationship. Looking forward to the next book!

    25. This book was by far the absolute best in the series so far. There's not a single page that isn't filled with action, suspense, plot twists and hardcore emotional heartbreak. This book was intense in every form of the word. It was hard to put down with heart-pumping suspense and at times I had tears streaming down my face. So much takes place as Seth and Dom continue to struggle with past hurts and settling into their new environment. Finally arriving in Mexico holds nothing close to what either [...]

    26. Jen's ReviewI can’t even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was when I got this baby in my hands. I’ve been dying, (dramatic much?) Yes, dying for more of Seth and Dom. These guys are one of my absolute favourite couples of all time. Their relationship is never dull, they are exciting, raw and very sexy. Trouble always seems to find them or somehow they always seem to find themselves in some seriously terrifying, dangerous situations. And let me tell you this latest installment is just as if n [...]

    27. Another deeply delicious tale of death and destruction bound in loveOh these guys! Seth and Domenico are passion and pain, desire and danger, anger and arousal, love and longing.There are two brutally perfect scenes in this book which show that, in spite of everything they've been through, and done to each other, they have a love which is as epic as Antony and Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Rhett and Scarlett. Great lovers all, bound together in eternity.Let's hope this love story has more of an e [...]

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