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Sex Media Alternate cover editionIN B GH ULWTeenage orphan Opal is an online sex performer at Sex Media in Sangbashi China Innocent abused and in fear she and best friend Xian attempt to take justice i

  • Title: Sex Media
  • Author: Carla H. Krueger
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover editionIN B014GH4ULWTeenage orphan, Opal, is an online sex performer at Sex Media in Sangbashi, China Innocent, abused and in fear, she and best friend, Xian, attempt to take justice into their own hands But in the oppressive secret world of Sex Media, no girl has the monopoly on punishment Lonely Simon Webber lives with his retired parents in EdgewoAlternate cover editionIN B014GH4ULWTeenage orphan, Opal, is an online sex performer at Sex Media in Sangbashi, China Innocent, abused and in fear, she and best friend, Xian, attempt to take justice into their own hands But in the oppressive secret world of Sex Media, no girl has the monopoly on punishment Lonely Simon Webber lives with his retired parents in Edgewood, Kentucky He is addicted to pornography To sate secret fetishes, he logs onto Sex Media and selects GIRL with LONG LOOSE HAIR On the other side of the world, teenage orphan, Opal Sang, arrives on the doorstep of an abandoned tower block in Sangbashi, a concrete wilderness once dubbed The Dubai of Northern China She is given her first assignment to dance, near naked and nervous, for the benefit of a stranger in America watching on his bedroom webcam Opal thinks she made the right decision coming here, but something deep inside worries her Opal meets Xian Yu, an ex student who learned to suppress her rebellious streak to avoid the violent temper of manager, Ramirez Xian is resilient and experienced, but when she finds Opal s body alive, yet drugged and abused she decides the time has come to do than survive As the two friends enact their ambitious plan, they dream only of justice and freedom, but in reality, their precious futures hang from a fast unravelling thread Sex Media is a fictional, yet deeply shocking portrayal of the global sex trade at its rawest.

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    • Unlimited [Paranormal Book] æ Sex Media - by Carla H. Krueger ✓
      263 Carla H. Krueger
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Paranormal Book] æ Sex Media - by Carla H. Krueger ✓
      Posted by:Carla H. Krueger
      Published :2018-09-16T23:23:32+00:00

    1 thought on “Sex Media

    1. The book starts with this beautiful poem“Nothing in her life makes sense.All she craves is for the pieces of the puzzle to fit together again.She is sure one day it will happen. She just doesn’t know when.She can’t fight injustice alone – for that, she needs her friends.”and it just gets better from there. Opal Sang is a teenage orphan who travels from rural China to Sangbashi, a fictional urban wilderness where she's been promised a job. When she arrives, her whole world is transforme [...]

    2. I've heard great things about this book and it is exceptionally well-written, with a terrific storyline that hits every nerve in your body, but I just couldn't handle some of the darker elements going on here. The main characters Xian and Opal are fascinating, well-formed and feel like real people. Problem is, that realism also means when they get hurt in such graphic circumstances, you feel a part of yourself starting to crumble. It is painful to imagine. I am so torn, because the way I was aff [...]

    3. Probably one of the best books I've read this year. Two innocent girls, Opal and Xian, find each other in the distorted, abandoned urban district of Sangbashi, China, a fictional mecca for the online porn industry and global prostitution trade. Even the name of the town seems to have its own unpleasant, hidden meaning that reflects the darkness underlying the rest of the story. But running alongside the ill treatment and fear the girls suffer daily is a deeper, more meaningful energy of love and [...]

    4. Sex media starts with a random guy in America logging in for his weekly porn fix. He justifies it knowing that everyone does it and no-one gets hurt.Then we transport to China to where the web site is produced and based. We soon discover what’s going on behind the scenes.Equally sick and compelling you rush through the story to see how things will work out.Can there ever be a happily ever after?

    5. ***EDITOR'S REVIEW***Throughout Carla H. Krueger’s impressive short novel, “Sex Media”, misfortune and malice stalk the working girls of imaginary Sangbashi, an “unfinished and mostly uninhabited” network of tower blocks in Northern China separated from one another by a red river of dust. It’s “a landscape of dreams cemented in the past, of hopes gone cold, of girls and boys for rent in officially empty tower blocks, where none is truly so.” Verbal abuse, isolation and physical a [...]

    6. If I said I enjoyed every aspect of 'Sex Media', I'd be lying. Emotionally, it's a tough subject. As other reviewers have pointed out, some of the chapters are dark and very violent, but the book is written well, with compassion and sensitivity and sure leaves a lasting impression.'Sex Media' is not only the title of the story, but the name of an internet pornography website run by a hard-nosed American by the name of Raoul. He's also one of its most dedicated clients and a real bastard, althoug [...]

    7. Food for thoughtWow. Carla delivers yet again, with this 5th instalment of "From The Horse's Mouth". This is a brutal, uncompromising tale set in the world of online pornography. Despite it telling a tale that is dark, bloody, and violent it is also a tale of never giving up, despite how much the odds may be stacked against you.By the end of the story it really does give you pause to think about an industry that almost literally chews up the girls and spits them out. When added to the facts and [...]

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