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Audubon, On The Wings Of The World

Audubon On The Wings Of The World At the start of the nineteenth century John James Audubon embarked upon an epic ornithological quest across America with nothing but his artist s materials an assistant a gun and an all consuming p

  • Title: Audubon, On The Wings Of The World
  • Author: Fabien Grolleau Jérémie Royer
  • ISBN: 9781910620151
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At the start of the nineteenth century, John James Audubon embarked upon an epic ornithological quest across America with nothing but his artist s materials, an assistant, a gun and an all consuming passion for birdsThis beautiful volume tells the story of an incredible artist and adventurer one who encapsulates the spirit of early America, when the wilderness felt liAt the start of the nineteenth century, John James Audubon embarked upon an epic ornithological quest across America with nothing but his artist s materials, an assistant, a gun and an all consuming passion for birdsThis beautiful volume tells the story of an incredible artist and adventurer one who encapsulates the spirit of early America, when the wilderness felt limitless and was still greatly unexplored Based on Audubon s own retellings, this embellished version of his travels captures the wild and adventurous spirit of a truly exceptional naturalist and painter.Fabien Grolleau has written and created several comics for Vide Cocagne which he co founded as well as the graphic novel, Jaques a Dit.J r mie Royer is an illustrator and designer After studying art for two years in Nice, he specialized in comic book art and illustration in Brussels.

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      414 Fabien Grolleau Jérémie Royer
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    1 thought on “Audubon, On The Wings Of The World

    1. The drawings are gorgeous, but the words fall rather short. This means that my favorite panels were the text-free ones that simply show landscapes or large groups of birds, such as one of the legendary millions-strong flocks of passenger pigeons that took days to cross the sky. The book draws on Audubon’s letters, journal and illustrations to trace his travels across America. His encounters with nature are much more powerful than those with other people, though – with the exception of an ima [...]

    2. Jérémie Royer discovered the work of famed ornithological illustrator John James (or Jean Jacques) Audubon and contacted author Fabien Grolleau about collaborating on an illustrated biography of Audubon, who after failing in various kinds of conventional business pursuits, obsessively followed his dream of finding and painting as many American birds (and some animals) as he could. Audubon saw himself as a scientist, but American naturalists preferred to support the more “scientific” approa [...]

    3. Lovely biography!You can pretty much tell what to expect from this book just from the cover: a lovingly drawn, colorful, comic book biography of John James Audubon. And it doesn't disappoint. It's not concerned with Audubon's younger days so much as his life from the time he began painting birds onward. The writers admit that parts of this book are possibly untrue. Audubon's writings were used as primary sources in creating this, but he'd been known to stretch the truth a time or two. And at lea [...]

    4. I admire the artwork here far more than the prose. The natural world, and the many creatures featured have been beautifully captured. The human characters, however, have an oddly jarring cartoonish feel to them, and I did not feel as though the whole fitted together perhaps as well as it could have. The prose lets it down too; at times too flowery, and at others too matter-of-fact, it never really strikes a balance. The story, however, and historical context are largely fascinating.

    5. I love birds. I really enjoying bird watching and discovered who John James Audubon is because of my love of birds. I have read a few books about Audubon and love reading about his obsession with birds. It was a true obsession. I discovered through Audubon (the website for birding not for the man) that there was a graphic novel out there all about James Audubon's life. Honestly this comic book fell short of being great. The story could be confusing at times. For example there was a time when Aud [...]

    6. What a fantastic book! Creative, artistically impressive, and very informative. I'm a birdwatcher and a fan of Audubon's extensive work. I have a birdwatching book that's documented with all of the birds that visit our yard. I can identify these birds thanks to Audubon, who devoted his life to ornithology. This graphic novel illustrates Audubon's adventures from Canada, Missouri, New Orleans, Great Britain, and finally, his return home. Sure. There are some embellishments. (Most I understand. A [...]

    7. This book was intensely disappointing and I fear that any lengthy review of it by myself would come across as overly harsh. The only positive thing I can say about it is that I enjoyed the art style. As far as the story, it took vast creative liberties but somehow made the story of his life less compelling and coherent. They also seemed to miss a lot of his core personality and injected their own worldview which baffled me quite a lot. Unfortunately I would have to say if you have any interest i [...]

    8. The authors acknowledge that they whitewashed some aspects of the story. I appreciated the disclaimer. Other than that, I loved this gorgeously illustrated biography.

    9. Yes, I love birds and the great outdoors, but I knew very little of John James Audubon. This turned out to be a perfect introduction. In the early 19th century, Audubon began to comb the American wilderness, in search of birds, which he meticulously documented. An artist and adventurer, who firmly placed nature, above everything else, sadly, to the detriment of his family.His meeting with Darwin, during a visit to England is priceless. This is a beautifully illustrated volume, that I can not rec [...]

    10. Achei os desenhos lindos, mas honestamente a história desse cara que desenhou todos os passarinhos da América me interessou 0%.

    11. Sometimes, when my guy-who-likes-baseball-and-sometimes-likes-to-stay-up-later-than-he-should-following-an-entirely-unengaging-digital-representation-of-what's-going-on-in-a-game-halfway-or-all-the-way-across-the-country equivalent of spidey sense goes off and I think the Mariner's have a chance of winning an interesting game, I'll stay up, read, and follow the Mariners out of the corner of my eye. Last night's game was maybe the best of the year, and the book I read was thoroughly enjoyable, an [...]

    12. 4,5/5La fascinante vida de Audubon, y su apasionado proyecto vital de pintar todas las aves de Norteamerica, se plasman perfectamente en este excelente cómic de Fabien Grolleau. Sin duda, su personalidad artística, exploradora y defensora del medio ambiente merecen ser recordadas en obras como éstas.

    13. I liked the book, I love that it made me know the Audubon work that is astonish and it's a beautiful story, if you love drawing you probably will enjoy it but if you are trigger by hunting or animal killing maybe approach it with caution.

    14. A cool look at an interesting biography! I definitely want to read more about Audubon now!The art was lovely and so was the story.Such a delightful book!

    15. A beautifully illustrated, creatively told biography of Audubon that captures his wandering, erratic nature.

    16. Royer's illustrations are the star here and really helps us be immersed in the days where there were still parts of America that could be considered "untouched". The story itself isn't much to get excited about but moves us along with some of the key moments of Audubon's life (with a sprinkling of artistic licence).

    17. A graphic novel biography of John James Audubon that just hits on the main points of his life and focuses on his travels to discover, collect, and paint the birds of North America.Thanks to reading Nancy Plain's biography of Audubon, I knew what to expect going into this. I think his artwork is incredible, and this focuses on that. As a man, he was an awful husband and father. They actually gloss over a lot of Audubon's failings as a father and husband in this version. (He really put his art fir [...]

    18. This gorgeously illustrated graphic novel follows the life and travels of John James Audobon. A failed businessman turned avid birder, Audobon’s life goal was to paint every bird in the United States. Criticized as too unscientific, his lifelike and animated paintings were a failure in America due to the already established novel American Ornithology. After traveling to his home continent of Europe in search of patrons and printers he finally achieved success, and after 11 years his lavishly i [...]

    19. What a fascinating book. I've always admired Audobon's beautiful bird paintings, but never knew much about how he accomplished this life's work. For me this story worked perfectly in a graphic novel format-I don't want to read a 500 page tome about Audobon, but this was engrossing, easy to read, and filled in a lot (using primary source quotations quite often.) I think what's most interesting, and jarring, is to see that this person whose name is associated with conservation and wildlife and app [...]

    20. On suit la vie de ce peintre ornithologique qui a voyagé aux quatre coins des Etats-Unis pour dessiner toutes les espèces d'oiseaux existantes. Il est tellement focalisé sur cette étude qu'il laisse femme et enfants loin pour partir explorer toutes les régions des Etats-Unis. Le récit de ces voyages est magnifié par les dessins d'une nature superbe et de moments aux couleurs marquantes. Audubon a un coup de crayon particulier, il capte plus la vie des oiseaux que simplement leurs caracté [...]

    21. "Jean-Jacques" Audubon was born in 1785 in Haiti, the illegitimate child of a Frenchman and a servant. As he grew up his father officially adopted him and sent him the the United States to make his mark as a businessman. Audubon did enjoy his time in the US and met and married a young woman but sadly all of his business ventures ended in ruins and he was even forced to spend some time in debtor's prison. Once he got out he turned his back on the world of investments and headed out to create a ne [...]

    22. No conocía a John James Audubon, y ha sido muy entretenido hacerlo por medio de esta novela gráfica. Da la impresión de que Grolleau se ha esforzado en dar una visión íntegra del personaje, incluyendo tanto lo que le hacía admirable (su pasión por la ornitología) como sus rasgos menos halagüeños (que fue un padre y marido siempre ausente, su rivalidad con Alexander Wilson, su contradictoria afición por la caza), aunque al final el balance tiende a hacérnoslo simpático.El dibujo y el [...]

    23. This was a lovely graphic treatment of Audubon's life, aimed squarely at middle-grades readers. The story is simplified, and even the creators acknowledge it's been romanticised: notably, that slaves have been removed from the narrative, and the inclusion of some 'imaginary meetings' such as one between a young Darwin and Audubon (while the meeting is theoretically possible, the author notes that the conversation is not). There's a lot that cannot be romanticised, though, not really -- particula [...]

    24. I wanted to like this a lot more than I did. I'd be interested in knowing more about the life of Jean-Jaques Audubon, there's an interesting debate in Audubon's life (at least, as portrayed by Grolleau and Royer) asking if there's room for passion and art in science. There are moments that could have effectively explored Audubon's dedication that end before they get interesting, there are a few other moments that left me frustrated because the story moves on too soon. The first couple chapters w [...]

    25. Graphiquement, c'est une réussite, définitivement. Sans imiter le style d'Audubon, l'illustrateur donne vie aux dizaines d'oiseaux qui peuplent le livre. C'est un vrai plaisir pour les yeux. Le travail des couleurs, chaudes, un peu sépia, est également impressionnant, donnant un ton historique, presque nostalgique, sans être froid. Les moments d'invention/rêve plutôt que de narration sont absolument splendides, avec un côté "carnet de voyage" j'adore.Le récit lui-même est un peu moins [...]

    26. Audubon is more or less half biography half artistic interpretation of the life of James John Audubon. The art is lovely and Audubon’s passion leaps off the pages. Audubon didn’t come across as the most likeable person (that’s not to say he was unlikable), and his fanaticism led him to an unhealthy place, but it’s also clear that that fanaticism was what made him extraordinary. I can’t say that this graphic novel was life changing, but as someone who has recently looked into the Audubo [...]

    27. John James Audubon studied animal behavior and painted wildlife engaged in eating, nesting and other activities, bringing them to life on the page. Yet despite his love of nature, he killed many animals to use as models in his work. This poetic meditation on his life shows his obsession with nature and his struggle to provide for his family. (A note in the book addresses Audubon’s disconnect with how colonial expansion affected the wilderness he sought and the Native American tribes he visited [...]

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