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The Rogue's Omega

The Rogue s Omega Kyle is an omega one of the rare and precious male shifters that exist in wolf packs Born capable of breeding like a female he was raised in the cruel environment of his sire Haldon s pack He s sp

  • Title: The Rogue's Omega
  • Author: Samantha Cayto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kyle is an omega, one of the rare and precious male shifters that exist in wolf packs Born capable of breeding like a female, he was raised in the cruel environment of his sire, Haldon s, pack He s spent his entire short life dreading the time when he d be expected to breed as many pups as possible His fears are realized one night when Haldon hands him over to the frighKyle is an omega, one of the rare and precious male shifters that exist in wolf packs Born capable of breeding like a female, he was raised in the cruel environment of his sire, Haldon s, pack He s spent his entire short life dreading the time when he d be expected to breed as many pups as possible His fears are realized one night when Haldon hands him over to the frightening, yet sexy, alpha of the new Rogue Pack A few minutes in the virile alpha s company triggers Kyle s first heat At first, he assumes the Rogue alpha will breed him then toss him to his pack for sport The male surprises him by taking him as his mate instead Having become the reluctant leader of an unusual wolf pack, Alpha Lorcan simply wants to build a settlement for his ragtag group of shifters Each of them is either a runaway or an undeserving outcast from packs that treated them badly They call themselves the Rogue Pack, and instead of turning dangerous and predatory, they have found a new sense of belonging under Lorcan s guidance Lorcan wasn t looking for a mate just yet, but the beautiful omega male thrust in front of him as part of a treaty with Haldon changes his mind With his new lands secured, he wants to increase his pack and nothing accomplishes that quicker or better than an alpha siring pups Although still emotionally scarred from his own sire s cruelty, he is determined to be a good alpha Doing so by mating with Kyle allows him to mix unwanted duty with unplanned pleasure As Lorcan and Kyle work to form a bond as a mated pair, outside forces threaten to come between them If their lives together are to become than mere duty, each of them will have to overcome his painful past and learn to trust and love.

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      252 Samantha Cayto
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    1 thought on “The Rogue's Omega

    1. I was very, very pleasantly surprised when I got this and read it! I love me a good alpha/omega mpreg story, but so many of the are either smut with poor or little plot, or just poorly written. This had characters with great chemistry, a great story going on at the same time, pack dynamics, and mpreg! Very happy to read something with some substance and quality. I hope there will be more to this series soon!

    2. Cute hurt/comfort mpreg story.And kudos to the author for the ass-baby! No hocus pocus mumbo jumbo with this birth.

    3. 4.5 starsI really enjoyed this. I love when I read a book from a new author and it's good. The best thing that ever happened to Kyle was how he was given to Lorcan. At that time he didn't realize how great that really was. They were perfect together. Looking forward to reading more from this series.

    4. It's a shifter book available on Kindle Unlimited. Anyone who reads these books knows what I'm getting at. It's a decent time waster, but don't expect much more than that.

    5. This was a short quick read that I liked and a hot book cover. Kyles Alpha sire Haldon gives him to the Alpha of the Rogue pack. Lorcan is the Alpha of The Rogue Pack it's a pack made up of misfits shifter's who either ran away from there home packs or was kicked out each one suffered some kind of abuse and Kyle was no exception. Kyle is an omega who has been told his whole life that he is only good for one things to give birth to pups. He is scared to death when his father gives him to Lorcan h [...]

    6. Nothing too vexing really in the storyline. A little drama over who Halden really is to Kyle but other than thatI wasn't thrilled with the mating first night attitude. Lorcan decides Kyle is going to be his mate, but never actually asks him what he thinks or feels. Biologically speaking, I am ok with it, since Lorcan triggered his heat, he's get mounted anyways but he was never given a choice.

    7. Heated and compelling Omegaverse storyI've been reading quite a few "Omegaverse" stories (male Alpha impregnating a male Omega), and most of them have been cheesey, sometimes eye-rolling but sweet escapist reads. This story has a simpler plot than most, but I found the heat and the characters and the writing to be much more compelling than most other Omegaverse fare.While the story was very basic, I felt the descriptions of the characters, their emotions and the setting were interesting, believa [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this story. It began slow and sweet, got hot and steamy, and ended up tender and loving. Very well edited and I very much liked the supporting characters as well. I'd definitely be interested in reading more of this series.

    9. A really nice and sweet Alpha/Omega story.Full of hot sex, with knotting and mpreg. Low on angst and not very plot-heavy and yet I enjoyed it a lot ;)I'll definitely try out the following books in this series :)

    10. This is a new author for me, I hardly read new authors, I'm glad I gave this series a chance it was a very cute story.

    11. Not a bad shifter mate story. Biology and need take a front seat to logic and feelings, but that is a norm for most mate stories. Despite jumping right into the mating on the first night, I liked how Lorcan tried to make Kyle feel worthy. I am interested in reading the other series, but this isn't one that makes me want to drop everything to read them right now.

    12. Good beginning to a really good seriesSamantha Cayto got It right. A gentle omega without being whinny and an insecure alpha who is still dominant sexy and in control.

    13. Sweet and sexyThis is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time. It's exactly what I like my shifter books to be. With the exception of Kyle's mistreatment by his former alpha. I loved his shyness with Lorcan and how sweet and gentle Lorcan tried to be for him. I loved Joey and Mabel and how the pact was small and tight knit. The longhouse and community meals and movie nights made me smile. I loved it. But I mostly loved the connection between Kyle and Lorcan. The distance that g [...]

    14. *shrugs*This was fine I guess? I have definitely read a lot of fic with exactly this plot that did it just as well or better. I feel like I didn't get to know the characters well enough to care much about them but there also weren't enough explicit sexy times to justify reading this only for the porn. Things happened incredibly fast and several emotional steps were skipped to get the Omega pregnant as fast as possible. I guess that was supposed to be the hook? But again, not enough investment in [...]

    15. Good start to a new seriesIt was never particularly clear, but did the Rogue Pack have a vetting process to ensure that the lone wolves that they let in were all exiled unjustly? I thought that both Kyle and Lorcan were strong characters with the depth to be interesting. I'll definitely read more about the Rogue Pack as future books come out.

    16. This book is great!This was the best yet I loved the story the characters were great I even cried along with the omega that is how touching this story is. I loved how the alpha was all protective and yet human as well great story can't wait for more!

    17. Steamy RomanceI loved the fact that the story had a happy ending. The romance was the best! I like that the violence was kept to a minimum.

    18. If you are in the mood for fluff this is candy-cotton sweet and fluffy. The characters are intense and primal shifters and the sex scenes are steamy. This series is an easy comfort read, there is no angst just insta-lust that leaves you pleasantly aroused. In each book the writer throws the MCs straight into in and then instead of character building, plot development and bonding, we get super hot sex that climaxes in a HEA. What's not to like.

    19. 3.5 sweet, uncomplicated stars. This was recommended to me and I'm so glad they did. Nice first meeting, insta lust not insta love, this was a bit clichéd but well written!

    20. Okay Good start to the series. The ending seemed a bit rushed and I really wished they was more interaction with the pack mates.

    21. A pleasant quick read. A bit rushed but as <100 pages in length there wasn't much space for a lot of character development.3.5 stars(4 for GR)

    22. Sweet and ScorchingWould have given this a better ranking if it had been at least proofed. Misspellings threw me out of the story one too many times. But, it is a nice, sweet, and hot story otherwise

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