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Understood When she breaks free from the bondage of her past he ll be waiting Jake Turner committed the ultimate mistake of falling in love with his best friend s wife The distance he puts between them costs bo

  • Title: Understood
  • Author: Maya Banks
  • ISBN: 9781599983028
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook
  • When she breaks free from the bondage of her past, he ll be waiting.Jake Turner committed the ultimate mistake of falling in love with his best friend s wife The distance he puts between them costs both him and Ellie Matthews dearly Jake will never forgive himself for not seeing what a bastard his friend was Now that Ellie is free from her nightmare, Jake waits, needingWhen she breaks free from the bondage of her past, he ll be waiting.Jake Turner committed the ultimate mistake of falling in love with his best friend s wife The distance he puts between them costs both him and Ellie Matthews dearly Jake will never forgive himself for not seeing what a bastard his friend was Now that Ellie is free from her nightmare, Jake waits, needing and wanting He ll be there when Ellie is ready to spread her wings.Warning this title contains Explicit sex, graphic language.

    Understood For Learning and Attention Issues Stay informed Sign up for weekly emails with helpful resources for you and your family By signing up, you acknowledge that you reside in the United States and are at least years old, and agree that you ve read the Terms and Conditions.Understood does not Understood Definition of Understood by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web The brain is famously the least understood parts of the body, the sheer complexity of human thought is something scientists have struggled with for years David Grossman, Popular Mechanics, Scientists Re create Baby Brain Readings in a Dish, Nov Darlin Nikki Janzen, a spoken word artist and Milwaukee Public Schools teacher, discussed her own Understood Synonyms, Understood Antonyms Thesaurus Without knowing why, they understood perfectly now that neither had been ingenuous In most parts of Mesopotamia it was understood as readily as the native tongue. Understood Define Understood at Dictionary Understood definition, simple past tense and past participle of understand See . Understood definition of understood by The Free Dictionary understood n d r sto od v Past tense and past participle of understand adj Agreed on assumed the understood conditions of troop withdrawal Not expressed in writing implied the understood provisos of a custody agreement understood nd st d vb the past tense and past participle of understand adj implied or Understood Home Facebook Understood, New York, New York , likes , talking about this A program of nonprofit organization National Center for Learning Disabilities, Understood UnderstoodOrg Twitter Understood YouTube Understood is a comprehensive resource for parents of kids with learning and attention issues that provides clear answers, simple tools and ongoing support Understood definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary Understood definition Understood is the past tense and past participle of understand Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples About Understood What Is Understood Understood was created by nonprofit organizations to help parents of children with learning and attention issues Learn about our mission, team and story.

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      263 Maya Banks
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    1 thought on “Understood

    1. The premise of this book had potential, but it needed more pages to be developed. As it was, the subject of Ellie's abuse wasn't dealt with the necessary depth to draw me into the story. Jake and Ellie were nice characters, but their HEA felt "forced": I didn't believe she was already emotionally stable to commit herself to him - or any other man, for that matter - and the nervous breakdown she had near the end of the story proved that.Overall, this wasn't a bad read, but it wasn't good enough t [...]

    2. This was a pretty ok book. It seemed a little short to me. But maybe that's actually a good thing? It means I didn't get enough!! I didn't realize that it was 106 pages so I was expecting a little more.Ellie Matthews is a damaged woman. She married "The Golden Boy" who went to a great NFL career. But as time went on, he changed. He ended up beating the shit out of her. I couldn't tell if it was on a regular basis but if it was just once. Not that it matters. He's a piece of shit either way. In a [...]

    3. Flimsy plot and scant characterization left me uninterested in the characters. Consequently, the sex scenes left me cold, as out-of-context porn scenes might. The domestic abuse issue was treated fancifully, which bothered me. If you're going to bring that bugaboo up, at least do it right. Don't put it in there as a cheap and easy vehicle for angst.

    4. (Grrr. lost my fucking review, so this is the second attempt. I hate rewriting long reviews from memory.)I'm still currently reading this book, but it's rapidly looking like it may end up in the "abandoned" category. I'm just starting the fourth chapter, but I've already decided the heroine is "too stupid to live" and the hero should be in a Geico commercial, the cavemen ones.Jake was Ellie's ex-husband's best friend. He didn't realize till the bitter end that her ex was abusive - it didn't spe [...]

    5. I usually like this author, so I was surprised to not actually like this one. Maybe it was just too short to get into it.

    6. The characters felt like cartoon characatures more than real people, the plot was practically non-existant and the sex scenes bland and unevokative. The writing also had many adjectives and adverbs that could have been culled to give a cleaner and more enjoyable read.While Jake's character may have been somewhat interesting (if used in a different story with a different woman and perhaps some serious kink), Ellie left a lot to be desired. After the abuse she went through at the hands of her ex-h [...]

    7. Jake has been in love with his best friend's girl since they were in high school. Ellie married, and then later divorced the other guy, and of course, fell in love with Jake. The story picks up two years after Ellie's divorce. After she left her husband after his abuse became too much for her to bear. I had a lot of problems with this story. I felt like I had started reading a story in which I had skipped ahead to chapter 20 of 40, so I missed out on what happened in the beginning, but there was [...]

    8. It's a good thing I listened to the 2nd in the series first because I didn't care for this novella at all. Both main characters annoyed me. Ellie was a total wimp. OK, her ex-husband had been abusive. Understandable that she'd be jumpy, but she was just too much of a cliché to be appealing. And Jake, Mr. Macho, admits he's been in love with her ever since he met her, despite the fact that she was married to his best friend. His manner was supposed to be forceful and protective, but he came acro [...]

    9. If I had read this first, I don't think I would have read the rest of the series. I didn't care much for either of the characters. Jake was too macho and possessive for someone who really cared for and wanted to protect someone coming from an abusive relationship. Ellie was just too weak for my liking. I know she experienced some bad things in the past, but she almost seemed to need therapy for PTSD. I just didn't find the story relatable or believable. Since I have already read books 2 and 3, I [...]

    10. Ellie needs to shake the cobwebs off shall we say. So she goes to a bar to do just that only the object of her affection is there and he is not having it. He literally takes her in to his hands and takes her home.Jake has been waiting in the wings for Ellie to be ready for something more with him since her divorce. He is running out of patience. Ellie’s marriage was a bad one. And Jake saved her one fateful night. When these 2 finally come together it is so freaking hot you need to have a cold [...]

    11. This book was ok. It was a very short story that didn't really make me feel anything. I didn't care much for either of the characters, the romance was so-so and sometimes the emotions fell flat. Definitely not my favorite by Maya Banks!

    12. The first book was the second one I read of the Unspoken trilogy so I knew what will happen from page one.Jake wanted Ellie for years but she was Ray's girlfriend and later wife.Ray raped and abused Ellie and noone knew anything about it.When she when to the police they returned her back to her husband cause he was the golden boy and there wasn't a chance that he would do anyting like that.Two years later Ellie goes to a bar where Jake.There Jake realises that she is terrified and takes herhome. [...]

    13. A sex-fest with a side story of a battered woman and the man who’s wanted her forever.I’m not a big fan of battered-woman storylines, except when that terrible experience makes her a better and worthy heroine (which seldom happen, by the way—they usually just use their fears to hid behind instead of going back to the living, and it’s the hero that has to literally drag them out of their hole, but is still afraid of their “fragile” state and she spends the majority of the story throwi [...]

    14. Bought from *adult only title*How was the Sexy: The heat between Jake and Ellie was smoldering yet tender and sweet. Due to the nature of the backstory the "bedroom" scenes were almost like a discovery time for Ellie and Maya did an excellent job of making them hot/steamy/exciting.How was the Story: The story was excellent though a little heartbreaking. The blend of the hotness and the story was done in a really good way that you got the right amount of both.Complaints: There was a section that [...]

    15. Understood is a very short Maya Banks story, and a very enjoyable fast read. I became a quick fan of Ellie. Having been a jock, I related to both Jake, and much less to Ray, but know this jerk type. While certainly understandable from a real world story, I liked Jake for watching after her and rescuing her from a bleak looking breaking out of depression attempt.Domestic abuse occurs desparingly, and I was delighted in the caring attention Jake took to help her heal. Romance and steamy sex is a g [...]

    16. Jake has been in love with Ellie for years. He stood by and watched her marry his best friend and then supported her when their marriage fell apart. Now Jake is ready to claim Ellie as his own but is she ready for another relationship?Maya Banks is one of my favorite erotica authors. I completely fell in love with her writing when I read Colters' Woman in 2006. However, as much as I enjoyed the characters and the plot of Understood, I felt that it was a little underdeveloped. It mostly revolved [...]

    17. Mijn eerste Engelstalige boek van dit genre. Het was een aanpassen. De mannen in de boeken van Maya Banks weten altijd wat ze willen. En wat ze willen krijgen ze ook. Hier in dit verhaal was dit net hetzelfde. Jake is al lange tijd verliefd op de vrouw van zijn beste vriend. Wanneer het huwelijk misloopt en Ellie haar angst overwint, staat niets Jake in de weg om haar hart te veroveren. Ik moet toegeven dat ik al betere boeken van haar heb gelezen. Er zit weinig inhoud in, een beetje drama en ve [...]

    18. I now understand what all the raves are about. I am now officially a Maya Banks fan. :)A hot, sweet, if much too short, read.

    19. jake and ellie.e and hothe loved her in hight school but she married his best friendhe was abusi ve and beat here ran to jakes the nite she left him then disappeared for yearse feels dirty because of the marriage but jake persues her and they are truly in love and start a hot love affairher ex is still a famous football player and is on tv saying how he loved her but she cheated on him again ellie takes off but jake finds her at football fieldher ex finally fesses up that he lied and she and jak [...]

    20. When she breaks free from the bondage of her past, he ll be waiting.Jake Turner committed the ultimate mistake of falling in love with his best friend s wife. The distance he puts between them costs both him and Ellie Matthews dearly. Jake will never forgive himself for not seeing what a bastard his friend was. Now that Ellie is free from her nightmare, Jake waits, needing and wanting. He ll be there when Ellie is ready to spread her wings.

    21. A woman comes out of an abusive relationship, never gets therapy, continues to be haunted by the violence, is Not bothered when her love intrest threatens (lovingly) to spank her or tie her to his bed? The plot evolution was weak, the resolutions unbelivable and the only reason I gave it two stars is because I finished listening to it, though it really was touch and go there for a bit.

    22. Short story, lots of sex. Jake has loved Ellie a long time and didn't realize she was in an abusive relationship until she ran to him one evening. He's been waiting for her to heal and once he sees her out on the prowl quickly claims her. Not as indepth as I like but I think that's the constraints of a short.

    23. It is a super short audiobook. Only two hours, its a quick listen. This is the story of two old friends, where one has been in love with the other but waits to end up with her. Not knowing that his best friend was abusive to her during their marriage. Jake regrets not knowing who his best friend really was.

    24. AwweeeThis book moved rather quickly which I don't mind,but at times it seemed that certain things could've been delved into I truly appreciate the writing although it's a different tune that I'm used to. All in all a good read

    25. I don’t think an abused character necessarily works in this short format. It made it feel glossed over and I didn’t like it. If it was longer and perhaps he didn’t quite steamroll her even when he knew her situation I may have enjoyed it. ‘Love’ doesn’t stop triggers lol

    26. I'm not even gonna start with why the 1*, but it's a fast read. (which is why i usually pick up a book of this genre)

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