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No Free Lunch

No Free Lunch Hal Spacejock is a loner struggling to make his way in a huge uncaring galaxy His occasional brushes with the law have left him wary and suspicious of authority The Peace Force is a proud and dedica

  • Title: No Free Lunch
  • Author: Simon Haynes
  • ISBN: 9781921361081
  • Page: 317
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hal Spacejock is a loner, struggling to make his way in a huge, uncaring galaxy His occasional brushes with the law have left him wary and suspicious of authority.The Peace Force is a proud and dedicated body of humans and robots who work together to solve crimes and keep the Galaxy safe.Now, one of them desperately needs the other.

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      317 Simon Haynes
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    1 thought on “No Free Lunch

    1. This one is my favorite Spacejock book yet. I really liked how it was different from the others by throwing a little murder mystery in the mix. I liked Harriet and the story was really good. I hope the next book is just as good!

    2. Fantastic story with a hint of romance. Haven't enjoyed a series this much since Discworld. Simon Haynes seems to have the same dry witty sense of humour as Terry Pratchett. Can't wait for book five! Unfortunatly it's a year off. *sigh*

    3. Well, I tend to be a very serious, somber fellow, so normally I wouldn't be caught dead reading one of those humorous SF/F books*. But, well, I was on vacation, you know? And every once in a while it's fun to lighten up a bit. The Hal Spacejock books are satirical action tales about a not-entirely-competent freighter pilot (Hal) and his too-serious robot partner (Clunk). I've reviewed the other three books in the series, and my sense all along has been that they're entertaining reads, but that t [...]

    4. A nice break. This "space opera" is a throw-back to the pulp SF of the 40s-50s with no attempt to bring much real science into an adventure in space. Hal is almost the Bertie Wooster of his world with a trusty robotic Jeeves by his side. Clever plotting and occasional bad puns and double e's make for an amusing and quick read.

    5. I love the Hal Spacejock books. Life is serious enough. I personally love to escape into Hal's universe. He will boldly go where no man or robot would dare even think about. The mistakes get made and somehow it works out for him. Most of the time there is little or no violence but there are times when you know it should happen. But Hal's luck and good robot keep him alive. Thanks, Simon, for fun!

    6. Yet another triumph. Haynes' HS books just get better and better. Looks like romance is on the horizon for our Hero! Roll on book 5.

    7. Absolutely loved it! The nature of Haynes' writing has me in fits of laughter, often while in public. I could not put this book down!! Can't wait to dive into #5 :D Highly recommend.

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