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The Legacy

The Legacy The Dramatic Conclusion to Michael Phillips s Shetland Islands Saga Loni Ford s unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate not to mention a title in the Shetland Islands has caused than a stir

  • Title: The Legacy
  • Author: Michael R. Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780764217500
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Dramatic Conclusion to Michael Phillips s Shetland Islands Saga Loni Ford s unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate not to mention a title in the Shetland Islands has caused than a stir in the quiet fishing hamlet of Whale s Reef How is life ever to be the same with an outsider and a woman, at that playing such a pivotal role in the life of this conThe Dramatic Conclusion to Michael Phillips s Shetland Islands Saga Loni Ford s unexpected inheritance of substantial real estate not to mention a title in the Shetland Islands has caused than a stir in the quiet fishing hamlet of Whale s Reef How is life ever to be the same with an outsider and a woman, at that playing such a pivotal role in the life of this conservative community But it isn t just the locals who have deep misgivings about the current situation Loni herself never imagined this in her wildest dreams What Loni is sure of, however, is that she is falling in love with Whales Reef, with its hardy people, with its simple, peaceful way of life, and with local chieftain David Tulloch, whose inheritance she has usurped, at least in the eyes of some But life in Whales Reef is not without drama Deep rifts exist between certain lifelong residents, and when one local resident turns up dead, suspicion is cast in the direction of the island s most prominent family How Loni and David deal with this challenge will go a long way in determining their future, and that of the quaint island community.

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    1. "The Legacy" is a heartfelt story of faith and family. I love anything to do with Scotland, so I was eager to pick this book up. I've also read some of Michael Phillips's other books and have enjoyed them immensely, especially the classic "Stonewycke" series. I'm very glad I did read "The Legacy", even though I haven't yet read the first two books in this series! "The Legacy" by Michael Phillips is the third book in the "Secrets of the Shetlands" series. The beginning of the book summarizes the [...]

    2. Little town's a quiet village. Every day like the one beforeUntil Loni Ford, American business woman, gets word of an inheritance passed down through scottish ancestors she wasn't before aware or even now sure she had!In this epic conclusion to Phillips family saga, past and present parallel to reveal missing and correlating pieces of history that will now shape the future of Whales Reef and the lives of Its chief and laird, Loni and David.Gripping and dramatic, rich and flowing, the Legacy is w [...]

    3. "Everyone is writing two life stories . . . . Few, however, take in hand the authorship of the most important of the two, that inner autobiography it falls to each of us to write for themselves."Most ancestral lineages showcase property and possessions, but in the case of this novel, inheritors will gain a for more important legacy, a legacy of faith. When Loni Ford inherits land in the Shetland Islands, she has no idea how far away from her career in Washington, DC that one excursion will take [...]

    4. This book was a good ending of his shetland series. I have read several of Phillips' books and they all have a deeper underlying theological challenge woven in the surface and simpler storyline. This series was long and at times could have been more succinct, but the author always has a reason for the details.

    5. The Legacyby Michael PhillipsBethany HouseBethany House PublishersChristianPub Date 04 Jul 2017 I am voluntarily reviewing a copy of The Legacy through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:Loni Ford finds herself the heiress of Whales Reef a remote island in the Shetlands.This book takes us from 2006, to, 1924 New York Harbor. In 1924 Emily leaves New York and heads to Scotland.Robert Glendeening is a London Journalist who is from London.In 1924 Island explorations begin. Emily goes to Whales [...]

    6. Saturday, September 2, 2017The Legacy by Michael Phillips, © 2017Secrets of the Shetlands, Book 3a long anticipated read of ~ The Legacy ~ the third and final book in the seriesMy Review:Over the years Ernest would discover that the hunger to write one's inner biography on the hidden tablets of the heart was rare even among Christians.At length he became more circumspect in sharing his journey with others. He realized that the hunger he felt could not be transmitted by enthusiasm or even by exa [...]

    7. The LegacySecrets of the Shetlands #3By Michael PhillipsThis book is the conclusion to Michael Phillips's Secrets of the Shetlands series which takes the reader on a journey through time and place. This is a story told on two fronts the past and the present and both take place in America and the Shetland Islands. And as anyone who has read Michael Phillips in the past will readily agree his stories are a delight and the reader does not get lost with the changes between time.Loni Ford has come to [...]

    8. For me, and I’m sure for many readers, it is always a bittersweet moment when you reach the final pages of a series that has worked its way deep into your heart and imagination. As one of my favorite authors, many of Michael Phillips’ series are very dear to me; but perhaps none quite so much as his latest work entitled “Secrets of the Shetlands”. Published by Bethany House in the summer of 2017, “The Legacy” is the final installment of the Shetland saga, and masterfully closes a nar [...]

    9. Be prepared to be transported to the Shetland Islands and immerse yourself in the Village of Whales Reef! Michael Phillips has spun a well-written tale of love and loss, of loyalty and deception, of faith and forgiveness, set in a location that I long to visit myself. In this book in particular, I was utterly charmed by the people of Whales Reef, and greatly enjoyed reacquainting myself with the Island's Laird, Loni, and the chieftain, David, as they dance ever closer to "till death do us part". [...]

    10. The Legacy is the final book by Michael Phillips in his Secrets of the Shetlands trilogy, following The Inheritance and The Cottage.The Legacy pulls together all the loose ends, weaving the present with the past. As Loni and David grow closer, they have life altering decisions to make and a murder to solve.Loni also continues to read her great-grandmother’s journal, which ties together the past events into the present and builds a bridge between the generations.The Legacy also finds transforma [...]

    11. I'm a huge fan of Michael Phillips and an even bigger fan of this series! I loved the first two books in his Secrets of the Shetlands series (The Inheritance and The Cottage) and have been waiting to read the final book three! Now that it's out one can read all three in succession - no need to refresh the family tree and history as you read the next one! I thank him for providing the family tree and the map as I referred to them often to refresh my memory and assure myself I was on track! What I [...]

    12. I understand this is the third book in a series. I have not read to the first two books and I feel like I missed a great deal. I don’t feel like it can be read and truly enjoyed as a standalone. Scotland is some place I would love to visit. The author captured the beauty of the landscape, the historical background, and the heart of the people that live there. While I enjoyed his attention to detail in all aspects, at times it made the reading rather slow and cumbersome. There were points I had [...]

    13. Excerpt: For him the land was life. It was a legacy that had been passed down to him and that was his responsibility to love and protect and pass along to his descendants with the same devotion. It is what he called the Deuteronomy legacy. The land was a biblical symbol for something deeper—a permanent family legacy that can only be passed down from fathers to their sons and daughters. The author narrates this novel with the alternating stories of Emily Hanson, a young American Quaker student, [...]

    14. I enjoyed this last novel in the Shetlands series. Phillips has done a masterful work in tying the end to the story of Loni and David. I love everything Scotland, so the imagery was a treat. I appreciate the attention to details on landmarks and in bringing the Scottish culture to life.The Legacy focuses on the past and the present (1924 & 2006). Told from a third person point of view, the reader gets insights into the characters' thoughts making it easier to connect with them in a deeper le [...]

    15. This is by far the best series Michael Phillips has written at least that I have read. I loved the first two books, and have been eagerly waiting for this third and final book in the series. This book goes back and forth between the past and future more than the two previous books did, focusing on Loni's great grandfather and great grandmother's meeting, dating, marriage, and the rest of their lives. To be honest, I was a bit distracted by this at first and wished the author would stick to the m [...]

    16. This was an enjoyable conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands series. It definitely helps to read these books in order. It was interesting to see how the situation with Hardy was going to play out as he was accused of murder. I liked how the new minister was introduced and what he brought to the story. It was very cool to see Hardy's transformation and the minister's influence. Learning more about what led to World War II was fascinating. It was also exciting to see Winston Churchill enter th [...]

    17. My Thoughts:I have savored the Secrets of the Shetlands series! I just loved it. It has mystery, romance, history, and science all woven together into a lovely story that spans a century of family history. It's a series that requires patience. Three long books create an atmosphere of old-fashioned, up-to-date, nostalgic small town, big city dichotomy. If you are a patient reader, who likes to take time to enjoy long stories, I think you will enjoy this series.The Legacy is book three, the final [...]

    18. This book was a satisfying conclusion to this Secrets of the Shetlands series. I like how everything was wrapped up neatly, with quite a few surprises, by the end. The author goes into great detail within Emily and Brogan's story, tying it together with Loni, David and their friends stories. How he kept everything straight is amazing. Now, I don't know if I would call it a dramatic conclusion to the series but this novel answered questions about Loni's family's past and solves a mystery. Probabl [...]

    19. The legacy is a story of love, faith, happily ever afters and murder. What a combination - This book is part of a trilogy and to know some of this is to know the other two books - but not necessarily. Loni was given the whole Island as a willed gift - can you imagine being told - hey - guess what you inherited an island. Man would that be cool - but then again - the people there did not appreciate that and they did not like her and didn't want her there Time goes by she starts to fall for the pe [...]

    20. Michael Phillips draws the Secrets of the Shetlands series to a close with The Legacy. I always struggle saying goodbye to characters, and Loni, David, Audney, and the rest are no exception!While at times I found the pacing a tad slow, I enjoyed reading Emily's and Loni's parallel plots. Brogan turned into a joy of a character, as did the new reverend; Phillips bravely introduced new characters late in the game - and succeeded. I also found the side plot of Brogan's father and Winston Churchill [...]

    21. I love this book cover there is something so romantic about the sheep, the fog, the couple and the house/estate in the distance.This the dramatic conclusion to Secrets of the Shetlands. So be sure not to miss the other two books because one really needs to read the first two books to understand all that is going on in this dramatic conclusion.Lone Fors had an unexpected inheritance and a title that goes with he inheritance. But, remember, the "natives" consider Loni and outsider. So how can an o [...]

    22. This book is another long one, 466 pages in length. Unlike the first two books, this book does not have a lot of action in the story to make it fast-paced. It was a little harder for me to get through it, but the story did help to tie up many of the questions the first two books bring to light in Loni's past. Michael Phillips brings in a lot of the Quaker's ideologies and he also includes his favorite author George MacDonald too. I thought it was fun how he brought in some familiar references fr [...]

    23. This trilogy would make a wonderful PBS series :). The characters are solid and believable, patient and thoughtful, while the villains are truly aggravating. The spiritual and historical content is deep and well researched. Without a spoiler, my favorite moment from all three novels was in this third and final installment, when one of the characters went to get tea during WWII and saw someone he recognized. Soooo good! With that said, I also found myself skimming through some of the slower segme [...]

    24. What a beautiful book! The language is so moving and artistically voiced. I absolutely love books with such language that comforts me, all wrapped up in the poetry of the words that the meanings reach deeply inside me. I will definitely be reading this series again, if not for the beautiful wording, then for the messages of character & goodness that the people portray. I honestly believe that living a life of personal morals is achievable for anybody. And this series exemplified making decen [...]

    25. The Legacy is the perfect conclusion to the Secrets of the Shetlands series. This sweeping series ends the beautiful story of Loni Ford's adventure in Scotland. I enjoyed how the author wove the many tales of Scottish legacy with the reality of Loni's life in America. The colorful characters add fun and frolic, along with depth and texture to the multilayered story. With the lovely setting, I felt like I strolled through the heather with Loni and David as they sorted out their lives and discover [...]

    26. This is the concluding story of a young American woman who becomes heiress to a small fishing island in the Shetland Islands. A fun, entertaining read, because it’s Scottish. (I love anything Scottish.) It is imaginative and endearing but also predicable and unrealistic. Everyone marries their soul mate and lives happily ever after. On a more profound level I struggled with the references to a deeper life of faith. It seemed the author didn’t go deep enough, leaving out references to what em [...]

    27. I really enjoyed the setting, but there are too many perfect people living here. The story's pace is so leisurely that it was a good bedtime read--as long as I didn't have to keep turning to the family tree asking, "Who is this person?" The author does a good job of sharing the character's thoughts and motivations, but there is goodness overload. The main characters are perfect; they write perfect letters; they have perfect friends; they travel the world together (because they must all have perf [...]

    28. I thoroughly enjoyed Michael Phillips' series, Secrets of the Shetlands.As always his writing is full of such depth as to become almost devotional for me. The final book in the series, The Legacy, was not different in that respect; encouraging the reader to make God their Center.This series spanned many generations, from 1749 to 2006; full of rich history and the beauty that is the Shetlands. The characters have such depth as to be almost real; surely I could converse with them!Do yourself a fav [...]

    29. “The Legacy” was a fine conclusion to Michael Phillips’ Secrets of the Shetlands series. This particular volume was lengthy and there was some repetition from the previous two books; however it did serve to catch me up on things I had forgotten during the months between reading them. Although mostly a continuation of Loni and David’s story, readers might just find a bonus romantic tale or two within the pages.As the story bounces between the present with Loni and David and the past with [...]

    30. The entire "Secrets of the Shetlands" trilogy was very enjoyable. It was filled with well-rounded, unique characters. This book, more than the other two, brought in additional characters to the story that perhaps muddled the basic storyline a bit, but not overly so.Overall, I enjoyed this series a great deal. Phillips is a great writer and helps the reader to truly feel drawn in not only to the story, but to the place, time and perspectives of each character. I highly recommend this series!

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