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Dark Deception

Dark Deception New Edge of Your Seat Read from an Established Romantic Suspense Author Kate O Brien has been leading a quiet life in small town Shelter Cove Arkansas for the past four years when her past suddenly

  • Title: Dark Deception
  • Author: Nancy Mehl
  • ISBN: 9780764217784
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Edge of Your Seat Read from an Established Romantic Suspense Author Kate O Brien has been leading a quiet life in small town Shelter Cove, Arkansas, for the past four years when her past suddenly comes roaring back to life Four years ago, she and her twin sister were attacked by an elusive serial killer Only Kate survived, and it was her drawing of the attacker alonNew Edge of Your Seat Read from an Established Romantic Suspense Author Kate O Brien has been leading a quiet life in small town Shelter Cove, Arkansas, for the past four years when her past suddenly comes roaring back to life Four years ago, she and her twin sister were attacked by an elusive serial killer Only Kate survived, and it was her drawing of the attacker along with some last minute evidence that convicted the suspect She s been in witness protection ever since, but new evidence suggests the convicted man isn t the murderer and she s been subpoenaed to testify in the new trial Nervous about the risk, she ll only agree if the same marshal who protected her during the original trial escorts her to St Louis Deputy U.S Marshal Tony DeLuca accepts the assignment to bring Kate to the trial, remembering how her strength impressed him While in Shelter Cove, however, he gets a call from his chief, advising them to stay in Shelter Cove until a new development in the case can be straightened out But when Kate s safety is threatened, Tony must race against the clock to keep her alive and put this ugly case to rest before anyone else gets killed.

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    1 thought on “Dark Deception

    1. Wow! What an intense ride! A serial killer on the loose plus a US Marshal charged to protect the only survivor equals masterfully written tension and suspense. Add in a quiet small town nestled in a mountain lake cove? The stuff of thrillers.I love Kate’s character! Her gracious heart is evident, and so is her will to survive. As the novel progresses – while you’re gnawing your nails to the quick and frantically turning pages – we see her will to live emerge as well. Tony is a swoonworth [...]

    2. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with this novel. Dark Deception didn't live up to the same standards as book one in the series, which combined romance with lots of suspense and good mystery solving. While Dark Deception combined the same three components, I was frustrated by this story that I thought predictable and lacking in romantic development.Kate O'Brien survived a brutal attack that killed her sister. Kate's testimony helped put a serial killer in jail. Now, new evidence suggest t [...]

    3. Once you turn that first page you will begin a ride with you heart in your throat, from beginning to end. “Who’s on first” came to mind as the list of characters on-folds and then changes, evil personified, and they find one another.The terror begins when Kelly O’Brien is murdered in front of her sister Kate, who is also left for dead, but Kate is a survivor. She has forged through two trials and now a third looms, can she do it again?She has been under witness protection and hiding in S [...]

    4. I really liked Kate in this book. I also really liked how she was so strong even though she didn't always feel very strong. Her ordeal was quite terrible but she overcame so muchThis was a very complex story with so many characters and so many possible villains. It was actually really hard to keep everyone straight. But that also kept me on my toes the entire time. It was nearly impossible to try to figure out whodunit. One of my favorite parts was toward the beginning when Tony was there for Ka [...]

    5. A nail-biting thriller that kept me riveted (and checking my windows and doors to make sure they were locked!) The intricate plot includes some fascinating police procedurals that had me puzzling over clues right along with law enforcement. Mehl masterfully pulls all the pieces together at a tantalizing pace -- not too fast, not too slow. There's plenty of time to ponder and figure things out while looking askance at something a character says or jumping out of your skin when the hero or heroine [...]

    6. Brilliant storyteller, Nancy Mehl, has once again crafted a dramatic, spine-tingling suspense—guaranteed to keep you holding on to the edge of your seat with bated breath! My emotions ran the gamut as I took a chilling roller coaster ride into the mastermind behind numerous serial killings and his intended victim, Kate O'Brien. Kate has been living a quiet life in small-town, Shelter Cove, under an assumed name, after a horrendous attack four years prior by a notorious serial killer took the l [...]

    7. If you want a twisty suspense designed to keep you off-kilter, this is it. Sure, if you read enough mystery/suspense, it's easy to pick up on clues so that the book is not completely one surprise after another, but it's definitely complex enough that I have trouble believing anyone could peg the entire mystery. Complex can often mean confusing, but the author does a good job of rehashing things in an orderly manner in the end so that it all makes sense.The romance is definitely secondary to the [...]

    8. Nancy Mehl did a superb job of keeping me in suspense until the very end. Kate was such a strong character even though she didn’t always realize it, but I as the reader could definitely see her strength. And Tony. He is truly swoon-worthy and he has trouble keeping Kate in the I-need-to-keep-her-safe part of his brain. She kept creeping into his I-could-love-this-woman thoughts.And when evidence surfaces that the man she identified as the Blue-Eyed Killer is not BEK, her world turns upside dow [...]

    9. The author, Nancy Mehl, writes books of mystery or suspension with a touches of romantic interest. Often set in a small town where a strong conservative religious community abides, her stories have heretofore been quite receptive to the Christian fiction reading audience.In the new Defenders of Justice series, we are given stories set in the average city or town and populated by characters that take the reader into emotional journeys beyond the pale. Book two exposes the raw depravity of the cri [...]

    10. When Kelly and Kate O’Brien were viciously attacked by Alan Gerard, only one of the teenaged twin sisters—Kate—survived. It took all her strength and courage to testify against Gerard, who has killed a number of young girls. Now, new evidence points to a different suspect and Gerard decides to recant his confession. Apparently, only Kate’s eyewitness testimony stands between a serial killer and exoneration. Called to return to St Louis to testify in a second trial, Kate depends heavily o [...]

    11. My thoughts: DARK DECEPTION is Ms. Mehl's latest, and the second in the Defenders of Justice series. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I did the first, thoughthe action and suspense were still top notch and engaging. Kate is a hurting woman,hidden in the witness protection program, or so she thinks. When her sister's killer is released from prison, he denies he did it and that the real killer is dead. But someone is still out there and her life is in danger. I did like Tony, he was real, but a [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book. I hate how Kate is attacked and almost killed. I like how Tony is assigned to transfer Kate and how he helps her through everything. I hate how the Blue Eyed Killer continues with his killing. I like how the man in charge of the killer leaves Kate alone and tries to protect her. I give this book a five star rating.

    13. I read this book in under 5 hours. From the first page to the last it had me hooked. Kate is in witness protection after her twin is murdered and she is left for dead beside her. Tony Deluca was assigned to bring her back to testify against the suspected killer. He here are many twists and turns in this story. I felt like I was right there with them.

    14. The author Nancy Mehl has done a fantastic job with Dark Deception, Book 2 of Defenders of Justice. It was a fast past read that kept me on my toes and kept me guessing. The surprise ending was great and oh so unexpected. The main character Kate O’Brien is an inspiration to all victims of violent crimes. Nancy Mehl books offer encouragement, engage you and inspire you to be a better you. I give Dark Defenders 5 stars and anxiously await book 3.

    15. "Playing dead was harder than she ever could have imaged." (7)An intense and gripping ride when readers pick up Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl. Not only in terms of suspense, there are plenty, but also the internal emotional struggle one faced after a traumatic event. That first page will already put you at the edge of your seat as the dangerous and frightful scene plays out in your mind. As we read on, I can't even imagine what our main character, Kate had gone through. It really tugs our heartst [...]

    16. Title: Dark Deception (Defenders of Justice #2)Author: Nancy MehlPages: 308Year: 2017Publisher: Bethany HouseMy rating is 5 out of 5 stars.This is another great suspense thriller from Nancy Mehl! I have read most of her books and have found them all to be well-written and exciting with plenty of tension that builds to an exciting climax. The setting in this story is in a small town in Arkansas in the present day. Kate is in the Witness Protection Program and living under an assumed identity. She [...]

    17. This author is hit or miss for me. This book was the biggest miss of all. The storyline had potential, but it ended up being unrealistic, hokey, cheesy, and poorly written! It was like reading a children's book, except worse. Book one wasn't great, it really wasn't even good, but it was better than book two. I would not recommend either book.

    18. Looking for a great murder mystery, suspense thriller? Then look no further than Nancy Mehl's latest novel, Dark Deception, which is the second novel in the Defenders of Justice Series. It must be read in order because the case begins in the first novel Fatal Frost. As readers take a look at the ongoing serial killer case known as the Blue Eyed Killer or B.E.K. for short, the case is just beginning for Kate O'Brien who survived the attack that should have claimed her life. She is the only witnes [...]

    19. Rating 3.5 StarsMost people had no idea of the awful things that happened in the shadows while they ate dinner with their families and complained about their boring jobs. There was another world. A dark world based on deception. One that operated outside of civility and kindness. Kate O'Brien is now under the witness protection program. After witnessing the death of sister and her own attack, she is trying to rebuild her life after the conviction of the Blue Angel serial Killer. A serial killer [...]

    20. With a name, like Dark Deception, I knew the book was going to be twisted complex, and author Nancy Mehl did not disappoint. This being the first book of Mehl that I had picked up, I wasn't sure what to expect.But, Mehl constructs strong characters and interesting perspectives. I cannot remember the last time I read about the U.S. Marshal office. She starts the book off with a huge twisting plot that I didn't see coming. I thought it would be a transitioning story for a witness, not death at eve [...]

    21. A fast paced, gripping story that will leave readers wanting more until the very last page. By far the best I have read by Nancy Mehl.After surviving an attack by a serial killer four years ago, Kate O’Brien has been living a quiet life in the small town of Shelter Cove, Arkansas in the witness protection program. It has been a struggle to get her life back to something she can be happy with, especially in the beginning when she wanted to end it all. The man that attacked her has been in priso [...]

    22. Having never read anything by Nancy Mehl before, I had no idea what to expect. (Okay, so the title and cover gave me some idea - but I didn't know what to expect.) Dark Deception revolves around Kate O'Brien, a young woman who survived the attack of a serial killer - an attack that took her twin sister's life. Kate's testimony puts the Blue-Eyed Killer behind bars, and she goes into the witness protection program. However, there are new developments in the case, and now Alan Gerard - the suppose [...]

    23. For four years Kate O’Brian has lived a quiet life in the small town of Shelter Cove, Arkansas. Kate entered the Witness Protection Program after testifying against the man who attacked her and murdered her twin sister. When her attacker is released due to faulty evidence, Kate faces a subpoena calling her back to St. Louis to testify again. U. S. Marshal Tony Deluca, who guarded Kate during the first two trials, is sent to Shelter Cove to escort her back to St. Louis. When Kate’s attacker d [...]

    24. Dark Deception starts off with an intense and fear-filled scene that chilled me down to my core. Kate O'Brien is a survivor, fighter, a warrior. She witnesses her twins brutal murder, was left to death herself but survived, and had to face the killer again and again in this haunting thriller. The personal battle she has to go through to be able to go on, accept that she is still alive, and to get over the survivor's guilt is a wearing road, yet she does champion on, with the help from the people [...]

    25. Dark DeceptionDefenders of Justice #2By Nancy MehlKate O'Brien's life hasn't been the same since her twin sister was murdered before her very eyes and the murderer left her for dead beside her. After two trials she thought it was behind her as she lived out her life in WITSEC. But someone has raised questions about whether or not the man convicted on her testimony was truly the killer. And Kate is being subpoenaed for a new trial - a trial she wants no part of.But Kate has conditions of her own [...]

    26. Nancy Mehl is a favorite of mine. She always delivers heart-pounding suspense paired with sweet romance. In Dark Deception, the second book in her Defenders of Justice series, Mehl has upped the ante. This novel is one of the more twisting, turning books I have read in a long time. If you like non-stop action, this one is for you. Recommended!As the only survivor of a serial killer, Kate O’Brien is in witness protection. Still reeling from her ordeal, new DNA evidence has cleared her sister’ [...]

    27. A little bit of background on this book. This is the second book in the “Defenders of Justice” series. The first book is “Fatal Frost”This story once again centers around the U.S. Marshall’s office and one of their Marshalls. This story is about Deputy U.S. Marshal Tony DeLuca. Tony had become involved with Kate O’Brien 4 years ago when she and her sister had been attacked by a serial killer. Much of the outcome of the trial had to do with Kate’s intervention and the killer was con [...]

    28. It's incredibly rare that I step out towards a new author. But the description for Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl grabbed my attention. Though Mehl is not a new author, I was unaware of her books. But she's definitely going to be an author I start collecting.I was completely drawn into the story line. I couldn't wait to finish the story, and kept myself up late last night trying to finish but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Mehl wrote a complicated murder mystery that fully kept me in suspe [...]

    29. Dark Deception is the second book in the Defenders Of Justice series by Nancy Mehl. Without having read the first book in this series, I found myself very grateful for the prologue and first chapter, which left me feeling as though I'd been filled in on everything I needed to know in order to follow the plot and storyline of the book, and the series in general. I'm sure that reading the first book (Fatal Frost) before reading Dark Deception would be ideal, but I appreciate being able to jump str [...]

    30. When Kate was 19, she and her twin sister were attacked by a serial killer in St. Louis. After her sister was murdered, Kate escaped and became the only person who could identify the killer. After testifying against Gerard, Kate went into witness protection. Tony, the U. S. Marshall who helped Kate through the trial, is assigned to bring Kate back to St. Louis after Gerard was released from prison following new evidence pointing to a different killer. When Tony arrives in Shelter Cove, Arkansas, [...]

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