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Timepiece You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo The real story involved monsters And a lot time travel It s and Wellington s badly outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napol

  • Title: Timepiece
  • Author: Heather Albano Kenneth Schneyer
  • ISBN: 9781938808357
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo The real story involved monsters And a lot time travel It s 1815, and Wellington s badly outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napoleon s forces Desperate to hold until reinforcements arrive, Wellington calls upon a race of monsters created by a mad Genevese scientist 25 years before.It s 1 You only THINK you know what happened at Waterloo The real story involved monsters And a lot time travel It s 1815, and Wellington s badly outnumbered army stares across the field of Waterloo at Napoleon s forces Desperate to hold until reinforcements arrive, Wellington calls upon a race of monsters created by a mad Genevese scientist 25 years before.It s 1815, and a discontented young lady sitting in a rose garden receives a mysterious gift a pocket watch that, when opened, displays scenes from all eras of history Pastd future.It s 1885, and a small band of resistance fighters are resorting to increasingly extreme methods in their efforts to overthrow a steampunk Empire whose clockwork gears are slick with its subjects blood.Are these events connected Oh, come now That would be telling Waterloo and time travel are made for each other and Heather Albano has done a wonderful job of giving us a delightful cast of characters, tasked with stitching together the proper nineteenth century while fending off several monstrous alternatives Propulsive adventure with historical insight Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Mars and 2312

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      310 Heather Albano Kenneth Schneyer
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    1 thought on “Timepiece

    1. This is a fun story, I'm looking forward to the sequel. Good characters and fun to see what happens when you "mess" with time. It took me longer than the other books I read because I was reading it on my Kindle and have limited time to read read, most of the books I listen to while I work. The time it took me in no way reflects how I felt about the story. I enjoyed it and felt bad I didn't have the time to devote to it that it deserved.

    2. Timepiece, by Heather Albano, was an experiment for me into a sort of steampunk plus time travel experience. A little to my surprise, it was set overtly in a very recognisable version of our own world, beginning on the day of the Battle of Waterloo. As the story progressed it became clear that other fictional elements had been woven into the plot, most notably from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. I suppose that I had expected something set in an invented world, or at least one in which the diverg [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this unusual time travel story. When faced with the possibility of defeat on the battlefield of Waterloo, Wellington calls on the 'Special Brigade', a squad of monsters who are barely controlled by their handlers, they sway the day for Wellington and the British, but the cost will only be counted 70 years in the future. On the same day as Waterloo, Elizabeth Barton and William Carrington, the one hemmed in by convention and her parent's ideas of what a 17 year old young lady in [...]

    4. It takes a certain amount of chutzpah to take the worlds of novels like Frankenstein, Pride and Prejudice, and The Time Machine and pull them all together around the Battle of Waterloo, but this book does it. Its steampunk sensibility flows cleanly from the plot. I'm looking forward to the next book!

    5. Timepiece by Heather AlbanoAs I've protested before, Steampunk is not my genre. Nor am I a fan of history although I'm not entirely bereft of some grasp of historical events. So, when the book begins at Waterloo in the midst of battle I'm pretty sure I have a grasp of where we are and what the outcome should be. Although I must admit that as I often do before giving a review I paused at some point to recite aloud to Virginia a few items I enjoyed about the book with a brief synopsis of the book [...]

    6. This time travel, steampunk novel was a LOT of fun! Well-researched history, exciting adventures, and interesting characters make for a good story. I'm looking forward to the second book in the series.

    7. Well written with interesting characters and an author obviously enjoying playing with history. The structure of the story requires the reader to pay attention to what year and place each chapter is set in. Great steampunk effects.Recommended.

    8. Interesting book, didn't hold my attention well but I did like it. I am not sure if the fiture books will be on my to read list. The book was a bit boring to me. It had some good imagery, but the characters just seemed a bit flat to me. The battle scenes were engaging but it wasn't enough to make it a book I couldn't put down. In fact, I had a hard time picking it up. I love to read and I love to read books of all kinds. This one was ok, just not really good.

    9. I'll start by saying that I did love the story, extremely so. It was interesting to have a futuristic steampunk combined with time traveling. I did love the characters, loved Elizabeth's ingenuity,and the mystery that is Maxwell (though it's easy to figure out, really). The settings were really well rendered, the action nicely paced, and the historical aspects well integrated So therefore why only 3 stars?One thing about the book buggered me and that was the French. Not only having the translati [...]

    10. DNF - PG 92Why?Because I'm so bored and I've been working on this barely 300 page book for almost a month.Also, I NEED the time travel explained. Either that, or toss so many complicated words at me that I don't realize it isn't being explained. This book does neither and some actually admits that they don't know how the time travel works or where the watches come from. And no one seems at all curious.

    11. In Timepiece, Ms. Albano tells of a young woman stifled by early 19th century society. When she received a watch in the mail that lets her move through time, her adventure begins.Why to buy this book: If you like time-traveling steampunk with monsters, giant robots, and alternative history, this book is a bargain. The romantic elements and character development were, for the most part, done quite well. I also liked the hook she through in at the end (trying not to give spoilers here) that gives [...]

    12. An extremely skillful novel debut by an author with a whole lot of promise.While Albano writes for the Choice Of interactive stories series, this doesn't lead to loose ends; instead, there's a tight, coherent, sweeping, engrossing plot here. After a mysterious golden pocketwatch is sent to Miss Elizabeth Barton, a rather tomboyish young lady in 1815 England, her life is forever changed. While investigating the watch's four strange faces, one of which shows moving pictures, she and a neighbour, W [...]

    13. Oh what I could say about this book?I would have to say that there were moments when I got confused due to the chapters bouncing from 1815 to 1885 and also to 1875. For some this might not be annoying, but I found it was happening a bit too often and it made it a little bit hard to read really.Also I wished there was more information about William, I never really felt like much attention was given to him, there was moments when you thought 'yea he doesn't have an arm' when actually no he does ha [...]

    14. I read this time-travel steampunk novel with great relish. It's about Elizabeth Barton, a young woman stifled by her upper class life in the British countryside of 1815, William Carrington, a former soldier disabled in the Napoleonic wars, a mysterious pocketwatch that allows them to travel through time, and a Dickensian dystopian full of monsters and giant robots they are attempting to avert. The book is great fun and has impeccable pacing - Albano knows exactly when to hurtle forward and when [...]

    15. I don't normally care for steampunk, but the advertised time travel and monsters drew me to set aside other books in my to-read pile to start this one first. I was glad I did. This story goes way beyond the ordinary trappings of steampunk with its imagination and close attention to historical and cultural detail and its many literary references. Don't worry if you don't know anything about 19th-century England. The characters are rich and the description is excellent, so you'll understand and en [...]

    16. I got this as a "people who liked this also bought" recommendation from , based on having bought books by Lindsay Buroker. I can kind of see why. The main character is an adventurous young woman who's defying gender roles, and it's ever-so-slightly steampunky, though a bit less than Buroker if anything.One of the mistakes that an author can easily make with a book like this is to go over-the-top with the heroine's capabilities or suddenly pull out abilities that are unrealistic. Heather Albano m [...]

    17. 4.5 stars!Timepiece  was soo soo good! Can you say addicting! I'm  not sure how it came to my attention as it didn't really seem to be my normal read, but I'm so glad it did!  I haven't read a historical  anything in a while, definitely not one anywhere near as good! Let's see, the only downsides IMO, are the length ( too short) and we don't get to know the main characters enough, but I'm hoping the next book will solve that issue (g out summer 2012, so anytime now :D )Otherwise Ms Albano d [...]

    18. It took me a while to get into this book. It jumps around between time periods, and I know that it is a time traveling book, after all, but it felt a bit like watching tv while someone is randomly flicking channels. Later on, you start to see how those pieces fit together, giving you background on characters or showing what happened at a particular juncture in the back story. If you’re the kind of person who typically skips over chapter headings (like me), DON’T! Keeping track of the dates w [...]

    19. I'm giving this book one of my very rare 5 stars. It's the most imaginative time travel/alt history novels I've read. Often an alt history has a point in time that changes world events as we know them. This book does this several times because how things turned out in the first shot were not only way different than what we know (latest date is 1885), but the intrepid time travelers keep tweaking to see if they can fix what they know has gone terribly wrong.Starting with the Battle of Waterloo, I [...]

    20. On the day before Wellington won the Battle of Waterloo (15 June 1815) assisted by a battalion of inhuman "slavering beasts", a curious watch is delivered to Elizabeth Barton. It sends her and her friend William Carrington to a London 70 years in the future. In the years between, more beasts (think orc) of two varieties have been created; some been trained as soldiers, others for jobs such as mining - all are rebellious. Metal, steam-powered "constructs" (think 20-foot high Imperial Walkers with [...]

    21. Okay, was feeding my need for steampunkery with this book, although I wouldn't exactly call it steampunk. Time travel yes. There are some aspects of steampunking going on but mostly it's about consequences. We have a Regancy-era young lady named Elizabeth who gets a mysterious watch. Then her neighbor who is a war veteran, William, happens upon her just as she doodles around with the watch, and off they go into the future. Yes, it sounds predictable, but the author prologues with the battle of W [...]

    22. I appreciated the descriptive prowess and historical research that went into this well-written and well-edited book. I began reading on a plane and was so engrossed that I was surprised when I had to turn off my device for landing.As the time travelers attempt to change the outcome of the battle of Waterloo to avoid the disastrous consequences it has on England and possibly the rest of the world, they become aware of the fact that history has too much momentum to be derailed by a small change. T [...]

    23. Technically I really liked a lot about this book: the character development was outstanding, the story was readable, the writing/editing were well done. However, I could not get past why the timepieces existed, and why Elizabeth got one in the mail. Once the characters started the action parts of the book, loved it, but I guess I needed more on why, and how, to make the watches make more sense. I needed to buy in to the basic premise, had a hard time with that, but in the end just had to accept [...]

    24. Weird science, Victorian society, time travel: three components of a great steampunk novel. I have a hard time saying much about this book, because I think that the joy of discovery is part of the fun I'll keep it vague.The characters here are well-written, and the plot is intricate without being overly complex. There are some mysteries that remain unanswered (the book is the first of an unspecified number), but enough questions that do get answered to maintain interest.Some of the foreshadowing [...]

    25. Whew, what a ride -- like boomerang flung through the 1800's. Read the book description. As unlikely as it sounds, that is what you get, and it works beautifully. All the hallmarks of enjoyable reading are here: engaging characters with distinct and consistent personalities, wants, and needs; clever plotting, with an absolute minimum of confusion, considering the complexity of the story; and stunningly visual descriptions of places and things (it would make a great movie). You may not be looking [...]

    26. I LOVE time travel stories and this was an enjoyable example of the genre. It's a bit of a mix between time travel and steam punk which worked quite well and the historical aspects seemed well researched. The story was engaging, employing the theme of a quest to change something that occurred in the past. I thought the inclusion of the cruel aunt was a bit melodramatic and unnecessary and Elizabeth's penchant to be a stubborn tomboy was a bit clichéd and annoying at times. As with all time trav [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are well-drawn and the pacing is good. I particularly love that there are no easy answers, there are real consequences, and that the author has made the effort to find the logical effects of her plot and not take many storytelling shortcuts. I admire that very much!(And being a lover of the Sharpe novels, I couldn't help but smile at the mention of the 95th. :)The one flaw is that I now have to read the second one to find out what happens. Luckily, it j [...]

    28. This was a good, fun read and a real page-turner (well, taps on a Kobo screen). It took me a while to warm to the main characters, but once I got into the story it sucked me in. The protagonists seemed to accept the concept of parallel realities a little too easily, nor did they seem too bothered about what was for me the main mystery - the origin of the eponymous timepiece - but this was one of the better time-travelling stories I've come across for a while. Pricing it at $0.99 seems unfairly c [...]

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