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Secrets In Secrets Somalian author Nuruddin Farah has conjured a densely woven tale of betrayal hidden agendas and tangled relationships that is both a deeply personal story in and of itself and emblematic

  • Title: Secrets
  • Author: Nuruddin Farah
  • ISBN: 9780140280456
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Secrets, Somalian author Nuruddin Farah has conjured a densely woven tale of betrayal, hidden agendas, and tangled relationships that is both a deeply personal story in and of itself and emblematic of the greater problems that continue to tear his country apart today As a boy, young Kalaman used to creep into the bed of his childhood playmate, Sholoongo, and the two woIn Secrets, Somalian author Nuruddin Farah has conjured a densely woven tale of betrayal, hidden agendas, and tangled relationships that is both a deeply personal story in and of itself and emblematic of the greater problems that continue to tear his country apart today As a boy, young Kalaman used to creep into the bed of his childhood playmate, Sholoongo, and the two would engage in secret games of sexual discovery A quarter of a century later, Kalaman is a businessman in Mogadishu on the eve of Somalia s civil war when Sholoongo arrives unexpectedly from America, bringing with her the reminder of an old, half forgotten promise The secrets start early in Farah s novel As a child, Kalaman questions even the origins of his own name, wondering if his unusual appellation in a world of Mohammeds and Abdous is an indication that he is not, after all, his father s child Then there is the question of why his mother seems to dislike Sholoongo, whom his grandfather, Nonno, describes as a duugan, that is to say, a baby to be buried If Kalaman s origins are slightly murky, Sholoongo s are mired in mystery One version has her abandoned by her mother and raised by lions Whatever the truth of the girl s history, it is generally agreed by most people in Kalaman s village that she is probably a witch, and therefore trouble Certainly Kalaman s mother, Damac, mistrusts her, believing her to have animal powers and designs on her son Farah reveals all this in a tantalizing introductory chapter before fast forwarding 25 years to Mogadishu in the early 1990s, one week before the official outbreak of civil war Kalaman, now a successful young businessman, comes home to find the long lost Sholoongo waiting for him in his apartment Kalaman s first reaction to his old playmate s reappearance is fear There was no way of knowing what her visit might bring forth, what mysteries it might unravel, what manner of disastrous debates it might generate In other words, there wa

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    1 thought on “Secrets

    1. I wanted to like this book very much. But the story ran on too long, and by the end I no longer cared what happened with Kalaman and Sholoongo. The members of Kalaman's family were all well-drawn, but I found the attempt at interweaving large-scale Somali political history a bit uneven. The roadblocks as he drives in/out of Mogadishu seemed placed in an effort to build tension. The opposite happened because the impending conception didn't seem such a big deal. The part about "the horror" of eati [...]

    2. "جثة واحدة وثلاثة أسرار"هذا ما تبدأ به وتنتهي الروايةو"أسرار" هي الرواية الثالثة ضمن ثلاثية نور الدين فارح"دماء في الشمس"ومن لما بدأت قراءتها بعد انتهائي من "خرائط"الأولى في ثلاثيتهبدأت بالبحث عن الخيوط التي تربط بينهمافلا شيء مشترك بينهما من حيث الزمان أو المكان أو الشخوص وا [...]

    3. زمن الرواية عهد سياد بري وهو يشهد في أيامه الأخيرة اشتعال حرب القبائلتتميز هذه الرواية بالغموض والتشويق والاثارة تعج بروائح البداوة والجنس وتغور في مجاهل السحر والشعوذة , أغلب شخصيات الرواية يحملون كما هائلا من الأسرار والغرائب والمعتقدات التي ترفضها العشيرة لكنها تُمارس [...]

    4. The most complex and well conceived book in the trilogy, one that I may wish to re-read, perhaps in ten years. The tone is different and so is the style, akin to the magical realism of García Marques, the only way of making sense out of the tragedy of the Somalians. Then again, I wish I could dwell more into the concepts of "nuuru" and "nabsi".

    5. الجزء الأخير من ثلاثية: دمّ في الشمس. بعد الجزء الأول خرائط, والثاني أسرار.تتلاقى الأبعاد الرمزية في الرواية مع الأسئلة الوجودية بثقافة تعكس خلفية الكاتب. كانت تجربة ممتعة مع نور الدين سأحرص على إعادتها بأعمال أخرى بالطبع.

    6. I struggled to reach two thirds of the way and then abandoned this novel by the highly acclaimed Somali writer. Sorry – I just couldn’t soldier on any longer. The book came from my TBR pile. I bought it, as one of my attempts to read world literature novels. informs us : It is the week before the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia. Kalaman, a successful young businessman in Mogadiscio receives an unexpected house guest—the wild and sexually adventurous Sholoongo, his childhood crush ret [...]

    7. This book had a great potential of being a best seller. It had a good story line and gave a glimpse of Somalia and life in that country. Nonno was introduced as a great man, almost self made; and a family man. His son' s relationship with his wife was very strange , and he was a good character in his own right. The wife was quite something though; I struggled to figure out her bold and cold nature. The beloved grandson was to me very weak and it was hard to accept that Nonno's other genes didn't [...]

    8. Weird, boring and annoyingly sex obsessed. I didn't realize it wasn't worth reading until a couple chapters in, so I skimmed the rest to see if I might be missing out on anything. Nope.

    9. vague verbiage voids valueIt's Somalia---Mogadishu and environs---back when the country was about to descend into clan warfare and central government would disappear. The country's premier author has written this novel about a time of troubles. But you, the reader, are making your way through a thick jungle with heavily-scented flowers, buzzing insects, and the cries of hidden creatures that you hear but never see. It's all exotic and fascinating in a sweaty way, but why are you cutting such a p [...]

    10. Secrets, Farah's 8th novel and the first one of his I've read, is in many ways a fascinating work - but also a frustrating one. It's a family drama set against the backdrop of the collapse of Somalia in the early 90. 30-something Kalaman is living a modern life as a computer programmer in Mogadishu, when suddenly his childhood crush Sholoongo comes back to Somalia from exile in the US to demand that he make her pregnant. He won't have to raise the child; as a much-repeated saying goes, a mother [...]

    11. I learned about author Nuruddin Farah while researching contemporary African writers and was immediately intrigued by him. This novel won the 1998 Neudstadt International Prize for Literature which has also been awarded to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Octavio Paz, and this year to David Malouf Secrets is well-deserving of this prize for a multitude of reasonsNot many people have read African authors, especially contemporary African authors, and this is a shame. Nuruddin Farah's work is a perfect repr [...]

    12. Set against a background of national collapse - the descent of Somalia into complete misrule as a dictatorship falls in the face of tribal warfare - the story of this novel follows the members of a small family that is also in conflict with itself. The central character, Kalaman, is a middle-aged man with a service industry job in the capital city, Mogadishu. When a childhood friend, now living in America, shows up mysteriously, her arrival sets in motion a gradual unraveling of long-held, fierc [...]

    13. Nuruddin Farah's prose is a thing of beauty. His use of language is simple and fluid while maintaining a certain richness. I believe what aids Farah's prose is the fact that English is not his first language. I think this has heightened his consciousness of communicating for meaning. Farah does not dress up his language unnecessarily but neither does he fear writing poetically.Joseph Conrad, for me, is a writer whose facility with English is similarly enhanced by not having been a native speaker [...]

    14. Secrets is the third book in Nuruddin Farah's Blood in the Sun trilogy. (Maps and Gifts are the other two.) Set in Mogadiscio and its suburb Afgoi, Secrets has the same conflicts as featured in the previous books: tribal/modern, clan/other, male/female, Afro/Euro, urban/rural. Probably the most important theme, however, is the profound struggle between fantasy and reality. Reminescient of García Márquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude Farah's colorful, image-rich prose is filled with symbolist [...]

    15. This book, by Somali author, Nuruddin Farah, takes the reader on a long, slow journey into the culture of Somalia. Reading this book, I felt perpetually in that state of mind between sleep and dream. The story stands on its own, but is also metaphorically the country itself just about to break into open military conflict. Metaphors abound, dream and reality are difficult to separate, and each page must be savored. I give it four stars rather than five because after a couple hundred pages, the wa [...]

    16. From an old list: by Nuruddin FarahGifts, the first novel in Nuruddin Farah's Blood in the Sun trilogy, which also includes Secrets and Maps, is the powerful tale of a Somali family and the struggles of its powerful matriarch to keep it whole. Here, Nuruddin Farah delves into the ways people -- families, communities, countries -- are bound together by what they are willing to give and what they choose to receive

    17. I liked it, but I don't know if that was so much the story or the environmental/nature elements in it that I found fascinating. Probably the latter. I finished the book and wondered what the 3 secrets attached to the one corpse were A very twisted narrative, but the details of honeyguides, elephants, tamarind trees, the Shebelle, etc, etc were worth it for me- and in the end Sholoongo goes away, so there's that.

    18. الرواية تأخذ الاربع نجوم بامتياز لكن هناك بعض الخلل في الترجمة فأنقصتها واحدة لأكون عادلة قصة لمنظور أخر لبلد أخر لحياة أخرى وأسرار أكثر كل شيء فيها سهل ومعقد واضح وغامض تستحق اسمها بجدارة سأعود لقراءة المزيد من أعمال الصومالي نور الدين فارح بالتأكيد

    19. Hm. The cover says it's magical realism, but I'm not sure. It was dense, and hard to get through. But I liked that it managed to be allegorical (reflecting the dissolution of Somalia occurring around the story), and a beautiful story about love in all of its complicated forms.

    20. I was unsure whether I would enjoy this book or not. I found it fascinating. Farah has a unique style of writing which is evocative, provoking and intriguing. Not light reading, but thoroughly worth the effort.

    21. الرواية مأساوية جداااا وتبين حروب ومجالات وقبلية الصومال وأهم نقطتين اشارت لهم الرواية بمزيد من التفصيل الخرافات الكثيرة والسحروالاباحية المبتذلة والمقززة جدااا حقا الرواية اثرت في نفسيتي وأحزنتني جدااا!!!!

    22. Either I read this at the wrong time, or it was a poor introduction to this author's work. I had great difficulty making any sense of it.

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