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A Coal Miner's Son

A Coal Miner s Son James Callahan is the only son of Nicholas Callahan owner of the Willow Hollow mine in West Virginia but he s never considered himself any better than the miners He s best friends with Owain Rees on

  • Title: A Coal Miner's Son
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: 9781635332278
  • Page: 222
  • Format: ebook
  • James Callahan is the only son of Nicholas Callahan, owner of the Willow Hollow mine in West Virginia but he s never considered himself any better than the miners He s best friends with Owain Rees, one of the miners kids, and he s been attracted to Cai, Owain s older brother, for years James gets the feeling he might not be the only one sensing the tension between them,James Callahan is the only son of Nicholas Callahan, owner of the Willow Hollow mine in West Virginia but he s never considered himself any better than the miners He s best friends with Owain Rees, one of the miners kids, and he s been attracted to Cai, Owain s older brother, for years James gets the feeling he might not be the only one sensing the tension between them, but Cai avoids him religiously.Cai has been working the mine since he was sixteen He acknowledges James is cute, but he s grown up privileged while Cai s family has always been working class, and Cai fears that chasm is too wide to cross When family drama pushes them together, will Cai and James see they re alike than they realized Take a leap of faith as two men from different worlds, employer, and employee, rich and poor, discover that love transcends social barriers.

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    1 thought on “A Coal Miner's Son

    1. This is a second book in the past couple of days where the love interest is the brother of the MC's good friend. Unfortunately, like the other one, I felt that James had more chemistry (and time spent) with Owain (the best friend) rather than Cai (the love interest). And just like with that other book, I lost interest with the potential relationship. I got bored around 1/3rd of the book and just skimmed the rest *shrugs*

    2. 3.5 stars“Coal Miner’s son” by T.A Chase is a new addition to the “States of love” series featuring the state of West Virginia. The story revolves around a coal mining community, the people, their life and struggles.James Callahan is the only son and future owner of his family mine, Willow Hollow in West Virginia. Where his father considers himself above and beyond the miners, James has always considered them as family. From childhood he has played with the miner kids, made friends and [...]

    3. 4 starsI'm really enjoying the sense of place from the two states of love stories I've read so far. While I didn't like this as much as Whiskey Business, it was still a nice romance between the wealthy son of a coal mine owner and one of the coal miners.

    4. Damn it, I wanted to really like this book, but I just couldn't.I don't feel like Cai and James' relationship had really any good built up to it at all. On one page, they're expressing to other people how they NEVER talk to one another (Cai avoids James like the plague, partially because James is the mine's owner's son, partially because he has been attracted to James for a while, and the rest ??????? I don't feel like these are good enough explanations for the level of avoidance Cai has maintai [...]

    5. I really liked James and Cai together. I thought they worked, but I didn't have enough of them together. I didn't understand why Cai hated James basically all his life when Owain and his Ma loved him. I loved James. He was so sweet and kind and just wanted to be 'normal'. The (view spoiler)[hospital (hide spoiler)] parking lot scene was like a punch in my gut. I loved it. That's when I fell in love with Cai and James. Wouldn't mind more from this mining town.

    6. ✨✨✨✨4 Be Safe Stars✨✨✨✨This is my first T.A. Chase story and book one in a new series, States of Love. I didn't know what to expect but the synopsis sounded interesting and I was pleasantly surprised, I liked this one a lot!The author did a really great job of research and brought the backwoods of West Virginia and the small coal mining town, Willow Hollow, to realistic life. The names for the characters this author used for the story also made it feel like the reader was in the [...]

    7. Owain and James have been friends for as long as they can remember. James's Dad ownes the Willow Hollow mines that the little town in West Virgina sit in. James has always had a crush on Owians brother Cai but, Cai never gave him the time of day because just like a lot of other people in the town; they thought James was like his father.Let's talk about James' father. He was pompous and self-important, I didn't care for him at all and I was glad James stood up to him about the things that we're i [...]

    8. My first T.A. Chase book, and it was a sweet fluffy romance! I really enjoyed this story and loved the romance between the two. This series continues to be really sweet and good. Cai and James are kinda enemies. James is the rich son of the boss in Willows Hollow. Cai's family is a founding family of Willow's Hollow and he doesn't take kind to strangers and people who are hoyty toyty. He thinks James is exactly like his father. Well they both come to learn the other isn't what they same.I really [...]

    9. A Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words Review An Alisa Review:Rating: 5 stars out of 5This was a wonderful feel good story. James has worked hard to not be like his father and appreciates the people who work for him. He has always been attracted to Cai, but knows that Cai doesn’t like him, no matter how he acts.Cai acknowledges that James is making things better for the miners, but figures he is still like his father deep down. When he actually gets to see him away from the mine and “in real l [...]

    10. James Callahan has always felt a kinship to Willow Hollow, its hardworking coal miners and their families and the beautiful West Virginia countryside, but it seems some people don't trust the son of the boss. Unfortunately, the man James has always been attracted to - Cai Rees, the older brother of his best friend Owain - is one of them. But throughout the book, a crisis with the mining company and a Rees family emergency draws the two men closer.T.A. Chase does a beautiful job of describing the [...]

    11. James Callahan is the heir to a large mining operation who can't seem to live up to his father's expectations. For one, James has always been friendly and associated with the miners, and Nicholas Callahan doesn't understand why his son wouldn't want to spend his time with people of his same social standing. But to James, he's never been any better than those who work the mines, and he's not about to let his position or his wealth become a divider. He's been best friends with Owain for years. And [...]

    12. Well, Cai and James moved quick - I’m going to believe that attraction has been simmering for long years as Owain and James have been friends, so actually they have moved really slow!!Lots going on in a relatively short story, not sure all was necessary but there we go.I did quite like it, more time building up Cai and James would get more buy in to them as a couple.Enjoyed the setting.

    13. Blog Post: lovebytesreviews/2017/02/1Although James Callahan is the owner of Willow Hollow mines son he has always felt more of an affinity with the miner’s children than the rich owner’s children. For as much as James father Nicholas tried to keep James away from them James was just as determined to sneak away and therefore he made a life-long friend in Owain Rees, the son of a coal miner. Owain and James have always enjoyed caving whenever they have the time. Owain’s father has lived and [...]

    14. Not connecting with the MCs, in large part because they are not really connecting. Too much other stuff going on.

    15. While the “coal miner’s son” appears in the title of this family drama set in West Virginia, the “boss’s son” plays a significant role as well. In fact, it’s the social differences between the two that stand in the way of a possible relationship and it was fascinating to watch how both men deal, or not deal, with the problems arising from such a different background. As usual in these ‘States of Love’ novellas, the setting is almost as important as the story, and I loved all th [...]

    16. This was a wonderful, sweet romance between two men who was complete opposites in life. T.A. Chase did a magnificent job on this book. I read it and it really touched my heart how these two men came together and did not let their different walks of life come in between them.Cai comes from a hard working family that mainly consists of coal miners. Each of the boys for as far back as they could remember followed in their fathers foot steps before them by working in the mine. Though they did not ha [...]

    17. 4.5 Stars!So, I was prepared for lots of angst and conflict and the whole back and forth between the two MC's about having a relationship. Instead, I was surprised by very minimal conflict and no angst at all. It was actually a sweet romance without the overly saccharine dialogue. Cai is the eldest son of a mining family, newly promoted to supervisor, working alongside his father and younger brother. While he's never hidden his sexuality, he definitely doesn't advertise it since their environmen [...]

    18. Sometimes I like TA Chase in particular, I enjoyed the International sporting series. However, I'm seeing people praise the research and feel of the community. But it is all wrong. I was born in Appalachia, have used a functioning outhouse in my lifetime, and can make biscuits without a recipe. One of my grandmothers was one of 13, her husband one of 17. First -- high school graduation isn't exactly rare. No one is going to be thinking of that one high school graduate in 2015. I looked up a sam [...]

    19. James is a wealthy man. His family owns coal mines in Virginia area. He is taking more on in this mine. His best friend is one of the miners. He has crushed on Owain's oldest brother Cai for years but it was unreciprocated. James is wanting to get on with his life out of his father's thumb.A Coalminer's son is a good story. I loved all the characters especially James. I loved how he wasn't a stereotypical rich man. I loved his compassion and love for the community. The romance does move fast and [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsThis story had me all over the place. I liked the idea of the boss's son and the miner getting together, but the execution fell flat. The secret affection was not so secret. While the acceptance and love that flowed through this small West Virginia town was a beautiful thing to see, I never quite connected with the story. Cai and James were cute together, but no hot passion. Maybe the dialogue was too stilted and the connections too vague. The story was sweet overall, just no real oomph [...]

    21. I always liked T.A. Chase's books and once again, A Coal MIner's Son, didn't disappoint. What we have here is a fast developing romance between James and Owain. The storyline was realistic enough, but for me, way to rushed. Nonetheless, ending was emotionally satisfying.

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