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Absolving His Sins

Absolving His Sins The book Trident Security fans have been waiting for The huntress has become the hunted in ways than one Jordyn Alvarez works for the United States government a fact no one in authority will admit Sh

  • Title: Absolving His Sins
  • Author: Samantha A. Cole
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The book Trident Security fans have been waiting for The huntress has become the hunted, in ways than one Jordyn Alvarez works for the United States government a fact no one in authority will admit She does Uncle Sam s dirty work Some might call her an agent, but few know her real title Assassin Trained by one of the best black operatives in the world, she wantsThe book Trident Security fans have been waiting for The huntress has become the hunted, in ways than one Jordyn Alvarez works for the United States government a fact no one in authority will admit She does Uncle Sam s dirty work Some might call her an agent, but few know her real title Assassin Trained by one of the best black operatives in the world, she wants nothing than to add him to the long list of people she has sent straight to hell But she doesn t dare get close to him ever again If she did, she couldn t be sure her body wouldn t betray her once and wind up in bed with him But with her cover blown, she may not have a choice Who is he He s a ghost A man with one name Carter The Trident Security Series Book 1 Leather Lace Devon Kristen Book 2 His Angel Ian Angie Book 3 Waiting For Him Book 3.5 Not Negotiable A Novella Parker Shelby Book 4 Topping the Alpha Jake Nick Book 5 Watching From the Shadows Marco Harper Book 5.5 Whiskey Tribute A Novella Curt Dana Book 6 Tickle His Fancy Brody Fancy Book 7 Absolving His Sins Carter Jordyn The books of the Trident Security Series can be read as stand alones, however, for optimum enjoyment they are best read in order.

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      429 Samantha A. Cole
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    1 thought on “Absolving His Sins

    1. Carter's story finally.As an ardent Trident Security fan I have waited for Carter's story for a long time. Samantha Cole did not disappoint it was everything I expected and more. Carter has always been so involved in so many of the other books and we knew so little about him. This book involves suspense, mystery and with a strong basis of brotherhood and family.Carter has always been in the background and I loved how this book covered all areas of his life. We get to see how is was raised and wh [...]

    2. I've waited, impatiently, for Carter's story. Come on, long blond hair, muscular, tall, dominant and a spy. What's not to love? The sexual tension between Carter and Jordyn was off the charts and one night of shared passion had left Carter wanting more and Jordyn pissed off. He could not figure out what he did that has her so angry, and it bothers him more than he wants to admit. I just knew Carter would be a great H, the glimpses we got of him in the other Sexy Six Packs books was of a cocky an [...]

    3. Oh Carter, Carter, Carter, I have had very high expectations for you and you exceeded them by far!!! This book is a part of a series and while you could read this book as a standalone, I believe the reader will enjoy it so much more if you read the series. FYI, the whole series is AMAZING!!! I have been very impatiently waiting for Carter's book and it was well worth the wait. Simply amazing honestly! I truly have loved all the characters and previous books, but Carter has held a special place i [...]

    4. Love the sexy six pack , while each book can be read as a standalone it is much better to read them as a series to get the full Alpha male experience

    5. So happy to get Master Carter's story. Now a whole lot makes sense. He needed his happy ever after I think more than anyone. Jordan seemed so lost for so long and even though she didn't know it Carter was her home. Now about this serial killer? Scary!!

    6. Absolving His Sins Trident Security # 7Samantha Cole 5 holy shit, I never would have guessed stars.Well, well, well. After what seems an eternity, our favourite Black Ops operative Carter has a story of his own to tell, and a real frigging name. If you are a fan of the Trident Security team, then you along with the rest of us, are feeling the relief. Master T Carter has been like a dangling yoyo, just when you reach out to catch him, he is yanked from my grasp, but Absolving His Sins is the perf [...]

    7. What can i say Mr. T Carter is the man!!!! i love every book of trident security series but Carter has my heart he is pure hotness walking in leather pants i wanted to be Jordyn in every single scene so i could see those beautiful gorgeous blue eyes Carter is the man every woman wants in their bed, house in every single aspect why? because he is a gentleman but still he is rough when he needs to be and he is always protecting what he loves with all his power and strenght Absolving His Sins i [...]

    8. Absolving His Sins by Samantha A ColeReview by Wendy S HodgesA Trident Security Series story based on Carter, he is our elusive spy, he flits in and out often when he is needed the most. He is hot and sexy, extremely secretive about who he works for and where he goes. Carter is a Dom that all the Sub’s love often begging for a chance to scene with him when he is around, but there is only one woman that has his heart and is always in his head.Jordyn was trained by Carter, they had one night tog [...]

    9. This is book # 7 in the Trident Security series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and understanding, I recommend reading this amazing series in order.Jordyn and Carter have a history. One filled with chemistry, angst, and anger. When thrown together in the fight for her life, he is one of the few she can trust.Carter has no idea what he did to anger Jordyn. He only knows no other woman has made him feel the same, before or since. Now, if he can only get her to fo [...]

    10. Oh Carter!!! I"ve been waiting for Carter's story since I first read this series. He's been in all the books here and there but always so secretive. This is his story and Samantha didn't disappoint her readers. I loved getting to know him better and finding out what makes him tick. And to see Jordyn struggle with her feelings and the realization that she had been mistaken about Carter was worth it. She really did love him but had to overcome a lot of things in her life. Carter may have trained h [...]

    11. CarterHas always been one of my favorite characters of the Trident series. okay they are all my favs but he has always been an enigma and I was excited for his book to come out! Was not disappointed at all. Jordyn . perfect match! Samantha A. Cole you have done it again! Now to see if I can figure out who the serial killer is!

    12. Love!!I was so anxiously waiting for Carters story and I definitely wasn't disappointed!! Love Carter and Jordy together and can't wait for the next book!!

    13. Oh yes! Carters book is here I can now do the happy shuffle!!!!I’m not sure what it is about Carter that has had me hooked from the beginning, but he is the one I couldn’t wait to read all about. He certainly is someone extremely special!Carter had trained Jordyn years ago, one thing led to another and they spent the night together. Years later Carter still doesn’t know why she hates him but once they clear it up and get to know each other, their partnership blooms. I love the way Carter n [...]

    14. This is the 7th book in the Trident Security series by Samantha A. Cole. Absolving His Sins is Carter's story. Jordyn is sexy great worker that Carter trained years ago. Carter had the eyes for Jordyn for years but she ran away years ago and now she is back. Will she stick around this time? You'll have to read this story to find out. Samantha A Cole keeps the military aspects, lots of action, and the hot sexy chemistry of the BDSM lifestyle in play with this book. It was entertaining. I really e [...]

    15. Once again Samantha A Cole had delivered a well written, absolutely delicious and action filled Trident Security series book. This seventh book in the series called Absolving his sons tells the story of the ultra sexy, secret agent Carter, whom I have been crushing on throughout the entire series. Carter has never let anyone in until one night when the sexual tension between him and fellow black ops partner Jordyn ignites into a sex filled time spent in the sheets. Jordyn has not had an easy lif [...]

    16. T Carter is a black ops agent and has been friends with our Sexy Six Pack before they were called that. We have gotten to know a little about this sexy man throughout the series but now Master Carter has a book of his own! Someone has hacked into the agency he works for and his identity and that of other agents have been compromised. Two have been killed and next on the list is someone he can't get out of his head and just maybe his heartJordyn Alvarez. He trained her and one night after a missi [...]

    17. Loving Carter.How can you not love a bad a$$ Dom . Carter is every Sub's dream. If I was in the Lifestyle, I would want a Dom like Carter. There was a lot of Action and Suspense. Also some intrigue. Very well written. Kept me glued to the pages. I highly recommend this book. I recommend that you read the other books in this series. Not needed, but you get to know other key players in this book. I will have to get the next book! From a True Fan Pam James.

    18. T stands for trouble.Jordyn. has know T.Carter for awhile. She always is trying to guess what the T stands for. She works for an agency he does , they have been compromised and need to watch each other sixes. The gang is all here, Trident finest, Mic and her crew. All here to lend a hand. Carter and Jordyn reconnect after her misunderstanding of his lifestyle. This book is so good.

    19. Great story. It has everything you want in a book. Love scenes that melt your panties. Enough action that makes it hard to put the book down and scenes with ALL the hot alphas that we love. This book is the perfect 10.

    20. Carter and Jordyn sizzle together.This is book seven of the series and it did not disappoint. Carter and Jordyn have know each other for years but in the beginning they weren't even friends. They both come from disturbing backgrounds, but that makes them the perfect couple. Working a mission together and sharing their fears, gets them on the right path. I really loved them, they were truly fun to read about. Can't wait to see what comes next for them. If you haven't read this series, I highly re [...]

    21. ** Advanced copy was kindly provided by the author, but that has not influenced my review**Okay so this is NOT about the "sexy six-pack" men but of their best friend who is a government Black-ops that has played a part in the series, and is like a brother to the men of Trident Security. And just as hot, hunky, and all Alpha too!! Book 7 is Carter & Jordyn's story. Jordyn is another government Black-ops co-worker of Carter, that he also trained. Their chemistry is electrical!!It's a great sto [...]

    22. 4.5 StarsT. Carter is a ghost of a man who works for some government agencies that won’t claim him. He does things they can’t sanction. He goes by his last name and no one knows what his first name is, making him even more of a mystery. In each of the Trident Series books Carter has come in to help out on some mission and or save his friends. Yet he has always remained a mystery. In an earlier book, Topping the Alpha, we got to know a tidbit of the mysterious Carter. It seems Jordyn Alvarez, [...]

    23. This is book 7 in the Trident Series and although the book can be read as a stand-alone it is best to read the book in order as there are several back stories that will make the read much better!Jordyn Alvarez is an assassin who works for Deimos which is a black ops team for the US government. She has just completed her last mission when the one man she wants far away from her shows up to tell her that her own life is in danger. Now Jordyn must spend time with a man that brings her to her knees [...]

    24. What a fantastic, hot, sexy story! Jordyn is a government operative deep under cover. Carter is the man that trained her for this life. After one incredible night of passion, Jordyn ran off & has acted like she hated Carter anytime they had to interact. Was that night a mistake? Neither of them could get the other out of their mind & the time has come to resolve it. Samantha Cole is a incredibly talented writer. From the first word, you are drawn deep into the story & the relationshi [...]

    25. There is so much I like about this book that I don't even know where to start.I got to know T. Carter more in depth. I am seriously in love with this man. He will go to any lengths for those that he cares for.I like that J.B. Havens Steele group worked with Samantha's Trident Security Group. I, personally, don't think you need to read the Steele series to be able to follow along with this book but I do plan on reading that series asap. I really hope that these two groups work together in other f [...]

    26. I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.Absolving His Sins: Trident Security Book 7 (Trident Security Series) (Volume 7) is sinfully hot!!! Finally Carter's story!! I have to say while reading this book, I had a lot of hot flashes and cold showers during the whole time I read it. * Fans Face* Jordyn and Carter met years ago and had a spectacular night, but when she found his bag of toys, she finds out that he is into the BDSM lifestyle. She believes that anyone in that [...]

    27. I love and hate Samantha Cole. We've waited for Carter's story (and his name) through several books in the Trident series as well as her crossover series with JB Havens, with lots of teasers, and off the charts hotness! She finally delivers! Jordyn and Carter have history that is hinted about in other books of Trident. Now we learn it. And now we love Carter more. Jordyn is the perfect blend of alpha female, sass, brattiness, and submissive that Carter needs. She brings in the rest of the Triden [...]

    28. The long awaited story of super secret spy T. Carter has finally arrived!Two governments agents with terrible childhoods, lives shrouded in secrecy and a steamy night that didn't end how either had imagined. Carter is a hard bodied government agent, dependable friend of Trident Security and sometimes third in BDSM ménage due to his well known Dom status. Jordyn is a damaged orphan turned thief turned government agent trained by Carter then after one smoking hot night between the sheets she spen [...]

    29. Finally!! Carter's story!! :))) Admittedly, I'm a huge fan of this series and there's a special place in my heart for Carter. Needless to say, my expectations for this book were high. Samantha A Cole absolutely delivered and met all expectations.Once again, the author does an excellent job of balancing the romance and the suspense. I love how the history between the characters had been introduced in crumbs throughout the past couple of books. No need to worry, there is plenty of recap in this bo [...]

    30. Once again Samantha A Cole has not let us Trident fans down. This is one of the books I have been looking forward to read by her. After reading about Carter in the other books I was intrigued to learn his story and find out about the woman who would steal his heart. Jordyn was trained by Carter years earlier when she was given the choice of prison or join the elite team of assassins. Sexual tensions grew until one day they gave into them. That is when it all changed. Jordyn would now rather kill [...]

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