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The Awful Mess

The Awful Mess This is an alternate cover edition for B DHX GNS Divorced by a husband who wanted children she couldn t have editor Mary Bellamy has left the Boston suburbs to telecommute from tiny affordable Laws

  • Title: The Awful Mess
  • Author: Sandra Hutchison
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an alternate cover edition for B00DHX0GNS Divorced by a husband who wanted children she couldn t have, editor Mary Bellamy has left the Boston suburbs to telecommute from tiny, affordable Lawson, New Hampshire All she wants is peace and quiet and maybe a cat But an unhappily married Episcopal priest who s trying to save her heathen soul might be susceptible to moThis is an alternate cover edition for B00DHX0GNS Divorced by a husband who wanted children she couldn t have, editor Mary Bellamy has left the Boston suburbs to telecommute from tiny, affordable Lawson, New Hampshire All she wants is peace and quiet and maybe a cat But an unhappily married Episcopal priest who s trying to save her heathen soul might be susceptible to earthly temptations And the handsome local cop who s also an excellent kisser confuses her by being in favor of gay rights, but opposed to sex before marriage.Soon Mary s keeping a scandalous secret at great cost to her own happiness Worse, her disintegrating ex husband threatens what little she has left But in this witty and affectionate tale of small town life, Mary discovers that the connections she s made can result not only in terrifying risks, but in unexpected blessings.

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      366 Sandra Hutchison
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    1 thought on “The Awful Mess

    1. All right, so let me set the stage.First off, I am a writer of horrorEVER, lately I have been kicking around the notion of writing myself a romance novel.Why?Well, for starters I have to blame it on my wife. She keeps asking me just why does a fellow who has actually read THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY three times because he enjoyed it; who yells at his television when he doesn't think that unrequited lovers are moving fast enough - "KISS HER, YOU IDJIT. JUST TELL HER YOU LOVE HER!"; and who got [...]

    2. I was pleasantly surprised by Sandra Hutchison's The Awful Mess. It's rare in today's Indie market to read a book this well-written and well-edited. While I don't usually read romances, Awful Mess is really more of a coming to middle age story. It belongs more in the women's literature or literary fiction genre than in romance.From the first page, the writing captivated me, and so did the main character, Mary Bellamy, a recently-divorced editor who moves to a small town. She immediately gets inv [...]

    3. *This book was provided to me in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*This was the sort of book that reminds me that I am completely unqualified to review literature. Sure, I know what I like and I know what moves me, but reviewing a book like this makes me feel inadequate. How can someone who can write this well, with such delicacy of sentiment and careful integration of personal and social commentary have any interest at all in what I can say about it?! Well anyway, here are my thoughts, [...]

    4. 4 1/2 stars.This was a surprising book. It's a modern twist on The Scarlet Letter, and, as such, it deals with adultery, infidelity, and out-of-wedlock pregnancy, faith, hypocrisy, redemption, as well as newer social themes. It's very well written and edited, which quickly stood out to me, and held me captive. The writing flows and the plot moves quickly, with protagonists that are flawed and real, yet likeable, and secondary characters that fulfill their supportive role. I read it through and c [...]

    5. A young divorcee moves to the middle of nowhere with a vague idea towards starting a boring new life full of cats and gardening. This book is the story of how she gets pretty much the opposite. It's the perfect summer read for those of us who prefer a little chew in our love stories.What I loved best about The Awful Mess was its exploration of faith. I read this book the same week I read Jane Eyre, and I couldn't help seeing so many similarities! Both books are deeply concerned with Christianity [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. It's not a normal romantic novel. I really enjoyed the story line. It's nothing like I read before. It was an easy going nice read I got to about 85% & I was glued. A nice wee twist had me ignoring everything around me until I finished this little gem:)Received from author in return for an honest review.

    7. Having read some of the critical reviews I was a bit apprehensive. But good writing in the sample finally won me over – and I am glad to report that the book was quite enjoyable. I sympathized with the main heroine, Mary, and her story is told rather beautifully. Sandra Hutchison has a distinct voice as an author and the writing is consistent. Some of the reviewers have praised the editing and I wholeheartedly agree. I've had my share of badly edited Kindle books; it could've been all the more [...]

    8. It would be easy to describe this book as erotic romance, but that would unduly dismiss it as schlocky, hokey fluff. Although it's not devoid of fluff, there's something about Hutchison's writing style that is evocative and moving. And by moving, I don't mean it got me horny. I mean parts of it had me laughing out loud and crying for the depth of feeling (no pun intended) she managed to deftly express with an economy of words. I've only read a few previous romance novels, just as an exercise to [...]

    9. Kept me hookedI really enjoyed this book, although some decisions/parts drove me a little nuts, like they were just a plot tool and not something a real human being would do or say. I want a Bert of my own though! :)

    10. The author, Sandy Hutchison (screen name: Alelou), is the Queen of fanfic for a TV show you have probably never heard of. Her stories rack up 10s of thousands of hits within weeks of being posted. She writes romance that is thoughtful, fast paced, addictive, and often uncomfortably real. This book is no exception. In chapter 1, Mary swears off men, moves out into the middle of nowhere, and buys a cat. This is the last boring chapter in a 41-chapter book. The promised awful mess (a love story) qu [...]

    11. The Awful Mess is an entertaining and well-written novel by a dear friend of mine. I read early drafts of this and am very pleased to see how the characters have developed with time and ever-growing skill. It is available only as an e-book, but I hope that many will aaccess and appreciate it.Mary Bellamy, divorced and happy to be free, moves to a small town in New Hampshire and comes to realize what I, a small town girl, always knew: that everyone knows everything about everyone else. This turns [...]

    12. Book editor Mary Bellamy needs a change of scenery following her divorce from Roger, who has rejected her because she is unable to have children. She moves from the Boston area to the small town of Lawson, New Hampshire, where she hopes to regroup in a peaceful, quiet, romance-free environment. All she wants is to live in a little house with a ginger cat and sunlight falling on her kitchen table.The cat Mary adopts is black, however, and it isn’t long before she attracts the attention of TWO m [...]

    13. This was definitely a surprising read. I expected something a lot more tame and sweet - that it isn't. The author did a beautiful job of characterization. It would have been so easy to fall into stereotypes in this story, and she didn't. Even the "villian" was built up subtly so that when he takes advantage of the victim, it isn't that much more obvious to the reader at first than it is to the heroine. And there were some big issues tackled here that most romances avoid like the plague. There's [...]

    14. I found this a bit of a drag to start with and was a touch concerned it would turn out to be a bible bashing book, I was wrong. Whilst it had religion in it, the offset was Mary and Laura, an unmarried mother and a lesbian! Bert was a lovely character, who despite his strong religious beliefs found a way to make Mary feel loved and cared for.It was an interesting read with some colourful characters, and I'm glad I stuck with it to the end.

    15. Good, quick read. Really good for a freebie - it looks like someone actually edited it! All sarcasm aside, it was a good story. The only unbelievable part was one of the characters falling in love after like 3 "dates". I'll let it go though - I guess that could happen?

    16. When Mary and Roger Bellamy’s marriage falls apart, Mary seeks solace in the small community of Lawson, New Hampshire. Lawson is typical of a very, very small town. “Everyone in town knows about the young divorcee from Boston who bought Miss Lacey’s house.” And she’s hardly unpacked!Mary isn’t a religious person, but she has made her first new friend in Arthur Tennant, the rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church. She looks forward to their meetings on the Main Street Bridge. She en [...]

    17. An offbeat romance story with real-life awfulness thrown in, as well as some musings on the Christian faith. It can almost, but not quite, be considered Christian inspirational fiction, for those of the Christian faith with very liberal views. As an agnostic, this part of the novel didn’t speak to me, but I still found the story overall very interesting and entertaining.The novel picks up speed in the second half and becomes a page turner by the end. I read it in one night as I could relate to [...]

    18. Reading the book description I realized that everything it says about the things the main character Mary experiences are the kind of happenings that are common, or at least not rare. Surely you’ve known women who have received attention from a married man or a person whose beliefs contradict stereotypes  maybe even seem contradictory. We’ve all known people who have unexpectedly lost their job or women who have an unplanned pregnancy, even when they believed they weren’t capable of bear [...]

    19. Newly divorced, Mary Bellamy, moves to Lawson, New Hampshire in search of solitude and a new life. But instead she finds herself struggling through an emotional and spiritual journey that shakes her confidence and questions her faith in humanity and love. “You know what hell is? Hell is finding the love of your life and losing it. And then coming to the sick realization that you only really lost it because you threw it away in a fit of wounded pride.”This isn’t your typical romance book. M [...]

    20. The Awful Mess is the story of Mary Bellamy's attempts to get her life back in order after a divorce. She moves to rural Lawson, New Hampshire and is befriended by the local Episcopalian priest and chief of police. If a little shaken, she is fairly optimistic. She has rid herself of an abusive husband, retained her editing job, bought a house, and made a new friend. Then, she loses her job at the same time she becomes responsible for someone else. Suddenly, she finds herself headed for disaster, [...]

    21. I loved this book. I really enjoyed the characters in this book. I had to carry it around with me as I couldn't put it down and had to sneak a few pages in where ever I could. I haven't had a book hook me like this one in quite a while. I highly recommend this book to everyone!I got the book as a free one from Shelf Awareness I believe. I liked the other book by this author that she said she had a copy of her first book around her home and she went ahead and sent it to me. She knew I would give [...]

    22. Yes, it is an Awful Mess - but has a different twist a little of the way into the story.Mary is essentially a good woman who has just come out of a bad marriage, only to be seduced by an older man. This is a little "ick" and not pleasant reading, but the incident does serve to remind us that loneliness is everything it's cracked up to be. Sometimes we also need reminding that the perfect human being has yet to be born. Bad judgement, sorrow and disappointment can lead people to do things they wo [...]

    23. What a thoughtful, thought provoking book. I'm not entirely sure I can recall how it was that I stumbled across it, only that I am so thankful that I did. The character of Mary - divorced, disheartened, and down on her luck - was, for me, an entirely way too relatable character. Perhaps this is why I took such a shine to her story. It was a very well paced book with nary a lag in any of its chapters. Plus, the spiritual element was refreshing without being overbearing or shoved down my throat. A [...]

    24. I selected this book from the Awesome Indies catalog, feeling very comfortable that it would be a good read. I was not disappointed. The writing was flawless - indeed, one of the few books I've read where I never, once, had to re-read a passage for clarity. I enjoyed it immensely.This is not a sweet romance, nor a squeaky-clean story about God fearing Christians. This is a story about flawed individuals, making mistakes and trying to learn from those mistakes. Many of them are Christians but I w [...]

    25. I was going to give it 4 stars even though it didn't really "grip" me in the beginning, then I had a hard time putting it down once it did catch my interest. BUT at the end I felt like it was drawn out with all the religion (I know it was a big part of book, but still). Then at the very end I was REALLY disappointed how she never truly expressed how she felt, even after him saying that he felt like she does things because she feels like she owes him, not out of love for him. Overall I did enjoy [...]

    26. Excellent writing as the characters were developed and stayed true to form. The descriptions of the small town and each setting were superb, the perfect example of "show, don't tell" in writing. But I thought the personal relationships between Mary and Arthur should have had more happening before the "big surprise." And Winslow seemed too convenient to move the story along. However, I'm an older reader, have experienced a lot of life and need more grit from a book. That said, Sandra Hutchison's [...]

    27. Not your ordinary boy meets girlThe Awful Mess has been sitting in my TBR for a while now and I am so glad that it was finally up to be read. I can find myself relating to Mary and her trust issues and her determination to make it on her own. I believe anyone that has issues with faith, family dynamics and/or relationships will enjoy the book.

    28. Loved this book and the heroine who was far from perfect but tried. Mary was running from a horrible marriage and wanted quiet. Unfortunately she found more than she bargained for in the town minister. After bad decisions she believes she might have found love only to have it wrenched away when she becomes pregnant. The story is full of ups and downs but Mary somehow perseveres.

    29. Yes it's a great book. The story was very believable, which I love in a book. So many great characters, Mary, Winslow, Arthur and so many more. I was never really sure what was going to happen next.

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