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Seva Sadan

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  • Title: Seva Sadan
  • Author: Munshi Premchand
  • ISBN: 9789350643617
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback
  • update

    • [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Seva Sadan : by Munshi Premchand ✓
      103 Munshi Premchand
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ✓ Unlimited ↠ Seva Sadan : by Munshi Premchand ✓
      Posted by:Munshi Premchand
      Published :2019-01-27T03:57:23+00:00

    1 thought on “Seva Sadan

    1. If there is one author who knows the nerves of pre-Independence Indian society and the social evils that marred it, I think that would be Premchand. His stories and novels are a mirror of the society of that era. Reading his work, I feel that he was much ahead of his time in terms of his thoughts on social reforms to improve woman's status in society as well as eradication of superstitions and caste based society.Sevasadan revolves around the issue of Vaishya or prostitutes (mostly the dancers a [...]

    2. Great book by an amazing writer. I read this book in Hindi, can't say how it is translated in English, but if you know good hindi I strongly recommend this book. The story made me cry, the story is beautifully presented and it made the characters alive.

    3. I like this book because it revealing the dark side of human mind. And also give nice explanations about how it works when it helpless. Munchi Premchand is one of my favorite Authors since i was in high school i will rate this book 4/5 without any debut.

    4. Premchand is a writer who represented his contemporary India in brilliant details. A good novel to read.

    5. Premchand's Sewasadan is a journey towards an 'abode of service' as an institution and an individual. It can be defined in several ways. It can be seen as a story of a woman's struggle in a stringent society or of a prostitute who struggles to move out of her shell and adopt a better life for herself. It can even be considered a story so as to represent the evils of dowry and the ill-effects it is bound to leave on the woman's life! It can also be seen as a story defining prostitution as an evil [...]

    6. One of the best novels I had read in past year. Read it in hindi and would advice people who can read hindi to do the same. The book did made me cry a couple of times. At times the emotions ran deep and I would just keep it down to digest what had just happened. I wondered how cruel Premchand could be to the characters he had so carefully crafted. One good thing about the work is that it makes you think the same thing from many prespectives by engaging the reader into the thought process of his [...]

    7. भारतीय समाज में एक स्त्री को जितना सम्मान की दृष्टि से देखा जाता है उतना ही उसे शक की निगाह से भी देखा जाता है। जीवन के प्रत्येक स्तर पर उसकी आलोचना होती है और उसकी सहनशीलता की परीक्षा ली जाती ह [...]

    8. Fabulous novel on various social stigmas, cultures, and traditions of that time. Prem Chand showed his boldness in challenging the culture of that time, by marrying off Sadan with a sister of Prostitute. The rehabilitation of prostitutes (Wench) giving education to their kids, and above all the virtue of service, that is service to God. Altogether a perfect read those who want to read about society. And rightly the novel has been a flawless mirror of the society.

    9. i have read hindi version of this book really awesomeloved it. i will recommend it to read it in hindi only when then u will get to feel it.

    10. It's a bad decision to read the best books of a writer first and then eventually moving on to their less ambitious matesD BAD BAD decision.I was overwhelmed with Godan.I was underwhelmed with Sevasadan.It's more like a section cut out from Godan less all those gripping moments and suspense and that most important thing-character growth and depth.The issue was chosen wisely, the story not so much.I just feel that I expected too much from Premchand on this one but it's rare that you don't expect o [...]

    11. सेवासदन - घटनाये रोचक है पर तेजी से घटती है । पढ़ते हुए मालूम होता है के जैसे कोई कहानी को तेज रफ्तार से सुनाये जा रहा है । कहानी के भाव तंत्र का ख्याल किए बिना। हालांकि सभी घटनाये भावनात्मक रूप स [...]

    12. Reading this book will take you in the time when britishers were ruling India and India was struggling with the poverty. The book also tells about the social fear of that time in accordance with the culture. Read this book if you want to know what was/is Bharat.

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