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Aris Aris and his brothers have been sick their entire lives Every day Aris comes closer to finding a cure One day his visions show him that the key is a human woman in need of help He must find her Sophie

  • Title: Aris
  • Author: Sarah J. Stone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aris and his brothers have been sick their entire lives Every day Aris comes closer to finding a cure One day his visions show him that the key is a human woman in need of help He must find her Sophie has spent the last seven years of her life locked away and abused by a man who promised to always take care of her She s nearly given up hope on ever getting free untilAris and his brothers have been sick their entire lives Every day Aris comes closer to finding a cure One day his visions show him that the key is a human woman in need of help He must find her Sophie has spent the last seven years of her life locked away and abused by a man who promised to always take care of her She s nearly given up hope on ever getting free until she makes contact with the man of her dreams Is he actually real or is she going crazy Can Aris save her from herself and help her heal before it s too late for both of them Content Warning Explicit love scenes, and piles of sexy shifters Intended for mature audiences only.

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      110 Sarah J. Stone
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    1 thought on “Aris

    1. This wasn't a bad start to a series, but it left me feeling like it was more of a "serial" type read. It didn't have much character depth or story development. Plus the insta-love was extreme. It would have been nice had the relationship between the hero and heroine felt genuine or realistic. Not sure if I will give book 2 a try or not.

    2. I gave this book a shot despite being immediately turned off by the formatting (double-spaced). The grammar and spelling isn't great, but I still chose to continue reading because the story seemed intriguing. However, the author clearly has no idea what they've said before or how to construct a story. How do the characters know about things when seconds before they didn't? Or that they somehow managed to figure it out--which there is no reasoning for. That's just the start of my issues. The stor [...]

    3. Disclaimer: 1- Readers be aware, this book has massive triggers.2- Aris is only 6% or the book, I appreciate a free book here and there, but I hate this bait and switch business First book from this author, it was recommended by KU based on previous reading, so I give it a try. I usually avoid this kind of triggers, I was totally blindsided by this book (not in a good way).I’m giving it 2 starts, based on the concept and the relationship between the dragons, I did not feel any connection with [...]

    4. I am voluntarily reviewing this audiobook copy.This is a very short but and jam packed audiobook. This story follows Sophie and Aris. The first meeting was very out there. Aris is a dragon shifter who is sick and dying. He does not understand what is happening to him nor his brothers. All he knows is that he needs to save himself and his brothers because he knows that he is meant for more. Sophie on the other hand has been repeatedly abused since she was 15. Her mother is worthless. That sounds [...]

    5. Now this is a definite twist to most Dragon shifter stories I've read previously. The idea that the male carries both male and female dragons until his true mate is found makes you sit up and take notice of the dynamics more so than even before. Looks like they save each other but Sofie is still so much mentally abused from her time as her stepfather's prisoner that she doesn't feel worthy. His doing, and the fact she is afraid of him finding her. Even when this happens, it still baffles me as t [...]

    6. I enjoyed reading this book but I felt like it could have been better. There's so much that isn't explained, and perhaps it will be in future books, but the reason half-breed dragons are killed is unclear and this is a key plot point.I felt like the characters were under developed, they didn't feel complete or like I could meet them walking down the street. The whole thing just seemed rushed, I wish the book had been had as long again and used the extra length on world building and character bui [...]

    7. I received this audiobook free for an honest review. I thought this was a cute short story. There was so much that could be done with this story and so much that was left unanswered. However, I guess that is why this is a series. I may have to check out additional books to see how this story continues. Very different turn on a dragon shifter story and romance. The author did a good job of getting the story across and the narrator did a good job with the characters.

    8. A beautiful story that begins a seriesThis story will move you. The characters are damaged and cast away, but find strength in each other. There are twists in the story and some heartbreaking back stories that will make you pull for them even more. I loved that this whole storyline is beginning a series of people who find strength in themselves to help the others around them pull their best selves out too. Nicely done!

    9. A Vision of a CureThis book centers around Arise, the male lead, and the female lead, Sophie.The story line touches upon Aris and how sick he has been, and Sophie who has been betrayed and abused.Overall, an intense read covering, hope, sacrifice, family, and love.Connor Brown did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

    10. MediocreI found the way this was written somewhat stiff and in a way quite naive as though this was by a new author who hasn't quite mastered their craft. It is quite simplistic without a lot of substance to it, quite disappointing. The bonus book included was even worse that was boring from beginning to end and made you wonder what the point to it was. Not a particularly enjoyable read.

    11. ArisI read 15% of this book, and then it abruptly ended! Evidently the remaining 85% of the book consisted of two "previews" of other books the author is trying to promote. This is the second time I've experienced this. Why do authors do this? It's ridiculous! I don't want to waste my time reading previews or having to read four different 15% books to get a complete story. I'd rather just stay away from authors that play this silly game.

    12. Shows real promise Gave this book a 4 as it shows real promise of bring a top notch storyline. I like the edgy sense of family and need shown in the relationships of the guys. It's a bit roughly edited though and occasionally I had to reach for the manning off misplaced/misspelled words. But the organic way the relationships between the mates is developing gives me hope this will be a stellar read.

    13. Missing quite a bitOnly 14% of this book is.well, this book. The rest is a witch story box set and previews. That left very little room for world building and none for character development. The premise was interesting enough, but without the other two components it wasn't engaging enough to guarantee that I'll read the next story. Sadly, the author didn't allow us the opportunity through story telling to bond with any of the characters more than superficially.

    14. Okay this story would be a 3 star if it wasn't for one thing. (view spoiler)[ That the girl who has been abused at the hands of a man for 8 years, is totally okay with four guys rescuing her and one of them says that he is her mate. Oh and she has sex with him like a week after they rescue her. Though she just recently lost her virginity by being raped by the man who held her captive. (hide spoiler)]Yeah that was a bit of a fail. Other than that major flaw the story wasn't to bad.

    15. Short but interesting.This story was quite short. Only 20% but there are free books added in. I enjoyed the story and the idea behind it. I would've liked a little more history about the characters and a little more depth. I was looking forward to the 2nd book but it's short once again.If your looking for a light holiday read, this is the book for you.

    16. I love this series of booksSarah J. Stone writes a great series of hot, sexy, steamy love story about finding your true mate. This was the first book I read that she had written & I can't wait to read more of her books.

    17. Four stars!!I liked this story, the dual Dragon idea is interesting. Also, how Sophie was saved was entertaining. However, I think the story could have been more in depth about aris and sophie's relationship.

    18. This was very action packed and fun story to read. I loved the characters and hello dragons dragons are wonderful. There is adventure and action love and romance sexyness and yum to many scenes ;) I really enjoyed it and I'm glad i got to review it

    19. An easy read and interesting in differences of full-blood and halflings.Aris has found four others like himself. He had taken care of them and tried to figure out what the sickness meant. He finds Sophie, who is his mate and who seems to help all the halflings.Read and enjoy.

    20. The premise of the book is quite good but it's so badly written that it gets lost. The characters appear out of nowhere, we never get an in depth look at how they become who they are. And it ends way to quickly. If you are looking for a quick read that make no sense I'd recommend this.

    21. I enjoyed reading this book, it has a great storyline. Can't wait to read more from this author. I received a FREE ARC copy to read volunteerly for an honest review.

    22. GoodWell written and characters are really great. This is the story of Aris and Sophie and all his brothers. Enjoy this standalone no cliffhangers first book of this series

    23. It's okI thought the story was ok. It definitely was interesting. I even wondered how the bad guy found them. There are also bonus stories in the book too.

    24. Could have been much better but not something I would choose again. Characters needed to be explained much more, story filled out, and an ending worth reading. I was disappointed.

    25. Very short storyGood story line but very short story. Most of the book was selections of other books I was not interested in.

    26. ArisLoved it. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read the next book. Dragons and humans, who would have thought.

    27. As usual, Sarah wrote a compelling, edge-of-your-seat, read. My only regret is that since I have finished all her books, I must wait for her next release!

    28. Really liked these books. Ended up reading both in one day. In this aris was sick and having visions. He also visits a girl in one vision and she can see him. He knows she will be important in his life. Sophie has been a prisoner for 7 years in the basement of her stepfather. She knows her time is for her to be killed r raped. She has been seeing Aris for years and knows he will some how save her. Time is running out

    29. Great bookI really enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading more books by this author. I recommend reading this book.

    30. This was a book that came with my KU copy of "Saved By A Dragon" by the same author. Good story. In fact I liked this better than I liked Owen's book but I am quite enjoying Owen and Connor's book (Exiled Dragons the prologue) so I will continue in both series.The Stratham Dragons are a group of orphans, all different types of dragons, who have gifts of some sort and who are unwell for some reason. Aris is their leader and as such he is the first to get a mate. This book explains some of who and [...]

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