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Morning Sun

Morning Sun Before their paths crossed Before a fragile thread connected their futuresBefore they found themselves humanity s last hopeThe Nighthawks stood alone Armed with visions from the future Eleanor P Vale

  • Title: Morning Sun
  • Author: Jeremy Flagg
  • ISBN: 9780998928234
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before their paths crossed Before a fragile thread connected their futuresBefore they found themselves humanity s last hopeThe Nighthawks stood alone.Armed with visions from the future, Eleanor P Valentine is about to change the fate of eleven would be heroes in a last ditch effort to save mankind.

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      383 Jeremy Flagg
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    1 thought on “Morning Sun

    1. Morning Sun, the first novel in the Children of Nostradamus series, is quite unexpected to be this astonishing. It is a prelude to the series which narrates the stories of each mentalists or the so-called children of Nostradamus, and it also compiles all the individual letters of the psychic Eleanor to them.Some of these extraordinary people possessed different kind of special abilities, just like the power to become invisible or super strength, which the government tries to suppressed. Because [...]

    2. I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

    3. Just brilliantWhat I brilliant way of giving us readers an insight to the begins of the nighthawks and the way Eleanor shaped the future. Thoroughly enjoyed the snippets of each persons life prior to becoming what they where destined to become . whether you read prior to the first book or after it really doesn't matter as it is stand alone but it is a must .

    4. If you are expecting Morning Sun to be set up like most books, be prepared for something slightly different. As a reader, this variation stood out to me as something that made the book unique and interesting.Jeremy Flagg offers a set of short stories here that fill in the details of characters. I have not read his other work (I plan to), and I still enjoyed this book as a standalone.

    5. Kickass! Morning Sun is a collection of stories linking together the Children of Nostradamus, humans who's latent mutant abilities have begun to surface. These are the backstories of the heroes of Flagg's Nighthawks, Children themselves, an unlikely grouping of heroes. This added dimension to the characters is not only edgy, sarcastic, and downright action-packed fun; it deepens the shadows of these future heroes. Fans of the series will love the added depth. If you haven't checked out Flagg's w [...]

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