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The I Ching or Book of Changes

The I Ching or Book of Changes Covers I Ching a book of oracles containing the whole of human experience

  • Title: The I Ching or Book of Changes
  • Author: Richard Wilhelm Cary F. Baynes C.G. Jung
  • ISBN: 9780140192070
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Covers I Ching a book of oracles containing the whole of human experience.

    • Free Read [Graphic Novels Book] ↠ The I Ching or Book of Changes - by Richard Wilhelm Cary F. Baynes C.G. Jung ë
      488 Richard Wilhelm Cary F. Baynes C.G. Jung
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      Posted by:Richard Wilhelm Cary F. Baynes C.G. Jung
      Published :2018-07-17T12:07:20+00:00

    1 thought on “The I Ching or Book of Changes

    1. I read a little bit of this book almost every day. I can usually find a sentence or more that resonates with me on that day. The ancients believed that this book was a representation of the voices of spirits. It is thousands of years old. I don't know how to use divination with it, but I feel like it is a reliable friend who always gives good advice pertinant to my situation. My favorite line today is, "Everything that gives light is dependent on something to which it clings, in order that it ma [...]

    2. I know that in NORMAL circles, it's odd to read an ancient chinese text upon which a non-theistic religion is based. HOWEVER, I am not normal and most of the people I enjoy aren't either. SO, let me say that of all the religious texts I have ever read, there is something fundamentally gorgeous about the foundations of this Taoist book. I find it beautiful, cosmically true and irrefutably WISE in its basic applications. By this I mean that the eight pure three-line gua are hypnotically symbolic o [...]

    3. I find it strange when people quote this book. I've seen multiple philosophers, writers, History Channel documentaries, heck, even Sean Connery in Zardoz quote the I Ching. Don't they realize that the I Ching's advice is directed towards the specific hexagram casted in response to a specific question? Its advice is catered to those who ask it– its words cannot be pulled out of context and applied to any life situation willy-nilly! The results could be disastrous! Take these two quotes, as an [...]

    4. At one point in my life while semi-transient, it was necessary to leave a portion of my library behind. So I left a box of books on a corner in Berkeley. My I Ching- the Blofeld translation- was amongst these. Some ten years later, I was browsing a bookstore on Haight St. and found a copy of the I Ching in the dollar discount rack. Opening it to the inside cover revealed a very familiar ink stain- green ink, which I suppose I had spilled on it, back in high school. So what are the odds of anyone [...]

    5. The introduction by C.G. Jung was quite helpful in making sense of these ancient "divination texts" as reflective tools. So helpful that I tried it several times with the simple coin method and could see what he was getting at. Intellectually, however, the most interesting thing was the suggestion of a radically different sense of time. Emotionally, I had been brought up with the ideology of evolutionary progress while intellectually I subscribed to the notion of time as the essentially neutral [...]

    6. This book has changed my life more than once. It's an old friend now, dog-eared and battered from travels on five continents, a bit salt-stained from time at sea. In the 1980s I created a software version on a floppy disk. In 2014 I upgraded that to an app for iPhone, Kindle, iPad, Android, and Apple Watch. It's my spelunking buddy in the caverns of the sub-conscious, my wise father, my Sancho Panza, my mystic magician. You might enjoy this piece I wrote about the I Ching in WIRED: My Quest to b [...]

    7. As a skeptic I have a hard time reconciling logic & reason with my experiences concerning this book. The I Ching is like Chinese astrology that uses coins instead dates. You throw the coins and get a nugget of wisdom that speaks to your life and its problems. Logic would immediately say this is preposterous and I tend to agree, even now. The only problem with my conclusion is that hundreds of coin throws have shown me the I Ching is anything *but* random.A friend introduced me to the book an [...]

    8. I have used this little Book of Changes for about 15 years (I'm on my second copy) and it has never, ever, ever steered me wrong (unless I've ignored what it said, which has been far too often). Sure, you may think that throwing three coins in the air six times can't tell you anything, but you'd be surprised at how accurate the I Ching is. I've read other I Ching books and this is by far the most accessible. Written by the head doctor for a major circus (go figure!), it is unpretentios and alway [...]

    9. This one is, for me, the grandfather of all the books I use. I occasionally read it, consult it, when I want a complete and full (and usually quite symbolic and mysterious) reading, for it is the translation closest to the original that I have found. However, I have other translations I use for faster readings or for explanations/explorations into deeper aspects of the figures. My longtime copy of this book has been packed away for several years (long story!), and I have continually thought that [...]

    10. Devo rileggermi l'introduzione di C.G.Jung perchè Brunella Antomarini in Pensare con l'errore dedica quasi un capitolo a I Ching ed ho bisogno di confrontarle.

    11. This is one of my favorite translations of the Yi Jing. There are three books I use most often when I throw the coins: the classic Wilhelm/Baynes translation, this one, and Carol Anthony's A Guide to the I Ching. What I like about the Alfred Huang book is that it is very readable and useful, and at the same time feels like it is conveying the nuances of the Chinese meanings better than any other translation I have used. Huang explains in better detail a number of the odd turns of phrase that Wil [...]

    12. This isn't a book that you sit down a read through (although you can if you want), but more of a tool to use daily/weekly/whenever the needed arises. The wisdom in these pages is incredible, and for whatever reason whichever chapter(s) you roll, the advise within said chapters is always relevant. I highly suggest everyone get a copy and use it to provide some perspective whenever you find yourself in need. You don't need to believe in any supernatural powers to utilize this. Its power lies in it [...]

    13. It profits the wise man to cross the water,to be still in winter,active in summer,humble in lifeand graceful in death

    14. A beautiful book that teaches us that change can't be changed will become what it was meant to be without our consideration or approval.

    15. Yes, I KNOW. All of the hackles on your back are going up as you read this title. All I can say is that when you read this (and, yep, cast the pennies in this case) you will think this is SO much baloney. But, I really think that the readings are just a way to think about your life using a new window - what's another way to look at my situation? Everytime I think about an issue using this, I have a new insight - it's darn straight-forward.

    16. de facto translation of the i ching for english-onlys like us americans tend to be. if you are really interested in the i ching, you need to read this book at least once and to keep it as a reference. the readings are incredibly insightful and sound incredibly natural given the two levels of translation (chinese -> german -> english). i often find myself wondering if the obfuscation of the double translation is actually a blessing for such an esoteric and uninterpretable text.

    17. 4 stars is a little generous in my book, but these are 4 stars relative to other works. A good all-around translation. I think he adds too much at times, perhaps lending to much credibility to his own interpretations. Nonetheless, it is nice to see how a well-educated Taoist would present his understanding of the Yi Jing to others.

    18. This is only alive book I know. I'm reading it constantly or maybe it would be more correct to say am talking with it constantly.

    19. Puntuar un libro de varios milenios de antigüedad, por mucho que se trate de una edición moderna comentada en la que hay más cosas que valorar, me resulta sacrílego y, aún así, la hago porque considero necesario que el mundo sepa que se aprenden cosas muy curiosas, aunque no son las que esperabas. Yo llegué a este libro a través de The Man in the High Castle, donde el protagonista, habitual trasunto del autor, lo usa para tomar las decisiones que le guiarán durante la trama. Entonces yo [...]

    20. This is THE authoritative version of the I Ching, or Book of Changes. It is both a compendium of ancient knowledge that is still perfectly applicable to contemporary situations, and an oracle that clearly defines any situation and points to the correct action (or non-action) required to resolve the situation in the most effective manner. I have used the oracle on and off for nearly 50 years and it has never led me astray. A good deal of immersion / meditation / intuition is required to understan [...]

    21. A translation into a mixture of English and Latin. Some commentaries are translated."Horses wheel; They pull at odds. A wife is sought. A Destination Is Auspicious, Hoc bonum. All things Profit, In nullo non convenit."On the Image: Both the seeking and the Destination Show clarity, Claritas."[Author’s commentary] Yin Line in Yin Place. The bride ‘goes’ with her suitor. All is ‘clear.’ This Line Resonates with Yang in First Place. This is the right moment, advises Magister Liu. True Yan [...]

    22. You aren't really meant to read it from cover to cover. It's more something that you delve into in a semi-chaotic manner from time to time. The text functions as something of a "random fresh-perspective generator" and can help you to see specific problems in a new light.I found it pretty insightful and hope that i can find it useful in the future. I haven't spent enough time with it to be able to recommend it but i suspect most people would find the sort of input that the I Ching can offer to be [...]

    23. If you are looking for a beginners book on the I Ching that is easy to understand and easy to use then this book is for you.I use it almost daily and it never fails to offer good advice.

    24. 6 in the fourth position.Bones are scattered.A heavy tome is regarded.The solemn reader is rewarded.No blame.

    25. Classic Confucius. This book sent me into real-life mind-bending mysteries and opened my creative channels. Loved it and practiced it.

    26. I change, and you change. Each of our lives is a book of change; and every day, each one of us wonders how our fortunes may change in the future. Therefore, it is perfectly understandable that one of the oldest known books is a divination manual that dates back to ancient China, and that is titled I Ching: The Book of Change.Scholars estimate that the I Ching dates back to around 825 B.C meaning that it predates Homer’s Iliad by 75 years or so. As the I Ching is a divination manual, I expect t [...]

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