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Bestie je zvíře

Bestie je zv e Jako d t se Alys r mova k m o Bestii sm la a strach kter vyvol valy p b hy o arod jnic ch ji mrazil jen p jemn Pak ale jednoho dne p i ly Ty dv A s celou vesnic a dosavadn m bezstarostn m ivotem byl

  • Title: Bestie je zvíře
  • Author: Peternelle van Arsdale Barbara Hajná
  • ISBN: 9788075292759
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jako d t se Alys r mova k m o Bestii sm la a strach, kter vyvol valy p b hy o arod jnic ch, ji mrazil jen p jemn Pak ale jednoho dne p i ly Ty dv A s celou vesnic a dosavadn m bezstarostn m ivotem byl konec Spolu s ostatn mi d tmi prch Alys do sousedn ho Defaidu, kde ji ek t k dosp v n ve sv t sv zan m ne prosn mi pravidly Defaid i jeho okol zachvacuJako d t se Alys r mova k m o Bestii sm la a strach, kter vyvol valy p b hy o arod jnic ch, ji mrazil jen p jemn Pak ale jednoho dne p i ly Ty dv A s celou vesnic a dosavadn m bezstarostn m ivotem byl konec Spolu s ostatn mi d tmi prch Alys do sousedn ho Defaidu, kde ji ek t k dosp v n ve sv t sv zan m ne prosn mi pravidly Defaid i jeho okol zachvacuje panika p ed t m, co m pr na sv dom tajemn Bestie Jen e utrpen , kter si lid dok ou p sobit navz jem, si s t m nadp irozen m v ni em nezad A Alys nav c c t , e m k hvozdu a Bestii podivn bl zko

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      283 Peternelle van Arsdale Barbara Hajná
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    1. Gaaaahhhh. This was so good! What did I just read? I'm mystified and intrigued by this story. It has an original fairy tale vibe to it. It was wonderful!***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***The Beast Is an Animal by Peternelle van ArsdalePublisher: Margaret K. McElderry BooksPublication Date: February 28, 2017Rating: 4 starsSource: eARC from EdelweissSummary (from ):A girl with a secret talent must save her village from the encroaching darkness in this haunting and deeply satisfying ta [...]

    2. This review can be split in two: the first half and the second half. The first half is a solid 4 stars. The second half is 2 stars.The first half of this book is a claustrophobic, well-written, suspenseful tale of witches in the Middle Ages, with magical realism thrown in. The plotting is a bit slow, but there's a bite of tension in the air. This book really did NAIL dramatic tension. I appreciated the portrayal of how religion can be coopted into hate. This is a recurring theme throughout the b [...]

    3. THE BEAST IS AN ANIMAL has officially been crowned as "Nina's First Five Stars of 2017".Yes, that is a thing. (Or at least, now it is. Shhh.)It's been quite a long time since I've loved a book this much.A very, VERY long time. Really. The last 5 stars I gave before this one was Crooked Kingdom, and I read that in November. IN. NOVEMBER. What is this. This is unacceptable.As you can probably imagine, my relief at finally finding a fabulous book (look at that alliteration. I'M ON A ROLL) worthy of [...]

    4. The Beast Is an Animal is a young-adult fantasy novel written by Peternelle van Arsdale. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. The writing is simple and the theme felt fantastically dark like all of the best fairy-tales are. It was engaging, suspenseful, creepy, scary, unfair, with a setting that felt very historical. I loved the heroine in this book. Her character was surprisingly complex and I felt a great deal for her and her situation. The ending could have been a bit more climactic in my opinion [...]

    5. Using simple but evocative language, Arsdale weaves a dark fairy tale with a heroine and a Beast who are neither as simply good or simply evil as such characters in these stories often are. There's a love story (but not with the Beast--this is not a Beauty and the Beast re-telling), but it doesn't really enter the narrative until close to the end and never devolves into some lurid love triangle or angsty drama.One of the things I enjoyed most about this was the way even the soul eaters were give [...]

    6. I was 100% in on this book. I loved the cover and the synopsis and yet I literally have no idea what I just read. I liked Alys well enough. She's smart and curious and cares for the people around her. There were several other characters, but no one really stood out. The story line was a bit too vague. I spent a good portion of the beginning feeling like I was dropped in the middle of s story. Nothing was explained, yet it seemed like I was already supposed to know the backstory. I'm giving it tw [...]

    7. Nečakajte nejaký mega strašidelný horor, z ktorého vám budú vstávať vlasy dupkom. Netvor je zver je niečo ako creepy rozprávka o dobre a zle. Keď má Alys 7 rokov, všetkých dospelých v jej dedine vysajú požieračky duší, Alys a zvyšné deti odídu žiť do susednej osady a dedinčania, ktorí sa ich boja, si z nich urobia nočných strážcov na ohrade okolo dediny. Príbeh potom preskočí o pár rokov na momenty, keď má Alys 12 a 15.Alys sa ale nedokáže stotožniť s us [...]

    8. ¿Premisa? Increíble¿Narración? Fantástica¿Ambientación y atmósfera? Impecables¿Y la trama? ¡¡Doña, vuelva que se olvidó de la trama!!

    9. The beast is an animalHear it scratch upon your doorIt sucks your soul then licks the bowlAnd sniffs around for moreThe beast is an animalIt has a pointy chinIt eats you while you sleep at nightLeaves nothing but your skin!So, first of all, this book doesn’t really have a lot to do with the beast. I mean…it’s in it yes, but I’m not sure why it’s the title subject to be honest. Second of all, it drags on and is sort of boring. As a whole, the story is sort of good, but the pitch was jus [...]

    10. 4,5/5Wow! Tak toto bolo niečo! Určite jedno z najväčších prekvapení tohoto roka (príjemná zmena po toľkých sklamaniach). Malo to skvelé postavy, príbeh, ešte lepšiu atmosféru a skrátka to bola krásna temná rozprávka :)Odporúčam.

    11. Remember last year's immensely magnificent, where-did-this-book-come-from Uprooted? I knew from the synopsis alone that it was going to be an fantasy of epic proportions but still I was blown away with how goooood it was. This year's breakout fantasy comes in a more subtle albeit still epic tale called The Beast Is An Animal.The story starts off with a very creepy, myth-like origin story of the soul eaters - who are in the form of orphaned twin girls. And our protagonist, little 7-year old A [...]

    12. *Sigh*The main reason why I didn't enjoy this book was probably because I've been in such a terrible reading slump lately. I didn't like really any of the characters. The romance was literally so cringe worthy and was too fast and just unneeded. This book was creepy and definitely felt like a fairytale. But meh I just really wasn't a fan. I just could not connect with the story at alllllll.

    13. I read this book early on and am still thinking about it today. I don’t typically read fairy tales or fables or even much YA, but this book by Peternelle van Arsdale made me want to rethink all of that. The Beast Is an Animal opened up a world to me, its world, yes, magnificently, and also a world of thought and of reading options I might not have considered before.The main character Alys feels things and we feel things alongside her. The weather changes, and we experience snow melting, the wa [...]

    14. This is a spooky, gorgeously dark fairy tale that lures you deeper and deeper in, like you're chasing something through its pages. A lot of YA novels are about a girl lost in the forest of her teenage years, and struggling to understand her heart. This one has the courage to suggest that there may be some scary things lurking in there. At the outset of the novel, seven-year-old Alys is mysteriously spared when a pair of not-quite-human, soul-eating twin sisters ravage her town and leave everyone [...]

    15. Alys, in fact, had never been afraid. Her favorite nursery rhymes were the scary ones. The ones about The Beast sucking out your soul and leaving behind nothing but gristle and skin. Those were the ones Alys liked best.At first, I was terrified to pick up this book. The cover is horrifying in some, unexplainable way, and the nursery rhyme in the beginning gives me the creeps. I don't do well with horror. Hence, why I don't normally read anything having to do with it (besides the rather harmless [...]

    16. English - Español This book has a simply perfect cover and an interesting synopsis, but the name has little to do with it. The beast almost doesn't appear and it isn't as you think.Our protagonist and narrator for the most part is Alys, when she was seven years old she sees the twins known as the "soul eaters". These girls ate the souls of all the adults of Gwenith the village where she lived, only leaving the children alive and sleeping. These are moved to Defaid the nearest village, but in th [...]

    17. Este libro tiene una hermosa portada y una ambientación increíble pero el resto del libro es cualquier cosa. Los personajes no evolucionan ni un poco en los años que pasan en el libro y el argumento es inexistente, pero, no es joda, no hay argumento. CERO.Una lastima.Reseña completa proximamente

    18. I first heard about The Beast is an Animal from a Simon and Schuster newsletter when they announced a reading study they were doing with Jelly Books. All participants could select an eBook from a list of six books. I was torn between this one and The Diabolic. Both sounded intriguing, but this one sounded like it might be more enjoyable and I loved the cover. Now that I've finished the book, I wish I had selected The Diabolic. I loved the story concept and at first the story was engaging, so I t [...]

    19. One of the best books I´ve read, I can´t believe how engaged I was in this story that barely had any dialogue. Peternelle van Arsdale is incredible at describing scenery and what is happening without the need for dialogue. Absolutely incredible.

    20. ❈ I received this advance reading copy courtesy of Simon & Schuster❈At this point, I am 100% sure that "it had potential, but" will be the words on my gravestone because I find myself saying nearly everyday. Unfortunately, here I find myself again uttering that famous phrase. The Beast Is an Animal had a lot of potential: a fairytale-esque setting, mysterious soul eaters, haunts from the forest, and a girl grappling with her dark self, but in the end, it fell completely flat. World build [...]

    21. hmTak konečne pridávam mini recenziu (na blogu bude no za pár dní snáď :D)Takže nečakala som toho veľa, lebo síce Slováci knihu milovali, ostatné hodnotenia sú dosť také všelijaké a presne taká bola aj kniha. Všelijaká. Veľmi pomaly sa budoval príbeh a ak mám byť úprimná, tak sa veľa ani nemalo čo budovať, pretože to bol jednoduchý príbeh, ktorý mohol skončiť za pár strán, no celá kniha stojí na tej atmosfére.Do polovice máte pocit, že čítate nejakú c [...]

    22. Checkout my full review on my blog! omgbooksandmorebooks.This is a very unique, dark, and twisted tale. This story is so unique and the cover ensnared me. However, it was slow. There is a lot of build up but what stopped me from really enjoying this was that it was slow. But the story is so so unique. If you like dark and twisted tales and can mind the slow like pace, then this book is for you.

    23. Full review to come.absolutely LOVED this book! Beautifully written with phenomenal characters and an enchanting atmosphereLOVED it!

    24. Bolo to zaujímavé, ale nič, z čoho by som vyslovene padla na zadok. Plus ten koniec mi prišiel taký divný a vedela by som si predstaviť, že to skončí inake inak sa mi to dosť páčilo :)

    25. The book opens with a scenario that’s reminiscent of the best classic fairy tales: twin sisters, born in a small suspicious village, are abandoned by their father in the woods. They grow into something not quite human…something that needs to feed on souls to survive. Alys and the other children in the village are spared by the twins and taken in by a nearby village. Fear of the soul eaters – and of the Beast they believe guides them – rule village life. But the Beast is not what they thi [...]

    26. 4,5*Predstavujem vám moju ďalšiu obľúbenú knihu do zbierky.Nemám slov! Bolo to fantastické! Magické! Surové! Kruté! Miestami creepy a ja som si to totálne zamilovala! Od tejto knihy neviete, čo máte očakávať, ale to čo dostanete! Och! Môj ty Bože! Toto je jedna z kníh, ktorú chcete čítať a vlastniť. A nielen kvôli tej nadpozemsky krásnej obálke. A dokonca vám nebudú vadiť hluché miesta a ani ten koniec, ktorýi neviem čo sa tam vlastne dialo, tak ma to pohltilo: [...]

    27. While I didn't love this book, I didn't dislike it either. But also didn't particularly LIKE it. I absolutely LOATHE when I feel this way about a book.I honestly rarely read anything unless it's a 4-5 star for me. Yes, I will DNF a book so quick, even if it feels like it will be a 3 star. I just want to spend my time on books I LOVE.I really can't even explain to you why I kept reading this one. I didn't love the writing, it was in 3rd person which makes me feel so disconnected from the characte [...]

    28. Brilliantly crafted, this is one of the best YA fantasy novels I've read in a long time - so good that I'm adding it to my list of all-time favorite books. This is old-school master storytelling at its finest, the huddle round the fire while darkness gathers school of story-crafting. It does what the best multilayered, morally and emotionally complex tales do - it leads you effortlessly down the path until you've surrendered completely to this author, surprised to find you've followed her straig [...]

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