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Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series comes our brand new Victorian Romance line with SUMMER HOLIDAY Three brand new Victorian Romance novellas by Nancy C

  • Title: Summer Holiday
  • Author: Nancy Campbell Allen Annette Lyon Sarah M. Eden
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 339
  • Format: ebook
  • From the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series, comes our brand new Victorian Romance line, with SUMMER HOLIDAY.Three brand new Victorian Romance novellas by Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M Eden, and Annette LyonEAKFAST AT SOMMERPOOL S by Nancy Campbell Allen As Tessa Baker competes for the supervisor promotion at Sommerpool DepartmentFrom the publisher of the USA TODAY bestselling Timeless Romance Anthology series, comes our brand new Victorian Romance line, with SUMMER HOLIDAY.Three brand new Victorian Romance novellas by Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M Eden, and Annette LyonEAKFAST AT SOMMERPOOL S by Nancy Campbell Allen As Tessa Baker competes for the supervisor promotion at Sommerpool Department and Mercantile, she s faced with a ridiculous list of tasks to complete in order to win the job Tessa would love to be the first female supervisor ever to work at the Sommerpool, but her competitor is cheating at every turn Discouraged, Tessa agrees to let David Bellini, a family friend and Italian Conte who is new in town, help her When she discovers that he s the new owner of Sommerpool s, but wants to evaluate the employees unobserved, Tessa has mixed feelings She soon realizes that she s falling for David, but what chance does a working class woman like her have with an Italian Conte HOWEVER LONG THE WAIT by Sarah M Eden Carina Herrick says goodbye to the man she hopes to marry, knowing their separation will be temporary Grant Ambrose is off to follow his dream and become established in business so that he can provide for Carina and a life together He promises to write she promises to return his letters Yet, only a few months pass and already their letters become shorter and fewer Finally, Carina is forced to give up on Grant if only to protect her breaking heart Her parents are dead set against her becoming a spinster and insist she accept the proposal of the odious Mr Baskon With no hope of another marriage proposal, Carina is forced to make a difficult decision, one that can lead her either to happiness or misery THE LAST SUMMER AT IVY HOUSE by Annette Lyon Every summer Sarah travels to Ivy House in London as one of the household servants to the Millington family This summer, she s particularly looking forward to seeing Jacob, a servant who lives at Ivy House year round They ve been exchanging letters since the previous summer when their friendship deepened But when Sarah arrives at Ivy House, Jacob seems reserved around her and less forthcoming Has she put greater meaning in their budding relationship than she should When Sarah discovers that Jacob has a dark secret and wants her to give up her dreams in exchange for helping him, she s not sure if she s willing to make the sacrifice.

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      339 Nancy Campbell Allen Annette Lyon Sarah M. Eden
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    1. A fun new line in the Timeless Romance CollectionsVictorian collections. Yay! I know I've said it before and I'm sure I'm going to say it againI love these collections. Great clean reads, humor, great authors and lots of wonderful reading enjoyment. This one took me a little longer because I was on vacation and couldn't read while I was gone so I really had to wait to find out what happened in one of the books as I was mid-read when I left. But I was very happy to be able to finish that story an [...]

    2. This is a great addition to the Timeless Romance Books. This collection takes place during the Victorian Era, you get the older English traditions with the addition of trains and some more modern conveniences.I loved that the book didn't just deal with the gentry. There were servants falling in love and looking to the future of a life together! That makes me happy. The issue of illegitimacy and the stain of reputation were part of the story. I find it interesting to look into the ideology and tr [...]

    3. Three fantastic authors have come together in this book to provide three sweet, romantic stories. I love these collections because you get a taste of different authors and their different writing styles. If you haven't read anything by one or more of these authors, this is a great introduction but if you are like me and have read books by all of these authors, then it is simply an awesome treat and one I devoured from beginning to end. This was an awesome era where women were courageously steppi [...]

    4. This was such a fun collection!I loved the first two stories. It was great catching up with the Bellinis in BREAKFAST AT SOMMERPOOL, with Val and Max, and Tessa and David were great additions to this story world. Would love another story with members of this family. 4.5 starsEVER LONG THE WAIT was a great story. The history between Carina and Grant was hard and painful, but they were able to raise above it. 4.5 starsE LAST SUMMER AT IVY HOUSE was a cute story but I felt like there was something [...]

    5. I don't think I've read many books set in the Victorian era, but I loved this collection. It had some of the hallmarks of the Regency setting: the nobility, garden parties, servants, but more freedom and independence. I am excited to see what else comes out of the Timeless Victorian Collection. They did a great job on this first installment.Breakfast at Sommerpools by Nancy Campbell Allen This was my favorite story in the collection. I've already gone back and read it again!Tessa Baker works at [...]

    6. A lovely collection of stories set during the Victorian time period in England, with details about the time period and setting as well as light romance. I normally love these collections more, (and these authors) but somehow didn't feel immersed in the emotions of the characters. I liked each story well enough, the plots were creative and dynamic but I think the romance wasn't compelling enough for me. Maybe I should blame it on the summer heat making me cranky. Overall it is a sweet collection [...]

    7. This is the debut anthology in the Timeless Victorian Collection. They started out with a great one! I love all three of these authors, and each one delivered a wonderful story. They all contain great romance, but also look at some of the challenges that faced society.Breakfast at Sommerpool’s by Nancy Campbell AllenWhen Tessa Baker applied for the position of supervisor in the Linens, Gloves and Ribbons Department, she didn’t expect to be given a list of ridiculous tasks as part of a contes [...]

    8. This is the first book in the Timeless Victorian Collection by the same publisher that does A Timeless Romance Anthology.I have not read very much in the Victorian Period, but I've recently watch some television shows and movies that have given me some exposure to this era. I liked reading the authors' views of this time period. Some of them wrote about the upper class of the time and some wrote about the working class. For the first collection of stories from this time period I was happy to get [...]

    9. I was so excited to hear Timeless Romance came out with a new collection. I have fallen in love with each one and this set is no exception. The tree authors that came together are among my favorites. Each story was clean, fun, and had many laughs. Each story I felt was unique in its own way with a sweet romance to keep me entertained. I love these collections because they are usually shorter stories and I can get a “quick fix” romance. The Victorian setting is very similar to Regency.If you [...]

    10. Three very good love story's:} I loved the first 2 the third was good. Very well developed storys with well rounded, good characters. These are all clean with some sweet kisses.

    11. Summer Holiday (Timeless Victorian Collection) is a collection of three novellas. These novellas include:Breakfast at Sommerpool’s By Nancy Campbell Allen However Long the Wait By Sarah M. EdenThe Last Summer at Ivy House by Annette Lyon I enjoyed every one of these stories. They were so sweet, fun and romantic. If I had to choose a favorite of the three, it would have to be Nancy Campbell Allen's Breakfast at Sommerpool's. Great, clean reads!5 plus stars.

    12. I love these collections! You get more than one story, they are long enough that you feel like you get to know the characters, they are short enough that you can read them in one day, and they are written by some of my favorite authors!Breakfast at Sommerpool's by Nancy Campbell AllenI loved that Tessa was a "modern" Victorian woman who believed she could dream bigger! She is kind to the other shopgirls who she supervises, but she's also tough enough to stand up to her jerky store manager when h [...]

    13. I was given a free copy for my honest opinion:Breakfast at Sommerpool's by Nancy Campbell Allen is a fun and crazy adventure as a shop-girl competes in a rigged contest for a promotion. Little does her boss know that she has a few tricks up her sleeves too! Falling in love during this mayhem was totally unplanned but the best prize a business minded girl could hope for. I loved the creative obstacles put in her way and her determination to win without the underhanded tricks of her nemesis. 5 sta [...]

    14. Summer Holiday included three stories, all from differing perspectives, and good in their own way. I received a copy via EbooksforReview in exchange for an honest review. The fact that each story was from a different setting and each told from differing perspectives was one of the things that made this book so interesting. The reader is treated to an original perspective on Victorian romance and each gave insight into both the male and female characters in each story. Though I enjoyed each story [...]

    15. This was a collection of three short stories that all take place during the summer!Breakfast at Sommerpool's 5 stars:This one was my favorite, I loved the feminist aspect to it! That almost everybody supports her wish to become the first female manager of this shop. Something that was not done during this time. Apart from that the genuine friendships were also sweet. However long the wait 3 stars:This book was not really original and also not very surprising, but it was still an enjoyable read! [...]

    16. Even though it is no longer summer, I definitely recommend these stories at any time of year! I love that they are clean romance stories with some familiar characters (in at least one of the stories). I like the Timeless Victorian Collection books because you can read one story in a short amount of time, and then when you've got more time, you can pick it up again with brand new characters to love. I have been so busy with blogging, reading, traveling, etc. that it took me longer to get to the f [...]

    17. I enjoyed reading the Summer Holiday Timeless Victorian Collection. I have read a number of Timeless Collections and this one fits in well with them.My favorite story was the second one, However Long The Wait, by Sarah M. Eden which was not a surprise since she is one of my favorite authors. I liked the characters and their connection to each other as well as the storyline. I also liked how realistic it was that they each viewed what had transpired over the last five years differently and instea [...]

    18. A fun collection of novellas. All 3 are set around summer vacations in Victorian Great Britain.I loved "What Happens in Venice" (found in the European Collection) and was excited that the first story in this set is a companion to that story. As the heroes in both stories are brothers, it isn't necessary to read them both, but I really enjoyed each of them! The characters are engaging & the story was very well flushed out-especially for a novella.Sarah Eden's story is about finding a second c [...]

    19. I always love when a new one of these collections comes out and I love that this new series of them will be about the Victorian era. All of these stories are great, the first one is my favorite, I loved the characters and the plot and it was just a lot of fun to read. The second story was about a couple that had drifted apart and how they find each other again, this was probably my least favorite of the collection, but that's just a matter of me liking the others just a little bit more, it was s [...]

    20. I always look forward to the next Timeless Collection because they never disappoint. This was an enjoyable collection of historical romance short stories. My favorite by far was Sarah Eden's story. I could not stop reading until I had finished it. Second chance romance is my least favorite romance trope but it worked for me in this story. I loved Grant and Carina so much and wished it had been a full length novel. I usually really enjoy Nancy Campbell Allen's stories and while I liked this one, [...]

    21. Romance, clean, period, seriesThis is a lovely collection of novellas, and a beautiful addition to this series. With varied characters and positions in society, mentioning of families, or characters from other novellas, and beautiful voicings of the characters, it really was a lovely read.Nancy Campbell Allen's novella had sincere, honest characters. Tessa and David's story was a magical read (a little Cinderella here!), and nice with the mention of characters I have already read about (David's [...]

    22. I received a free ebook review copy of this book but was under no obligation to post a positive reviewOverall rating- 4/5 stars. This collection of short stories is a bit different from the others I have read by the Timeless Romance Authors; and that is because it is set during the Victorian era.I love Victorian novels and stories, and it is with no surprise that I enjoyed reading the collection just as I did reading about the Regency era. This collection is made up by the following stories:- Br [...]

    23. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am under no obligation to leave a good review*I loved this! I preferred the first two stories (Breakfast at Sommerpool'sand However Long the Wait) to the third (The Last Summer at Ivy House), but the book overall is wonderful! Going one by oneBreakfast at Sommerpool's:This one was my favorite. The main character, Tessa, rapidly endeared herself to me. She wanted to (and did) do things herself, without help, but she would accept [...]

    24. Breakfast at Sommerpool's by Nancy Campbell AllenTessa Barker deserves to be promoted to a supervisory position at her job at a department store, but the manager, Mr. Blight, and her competition, Grover Wesley, are determined to keep her from receiving the position. Mr. Blight pits her and Grover in a contest, with a scavenger hunt they must complete and "emergency" tasks they must deal with. Tessa is determined to win, even though the contest is clearly designed to favor Grover and has little t [...]

    25. This book is made up of three novellas. All have to do with summer time.The first is called Breakfast at Sommerpool's by Nancy Campbell Allen. Tessa Baker works in a local department store in Sommerpool, which is a resort town. "Sommerpool was the place to see and be seen for summer holiday" Recently, the store was purchased by a new owner but nobody knows who it is. She is vying for a job usually held by men. Weasley is her competitor for the new manager position. The store manager comes up wit [...]

    26. This is a collection of three adorable clean romances set in the Victorian era. The timeless language and beautifully written descriptions draw you into another time and place where woman had much less freedom and they worried about marrying nobility, how to dress for garden parties and speaking too long to one gentleman could end in a scandal to ruin their reputations. Breakfast at Sommerpool’s by Nancy Campbell Allen involves the dreams and aspirations of Tessa Baker who works at Summerpool [...]

    27. Yet another wonderful anthology by the authors of the Timeless Romance collections. I always enjoy these shorter stories, novellas are wonderful for a quick read when I can't dedicate more time to a long story. The three authors of this anthology, Nancy Campbell Allen, Sarah M. Eden, and Annette Lyon are exceptional. I have read Regency romances by all three and I was interested to see how they would write in a different time period. Victorian is NOT my favorite, but I'm familiar enough with it [...]

    28. Summer Holidays Reviewed Mary JungPerfect for an easy read on a nice summer day.These three novellas, Breakfast at Sommerpool’s by Nancy Campbell Allen; However Long the Wait by Sarah M. Eden; and The Last Summer at my House by Annette Lyon, are all easy read, clean, romance novellas set in the Victorian era. The stories are timeless and beautiful.Nancy Campbell Allen’s Breakfast at Sommerpool’s, is the story of a department stores clerk who is struggling to make her way in life. She’s i [...]

    29. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Allen & Eden never disappoint me - I always enjoy their stories. Now I am becoming more familiar with Lyon's novels I am hopeful to be able to say the same for her as well. The first story in this collection by Nancy Campbell Allen is actually a sequel to "From Cairo, With Love" which I thoroughly enjoyed and now wish to read again. In this sequel we become reacquainted with previous characters and see how their stories progress as well as meet up with others [...]

    30. I found this collection to be fresh, original, and realistic in many ways. Story #1 is almost like a Cinderella scenario with Tessa as the shopgirl gaining the attention of the new wealthy owner who happens to be an Italian aristocrat. However, that's where the analogy ends. Tessa is smart and holds her own, while David is swoonworthy and a true hero. Story #2 is more emotional and digs into the raw emotions of two people who were deeply in love, yet had drifted apart over distance and a misunde [...]

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