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The Magnificent Miss Broadway

The Magnificent Miss Broadway People ask me about my momma all the time Usually while squintin up their faces and looking down they noses at me like I smell bad or something I don t never smell nothing Where s that bitch Tiny They

  • Title: The Magnificent Miss Broadway
  • Author: JanJan Untamed
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • People ask me about my momma all the time Usually while squintin up their faces and looking down they noses at me like I smell bad or something I don t never smell nothing Where s that bitch Tiny They ask When she comin back That crook owe me two dollas and I want my money They talk about her right in front of my face She probably done run off with somebodyPeople ask me about my momma all the time Usually while squintin up their faces and looking down they noses at me like I smell bad or something I don t never smell nothing Where s that bitch Tiny They ask When she comin back That crook owe me two dollas and I want my money They talk about her right in front of my face She probably done run off with somebody elses man Or, She prolly got drunk and fell in the river Somebody even said, It was just a matter of time before she run off on her man and her girl Them Maxwell s are trash All they do is drink, whore, and make babies I don t never fight or argue cause they ain t lying Tanina shocked everyone when she only had me Wasn t cause my daddy didn t want babies, that s for sure My daddy stayed tugging on her skirt and grabbing on her big titties I want a boy Tanina, I want a son My momma would swat him away and go down to the coloreds only speakeasy It s deep in the swamp and out of reach of the sheriff, the night riders, and wives waiting at home for husbands pissing away a weeks pay on rum and women like Tiny The speakeasy is called Nukes Place That s on account of a big, black woman called Nuke owns the place They drink, and dance, and fuck all night long as some half assed band plays jazz music Everyone is usually too drunk to notice how bad they sound Daddy stayed sending me down into the woods to fetch my momma home Sometimes she came willingly, sometimes she came a week later Where is my beautiful momma They ask She gone and run off I tell them just like Daddy told me to say Every time I open my mouth and tell the lie, I think about the night my momma done me wrong She done me so wrong that my daddy cried My big, strong daddy never cries The last time I seen my momma, Daddy was dragging her screaming into the woods He had a spade in one hand and mommas hair in the other Daddy and the spade came back Momma did not.

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    1 thought on “The Magnificent Miss Broadway

    1. This is one of the gritiest novels I have read in a long time. Bijou Broadway has led a rough life. She is the smartest girl in her class. So much of who she is is because her father never allowed her to be weak. In an age where being of color is a curse, or so it seems, Bijou is determined to survive. Her bff is an Irish boy named Arty. He is her friend and confidante on many levels.On the day of her graduation, rejection and love enter her life. She is rejected because of who her family is and [...]

    2. Great FeadThis is the second book I've read by this author and I like her style. She is unapologetic about the type of books she writes; so it it's a bit raw, so be it.Kamden Kelly aka Gorgeous George and Bijou Broadway's story and intense. It's a page turner with raw and gritty but you won't be disappointed. The dialogue, while gritty and somewhat crude is totally suited for the storyline.If you're in the mood for an exciting read, this book is for you.

    3. No one like Miss BroadwayJanjan Untamed has a way of telling stories that no one else wants to tell. This story is riveting, full of twist and turns, heartbreaking sadness and always the promise of love. You've never ever heard a story like Bijou's and you've never meet anyone like her either. Sit back grab a glass of wine, a box of tissues and be prepared to gasp, laugh, and cry. It is raw, and will take a little something out of you but will give you back just as much.

    4. They have issues!Jan has this incredible ability to make the heroine so strong, so resilient, so incredibly fascinating, and so vulnerable at the same time. that it can be painful to read. She has this ability to make these women magnificent larger than life but so delicate so amazingly tender so family oriented. That's exactly what she did to Juju. She made Juju stand out in a crowd but be so subdue that she didn't recognize her greatness. Other people around her saw her greatness, feeding off [...]

    5. *Spoiler Alert*I bet almost every woman has the misfortune of knowing a girl like Lith, selfish, loyal to no one and fake. I did not, however, imagine Seth Davis would betray Bijou as he did, it was really uncalled for he seemed so real and I personally felt betrayed I thought they made a good couple, that said Bijou is a hot mess I don’t understand how someone so strong can be so weak at the same time such a strong intelligent mind and it did not occur to her to employ it in some way to make [...]

    6. A great story I really love this author this is the third book I have read by this author. It is so hard to find original stories anymore and this author continues to deliver. Bijou is beautiful ,smart and a fighter and when she falls in love she loves hard.i really enjoyed this story it took me through a range of emotions from sadness to laughter and the sex scenes were hot.when you love someone you have to love the good and the bad . Life is a journey and it's the best when its done with the p [...]

    7. Loved it!!Where do I start? This book really takes you on an emotional journey and if anyone has ever been in love then you know sometimes the heart just wants what it wants no matter what. Kamden and Bijou had me feeling all kind of ways and they went through a lot. Janjan Untamed can tell a story that will have you crying. Mad. Sad. Happy. This was no sappy love story. It was raw and I loved it!! I love all of this authors books and look forward to many more!!

    8. An absolute masterpiece. I loved this book from start to finish. Both characters were flawed and were absolutely perfect for each other. I read this story three more times after my first read just to soak up all the small details that I missed the first time around. I am a new fan of JanJan Untamed and purchased her other words as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that she puts something else out soon.

    9. Love and HateI really enjoyed the book as always but man I just struggled with Gorgeous George. I dinnah what to say about him. I enjoyed the story. Really like the characters but man oh man. How much is enough. How many excuses for his behavior? I agree with Bijou he ruined her but no one with the exception of him and Journey could handle her.

    10. Janjan why do you do this to me!!!! JanJan your books are just great but they always leave me wanting more. I need to know what will happen to little.Bijou How long will I have to wait for a follow up to From the bottom and this book Also can I get a book from the male prospective just know you can write a book about a poor black boy in an interracial relationship.

    11. Woooow!!I don't think I will read a book this year as good as this one!! This book had me everywhere! All up in my feeling! I hate to love Kamden and I freaking love to hate him! Sigh if you don't read this book you will regret it!!!!!

    12. MagicalAnother amazing read by this author. Her stories are out side the box, and this is what makes them special. Trial and tribulations, this book is not for the faint of heart, however it is magnificent!

    13. Amazing I got this book this morning and I've been reading all day and night and into the early morning. I could not put this down. This historical read touches base on love, living in the south, and the ups and downs of relationships. It's so good!

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